The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Easy to Ignore”

Bryce hated feeling like the bad guy. He knew that a lot of people used fidget spinners to control ADHD, and the dark-haired Caucasian girl sitting across from him in the study alcove might have genuine neurological issues. If he asked her to put away her ‘toy’, and she really needed it to keep herself from getting distracted in her studies, it might make her feel unwelcome and uncomfortable in the campus library. It might make her feel like she couldn’t study like everyone else. He didn’t want to be that kind of jerk. Maybe he should just leave, find another room to do his research in.

But as soon as the idea popped into his head, Bryce discarded it. He needed somewhere quiet, somewhere down near the 14th-century Japanese poets, and somewhere far enough into the stacks that people didn’t just wander in and disrupt his already-tenuous grasp on translating medieval kanji. Which was why the girl with the fidget spinner was such a problem in the first place. Bryce needed as few distractions as possible, and part of him was already kind of annoyed to find his secret spot occupied at all. Not that he owned it or anything, but it was so rare to find someone else here that he did kind of feel a little bit proprietary.

Which was unfair to the fidget spinner girl, and another reason why Bryce hesitated before saying anything. She was here first, after all. Maybe he was just being a jerk about having a girl in what he thought of as his space, maybe he had a little bit of neurotypical privilege he was working through. Maybe he was being entitled and selfish. He should probably just ignore her. It wasn’t that distracting—

The girl gave the lobe of the spinner another flick. The mirrored surface caught the fluorescent lights again, breaking them up into a shower of rainbows exactly at eye level. Bryce coughed. “Um, excuse me,” he said. “But do you think you could do that under the table? It’s just that it’s a little bit distracting.” He could feel his cheeks getting hot, but he forced himself to meet her gaze as she looked up at him with surprisingly soulful brown eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she replied, her face betraying just enough guilt that Bryce felt even worse about bringing it up than he already had. “I guess I’m just used to it by now. After a little while, I stop even noticing that I’m doing it.” Her finger continued to flick away at the spinning lobes as she spoke, as if to prove her point. Unfortunately, Bryce was anything but oblivious to its constant whirl. The mirrors on the ends fractured and distorted the light as they spun, playing into his eyes every time he tried to look away.

“Once you get used to it,” the girl continued, “I promise you that it’s very easy to ignore.” She smiled brightly, as if she’d just come up with the perfect compromise between her entirely sensible use of a study aid and Bryce’s irrational and selfish request. “I tell you what—we’ve both been down here for what, two hours? Let’s take a little break, and I’ll show you how to avoid getting distracted by my fidget spinner. Then once we resume, it won’t get in the way of your work. How does that sound?”

It sounded like a lot more work than just setting the stupid toy on the chair next to her and playing with it that way, Bryce thought with more than a touch of peevishness in his interior voice. But he knew all too well that he was considerate to a fault when it came to confrontation. Even a woefully inadequate solution seemed better than holding his ground and turning a mildly awkward moment into a genuinely uncomfortable one. “Alright,” he said, trying to hide the skepticism in his voice. “And if it doesn’t work, you can put it out of view, right?”

The girl smiled enigmatically, her fingers twirling the lobes of the fidget spinner with practiced ease. “I’m sure it won’t come to that,” she cooed, her deep brown eyes refusing to give away even a hint of compromise. “Now, the trick is to get used to focusing your attention on something else. Once your mind is properly focused, you’ll find that the spinner becomes less and less important, less and less distracting. Until you don’t even think about it at all. We’ll start by having you look directly at the spinning mirrors... that’s it, good job... while you concentrate on the sound of my voice.”

It was a nice voice, Bryce had to admit. She was speaking in low, breathy tones, saying, “Try to pay attention to the way that the words come out of my mouth, letting your eyes follow the spinning lobes while your mind begins to tune everything out but the soft, gentle sound of my voice,” in a way that perfectly straddled the line between seductive and soothing. Not that he was thinking about her like that, because it would be very rude to spend all his study time sneaking glances at a pretty girl who was probably doing some very important classwork and didn’t deserve to have some stranger covertly ogling her body, but... he had noticed her. And she was very pretty.

It was probably just his overactive hormones that made him read anything else into it. When she said, “Don’t worry about the details of what I’m saying, just listen to my voice and focus on the way it makes you feel relaxed and peaceful,” she was only being helpful, that was all. Her voice took on a soft, husky purr as she said, “The more you stare at the spinning, dancing lights that catch and captivate your eyes, the less you notice them and the more attention you pay to the warm, sweet sound of my voice as it guides you further and further into calm, blissful comfort,” but Bryce was sure she was only trying to put him at ease.

It was working, too. As she said to him, “And now the muscles of your eyes are beginning to get a little looser, relaxing a little more and allowing the spinning mirrors to become a hazy blur as you let my voice guide your focus elsewhere,” Bryce felt the tension go out of his muscles like he was soaking in a warm bath. His breathing began to slow, the air going out in a slow, lazy whoosh as the girl purred, “Directing your attention to the sound of your breathing now, as it becomes more steady, more peaceful with every deep breath in... and deep breath out.”

It really was working, Bryce realized distantly as he took another long, steady breath in through his nose before letting it out in a deep, whooshing sigh. He wasn’t really looking at the spinner at all anymore. It was still there in front of his face, but he was completely focused on the gentle movement of his chest as he breathed in... and out. In... and out. “Relaxing more and more with every breath,” the girl said, her voice perfectly merging with Bryce’s thoughts as she kept talking in that same smooth, calm tone and flicking the lobes of the spinner over and over. “Letting go of all that stress, all that tension, as my voice guides you deeper and deeper into peace and pleasure.”

Bryce nodded absently, his head feeling strangely light and loose on his shoulders as it bobbed back and forth. Peace and pleasure sounded wonderful. He was so glad that she’d suggested this little study break, so happy that he’d listened to her instructions and allowed her to guide his thoughts into relaxation and focus. “My suggestions are so wonderful, aren’t they?” she asked, and Bryce found himself nodding again. Automatically. Instinctively.

It seemed to make her happy. “Good boy!” she cooed, her voice filled with pure praise. “That’s exactly right. It’s always such a good idea to listen to me and do what I tell you. The more you accept my suggestions, the better you’re going to feel,” she purred, and Bryce couldn’t help but agree. Even agreeing to agree felt warm and wonderful, like drinking hot chocolate on a cold day and letting that pleasant heat flow all the way down inside him. Such a dreamy, drowsy heat. Such a good feeling. Bryce blinked heavily, no longer entirely certain which thoughts were his and which were simply the girl’s words filtering into his relaxed and sleepy mind.

It didn’t really matter. Her suggestions were always things he wanted to do anyway. “Everything I tell you make so much sense. Everything I say seems like such a nice idea. It’s so easy to relax and agree, to let me guide your mind and take you to one wonderful place after another. You don’t need to think, you don’t even need to really listen. You only need to focus your attention wherever I direct it and allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure I give you. Isn’t that right, good boy?”

Bryce found his head bobbing up and down again in that same reflexive, thoughtless agreement, but he couldn’t really make himself pay much attention. His focus was drifting further down, his loose and mazy thoughts centering more and more on that sensation of warmth that flowed through his relaxed and sleepy body. It seemed to pool more and more between his legs, a lazy rush of sweet, sensual arousal that only seemed to get stronger the more he noticed it. It seemed to have a pulse all its own, a throbbing beat that surged into his cock and stroked it to a full erection without him even touching it. Once he started to focus on it, Bryce found that he couldn’t think of anything else.

Even the girl’s words couldn’t distract him from the pulsing, pounding rush of sensation between his legs. She purred out, “Harder and harder for me, Bryce, feeling more and more aroused until the feeling tugs at your hand like a magnet. Like your cock is magnetized, Bryce, and you can’t stop yourself from pulling it out and wrapping your fingers around it.” But he couldn’t really think about what she was saying. He couldn’t think about the way that she was suddenly on the same side of the table as he was, as if she simply disappeared from one spot and reappeared in another during one of his long, slow, lazy blinks. He couldn’t think about the way that she knew his name.

He could only think about playing with his cock right now.

Bryce didn’t consciously recognize that he was following her instructions. His fingers seemed to move all on their own, fumbling with his zipper and undoing his belt buckle without any input from his waking mind while his thoughts sank deeper into helpless arousal. He only felt a surge of powerful pleasure, smoothing away all his thoughts as easily as an eraser moving across a chalkboard as he began to stroke himself. “Good boy!” the girl purred, petting his hair as he began to stroke his stiff, throbbing cock. “That’s a good boy. It feels so good to listen and obey, doesn’t it?” Bryce nodded obediently. It seemed like the only possible response now.

“That’s right,” the girl growled, her voice becoming slightly rougher with desire as she watched dribbles of precum leak up and out of the tip of Bryce’s cock. “Stroking all those thoughts away. You’re so deeply focused now, so relaxed and happy to listen to my voice and follow all my instructions. I knew you’d be such a good subject, Bryce. You’ve always been so smart, so imaginative, so attentive. You didn’t notice, just like you didn’t notice me watching. But I knew you’d be the perfect choice. And now that I’ve got you, I’m never letting you go. Doesn’t that sound so good, Bryce?”

Bryce let out a tiny, sub-vocal grunt of agreement as he stroked his cock harder and faster. The girl’s voice wrapped him up tighter and tighter in thoughtless bliss with every pump of his fist up and down his hard shaft, the precum lubricating his feverish skin until his hand slid freely and easily over his sensitive flesh. His breathing came quicker, no longer the smooth and steady sighs from before. He was openly panting now, unable to hide his desperate arousal. He needed to come. He needed it so badly now. “Even though you know it’s going to bind your mind to me completely, leave you so open and ready to be programmed, you need to come.”

Bryce nodded eagerly, no longer able to think through the implications of the girl’s words. It didn’t matter if coming made him her obedient slave; it didn’t matter if she would plant hypnotic suggestions deep in his mind that made him docile and compliant and so totally malleable to her will. All that mattered was pleasure now, and obeying her made the pleasure so much stronger. So much more intense. So ready to, to...

Bryce’s whole world narrowed down to the tight, hot tingling at the very tip of his cock for a moment. And then it released, gushing out jet after jet of hot sticky fluid all over his lap. He felt a moment of confusion, a hesitant instant of uncertainty—what did he just do? How would he get home like this? Had anyone seen them?

But then the girl’s fingers stroked his hair again, and she said, “Good boy. That’s my good, obedient boy,” and Bryce’s eyes slipped shut as he fell back into the warmth of her praise once more. He was doing what he was told, following the instructions of his new owner... and compared to that, everything else was easy to ignore.