The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Easily Led”

Jessica tried to tell herself she wasn’t breaking any rules, but she was still a little bit frightened of what Master was going to say. She was wearing clothes in the house, yes, but that was allowed when she was going outside, and she really hoped she would be going outside just as soon as she asked permission. Getting ready was taking the, um... taking the thing, the big word that meant doing things on your own... Jessica felt the usual thick fog settle over her thoughts, but this time she pushed back against it. What she was doing was too important to relax into the soft pink mist that swallowed her big words. She was taking the...

Imitative! That was it. Jessica was taking the imitative for her Master and she felt so proud. She walked into his den and stood behind his chair, hands clasped together in front of her, trying not to make her worried face. He didn’t notice her at first—that was another rule Jessica wasn’t exactly breaking, going into the den when Master was working. But she was allowed when it was important, and this was a big important thing Jessica wanted to do for the man she adored.

She finally screwed up the courage to speak. “Um, Master?” she said, her voice hesitant. “I, um... I have a favor to ask.” He swiveled his chair around to face her, his face a little bit stormy as he took in her outfit. But he didn’t say anything about it, at least not yet. He just rested his hands on the armrests of his chair and raised one eyebrow in silent consternation. She could tell he was probably mad at her, but she hoped he would feel better once she explained herself.

With nothing to do but dig herself in deeper, Jessica pressed on with the speech she’d been practicing. “Um, so I was... um, kind of...” She winced, knowing that the next part skirted yet more rule-breaking. “Um... thinking. About how to be a better girl for you,” she added quickly, before he could get the idea that she needed any punishments or anything. “And I know you’ve got to go to the grocery store pretty soon, and I thought that maybe, if—if it was okay with you, Master, maybe I could go instead? Um, not, like, far or anything, just...” She felt the weight of his continual silence pressing down on her, squeezing the words back down into her chest. “Just to the... the store.”

He kept staring at her, the hush in the room freezing into an icy quiet that seemed to stretch into an eternity. Jessica felt like she had to keep talking just to keep it at bay. “It’s just that, I mean... I know it’s got to be hard for you, going out every week to do the grocery shopping and pushing around that big, um... ummm...” She furrowed her brow, trying to remember the name of the thing with the wheels that you put all the food into. It was so hard to think about stuff that wasn’t in the house, but she needed to show him she could do things just like a smart girl if she had to. “Cart!” she said at last, her voice triumphant.

Then she frowned again. She’d forgotten what she was going to say next. It took her almost a full minute to backtrack through the pink fog in her head and regain her train of thought, a minute that felt like an hour under Master’s stern gaze. “I just want to help you, Master. May I? Please?” she asked, her voice cracking with anxiety as she finally ran out of smart girl words.

He kept looking at her, his face unreadable. Jessica felt her knees trying to buckle, her body instinctively wanting to drop down and nuzzle his crotch the way she always did when she made a mistake and wanted to say she was sorry with her tongue. But she didn’t know if that would make things better, or worse. So instead she froze, waiting for him to make up his mind.

Finally, his expression broke into an indulgent smile. “You really want to help me, huh, good girl?” he asked, his eyes twinkling with amusement. Jessica couldn’t help smiling right along with him as the tense feeling inside her stomach finally melted into sheer delight. Master understood she was trying to be his good girl. He wasn’t mad at her. That alone made her feel so relieved that she couldn’t even describe it. She began to giggle, her fingers nervously twisting themselves into her curly blonde hair as the tension inside her unwound.

Master stood up and took her hand, guiding her over to the couch. He sat down and patted the spot next to him, beckoning her to join him. “Now sweetie,” he said, as she took her place at his side, “you know I’m always very proud of you when you try to use that silly little brain of yours to find ways to be a better good girl for me. Don’t you?”

Jessica nodded, feeling as always the little pulse of warmth and happiness she got whenever she agreed with Master. “And I’m happy that you tried to take the initiative and come up with something you could do to help make my life easier.” Jessica blinked heavily as her brain tried to process the smart girl word he used—she knew she could get it if he just gave her a minute or two, it sounded a lot like something she kind of remembered—but he kept talking, and she let it go so she could keep up with what he was saying. Master was always so nice and understanding when she couldn’t figure out all the big words anyway.

“Even getting dressed all by yourself, without any help from me, it’s...” He chuckled a little, as if unable to help himself. “Well, you definitely tried.” Jessica looked down at her outfit, struggling to figure out what was wrong with it. She’d remembered her stockings, and she’d remembered to wear a nice short skirt that showed off her pretty thighs. She even remembered to put on a shirt! But she must have made a mistake somewhere, because Master was... was...

Jessica’s eyes started to unfocus as she took in the sight of her full, heavy tits, hanging out of the front and gathered together into perfect mind-blanking cleavage by the low collar. Seeing her own breasts always made Jessica feel dumb and horny, just like Master said it would. That’s because Master was smart, and Jessica was... was... she felt the bubble of thought in her mind pop, leaving her head empty and hollow. Her jaw slackened, and a droplet of saliva fell onto her chest as she began to drool vacantly.

Then Master snapped his fingers, and she looked back up at him again with a groggy, confused stare. He’d been saying something, she realized, but she couldn’t remember what it was. The words had simply vanished into the warm, soft pink mist that filled her head whenever she found one of her dumb girl triggers. Jessica knew better than to try to retrieve them—thinking about what Master said when she was blank only made her blank all over again.

Master’s smile said he understood, but his words where exactly what Jessica didn’t want to hear. “You see?” he said, his voice tender.“This is why I can’t let you go out to get the groceries by yourself, sweetie pie. It’s just too big a job for a silly girl like you. No, you just stay here in the big house and do your good girl chores, and when I get back you can help me put everything away and then I can fuck that pretty little pussy of yours. How does that sound?”

The fucking part sounded so good that Jessica had a hard time focusing on the rest of it, but she didn’t want to give up quite that easily. “But Master,” she said, giving him her best winsome, pleading smile, “I know I can think when it helps me be a good girl for you. Can’t I just try? I’m sure I can be real smart if I need to, I can read the list and, and everything!” She was kind of bluffing there—Jessica knew that her pussy always got so wet when she forgot how to read for Master, and horny good girls always listened to their pussy instead of their brains—but she was willing to say anything if it meant getting the chance to prove herself for Master.

But he just smiled and shook his head. “Now, sweetie,” he said, putting his hand on her knee. “It’s not about being smart for me. We both know you’re as smart as you need to be to obey me. It’s about—” He sighed, his brow furrowing as he tried to find just the right words for her. “You know perfectly well that you’re a weak-willed, malleable slut, aren’t you?” Jessica nodded again, her head filling with fluffy pink pleasure as she agreed with Master. “You’re such an empty-headed suggestible girl that it’s just about impossible for you to say ‘no’ anymore. Isn’t that right?”

Jessica could feel her eyes glazing over and her smile becoming fixed and plastic as she repeated, “Oh, yes Master. I’m such an empty-headed, suggestible girl. It’s impossible for me to say ‘no’ anymore.” She felt a warm, erotic shiver of pride pass through her body as she accepted Master’s instructions, one that left a lingering pool of hot pleasure between her legs. It always felt so amazing to let her mind fuzz out into thoughtless bliss and repeat Master’s programming back to him—even the smart girl words made perfect sense, when they were part of her brainwashing.

“And you’re a very horny girl, too, aren’t you?” Master continued, his voice filled with pride at her easy and effortless responses. “You love to let your pussy do all the thinking for you, and turn you into a mindless fucktoy to be used by anyone who wants to fill your slutty little holes.”

Jessica’s breath came a little bit quicker, and she felt her hands reaching up all by themselves to massage her tingling tits as she recited Master’s words. “I am a very horny girl,” she agreed. “I love to, to let my pussy... do all the thinking for me and turn me into a, a mindless fucktoy.” She was openly panting now, her eyelids fluttering as she became more and more aware of the heat between her thighs. “To be used. By anyone who wants to... hhhhnnnh... fill my slutty little holes.”

Master smiled at her confidently. “So let’s play a little bit of pretend, good girl. Say you’re at the supermarket, and someone sees you trying to read the shopping list.” Jessica heard herself whimpering as she obediently pictured herself staring at the squiggles on the paper, struggling to remind herself what they meant even as her clit throbbed with arousal more and more as it got harder and harder. It was such a vivid image, almost more real than the room around her as Master directed her mind into the fantasy.

She could still hear him, though, his voice filling in the details of the scenario as she played with her heavy tits. “And let’s say they come up to you. They’re going to know right away that you’re a dumb, horny slut, aren’t they? You know you can’t hide that from anyone. The way you dress, the way you do your hair and your makeup... anyone who sees you is going to know that they’re looking at a vacant, empty-headed fuckdoll. Isn’t that right?”

Jessica began to squirm on the couch, rubbing her legs together to give her clit the attention it demanded as she repeated Master’s words back to him. “Of course, Master,” she said, reciting his words in a blank monotone. “I’m a dumb, horny slut. A vacant, empty-headed fuckdoll, and I can’t hide it.” She pinched and pulled her nipples, feeling her mind beginning to sink completely into the warm pink mist of obedience.

“Of course you can’t,” Master said, his hands rubbing up and down her legs. She could feel the warmth of his touch through her stockings, and her drowsy eyes locked onto the bulge in his jeans with a surge of arousal. She was turning him on like a good girl should, she realized. The knowledge curled around the base of her brain, making everything else seem distant and unimportant. “You’re so docile and malleable that all you can do is melt your mind into compliance and obey.”

Jessica’s eyes rolled back in her head with pleasure as he went on. “So whoever sees you is going to know that you can’t resist the pleasure that comes from following instructions, pretty girl. They’re going to know that you’ll do anything they tell them to. If they said, ‘Bend over and show me what’s under that cute little skirt of yours,’ what would you do?”

Jessica didn’t even need to think. She immediately stood up and bent herself over double, flipping her skirt up to expose her shaved pussy and grabbing her ankles. Her sluggish mind vaguely understood that the supermarket was just in her head, that the stranger speaking to her was actually Master, but that awareness was already dripping out of her wet cunt as her arousal grew. The thought of all those passers-by seeing her slutty pussy, knowing that she forgot her panties before she went out to run her errands—it was such a fucking turn-on that all Jessica could do was whimper in mindless lust as her eyes slipped shut and she lost herself in the fantasy.

“Mhmmm,” she heard Master say, his voice thick with desire. “And of course, pretty girl, you know that no man is going to be able to resist that cute little pussy of yours. They’re going to fuck you, right there. Right in the middle of the supermarket.” She felt his cock sliding into her as he spoke, the tactile sensation of his thrust sealing her mind into the waking dream of public sex. She groaned loudly, her whole body swaying as Master held her hips and began to pound her cunt hard.

“And... and they’re going to make you cum, pretty girl. They’re going to fuck you blank so fast that you won’t, you won’t be able to resist. You’ll go right down into the pink mist, and your brain will switch off. Leaving you blank. Docile. T-tame and obedient.” Jessica could hear the strain in his voice as her pussy squeezed around him, her first orgasm coming quick and mind-blankingly hard under the spell of his words. She always sank so fast into the mist when his cock was inside her, and she always found the deep pleasure at its heart so easily. The pleasure always pulled her mind down further, until she didn’t need to think about anything at all anymore except feeling more and more and more of it for her Master.

“Mmm, and... fffh, fuck...” He was fucking her so hard now, so fast, the orgasms exploding in Jessica’s head like fireworks and leaving her mind empty in their wake. “And they’re never going to want to give you up, pretty girl. As soon as they feel your pussy m-milking all the cum out of their balls, they’re... hhhhh... they’re going to want it all the time. They’ll just tell you to come home with them, and what are you going to say? What do you always say when someone tells you what to do, good girl?”

“Y-Y-YES MASTER!” Jessica heard her voice come out in a wail of helpless, mindless ecstasy as she felt her pussy squirt all over Master’s body in a massive, final climax that left her gasping for breath. She heard him moaning in time with her, his thrusts becoming jerky and erratic as he finally lost control and shot his load inside her dripping cunt, but all that did was make her cum even harder. She couldn’t see the supermarket anymore. She couldn’t see anything in her head but the pink fog. And it felt perfect.

She felt Master guiding her back onto the couch, helping her into a laying position with her head in his lap. Her head swam with the thick and heady scent of their mingled arousal, wafting up from the wet patch on the crotch of his pants where her pussy had gushed out all over him, but all it did was serve to take her deeper. She felt so empty and blank now that she couldn’t even process it when Master spoke again—his words simply sank into her mind like pebbles dropped into a pond.

“You understand now,” he said, stroking her hair gently as he spoke. “If you left the house on your own, I’d never see you again. A suggestible, compliant girl like you needs a Master all the time. You can’t think for yourself at all. It makes so much sense to you, doesn’t it, sweetie?”

Jessica sighed, her mouth opening to blankly repeat Master’s words. She didn’t even listen to herself saying them; her mind was completely empty, nothing but a perfect echo of Master’s instructions now. “A suggestible, compliant girl like me needs a Master. All the time,” she purred sleepily, feeling her well-fucked cunt spasm in pleasure. “I can’t think for myself. At all. It makes so much sense to me.”

And it did. Everything Master said made so much sense to her when she was this deep, his every word programming her ever more inexorably into obedience to his will. She didn’t need to do the grocery shopping. She didn’t need to do anything but what she was told. That would always please her Master. And pleasing Master was all a good girl needed to do. “That’s my sweetie pie,” Master said softly, as Jessica drifted deeper into the mist and slept.