The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by The Sympathetic Devil

Katherine stood before the principle’s door and sighed. She pushed up her glasses, which had slid down her nose again. She wasn’t certain if one of the boys were responsible for that. If one of them was, if he had done something to her glasses or to her nose?

Of course, it could have been two boys, onone responsible for her glasses the other for her nose. Trying to make heads or tails of the situation made her head spin. So many possibilities. So hard to tell what was the boys’ actions and what wasn’t, what was real and what was all in her head. Hardest of all was trying to rememer what had been real before she came to this strange, strange school. She didn’t think she could handle another week. Which was why she had come here to Dr. Torrent’s office.

She knocked on the office door and entered at Dr. Torrent’s call.

“Oh Katherine! I was hoping you would come by!” the well-dressed man in his thirties exclaimed with genuine warmth in his eyes and voice. “Please, have a seat and tell me how your first week at the School for Precocious Youth has gone?”

He gestured to the wooden chair in front of his desk. Katherine looked at it with trepidation, but resigned herself and carefully sat, holding her bare thighs tight together and crossing her ankles, her black pencil skirt riding up from its starting point at mid-thigh to a little bit higher. She was cheek-flushingly aware that her panties currently flew from the school’s flag pole. Her high-heeled shoes glinted and she noticed that they were made of silvered mirrors. She wondered when they had changed from the clear acrylic they had been at lunch. Or had they always been like that and she just imagined the acrylic?

She looked up at the principal.

“I just don’t think I can do this, Dr. Torrent,” she said, emotion roiling. “I…I thought I could but the boys…they’re just…just so…”

“Precocious does understate it, doesn’t it?” Dr. Torrent said, frowning in sympathy. “They have remarkable powers and not nearly enough self-control. But that’s why they NEED good teachers like YOU, Katherine! Imagine the damage they could do to society if they didn’t get a decent education? The education you’re giving them won’t just make their lives better, it will save the world! Really, you’re like a superhero!”

Katherine blushed furiously.

“That’s the thing, Dr. Torrent,” she said. “Sometimes in class I start thinking I AM a superhero. I think that’s Tommy’s doing. He seems to like comic books and sometimes he starts staring at me and I start thinking that being a mild-mannered school teacher is just a ruse. And then the bell rings and I realize the world is in danger and I rip off my clothes and find I’m wearing MegaWoman costume or a Sassy Lass costume or even a Magical Girl Mizuki costume and I do battle with supervillains or monsters that aren’t really even there, usually defeating them by shaking my breasts at them.”

“Your what?” asked Dr. Torrent, looking scandalized.

“Oh my god!” Katherine exclaimed, her right hand going to her mouth. “Did I say br…I meant titties! My tittles! I shake my titties at the monsters. I’m so sorry, Dr. Torrent. That’s Kyle’s doing, I think. He seems to like to change words around in my head. He had me thinking that it was vulgar to call my funbags ‘titties’ and that the polite term was br…I mean, um, that other word. Wednesday he had me calling pencils ‘peckerwood’. And I think on my very first day he had me introduce myself as Ms. Cockgobbler!”

“Well that’s certainly not your name,” Dr. Torrent said.

“No, it isn’t!” Katherine agreed. “I’m Miss Wigglebum! Katherine Wigglebum, right? But I swear, forlike the first three hours of class I had ‘Ms. Cockgobbler’ written in big letters on the whiteboard!”

“I can understand how that would be upsetting, Katherine,” he said. “But try to see the big picture. Kyle COULD, theoretically, have kept you thinking that you were Katherine Cockgobbler all week long. But after just a few hours, he, or one of the other boys, helped you remember that you are Katherine Wigglebum. That’s showing a level of maturity! Not where we WANT them to be, but education is an iterative process. I’d say that you can count that in your ‘win’ column Miss Wigglebum. Definitely a win for Miss Wigglebum!”

Katherine sighed. He had a point, she guessed. Though she really wished she hadn’t lost her purse that first day so she could check her i.d. from time to time and make sure they didn’t change her name again.

She pushed her big round-framed glasses up her nose. A big round curl toppled down and bounced in front of her left eye. It was blonde again. Her original color, she was pretty sure. Well, that was something to be happy about too. It was probably Roger. He seemed to like her blonde. He was a sweet boy and she would almost like him if she didn’t have the sneaking suspicion that he was the one that was always making her knock over her peckerwood…no…pencil box and go crawling around on the floor picking them up. Of course, it could have been any of them. But Roger seemed to have a particular fondness for her backside. ASS! She meant ass. God, even in her private thoughts they had made her a potty mouth!

“I just, well, I think maybe with boys this…special…in this time of life, maybe they’d be better off with male teachers,” she said. “I mean, I think with my jiggly titties and my firm round ass, I’m more of a distraction to them than a teacher.”

“Oh no!” Dr. Torrent exclaimed. “They’re learning so much from you! And trust me, we tried male faculty. The truth is, having men directly over them tends to make them, well, mean. They’re much more gentle and respectful with you and our other female teachers.”

“Respectful?” Katherine asked. “I didn’t feel very respected yesterday when I spent the whole lunch period sucking ranch dressing off of a whole cucumber while they watched, clearly wishing that it was their…pencils.”

The principal sighed.

“They’re horny little bastards, no doubt about that,” he conceded. “But the male teachers often ended up putting less…edible…things in their mouths. And elsewhere. The less said about that the better. My point is this: they play their pranks, as I warned you they would when I recruited you, but they respect you enough not to hurt you or engage in inappropriate physical contact. They might envy that cucumber, or that flute you were masturbating with in the music room on Wednesday; they watch that fine ass of yours wiggle down the hallway—and who wouldn’t?—but as far as I’m aware, they haven’t laid a hand (or any other body part) on you. More to the point, they haven’t convinced you to lay any body parts on them. As horny as they are and as powerful as they are, to show that kind of restraint is remarkable. And it’s YOU teaching them that, Miss Wigglebum. You should be proud of yourself, and, in a way, of them too!”

But Katherine was blushing too hard to be proud. She had forgotten about the incident in the music room. What did it say about the week that she had experienced that getting caught by her boss with a musical instrument buried in her vag…(no…twat…twat was the polite term)…was something that would slip her mind? Of course, at the time she had almost believed she was a Norwegian exchange student with an oxycontin addiction and exhibitionist streak. Only almost. Derek wasn’t very good at changing her identity. But after snorting those crushed up pills she hadn’t needed that much convincing. Perhaps that made it easy to convince herself it was someone else who had fucked the flute.

“It’s just…I hardly know who I am anymore, Dr. Torrent,” she complained. “For instance, how old am I? I mean really? When I’m talking to Nathan I usually feel like I’m fresh out of college where I spent most of my nights drunk off my ass at a frat house and I look like it too! But when I’m talking to Paul I look and feel like some sort of MILF that’s been seducing young men for years and took this job under false pre-tenses after jumping bail! Which is it? I can’t be both, can I? When I go to the bathroom, which seems to be more and more frequently since I…um…need to pee a lot cuz Kyle likes turn my water to vodka without letting me notice…and…well…anyway I…every time I look in the mirror, I see someone new! I can’t even buy a bra because I don’t know what size I am! I think I liked how Ted made me bigger at first. At lease, I think that was me liking it. But now every time I buy a new bra he makes my titties just a little bit bigger so it’s just terribly uncomfortable! He could make my bra just disappear; They all could! One of them did it the first day! But I swear Ted likes it more when I get so uncomfortable that I choose to take it off myself. And of course I do. I mean, look at these melons! I can’t even find something to contain them in town! I’m going to have to go online.”

She held her braless-titties up to the principal as evidence, squishing them together in her thin white blouse.

“Well, yes, I’ll concede that your rack is bordering on the ridiculous at this point,” Dr. Torrent said. “But you notice that Ted is letting you CHOOSE to take your bra off! That’s incredible progress in my opinion! Every bra you take off by your own volition is a mark of teaching excellence! I’ll gladly reimburse you the expense if you continue helping our students gain such maturity!”

“Well, I guess so…” Katherine conceded. “It’s just…I think at the end of the day, this job is just too hard for me. I mean, the pay is incredible and the small class sizes are unheard of, but the boys...they’re just...they’re just…too horny for me! I think I need to quit, Dr. Torrent.”

“I see,” Dr. Torrent said, scowling. “Well, Miss Wigglebum, as I said when I recruited you, it’s a challenging job. And you are, of course, free to leave whenever you want. But I think you might regret it. So please, consider: are you really quitting because you don’t like what the boys are doing to you with their powers, or is there something deeper going on.”

“I…I don’t know what you mean,” Katherine denied.

“I mean, how does it make you feel, knowing how you’re being manipulated and altered at the whim of the unbridled lust of your students?” Dr. Torrent asked.

“It…I…I feel confused,” Katherine said. “And powerless…and lost…and…..”

“And what else, Katherine,” he prompted firmly.

She quivered as she realized the truth.

“It makes me horny,” she whispered. “It makes me so fucking horny. I’m horny all the time. And they’re so hard and they want me so much but I can’t fuck them. I can’t. It’s not allowed. And I’m so horny!”

“You know, Miss Wigglebum,” said Dr. Torrent, his face melting in sympathy. “Six members of your class will be turning 18 at some point this year. Two of them before the winter break.”

Katherine looked up in dumb-struck epiphany.

“Really?” she asked, unwilling to let herself even think of the implication.

“And I would count it as a personal favor if you welcomed each of them into manhood,” Dr. Torrent said.

“I….I think I could do that,” she said, her thighs falling apart, no longer caring what her employer might see as her…(Oh fuck, call it a vagina. She could use the vulgar term in her head. Dr. Torrent probably wouldn’t even know.)…as her vagina gushed at the thought of extracurricular activities. Boys becoming men. Becoming men all over her.

“And in the meantime,” said the principal, coming around from his desk to reveal the extensive tenting of his silk trousers. “Do you think it would help if I was to bend you over my desk and fuck your brains out?”

“Oh Dr. Torrent!” she exclaimed, looking up in utter gratitude. “Would you?”

“Of course Katherine!” he exclaimed. “It’s my job to give my faculty what they need!”

“Well I need cock!” she exclaimed, standing up and ripping her fragile blouse to shreds, her enormous titties growing even more. “Fuck me, Dr. Torrent! Fuck me like a whore! Put your big manly penis in my vagina!”

“Such language Miss Wigglebum!” the principal exclaimed. “You are a naughty little slut deep down, aren’t you!”

And then he was bending her across his desk, papers flying everywhere as her titties displaced them. Her glasses’ slid down her nose but didn’t fall off. His big manly hands positioned her tiny skirt around her waist, baring the ass that Roger so adored and had possibly created.

“Fuck me Dr. Torrent!” she begged. “Fuck me! Teacher needs dick!”

“Oh you’ll get dick, Miss Wigglebum,” he assured her. “You’ll get dick like never before!”

And then he was giving her what she needed and giving it to her hard! His penis slid into what she had suddenly decided to call her crotch notch. The week of frustration melted away as her mind exploded in the orgasm that had eluded her all week despite hours spent in the school’s bathroom. And that was just on first penetration! This was nothing like the flute incident. This was nothing like what she had done with fingers and vegetables on her own desk so many times in the past week. This was FUCK writ large! This was heaven! This was bliss! This was everything she could ever hope for and it was just the beginning!

She started coming harder and harder with every thrust of Dr. Torrent’s dick and she screamed out in ecstasy, not giving a flying fuck if the janitor or her fellow teachers or even her students heard. She was fucking! She was born to fuck! She was a fuck! And she was thrilled beyond belief! How could she possibly come any harder than this?

As if he read her mind, Dr. Torrent pressed a vibrator into her asshole.

“EEEEEEEE!” she exclaimed.

He reached around with his mind and diddled her clitty and her nipples telekinetically, causing sensory overload. Only then did she vaguely remember that Dr. Torrent was much more powerful than any of his students.

“HEEQ!….HEEQ!…HEEQ!” she exclaimed as she lost all muscle control and spasmed in blissful helplessness on his desk. She was vaguely aware that he was filling her with spunk as a wave of warm darkness washed over her consciousness.

“Katherine… Katherine?”

Katherine blinked back into a vague semblance of lucidity and realized that her boss was lying his head on his desk in order to face her, which eventually led her to realize she was still lying on his desk in a small pool of her own drool.

“Hi Dr. Torrent,” she said dreamily. “I’m Miss Wigglebum.”

“Of course you are,” he said. “And you’re not going to be leaving us now, are you?”

Katherine giggled.

“Noooo,” she said. “I like it here. The benefits are fucking awesome!”

She giggled.

“Awesome fucking!” she corrected herself.

“I’m glad you think so, Katherine,” he said. “But I do realize how stressful it is to be the teacher of such powerful and manipulative boys, so I was thinking it might be stress-relieving to not be their teacher ALL of the time.”

“Not all the time?” she asked, confused but intrigued.

“No,” he said. “There’s no reason to be a teacher on the weekends, is there? So we can just take these off.”

He slipped her glasses off her pert nose. Things looked blurry without them. But in all honesty, after the fucking she’d received, things looked pretty blurry with them.

“But if I’m not a teacher on the weekends…what am I?” she asked, sitting up, her blonde curls bouncing in front of her face as her big titties bounced in front of her chest.

“Well, THIS weekend,” Dr. Torrent said. “I was thinking that you were Katie Goodhead, a cheerleader here at the school.”

As he said so, her rumpled clothes took the form of a red and white cheerleaders outfit and she suddenly felt several years younger as her titties shrank down to a natural-looking triple D size. It felt so good to be transformed by Dr. Torrent. It was so much more fluid and decisive than when the boys did it. He was so confident in his power and so firm and deft in how he wielded it. As her blonde hair rose up and got tied off into pigtails with red ribbons, she was quite confident that she had ALWAYS been Katie Goodhead, 19 year old high school student, on account of her having been held back a couple years. There was no nagging suspicion that something wasn’t right, that she had ever been anybody else.

“Hi Dr. Torrent!” Katie exclaimed, not sure why she was in the principal’s office this time. There were just so many possibilities! “Am I in trouble again?”

The principal sighed and smiled indulgently at her.

“No, Katie. You know I don’t think of myself as punishing you for your behavior,” he said, as he had probably told her before. “I know you’re really a good girl. I’m just trying to help you. To educate you.”

Katie giggled and toyed with a blonde pigtail.

“I’m not THAT good,” she confessed.

Something was running out of her cunnie. Had she fucked somebody in the gym again? That would explain why she was in the principal’s office. Maybe she should cut back on the weed if she was forgetting things like that...or not.

“Now Katie,” the principal chided. “You ARE good. And you’re smart too!”

Katie giggled.

“Now you’re just lying, Dr. Torrent!” she said. “I’m a total bimbo! Why do ya think I’m still in high school when I’m 19?”

“Well, your grades aren’t good,” Dr. Torrent conceded. “And we probably would have expelled you a while ago if you didn’t bring so our cheerleading squad.”

“I got spirit all right!” she exclaimed, shaking her pigtails and titties in demonstration.

“Yes, you’ve got all kinds of spirit,” Dr. Torrent agreed, looking appreciatively at her bouncing boobies. “But if you’re still in high school when you’re 20 it’s going to start looking bad for all of us. So we need to come up with a solution.”

“Gosh, Dr. Torrent!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know! You’re the smart one! What should we do?”

“Well, I think that with a little tutoring you might be able to pass the tests you need to graduate,” Dr. Torrent said. “So I was thinking maybe you could come up to my cabin this weekend and we could go over the topics that are giving you the most trouble. Since you’re 19, it won’t be inappropriate. We won’t even need to get your parent’s permission.”

“Oh my gawd, Dr. Torrent!” Katie exclaimed. “Would you really do that for me?”

“Of course!” Dr. Torrent said. “You’re a very special student with all kinds of potential! If we can just get you graduated, who knows? You might be able to get into college and, if you work hard enough, you could even become a teacher back here at the S.P.Y. and pay my effort forward to some student who needs YOUR help!”

Katie giggled and sucked her pinky.

“Do you really think I could be a teacher?” she asked.

“I think there’s no limit to what you could be, Katie!” the principal affirmed. “The world is full of possibilities!”

“Wow!” she said. “Then I’m totally going to go to your cabin with you and explore the possibilities! When do we leave?”

“No time like the present!” he said, grabbing his brief case and gesturing her towards the door. Katie walked to the parking lot a few steps ahead of Dr. Torrent, making sure he had a good view of her ass as she swished her hips back and forth with every step. She did look back from time to time to give him a view of her rack and to wink and giggle. He clearly liked her. All the boys at school did, but Katie liked men the best!

That college thing was bullshit, of course. She wasn’t book-smart at all. But she was smart in other ways. She could get what she needed out of good ol’ Dr. Torrent. She licked her lips. She’d have his hard cock in her mouth before dinnertime. She’d blow him all weekend long, give him tit jobs and hand jobs and maybe even fuck him! Every time he tried to teach her something, she’d teach HIM what a nasty little slut she was! And by the time the weekend was over, Dr. Torrent would be giving her all the test answers! Hell, she might even get him to take the tests FOR her! After all, she gave REALLY good head!

And why shouldn’t she? She was Katie Goodhead, wasn’t she?