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Dungeon of Reality

First Campaign.

“Now that everyone is here, I have something new I’d like to try. As an alternative to our ongoing campaign.”

Aisha and Frank ignored the jibe, as they’d ignored the catcalls earlier. They’d just hooked up recently, and their friends still hadn’t gotten over teasing them about how long it took. (Or how in to each other they were.) “What, you can’t think of anything that’s a challenge for us these days?”

“Hmm. A band of level-70 characters, who’ve already taken out a Demon Lord... Nope. No problem thinking up challenges for you guys.” Dominic smiled, practicing his best ‘Dungeon Master inscrutable’ grin, then continued. “But I’ve been working on a project that could spice things up a bit, and I thought you guys might like to try it out.”

“What evil does our DM have in mind for us tonight?” This was Robin, the other girl in the group. The weekly gaming sessions had started years ago, when they were all freshmen in college, and just continued since. Dominic was the designated DM, and the ‘regulars’ were Aisha, Robin, Frank, Michel, and Luke. Others came and went over the years, boyfriends, girlfriends, other friends, and just people who wanted to game. They’d run lots of little campaigns over the years, but their big one was the epic D&D campaign, that had been ported across three rule changes at this point.

But while Dominic had always managed to keep that game fresh, they did like the occasional change of pace. And they had just completed a major quest last week, so it was time for a break. “I actually got these working a couple of weeks ago, but I thought I’d wait to bring them out.” He pulled up the large bag he’d brought, the one that they didn’t recognize as holding the DM supplies. Placing it on the table, he reached in and pulled out a set of very clunky goggles, with wires running everywhere on them and around the full-circle headband.

“Come on. Video goggles? We want to play, not watch a movie.”

“Oh, yea of little faith. Yes, these started as video goggles, but I’ve been working on them... You know my project is working on computer-mind integration, right? Well, these are the prototypes. I’ve got them programmed to network together and link up to this one” He pulled out one with a red stripe painted on it, “and together they can create a fantasy world.” He gave that a moment to sink in. “So, what do you think, do you want to live a campaign for once?”

There was a moment of silence, as everyone worked out what he was saying. Michel, the silent one who played a human Druid in their main campaign worked it out first. “You’ve got a VR session, where we get to live our characters?”

Dominic smiled and nodded.

“What happens if we die?”

Dominic shrugged. “You get booted out for a moment. I’ve got it set up where you’ll automatically get boot back in unless you specifically want out. And yes, I’ve tested it, on myself. Everything that happens is only in your mind: you see, hear, and feel what it is like, but when it is done you log out and are back to normal and your body never moved.” He started passing out the devices.

“Oh, what the hell, we can try it for one night.” Luke said, voicing the opinion of the group.

“Ok, when you put them on, there’ll be a couple of quick calibration exercises, then it’ll bump to a character generation system. I, um, ‘suggest’ that you stick to your own genders tonight...” They all laughed. “Anyway, once we have a group together, I’ll start the campaign. Don’t worry about time passing: I’ve got a clock set up, and time under the VR system feels like it flows differently.”

“How differently?”

“It depends on what you are doing. If you are being mentally active, it’s about the same as real-time. If you aren’t, well, we can play for a couple of years under there and come out only an hour or so later.” Dominic paused, looking around the group. “Ok, so everyone ready?”

They nodded, and started putting on the headgear. Dominic waited until last, making sure they all got them on correctly. Just before putting on his own, Dominic let a feral smile cross his face.

After all, no one could see it now. And it was too late for them to stop him...

In the New World

Robin led the party into the lair of the Dark Lord who had taken control of the lands. Normally that duty would have fallen to Luke, who was playing a halfling rouge this session, but they expected mainly magical resistance here, so it was time for the elven sorceress to step forward.

Dominic’s VR system was going to be a hit, they all agreed. The ‘plot’ had been fairly minimal, (and they had all picked out fairly standard characters) but the realism was intense. Way better than live-action games. Sure, there were a few things that probably needed tweaking, but none of the group was sorry to be test subjects.

And it had been a long campaign: Years, campaign-time. Much of that was just time spent walking around of course, so not much had happened. But their band had done a lot of good in this land as well, along the way.

And now they were going to take out the source of the problem.

Security had been light, so far. A couple mage-locks, one really complicated mechanical lock, some trapdoors, but nothing really a challenge.

Which meant, from experience, that Dominic had something special up his sleeve...

Robin noticed the drain on her mana just as their torches flickered, and the net fell. The momentary loss of light was just enough for it to get close enough that neither of their fighters could take a swing at it in time, and the moment it touched Robin felt all of her spell power drain away.

It stuck fast to whatever it touched, and was only slightly elastic, so it bound them all as it fell upon them. No one could get to their packs, and with it stuck to their weapons it would take a while to cut through any of the strands.

A while which they didn’t have: The moment the net touched the ground, doors opened up in all the walls, pouring out troops, who quickly cut the group apart without freeing them, and started dragging them out, each completely surrounded by guards who made sure there was not attempt to escape.

They’d have to wait, and work their way out of the dungeons later. The Dark Lord didn’t seem inclined to kill them on the spot at least.

The throne room was as expected: Large, impressive, dark, with guards lining the walls. Robin didn’t look too closely: they all had a faceless look behind metal helms.

Not much other armor though.

The five were marched up in front of the well-lit throne, and carefully chained to the floor, well out of reach of each other. The remnants of the nets were magically dissolved, and their packs and weapons were taken from them. (Cut from them, where necessary.) The guards withdrew, taking their supplies and gear with them.

Luke would still have a couple sets of lock-picks, of course. But getting them out right now would not be a good idea.

The Dark Lord stood up from his throne, stepping through the light that had been focused on the group and finally letting them have a good look at him.

Frank chuckled under his breath. “Looks like Dominic decided to have a character after all.” He whispered.

“Silence.” The word was scary for how it wasn’t spoken: it wasn’t angry, or forceful, or at volume, or even in a tone of intimidation. It was just an instruction, backed up with Power. Robin felt her throat clench, preventing her from speaking.

For the moment, their captor held them in his complete power. The chains took their motion, and drained their magic. The spell took their voice. He advanced down the steps to inspect his latest prize.

Robin was still optimistic about their chances. He hadn’t killed them yet, and he couldn’t watch them forever. Sooner or later Luke would be able to get free, and then he could free the rest. It would probably be after they were taken someplace else though.

He stopped in front of Aisha, who was playing a half-elf ranger, and smiled. “You’ll do.” He stepped back. “You’ll all do. But then... I made sure you would, after all.”

Rising to the second step, the Dark Lord raised his hands, in mock of a blessing. Robin heard mystic words of twisted power ring forth from his lips, as he intoned spell of a type she had never heard before.

It took her a moment to identify it, but her skill as a mage was enough to recognize even an unknown spell system, with a little thought. And when she did, she finally got scared. Really scared.

It was a coercion-glamour.

The one constant in this VR realm had been that they each held in their head themselves, and that was unchangeable. They knew nothing could affect them here, truly. No matter what happened to the world outside, they were themselves inside their heads.

Not one minor lord, not one summoned creature, not one rouge wizard had been able to change that. But the Dark Lord—Dominic—was violating that one rule.

These spells changed their minds. From the inside.

Robin found herself staring at Dominic, watching intently every move he made. She made herself tear her eyes away: The glamour would be limited if she kept her focus away from him.

She wished she could warn the others.

Robin closed her eyes, and forced her thoughts away. Forced herself to resist, to not think of him, of that voice ringing in her ears, her mind, her soul... It took all her effort, but she searched for that part of her that was ‘Robin’, that knew this was being imposed on her. That could see the tendrils weaving themselves into her mind, stealthily, bit by bit, until all thoughts led to Him, all desires led to service, all wants were his. Robin forced herself into that circle in her mind that she had cleared, and held the spell at bay. All her effort bent towards resisting the spell he was weaving, towards keeping herself herself.

And then the spell stopped. For a moment Robin panted, mentally, worn out from the work of resisting. In a moment she would counter, if she could, if she could just get enough strength and mana to fight this spell...

“Look at me, Robin.” The words came through clearly. The voice was... Divine. Perfect. Everything she had ever wanted. She let herself open her eyes.

She remembered the fight, and tried to close them again, tried to keep her gaze down, away from that voice, but her body would not obey her, and she found herself gazing again upon Dominic, the Dark Lord.

He looked... Robin knew it was the glamour. That it was magic telling her that he was everything she had ever wanted to see in a man. That it was the spell that said he was handsome, and powerful, and sexy, and everything else...

Very sexy: her private parts were reacting strongly, telling her that this was someone they wanted to meet, in person.

She couldn’t tear her eyes away.

He turned his back on them, and walked back up the steps to his throne, seating himself. Robin found herself watching every move he made, wanting to touch, to kneel, to serve...

She fought the spell in her head, but was having trouble summoning the will.

“I suppose I should tell you what I’ve done.” He grinned. “After all, I’d like to brag about the trap I laid.”

“Robin probably recognized the spell, or at least some of it. Glamour, so that I am exactly what you desire, have desired, and will desire, always. Coercion, so that you must obey me, body and mind. Geas, so that you must serve me, until the end of time.” He grinned. “Complete and utter loyalty, with no hint or room for doubt or any desire of your own.”

“You had to agree to it, you know. In the world-building. You had to agree that this was possible, as part of the framework. If you didn’t, I could never cast these spells. But... They are part and parcel of a fantasy world, and you agreed to that whole-heartedly. And, while you had to accept them into the world, you did not have to access them.”

“In theory, you could learn these spells. If you could find a teacher, or a book, or some way to learn them.”

“But... There is not one. The only character in this entire land who knew them was me. So, without being able to learn them, you forgot that they existed, and didn’t even shield against them.”

‘He is so clever.’ The thought ran through Robin’s head. She realized she should crush it, as another link to his spell, but... It was true, wasn’t it?

He was clever. He had trapped them all. And he was smart, too: he’d created the headsets, after all. And he was creative, being able to create these worlds, and the endless campaigns they gamed in, and he was patient, always ready to wait for them to work their way through the place...

Robin realized she was gushing, inside her own head. Listing all his wonderful qualities, that she loved, all the reasons why she should accept him as her Lord and master...

It was hard to stop that line of thought. And a part of her, which she was having trouble now distinguishing whether it was from ‘her’ or the spell, admitted that she would like serving him. That the idea of...

Best not to think about it.

He made a signal, and the guards came out from the walls, and unchained them. Robin felt her magic returning, but she couldn’t summon up the will to use it. Besides, she didn’t know any spells that were designed for this situation. She had some that might work, but...

She wanted to know what Dominic would do next.

“When the guard comes to you, take off your clothes and give them to him.”

The guard started at the other end of the line, with the men. First Michel, than Luke, than Frank took off their clothes and gave them to the guards.

Robin was momentarily envious when the guards didn’t continue to Aisha and herself. But for the moment she had not been given any instructions, so she stood there patiently, waiting to see the full extent of the Dark Lord’s clever plan.

The guard took the clothes they had been given away, and came back with new bundles. “You three will enter the ranks of my guards, until I find better use for you. For the moment, you are in training, and do not get a full uniform. But first...” Another guard came forward, holding a tray with three identical metal devices Robin did not recognize. “A symbol of my hold over you.”

The guard stopped in front of Michel, and Michel took one of the devices. He seemed to know what to do with it: he unfolded it, then reached down and slid it over his dick, and closed it with an audible click.

The cage fit just over his cock, forcing it into a downward curve, and locked behind his ball-sack. Even the slightest physical arousal would be painful for him now.

The guard went down the line, and the rest of Robin’s male party members fitted themselves with the devices, locking themselves into forced chastity.

After that they were handed their clothes: a mask/helmet, and a pair of boots. “For now you are guards-in-training. You will have to earn the right to wear armor.”

Robin had stood watching this. She knew she should be trying to think of a way to escape, to break the binds that were even now sinking into her head, but after telling herself that she wanted to know the entire plan first she had just stood there and marveled at the level of detail, the thoroughness of it. The guys were completely desexed and dehumanized, presenting nothing more than faceless figure to the world, and advertising the Dark Lord’s hold on them with the gleaming metal between their legs.

And they had even put it all on themselves.

The sense of power Robin got from that action, power the Dark Lord held over them, was intoxicating. Part of her mind wondered if she could ever have resisted that power.

And another part was getting turned on by the casual way he exercised it, and wondered what would happen when that power was turned on her...

“As your first task, you are to remove the clothing of your compatriots.” So he wasn’t going to use that power directly, not yet, at least...

Robin stood silently still as her friends came over and ripped the clothes first from Aisha, then from herself. Robin absently noted that Aisha was at least as aroused by this rough treatment as she was.

Dominic had retreated to his throne. “You three are now dismissed to training. As for the women...” He smiled, lecherously, “Come, my new handmaidens, and pleasure your master.”

For just a moment Robin held, but then she saw Aisha stepping ahead of her.

No way would Robin let that girl gain her master’s preference so easily. Robin raced her friend to their Lord’s side.

He smiled, and all was bliss.

Return to the Gate

Dominic slipped the headset from his head, and smiled. Everything had gone exactly according to plan, so far at least. He had no reason to believe the rest wouldn’t as well.

In fact, he had tested it; down at the lab. He just couldn’t be quite as... unethical... as he was being right now in the lab: it was monitored, and people knew what he was doing. So he had just rigged the test for mental data injection so that it appeared to fail: As far as official testing showed, if anyone tried what he had just done the subject’s mind would just reject the changes, and the VR reality that was bringing them.

There had been a sigh of relief at the labs at that result. As much as the ability to just inject skills into someone’s head would have been a major triumph, most of the group had voiced concerns over how they would have had to make sure it didn’t get misused. Which was one reason he’d done it. As project lead, he understood what was happening inside these headsets better than anyone. A small change in configuration, and it was impossible to do what Dominic had just done. And, officially, that was the only way these headsets worked.


Unofficially... Dominic had seen the possibility of being able to do more, and while he didn’t want it in anyone’s hands, he wanted that ability in his.

Still, when he’d started the cover-up he hadn’t had any specific goal in mind.

Then... Frank and Aisha had hooked up.

Dominic had lusted after Aisha ever since the first time he’d set eyes on her. And, while she and Frank had been continually an almost-couple for several years, Dominic had always entertained the idea that perhaps he could steer her his way. After all, the two had never actually dated, despite plenty of opportunity.

Truthfully, his desire for Aisha was the main reason he kept running these campaigns. Being a GM just wasn’t all that interesting anymore: he kept having to make sure the campaigns were dumbed down enough that his players stood a chance. He loved the challenge of coming up with something that his players couldn’t handle, of teasing them along...

And he hadn’t been challenged in a while.

So, when Aisha and Frank had announced that they were a couple, and it looked like it would last, Dominic had lost all interest in these game sessions. They were boring, and watching the new lovebirds together just... Well, he’d had to fight off temptations to kill their characters needlessly. It would be too obvious.

Then someone at work had mentioned the idea of virtual videogames one day...

The plan had blossomed quickly. He could finally run a challenging campaign, and he could get Aisha too. And he could take revenge on Frank.

And taking over Michel, Luke, and Robin was just a bonus.

Dominic didn’t mind that he had to rewire Aisha’s personality to do this: He admitted to himself that his obsession with her was purely physical, based on her perfect face, well-curved figure, her tan-dark Mediterrain skin...

He was looking forward to finally tasting her for real. As good as the virtual world was, Dominic for one knew it wasn’t the same.

But first, it was time to have some fun...

Home, as Seen by a Long-Departed Visitor.

Frank blinked his eyes as the Dark Lord, his lord and master, Dominic lifted the headset off his head.

This was the seventh new dimension, as he remembered it, that he had been privileged to help bring to Lord Dominic’s control. Each had different rules, and in each he had a different body, different memories.

In this one... He was Dominic’s friend, and had been in a role-playing game session with him tonight. The headset was an entrance to a virtual world, which Dominic controlled.

That was his past. Until and unless Lord Dominic decided otherwise, that was what he would tell those unconverted.

For now though... They were in a small room, with others—people Frank knew, and who were also friends of Dominic—also in those headsets. There were no unconverted, and Frank had standing orders to show his continued submission to his Lord as soon as possible after transfer.

He stood, bowing his head so as not to look Lord Dominic in the eye, and removed his garments, showing his unworthiness to wear them in Dominic’s presence. That done, he knelt, intoning “I exist to serve, Lord,” as was prescribed.

Frank waited as Lord Dominic inspected his slave-thrall. Once he was satisfied, Frank was handed the universal symbol of Lord Dominic’s hold: The cock-cage every male in His service wore constantly.

In this dimension it was made of hard plastic, with spikes inside that would punish Frank until he learned to control this body’s reactions. He swiftly fitted it in place, making sure it was securely locked in place so that nothing short of breaking it completely would free him. He than waited for his master’s command.

Dominic smirked, and ordered Frank to revive his brothers in service.

To Frank’s right was Michel, the insightful friend. Dominic would probably have him serve as an advisor, helping the Dark Lord make sure he had foreseen every detail. Frank woke him, and waited as he declared his service in word and deed.

The next was Luke, impetuous and friendly. Fine material for a scout, or point of first contact.

Once all three were awake and prepared, they lined up for inspection, facing the Dark Lord and the table where they had sat, waiting for his approval.

He stood, to inspect their alert poses, their bodies bare in service. Frank wished his old self had exercised more: This body was hardly fitting for the Dark Lord’s guard.

Dominic showed no sign of pleasure or approval. Just an order: “Wake the handmaidens. Robin first.”

The three stepped forward as one to obey: Frank lifting the helmet, Luke and Michel rolling back her chair, so that she might rise and present herself smoothly. The Dark Lord had females in many capacities, but these were to be handmaidens, concubines, who lived only for Dominic’s pleasure. Her every move must be pleasing to his eye. Frank and his brothers in service helped her disrobe, so that their lord could inspect the flesh she would serve with.

They retreated, and Frank watched the handmaiden Robin fall to her knees in a pose of presentation. Dominic inspected her closely, touching her hair, her back, cupping her breasts and feeling them for firmness.

He did not condemn. He must be pleased.

On rare occasions Frank had seen the Dark Lord claim one handmaiden while the other waited to be revived, but not today. At a gesture, the three males repeated the procedure on the remaining handmaiden: Aisha.

Frank’s mind flashed over their history in this world: He and Aisha had been friends, close, for years. Others had seen what they themselves had not: That they had already fallen in love with one another. They had finally realized it only a few scant weeks ago, and it had been a revelation of joy and happiness. Having been in love for years without realizing it, they had few secrets and few impediments, being already comfortable together. Talk of marriage had already been a part of their late-night whispers.

The body he was undressing would be sure to please Dominic: Frank had good knowledge of how well suited it was to the pleasurable arts.

The sight of Aisha’s prone form as the Dark Lord inspected her brought pain to Frank’s genitals, as they attempted to react to the body of his love. As trained, he made no sign.

At a sign from their master, Aisha was moved to the table, and placed face-down. Frank stood at the other end, ready to brace the handmaiden against their Lord’s thrusts, as Luke and Michel held her legs spread wide for him to enter. Robin helped the Dark Lord undress, and would help pleasure him.

Aisha waited, pussy (as always in her master’s presence) wet, for her Lord to take his pleasure from her.

Dominic was not gentle. He entered in a rush, and pounded in and out of Aisha’s willing form, grinding her against the edge and surface of the table. Frank watched her face as she fought between the pleasure of service, and the physical pain. Dominic would be very displeased if she cried in anything but pleasure, and she bit her lip to contain the involuntary yelps.

Frank stood and watched as Dominic used the woman he loved, and all he could think of was how privileged he was to be given the chance to see his master’s face in pleasure.