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This is a story for adults. It is fantasy fiction and any resemblance to real people or fact is purely coincidental.

Easy Induction 2—Size Does Matter

This sequel to Easy Induction is written as a tribute to Cactus Juggler whose stories of the power of breasts to hypnotise have no equal in their ability to arouse me. You should read Easy Induction by Cactus Juggler before reading this sequel if you are to fully grasp what is happening.

Size Does Matter

Gina lay on the settee in her living room enjoying the attentions of her two slaves, John and Jenny. Gina smiled as she remembered how easy it had been to enslave first John and then Jenny by using her ample and beautiful breasts as the focus of her induction. John was busy paying homage to his Mistress’s breasts while Jenny was enjoying the juices of Gina’s pussy. Gina was feeling very powerful and her mind was moving to the next move in her hypnotic breast control agenda.

She thought of Professor Connelly, the man who had, through his lecture, given her the idea to use an easy induction technique to enslave her friends. Not that he had suggested the concept of using breasts as the focus of the induction, that had come from her firm belief that her breasts were exceptional and the objects of desire in men and envy in women. Some people used their eyes, others candles or jewellery to induce trances but Gina knew that her breasts were her most effective hypnotic tools. The Professor was a power in the College as well as being quite a hunk and, as such, was a worthwhile target for enslavement to her breasts but was she ready to take on an expert in hypnosis she asked herself.

Gina’s thoughts were disrupted by Jenny who seized her Mistress’s clit between her warm lips and sucked vigorously. It was all that was needed to send Gina over the edge to orgasm and draw a scream of pleasure from the hypnotic Mistress as the waves of orgasmic bliss swept over her body. As she came down from her high she realised just how much power she had over John and Jenny and what a kick she got out of having hypno-slaves. If she got such a huge kick out of owning John and Jenny, how much more would she get from making the powerful Professor Connelly her plaything?. So he was an expert in hypnosis, so what, he was also a man who had been unable to hide his interest in Gina’s tits when they had met in the past. The interest needed only to be massaged into an obsession for the mighty Kevin Connelly to fall into her booby trap.

Kevin Connelly’s Personal Assistant, Petra von Braun, pressed the button on the intercom and announced “Gina Knight is here to see you Professor.”

“Send her in please Petra” came the deep voice of Kevin Connelly in reply.

“Please go in Gina” said Petra, observing that the young woman appeared to be braless under the red sweater which clung to her body. Always concerned that her boss should be protected from the machinations of the female staff and students, Petra recognised Gina as a predatory female and ensured that the intercom remained open so that she could listen in on the conversations in the Professor’s office and intervene if necessary.

“What can I do for you, Gina?” asked Kevin from behind his desk.

“I was fascinated by the last lecture that you gave concerning inductions used by stage hypnotists and hoped you could give me a few moments of your time to discuss the concept further.”

“I only have ten minutes before my next class, I’m afraid.”

“I’m sure that will be plenty of time for what I have in mind Professor. What I want to concentrate on is the concept that hypnosis can be induced by surprise.”

“Ah, yes. Very effective when used by stage hypnotists but of doubtful use in the clinical hypnosis sphere” said Kevin pompously.

“Is it true that the surprise must be something that the subject is already concentrating on if its to be effective as a trance inducer?” asked Gina as she arched her back to thrust her ample breasts into greater prominence.

“Yes, that is true” replied the Professor whose eyes were now fixed on the bouncing, sweater covered breasts of his student.

“Just like you are watching my lovely breasts. I bet I could use them to induce a trance in someone who is concentrating on them like you are Professor.” Gina cupped her breasts and set them bouncing again. “Watch them bounce, Kevin.”

Kevin Connelly, who had always admired Gina’s rack, watched with fascination as the ample globes bounced before his eyes.

Petra listened with amazement and admiration at the skill that the young student possessed in the art of hypnotic induction. Petra was a highly skilled hypnotist herself, having spent six years as an assistant to a stage hypnotist and four years as secretary to a hypnotherapist. Both her bosses had been supportive and helpful in allowing her to achieve her aim of becoming an accomplished hypnotist. She was far better than her current boss who, while steeped in the theory, was not very effective when it came to practising the art.

Petra had never considered hypnotising her boss but knowing what Gina was up to in the next room was fascinating Petra and causing no small degree of arousal. She continued to listen eagerly to what was happening in her boss’s office.

“Don’t you just love the way they bounce, Kevin?” purred the young temptress.

“Yes” murmured Kevin so softly that Petra barely heard him.

“It is so relaxing to watch them bounce for you, Kevin. I know how much you love my breasts and how you wish the were naked as they bounced for you but you know what will happen if I bare my wonderful breasts to your gaze. You would fall instantly under my power and I am not sure that is what you want. Do you want to see my naked breasts even knowing the consequences, Kevin?”

“Yes” said the obsessed Professor.

“Then, behold!” ordered Gina as she lifted her sweater to reveal her naked bosom to Kevin Connelly’s enraptured gaze. The Professor’s mouth dropped open and his eyes closed as the cleverly induced trance overcame him.

“Gotcha!” exalted Gina.

“Oh you are a clever girl” said Petra as she marvelled at the ease with which this untrained hypnotist had achieved her entrancement. “Too clever to be let loose in the college without guidance and control though.”

Gina realised that she had no time to do anything with the hypnotised professor other that to establish a post hypnotic suggestion that he would return to his trance on hearing her key phrase.

“Kevin, whenever you hear the phrase Gina’s Glorious Globes you will return to the entranced state you are now in. Do you understand?”


“I shall now count to three. When you hear me reach three, you will awaken from your trance and will have no memory of what happened in this room other than we had a discussion about hypnosis. One, two, three.”

Kevin’s eyes opened and Gina said “Thank you Professor that has been very helpful. I’ll not keep you any longer because I know that you have a class.”

“I’m glad I could help” replied Kevin who, for reasons he could not fathom, had a sudden desire to see Gina’s ample breasts bounce. He was rewarded with just such a sight as she rose from her chair.

Meanwhile, Petra had prepared a little surprise for the young entrancer.

Kevin and Gina left the office together with the Professor informing Petra that he was going to take his class. As Gina made her way to the door, Petra said “Gina could you spare me a minute.”

“Sure, MS von Braun” agreed Gina.

Petra closed the door behind the departing Professor and, unnoticed by Gina, locked it.

“Gina, I’ve got to tell you that I know what happened in Professor Connelly’s office. He accidentally left the intercom on” she lied.

“Oh!” gasped Gina shaken by the thought that her hypnotic entrapment programme had been discovered.

“I think it’s wonderful that you have the power to hypnotise someone so quickly and easily using your beautiful breasts. You are such a talented young woman and I am in awe of the power you possess in those big, big breasts.” As Petra poured on the flattery she saw that was having the desired effect on the younger woman as a rather smug impression crossed Gina’s face.

“They are special aren’t they?” said Gina as she set the globes bouncing.

“Yes they are” agreed Petra. “They are firm and well shaped but it is their size which gives them the power to surprise and hypnotise. The bigger a woman’s breasts the more power they have. Don’t you agree, Gina.”

“Yes” agreed Gina who was enjoying the older woman’s flattery and the way that Petra seemed in awe of her breasts and the power they held. Gina looked at the woman who was talking to her and saw dark hair piled in a bun over a pleasant but not beautiful face not improved by the thick rimmed glasses Petra wore. The clothes she wore were baggy and unflattering. Nevertheless Gina began to contemplate bringing Petra under her hypnotic control.

“Big breasts are powerful breasts” continued Petra. The bigger the breasts the more powerful they are. Your breasts are so big and powerful Gina. It is almost frightening to think that you have just to bare them to a person’s gaze to send them into an hypnotic trance and bring them under your control. So big. The bigger they are the more powerful they are. Bigger is more powerful.” Gina was unaware that the older woman was repeating certain phrases in a way that Gina should have recognised as an induction ploy because she was so sure of her power and foresaw no challenge to it.

“Bigger is more powerful” repeated Gina oblivious to the fact the phrase and its concept had been placed in her mind by Petra von Braun. Gina decided that the older woman should taste the power of her breasts.

“Do you want me to show you my breasts, Petra? Do you want to feel the power that they emit? If you want to see my big powerful breasts you have only to ask, Petra” purred Gina, confident in her ability to entrap the older woman as she had John, Jenny and Kevin.

“Yes. Show me their beauty, Gina.”

With a self-satisfied smile, Gina raised her sweater to reveal her naked bosom. The effect was not what she expected. Petra licked her lips as she surveyed the bouncing globes but did not enter a trance as Gina’s previous victims had.

“They are very lovely, my dear but these,” Petra raised the baggy grey sweater she was wearing, “are bigger and far more powerful!”

Gina whispered “More powerful” just before her eyes closed and she entered the hypnotic trance Petra had induced.

Petra looked down at her E-cup mounds with their huge areolae and thumb sized nipples and smiled with pleasure.

“As you would say Gina. Gotcha! I guess my mighty mammaries were just too powerful for you to cope with. Now we must settle who is Top Tit around here.”

Looking at the entranced student with her full, firm breasts in all their naked glory, Petra had to admit that this was the choicest specimen she had snared in her hypnotic web. Gina would make a wonderful addition to her group of pussy licking love slaves. Not only that, she would be an ideal tool for Petra to extend her hypnotic influence amongst the student body. Petra was too good a hypnotist just to rely on the surprise induction her breasts had produced. She had never used the approach before and had only used it on this occasion to give Gina her comeuppance. Now she set about taking Gina deeper into hypnosis so as to firmly establish her control over the beautiful young woman.

“Open your eyes and look at my powerful breasts, Gina.” As the young woman’s eyes opened, Petra noted with satisfaction that they were fixed and vacant. “You are entranced by my breasts because they are so powerful but the true power lies within the owner of the breasts you see. The true power is in Petra’s eyes. Raise your gaze now Gina and look directly into the eyes of the woman who has the power to entrance and control you.”

Gina’s eyes moved up from Petra’s huge bosom until she was looking into the green eyes of the dark haired hypnotic mistress. A tiny part of Gina’s brain was telling her that she had not yet given up control of her mind to Petra but the moment her gaze met the green eyes of the older woman, all doubt disappeared and Gina gave herself completely over to the control of Petra von Braun.

“Close your eyes now Gina and allow yourself to sink deeper into the trance as you listen to my voice. Nothing matters now but the sound of my voice. Your greatest wish is to listen to me and obey the instructions you will receive because only by doing so will you ever have the opportunity to view the most powerful breasts in the world. You want to obey me don’t you Gina?”

“Yes. I want to obey you” whispered the entranced Gina.

“Tell me Gina, how many persons have you hypnotised?”


“Who are they Gina?”

“John, Jenny and Kevin.”

Gina did not need to explain further, as Petra knew to whom the young woman was referring. She was not in the least interested in John and she already knew the key phrase which would put her boss into an hypnotic trance. The sexy young Jenny however was another matter. The thought of that sweet young face between her thighs set her juices running.

“From this moment Gina, you will forget that you have hypnotised John and Kevin and will have no desire to hypnotise them or any man in the future. In addition you will never use your hypnotic power again unless instructed to do so by me. Do you understand Gina?”

“Yes, Ms. von Braun” agreed Gina.

“Good. This evening you will return Jenny to her trance and you will bring her to my house where you will hand over control of Jenny to me. Whenever you hear me say the phrase ’ Petra is in command ’ you will immediately return to the deep trance that you are now in and will await my orders. Soon it will be time to awaken from your trance but first please cover your breasts.” Gina did as ordered. “When you awake you will remember only that you came here to speak to Kevin about your course. He helped you and then you had a chat with me about borrowing books for the course. You will remember nothing else that happened here today but your sub-conscious will retain all instructions given to you when you were in your trance. Finally, whenever you see me in the future you will find me to be the most arousing women you have ever seen and will have an uncontrollable urge to masturbate to orgasm. I shall count down from three and when I reach zero you will awaken.” Petra unlocked the door of her office before counting “Three, two, one, zero.”

Gina awoke and looked slightly confused for a second but then smiled at Petra.

“Thanks for your help MS von Braun.”

“It has been my pleasure Gina” said Petra with a grin.

Gina was gazing at Petra and was clearly under the effects of Petra’s final post hypnotic suggestion.

“Excuse me MS von Braun. I must get to the ladies room” gasped Gina and sped out of the office.

Petra thought contentedly about what she had planned for Gina and Jenny that evening and gently fondled the huge breasts that had given her the advantage over the inexperienced but potent exponent of tit induced hypnosis.

End of Easy Induction 2