The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Embrace of the Goddess


By Trixie Adara


The city had fallen when the goddess arrived. Hours ago, Iriel had summoned her to Tiriniel, the last bastion of the elves. Tiriniel, the shining white city that watched over the Falls of Shadrath. Tiriniel, home of the largest temple of Azora. The last temple of Azora.

This was it, the beginning of the end.

Maloth was in her chambers, devouring the soul of a sweet mother of four. The poor woman was trapped in a lifeless marriage, and worshipping Azora was the only speck of ecstasy she could find in her life. It was the new shred of humanity in Maloth that made her think of it as “saving” the middle-aged woman. Her soul was rich and luscious, like a dark chocolate truffle, and Maloth was enjoying the flip as her prey — now soulless — was wearing Iriel’s strap-on, pinning her oldest daughter — twenty with thick and wavy red hair — to the chamber floor and plowing her. The mother was getting a lot off her chest as she listed all the things her daughter never appreciated about her. She spanked her daughter hard as she fucked her, but it wasn’t playful. It wasn’t the teasing spank of lovers. Her daughter cried out in agony as her mother struck the same spot again and again. The skin grew pink to red, but the mother kept striking.

In the end, the daughter’s cries turned to moans. She writhed on the runic cock. Her thighs quivered in the delightful sign of surrender, pleasure, and a complete lack of control — one of Maloth’s favorite parts. But as Maloth finished devouring the mother’s soul, the older woman wasn’t done. She flipped her daughter around and fucked her face with the strap-on. When she came, the dark liquid of Maloth’s pools shot down the daughter’s throat and over her face. The mother didn’t step back and admire the mess she made. She bent down immediately and kissed her daughter, licking the black and sticky liquid off her daughter, swallowing as much as she could. Soon, the two women were fighting over it, trying to take more of Maloth inside of themselves, damning themselves forever and slowly warping into monsters that amused and aroused Maloth.

No. Not damning. Saving. This was their salvation from Azora, from a world of rules and structures, from control and fear. Yes. That was Orilana’s influence. Maloth could feel it, like a silver light at the edge of her darkness. It was the same thing that made Maloth hesitate to kill the mother when she was done licking Maloth’s pussy. Maloth came and she felt … grateful. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to reward the woman for her good work. That was wrong. That wasn’t the work of a tyrant, of a dark queen that all of creation feared. It had to be Orilana’s influence, there was no other explanation.


As the mother and daughter’s skin turned a glossy black and smoke rose from their pale golden eyes, Maloth smiled at the presence of Iriel’s magic reaching out to her. That was new too. Thousands of years ago, Maloth would crush her High Priestess with fear or addiction, but here she felt something twist in her stomach whenever Iriel was near — even if it was just the faint touch of magic.

But Iriel’s actual presence — her scent, the sound of her voice, her laughter, the heat of her body, her breath — were orders of magnitude more delightful to Maloth. And her touch? Maloth had felt nothing like it. Not since she first seduced her twin Azora and thus set the gods to war against her. No soul Maloth devoured tasted like her High Priestess. There was no pleasure great enough to keep Maloth away.

Was that Orilana too? Or perhaps Maloth had matured. Perhaps that seed of Azora inside of her had infected her with love to mingle with her lust. It didn’t matter. As soon as Iriel gave her the good news, Maloth rose from her throne and pooled the shadows of the room around her. She stepped through and appeared at Iriel’s side outside of the fallen city of Tiriniel. Maloth smiled. Her city.

The roar of the Falls of Shadrath drowned out whatever chaos was going on behind the city walls, but Maloth felt it immediately. Carnality. Hunger. Pleasure. Sensuality. Sadism. Lust. Masochism. Secrets. Longing. Pining. It was all at a breaking point. Humans were so good at repressing themselves, but it was simply fattening the meal for Maloth. The aroma of erotic desperation was to her the scent of roasting turkey to a starving man.

The huge white gates of Tiriniel were wide open. There were no guards posted or soldiers fighting, though Maloth caught sight of tangled limbs coming from the top of one tower. She supposed having guards fuck each other was kinder than killing them.

Kinder? Fascinating.

But Maloth didn’t linger on the thought. Iriel approached and wrapped her arms around her goddess. Iriel was exactly as Maloth had promised she would become: dark lavender skin, long and wavy, deep purple hair that looked black from a distance, hooves, a spaded tail, blacked claws, curved rams’ horns, and black eyes that smoked faintly from the corner. But since Maloth’s ascension, they had modified her more, suiting Iriel’s new and darker pleasures. There was a runic pattern over her skin like a tattoo, though it was a dark purple, making it hard to see from a distance. It was felt mostly, and Maloth read the skin of her High Priestess as Iriel pressed against her and kissed her. Maloth channeled a bit of power through the runic piercings in Iriel’s nipples. They didn’t control the High Priestess, but the faint buzzing made Iriel moan slightly. She pressed tighter against Maloth and eased her tongue between the goddess’s lips. With another nudge of her power, the runes over Iriel’s body glowed, warming her and easing pleasure over each inch of the High Priestess’s skin. Iriel broke the kiss, giggling, and stepped away from Maloth.

At the sight of Iriel’s smile — of the fangs that Maloth longed to feel plunged into her own skin — Maloth warmed and smiled back. She eased the power out of Iriel’s runes and piercing, letting Iriel relax and focus on the momentous day. Though on second thought, Maloth could ignore the sacking of Tiriniel and fuck Iriel right now. The city could wait. Maloth’s skin tingled when Iriel smiled at her, and the feeling was new and delightful in the dark goddess.

Iriel bowed low and smiled. She fanned out the sheer black robe that hid nothing of her body in a courtly curtsy. The dangling silver chains connecting her nipple piercing, choker, and belly button piercings jingled as her body bent and rose in deference to her goddess.

“The city, my goddess, is yours,” Iriel said.

“Well done.” Maloth stepped forward and grabbed Iriel’s chin. “You have earned one kiss from your goddess.”

Iriel arched an eyebrow. “Just one?”

Maloth laughed. “Depending on the kiss, you may earn future kisses.”

Iriel’s eyes shone as she stepped closer, wrapped her arms around Maloth’s waist, and kissed her goddess. It wasn’t the hungry and desperate kiss Maloth preferred in the bedroom. It was something new, something Iriel had taught her, and something Orilana longed for deep in Maloth’s being. It was gentle as a breeze, fresh as spring water, and wet as a peach. Maloth had never known how soft lips could be until she kissed Iriel. Part of her knew that was nonsense. She had kissed legions of slaves. She had known more lips than any other being alive. And yet, it was undeniable. Orilana and she both knew it. Iriel’s lips were silk and rich cream. They were their own divinity, and the High Priestess earned another kiss from her goddess.

And another.

And another.

And another.

Iriel finally moaned and gave into the curve of Maloth’s body, surrendering her weight. Maloth picked her High Priestess up and twirled her, letting the sheer robe catch the wind. The goddess and her priestess laughed while around them, Tiriniel fell. But as the presence of Maloth washed over the citizens, they would soon learn they could fall further. Maloth had not herself found the bottom of debauchery. She looked forward to that as others looked forward to heaven. For once Maloth found something taboo even for herself, she could finally experience the breaking and humiliation and blissful surrender her subjects felt.

But for now, there was a city to pillage.

The lovers stepped away from each other. Maloth wondered what others would think if they saw the two. They would surely see the dark High Priestess, more demon than elf now — though Maloth kept the pointed ears and even elongated them, she couldn’t help herself when it came to elf ears. But would they see Maloth and know she was their destructor and savior? She was their doom and salvation? She was the new ruler of their universe? Probably not. They would feel it before their eyes recognized it. Maloth’s naked skin was radiant, like silver gold but almost white. Like ivory dipped in moonlight. The goddess had pale silver hair, almost white and almost blonde. Her breasts were full, and her hips were wide like those of a mother, but her body was lithe and tight like that of a maiden. Most mistook her for an angel before she broke them. And indeed, not long ago, she had been something close to that. She mirrored Iriel’s piercings in gold to Iriel’s silver: her nipples, her navel, and dangling gold chain to connect them. She wasn’t sure who started the trend, Iriel, Orilana, or Maloth, but being nude most of the time meant the piercings were some of their few adornments. Besides, it was the one thing that made it obvious to an onlooker that they were betrothed.

“Tell me about my city,” Maloth said as she grabbed Iriel’s hand and turned her towards the city. They walked together up the ancient stone path that led to the wide-open gates.

“It was Prim we have to thank for it,” Iriel said. “She made the decisive strike against the Queen.” Maloth smirked. Prim had been a rebellious slave, but once Maloth came to understand Prim’s ambition, she became a useful tool. Prim wanted to hunt and fuck. Maloth simply had to point the vampire in a direction and unleash her and her scions.

“Is the Queen gone then?”

“That depends on your definition of gone.”

Maloth smirked. “Is she waiting for me?”

“No.” Iriel gave Maloth’s hand a little squeeze. “Prim took her for herself.”

“Ah,” Maloth smiled. “As her reward.”

“Yes, my goddess.”

“Very well.”

Iriel’s grip eased. “Do not worry, love,” Maloth said in a warm voice. “If it did anger me, my wrath would fall on her, not you.”

“I know … it’s just … I want this to be perfect for you.”

“With you at my side, it will be.” Maloth stopped between the huge gateway of Tiriniel. The gates seemed to be made of ivory or marble. The stone was angelstone, pure and strong. Maloth doubted her servants knew it by any name. It was designed to hold out the darkness, and the elves could have hidden behind this for centuries if they had the supplies for a siege. Only treachery could have given them this city.

Maloth looked at the angelstone gate with admiration. “Besides,” Maloth said softly, letting go of Iriel’s hand. She waved her hands, and as she did, the stones turned black like her throne deep beneath the Abbey. “I can fix whatever isn’t perfect until it’s exactly to my liking.” She turned back, beaming at Iriel. The High Priestess looked at Maloth in astonishment, and Maloth wanted to pin her High Priestess to the ground and fuck her right then and there. The only thing holding her back was the modicum of self-control Orilana gave her.

But this was the look Maloth lived for. It’s the look all goddesses thrived off of: devotion, awe, true worship. In this moment, Iriel understood how small and pathetic she was compared to her goddess. She understood that Maloth could have each tongue in this city licking her pussy in an instant. She understood that Maloth was a goddess. A true goddess. Not a djinn. Not a demon. Not some powerful enchantress. Maloth was made from motes of divinity. From her side, the stars were made. From her will, creatures felt lust and hunger. From her desires, all things fucked and made more life. She was a bass note of creation, and there was no true response to that but fear at their smallness and hunger for a taste of what made Maloth miraculous.

Iriel collapsed to her knees as the awe crushed her. It was in these moments that Maloth forgot she was still in a mortal vessel. For when Iriel looked at her this way — offered herself this way — Maloth felt as though she could bend a mortal soul as easily as one bends a blade of grass. Perhaps she could have in her true form, but she was still only a shadow of herself. She still needed vessels like Orilana, servants like Prim, and a priestess like Iriel. But soon she would be reborn. Soon, all would look at her the way Iriel looked at her now. Soon all would bow down and worship, crying tears of joy as they shook in terror to behold their goddess. They would beg to kiss her feet though it would burn them alive.

But Iriel would still be her favored one.

Maloth cocked her head as her vision faded away. Odd. It wouldn’t make sense for Iriel to be higher than anyone else. Mortals were just flesh and fuel. Their bodies were an exquisite casing to an even finer delicacy. Why should Iriel be better? In the end she would be drowned out in a sea of devotees. Yet Maloth couldn’t shake the thought. How strange and delightful. To have one special person among a throng of worshippers. Where had that come from?

“You astound me,” Iriel whispered. She crawled towards Maloth and wrapped her arms around her goddess’s leg. She rested her head on Maloth’s thigh and held tight to the radiant woman.

“Yes,” Maloth said, though her mind was still picking at the conundrum. She raised one hand to look at it closer. She wondered if she could find the speck of humanity that Orilana had corrupted her with. If she could, would she remove it? With her other hand, she stroked Iriel’s hair. Around them, the sounds of moaning rippled through the city. Some windows and doors were open, some people fucked in the streets, but Maloth didn’t care for it now. There was a tender stillness between her and her High Priestess, perhaps between her and her vessel. Even now, she could feel Orilana’s presence amidst them, tempering Maloth’s cruelty and stoking her … heart? Did she have one? Compassion? No. Perhaps mercy. Yes. Mercy was the word.

“Mmm,” Iriel purred as Iriel absent-mindedly scratched her head. “Remember when we talked about brushing each other’s hair?”

“Yes,” Maloth said, surprised to find it true. She had watched the conversation initially from the corner of Iriel’s mind, but now she saw it from Orilana’s point of view. She felt the warmth spreading between her legs and her stomach tingling at the idea of Iriel brushing her hair. Or was it Orilana’s hair?

“Feels good,” Iriel said. The warmth spread up and down Maloth’s body. Heat spread from her cheeks and down her neck. She smiled despite herself. All the confusion, all thought, vanished from her. She simply wanted to hold Iriel, to take her away from the city and stroke her hair, listening to her priestess coo and purr.

“Can we do more later?’ Iriel asked as she stood.

“Hm?” Maloth said. “Are we stopping?”

Iriel smiled wide. “I have a surprise for you at the temple.”

“Oh.” Maloth furrowed her brow. Iriel laughed softly and rose up to kiss her goddess on the lips. Maloth returned it and let the confusion fade again. As Iriel’s lips parted and her long tongue slid inside the goddess’s mouth, Maloth returned to herself. She was not a creature of too much wondering. Impulse was far more efficient than planning. Impulse and power, and she had both to spare.

Maloth snarled as Iriel kissed her, grabbed the back of Iriel’s hair and pulled tight. Iriel’s head snapped back, exposing her elegant neck. But the priestess didn’t whimper or panic. She quivered with anticipation, almost daring her goddess to devour her right then and there. Maloth had brought vampires back to the world, why couldn’t she show them how it was done? Instead, she ran her tongue up Iriel’s neck, going to the priestess’s pierced ear and nibbling it.

“Show me my prize,” Maloth whispered.

Iriel smiled. “As you command.”

Maloth enjoyed the walk through her new city. The roar of their pleasure swelled as she walked away from the gates and deeper into the heart. Iriel told her it grew wherever the goddess went, for when Maloth first arrived, there was simply a wave of desire over the city. People were horny. Wives dropped everything and went in search of their husbands. Secret loves became revealed. Unrequited love was unexpectedly and passionately returned. Those that couldn’t find a partner attended to themselves and bit their lips to silence their pleasure.

But now that their goddess had arrived, the desire had gained a rhythm. A beat pulsed throughout the city, syncing up each heart, tuning it to Maloth. People burned for more than they had before. Secret and dark desires weren’t just revealed, they were enacted upon immediately and enthusiastically. The tamest soul found its deep craving for pain and masochism. Wives begged to be sodomized or ran from their husbands to finally fuck the woman they glanced at for too long. Nothing could wait anymore. Why fantasize when time was fleeting? When the city was about to be sacked? When Maloth was going to come and turn them all into mindless sextoys? They had to act now. Don’t settle for one lover, find a dozen. Take all of them at once. Deeper. Wetter. Louder. More. More. More. Hurry before their doom. Hurry before Maloth corrupted them. Hurry.

Iriel and Maloth held hands as they walked through the streets. The priestess kept turning to Maloth, watching her goddess open her gift. They had taken cities before, but none were as large as Tiriniel. None were as powerful as the elven capital. None were as chaste or devout to Azora. Maloth couldn’t stop smiling. Finally, her sister’s disease was being removed from the souls of the world. Finally, her children could come home to her, could come to their senses, could come to worship and be devoured.

The door of a building flew open as three elven women staggered out. One woman walked backwards, ripping her clothes away from her body as fast as she could. The other two were pawing at her breasts, kissing her neck, nibbling her ears. The woman fell to the ground, but the other two didn’t stop. They climbed on top of her, each one putting a breast in their mouth and grinding against a leg. The woman on the ground closed her eyes and moaned. But she didn’t cry to her goddess. She didn’t whisper Azora’s name.

“Maloth,” she groaned as the two women fucked her. “Maloth, yes.”

Another woman ran out of the tavern. At first, it looked as though she would stop this debauchery, but instead she sank down to her knees and ripped away the woman’s skirt and underthings. She rushed to get her mouth between the woman’s legs, and all three elves fucked the fourth in the middle of the street, only a few feet away from the goddess they were worshipping.

Maloth stepped towards their scene and bent down. She stroked the hair of the woman pinned. Black smoke eased out of her fingertips, wrapping around the girl and eventually consuming her, though her lovers didn’t stop fucking her.

“You have earned my boon,” Maloth said, then she stood up and walked away. Iriel looked back to see the black smoke clear. The elven woman was now a demon like her with rams’ horns and cloven feet. She ran her hands over the bodies of those serving her, and the other elves burned bright, howling in pleasure as their wills were permanently enslaved to their new mistress.

“A new acolyte?” Iriel asked as she turned back to Maloth.


“I much prefer this method of initiation.”

Maloth smiled. “You will find that all do.”

Closer to Azora’s temple, where Maloth’s surprise awaited her, the city was becoming more of one single orgy. People were done fucking their partners and friends and loved ones. They needed more. People ran through the street in leather or with paddles. People were chained and collared. Some had food stains on them, and some were begging vampires to drink them dry while touching themselves the whole time. Homes were abandoned. Decency was forgotten. There was only desire, deep and pure. There was no “should” or “ought.” Propriety was an unfortunate pastime. All that mattered as the beat of craving built to a crescendo was what one wanted and what they would do to get it. Everything else was a shadow from some long past life.

Prim and Iriel’s forces had surrounded the temple, though they weren’t protecting it anymore. The people were lost in their lust, and Maloth’s acolytes were eager to feast on the spoils of victory. Maloth stopped when she recognized one vampire, Lei, the dark-skinned girl that Prim had first turned. Maloth smiled at the memory. Though she was weaker then, she enjoyed when her circle was small, and each corruption took all of her focus. Even now, one hundred and thirteen elves were being made into monstrosities within Tiriniel. It was too impersonal. Besides, Prim had been loyal, and Lei was her first real betrayal and kill. You never forget your first.

Lei was still tall and lithe, but her skin had gained an inhuman glow after she became a creature of darkness. She didn’t hide her flesh behind heavy armor or tradition and allowed small shorts and a tight top that showed off her muscular stomach and toned shoulders. Her kinky hair was still in a bun, but streaks of bright red matched the faint red glow to her eyes.

At the moment, however, she was busy with her prey. Lei had a muscular elven woman stripped and pinned against a wall. “General Vishka,” Iriel whispered to Maloth as the two women watched the show. “She led them bravely until we released our trap. It seems Lei wanted a challenge.”

Maloth smiled. If the general was to be a challenge, she wasn’t putting up a fight. The general spread her arms wide, looking to grip the white stone building to brace herself. The smooth lines of muscle over her body swelled, but not to fight Lei off. She simply wanted to hold herself still while Lei licked her pussy. No. Not licked. Drank. Maloth smiled. Just like Prim had done to her, Lei had bitten the top of the general’s cunt and drank while she licked, teasing the warrior elf while pushing her closer to orgasm.

Lei pulled away and licked her lips. Blood dribbled down her chin. “You like that?” she teased the general.

“Y-Y-Yes,” the general whined.

“Mmm.” Lei stood up. She was almost a head taller than the general though thinner. She grabbed the general’s chin and forced the stronger woman to look at her. “You’re going to like when I fucking turn you,” Lei said.

The general whimpered and nodded.

“But you have to tell me who you’re going to turn first?”

The general’s eyes widened. “W-W-What?”

“Someone close. It’s got to be personal.”


Lei smiled. “You going to cry?” She licked the general’s cheek, dragging her tongue to the corner of the general’s eye. “Mmm, not yet. I like my meal with a little salt.”

“You want me to … to …?”

“You got a best friend or sister? You want someone you’ll fuck for eternity.”

“What?” The general’s chin wobbled. Lei laughed at her.

“Mmm, you’re not ready.” Lei placed her hand on the general’s pussy and eased her fingers inside. “But you will be. You’re weak. You’re afraid. Right now, only lust keeps you going, but soon,” Lei spread her smile wider, revealing her long fangs, “soon you’ll find nothing is more erotic than a little cruelty.” Lei bent down and bit the general quickly on the neck and pulled away just as fast. The general cried out, but Lei moved her free hand and clamped down on the general’s mouth, silencing her. “Or maybe a little pain,” Lei said. She twisted her fingers in the general’s pussy. The warrior elf bucked her hips and tried to cry out but neither made a difference. “Or a little darkness.” Smoke billowed out of Lei and wrapped around both of them. There was shouting but it quickly turned to moaning and back to cries of pain.

Maloth smiled and directed Iriel away from the scene.

The dark goddess stopped only once more before entering Azora’s temple. An older woman was pressed up against a wall with her legs spread as wide as possible. Three women were stretched out between her legs, each striving to be the one that licked her pussy. They would lick around the pussy or nibble her thighs if they couldn’t earn the chosen spot of honor, but they were desperate for a taste of her. Maloth paused and watched the scene. The older woman was past middle-aged, with rich grey hair up in a bun. The jewelry she wore suggested some form of aristocracy, but she spoke like a whore as her pets served her. She called them filthy cunts and slapped their asses as they eagerly tried to get their tongues deeper inside her.

“Which would you rather be?” Maloth asked softly. “The older woman, or the chattel she humiliates?”

“I don’t know,” Iriel said. “If it was you, the chattel.”

Maloth smiled. “But to others?”

“Her,” Iriel said quickly, her voice breathless. “Definitely her.”

Maloth turned and looked at her priestess. “Ah, yes. It was power that first brought you to me.”

Iriel nodded. She couldn’t take her eyes off the older woman.

Maloth felt a strange stab of something she didn’t quite know the name of, something she had only felt towards her sister before. Now she felt it towards the older woman. She let go of Iriel’s hand and approached the scene. Without warning, she spread her legs and brought the older woman’s mouth to her pussy.

“Drink,” she commanded. Black smoke spread from her hands and through the older elf’s hair. The woman acted immediately, stopping her string of insults to her worshippers and serving the goddess. Maloth didn’t moan or writhe as the woman served her. She stared at Iriel, watching her priestess. Iriel was clearly aroused, shifting her weight from foot to foot, rubbing her thighs together, resisting the urge to touch herself.

“Go ahead,” Maloth commanded.

Iriel obeyed and split her sheer robe, touching her own pussy as Maloth brought the older woman deeper inside her. She let her magic slip and closed her eyes as it washed over the elder elf. Iriel watched in amazement as the wrinkles in the elf’s body smoothed and faded away. Her skin tanned and tightened. Her breasts lifted and swelled. Her hair darkened to a rich auburn. But the process didn’t stop when Maloth’s new servant was simply younger. Dark tattoos swirled over her body in a pattern of hooked spirals that made her skin almost look marbled.

When the transformation was done, Maloth stepped back. The three other women had stopped worshipping. Instead, they fingered themselves wildly as they beheld a true goddess. Iriel mirrored them. The newly transformed elf looked up at Maloth with milky pale eyes.

“You are nothing but another whore to serve,” the goddess said. She bent down and casually removed the rings from the blinded woman’s fingers. She held them tight in her hands until they glowed white. “Hold her,” she commanded. The other three women obeyed immediately, taking their slick fingers away from their pussies.

“You will offer to lick every pussy in this city,” Maloth said. She had intended to leave it there, but something moved her to speak further. “Then you may come and receive sight again.” To seal the curse, Maloth pressed the molten rings to the woman’s nipples, piercing her. The woman cried and out and tried to writhe, but the other women were strengthened by their devotion to Maloth. When it was done, the woman’s nipples were puffy and swelling, and tears were rolling down her empty eyes. But she did not protest or complain. Instead, as Maloth rejoined Iriel and took her High Priestess’s hands away from her pussy, the cursed woman got right to work on the first three pussies in front of her.

* * *

Tiriniel’s Temple of Dawn’s First light was the chief gem in the crown of Azora’s temples. It was dome shaped with spires shooting out of every radial point like the sun rising above the horizon. Acolyte’s from all over creation made pilgrimages to this holy sight. It is said that Azora first touched down here when she came to dwell with mortals, though Maloth knew that to be a convenient lie. They both fell, kicking and pulling on each other’s hair, as they crashed to this stinking realm of decay and frailty. They landed in a swamp now called Acheron’s Gap. It’s mostly inhabited by gator farmers. No. That didn’t fit the grand narrative of Azora, the grand lie. That would be Maloth’s first order of business. She would set the record straight, including how she was consumed by her sister, slumbering in the consciousness of the goddess these people worshipped. For the whole time, some part of them worshipped Maloth, and that secret would make the transition of power easy.

“I was thinking,” Maloth said as they walked past two older women with silver hair pinning a younger woman to the ground and eating her out as she begged them to stop and pumped her pelvis against their faces simultaneously.

“Yes, my goddess?” Iriel slipped her clawed hand into the flawless pale hand of Maloth.

“Those spires could be redesigned.”

“I imagine we’ll be doing a lot of redesigning.”

“Tentacles?” Maloth turned to Iriel and arched a flawlessly smooth and thin eyebrow.

Iriel laughed. “Hmmm, is that the symbol you’d like the world to know you by?”

“They know me by darkness, love. And darkness can have any shape it pleases. Only the light is constrained by the limits of the eyes and sensibility of aesthetics.”

“Then we shall make it whatever shape pleases my goddess.”

Maloth smirked. “I’ll continue to think it over.” Maloth paused and took in the sights around her. As they moved deeper into the heart of the city, the thirst and desperation of the citizens rose to a mania. Women, half passed out and quivering from repeated orgasms, were being dragged through the streets by their heels by other women with more energy. They brought them as close as they dared to Maloth and then squatted over their exhausted lovers. The sleepy girls stuck out their tongues, and women writhed and moaned as they let their pussies glide over their lovers’ mouths. But they kept their eyes on Maloth and Iriel, showing off their hunger and stamina, their depravity and thirst.

“The city is eager,” Iriel said. “They love you.”

“The pious always want someone to serve.” The goddess smirked. “Even if it goes against everything they’ve committed themselves to.”

“Is that why you chose me? The most pious of all?”

Maloth laughed. “No, pet. No.” Maloth stopped and spun Iriel to the side. They were face to face, and the pale goddess cupped Iriel’s cheek in her hand and held her for a moment. They must have been a strange juxtaposition: Iriel twisted, dark, and glorious compared to Maloth’s silvery cruelty. A year ago, Iriel was vain enough to think the reflection would have been reversed, her holding back the darkness in her shining coppery skin and glorious hair like rusted dawn. Now she was the beast that hid in the shadows, and Maloth was the sun that exposed her delightful corruption to the world.

“You were never pious,” Maloth said. “You haven’t served a single soul but yourself until you met me. In many ways, if you held to the old moral codes of Azora, you were worse than me. I’ve only behaved as the cosmos crafted me, but you were something small that thought itself grand. You made others small to reinforce that delusion. That is the twisted deviancy Azora fostered in her worshippers.”

Iriel blushed and tried to turn away from the bright and piercing eyes of Maloth, but the goddess’s grip was strong. She stepped closer and brought her lips next to Iriel’s ear.

“Azora would teach you that being awful demanded shame, but that won’t fix you, will it? Shame burrows your sins deep underground where they fester and grow.”

“Then what?” Iriel whispered.

“We bring them out and raise them to be proper abominations.” Maloth leaned back and put her hands on Iriel’s shoulders. “You thought you were better than everyone else, so I made you that. I flipped the scales. The worst bitch is now the most revered priestess. Azora would loathe it.” Iriel smirked. “I think it has taught you a beautiful lesson.”

“And that is?”

Maloth cocked her head to the side, as though confused. In Orilana’s transformed body, she looked young and naive. Every scar Orilana had earned, every wrinkle she’d forged in worry, had been smoothed out when Maloth completed the ritual. She looked almost twenty years younger, and her servants were still getting used to serving what looked like a teenager.

“That there is no room for morality in the courts of desire.” She upturned her voice, making it almost a question. “Have you not learned yet?”

“I am …” Iriel bowed her head. “I’m working on it.”

“Did you want Orilana to serve me so that you could be with her?”

“Yes,” Iriel said quickly.

“Was that wrong?”

“I ... I …”

Maloth shook her head. “And I wanted her body to be my vessel, thus robbing my High Priestess of her desire. Is that wrong?”

Iriel’s eyes widened. “No, goddess. Not at —”

Maloth held up a hand to silence her. “There is only desire and power. When desires compete, the weak demand morality to sort things out. When two desires compete, they default to shoulds and decorum. But in reality, when two desires compete, the strong win. Thus, I have won, and I inhabit Orilana. There is no right or wrong to it. I am stronger than you.”

Maloth spun Iriel and brought her attention to the masses that were creeping closer. Iriel hadn’t noticed how close the moans were, but the streets were littered with the bodies of naked women, writhing and sweating as they fucked as close to their goddess as they could manage. It looked like a massacre by some cruel tyrant had happened outside the temple to make a point. But there was no pain here. There was a chorus of pleasure and desperation, of eager fucking and the infinite desire for the energy to keep fucking.

“See this?” Maloth asked. “This is not wrong or right. It is the powerful taking what they want.” She turned back to her High Priestess. “You thought you were morally superior to everyone. I fixed that by making you powerful. Did you see how quickly your morality melted away when you could take what you wanted? Then I taught you the second lesson, that I am more powerful than even you. Now you are ready for the third.”

“The third?”

Maloth swept her arm, gesturing to the masses. “Now we take what we want together. No shame. No doubts. You tasted that when you kept a sliver of Orilana inside of me.” Maloth smirked. “That was clever.”

Iriel smiled. “Thank you, goddess.”

Maloth stepped behind Iriel and wrapped her arms over the bare skin of her demon priestess. She let her fingertips trail over Iriel’s tight tummy and up to the swell of her breasts. They teased the sensitive skin under Iriel’s breasts, and the demon gasped as pleasure surged through her.

“Remember,” Maloth whispered in her ears. “There is no morality to protect you now. If I do not want you anymore, nothing obligates me to keep you. Only if you can stay the locus of my desire will you have my blessing.”

Iriel bit her lip. “I think my lover latched onto your willpower shall keep your attention, goddess.”

Maloth nipped at Iriel’s ear. The High Priestess shrieked but let it ease into a pleasant moan. “We shall see,” Maloth said. “But for now, yes.” Maloth squeezed Iriel’s tits as she pressed against Iriel’s back, thrusting her pelvis against Iriel’s ass.

“You could take me right here,” Iriel whispered. “Show them how to fuck.”

Maloth laughed. “I want my present more. Maybe later if I like what you’ve given me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The two untangled, and Maloth waved her hand. A small gust of black magic shot from her hand and parted the masses, leaving a path right up to the temple. The palace had been made from angelstone like the walls around the city. It is cleaner and purer than marble, said to look like sunlight striking water on a clear day. It was an impossible white, as impossible as the purity of Azora is impossible to attain. They walked through the huge central dome deep into the Holiest of Holies. Iriel was one of three women in all of creation that were allowed in the inner shrine. Once a year she would fast for six weeks and meditate. Well, that’s what she was supposed to do. In reality, she brought books and read them while her favorite and most trusted servants brought her snacks.

The room held two other women — women who were not permitted to worship in Azora’s precious sanctum. They were twins, the two Elven princesses of Tiriniel, Cara and Shina. Both twins had the rare blonde of their royal bloodline. They were both young, barely out of their teens, and had the arrogance and beauty that went with royal youth. Their matching faces were angular, and their lips were thin and dark, made up with a blood-red paint. They were both dressed in thin and tight tops that covered their arms and chest but exposed their tight stomachs. They had thin skirts that pooled along the floor and their arms and ears were adorned with bangles and golden chains. Cara wore a bright berry pink, and Shina wore a cobalt blue. Other than the colors, they were dressed like some chamber bed slave a lordling would have to amuse himself.

But they hadn’t picked their dress for this meeting.

The room was adorned with pillows, wine, fruit, chocolate, and incense. These had been brought in by Iriel’s demand in anticipation of Maloth’s arrival and as a condition of the city’s surrender. Had they needed to, Melior could have led her legions into the city and slashed each unwilling life to pieces. The city could have run with blood instead of sweat and lust, but that was avoided all thanks to Iriel’s clever maneuvering and one twin’s weakness. All they had to do was betray their mother to Prim, throw open the gates, and meet Maloth in the Holiest of Holies and the city would be spared.

Not every city they conquered had been as wise as these princesses.

The twins rose when they saw Maloth. Their eyes widened with fear, but Iriel savored the dilation of their pupils. They had never seen anyone as beautiful as Maloth. No one had. She truly looked like a painting of Azora come to life and walking among mortals once again. Iriel smirked to herself. Cara — the one in pink — lowered herself to her knees, but Shina stood with her mouth agape. After a moment, Cara grabbed her sister’s hand and brought her to her knees as well. Cara kept her head bowed, but Shina watched with reverences as Maloth eased her way into the Holiest of Holies.

“This is your present,” Iriel said. “May I introduce the twin princesses of Tiriniel?”

Maloth licked her lips at the scene before her. Iriel warmed with pride. Clearly her goddess liked the gift, but this was only the wrapping for what she had in mind. Maloth stepped closer to the women, circling around the slender elves, inspecting their curves, appreciating the way their clothing hid and highlighted the most sensual parts of their bodies.

Then, a scent. A perfect and favored scent of Maloth. It was, perhaps, the greatest difference between her and her dead sister. For the scent wasn’t the obvious lust of one woman. Azora could appreciate the lust of a blushing bride and her eagerness to please her partner. Nor was it the painful fear of the other sister, for Azora could savor the awe and fear of one on their knees in worship before the light. No. It was the spicy scent of betrayal, like a bright orange pepper powder the elves harvest in the desert. Azora could never truly appreciate the breaking of a bond, the abuse of a trust, the slow turning as “I” becomes more important than “Us.” But it was rich in this room, like a perfume made to soften Maloth’s mind, like the heavy vapor of dryad pheromones making men hard and women melt. For what could be better than the arrogance of betrayal? For one to stare into the universe and claim that their comfort, their desire, their pleasure, was more important than the bonds of love or community or trust or …


Maloth’s knees softened as a wave of lust washed over her body — Orilana’s body. The captain of the paladins was raised on order and duty and honor. A traitor was the worst thing a woman could become, and yet she had been mingled with Maloth too long. The greater the honor, the greater the fall. The corruption of one sister against another was the greatest taboo Orilana could fathom. Of course, that made it the most delicious meal to the dark goddess.

“This one —” Iriel started but stopped as Maloth raised a hand.

“Shhh,” Maloth brought her finger to her lips and smirked. “I can smell it on her.”

Iriel smiled. She watched her goddess pace between the women, she was taking her time with them, devouring them with her eyes, savoring each moment of anticipation. Cara — the one in berry pink — stayed perfectly still, but Shina — the one in cobalt blue — trembled as Maloth watched her. Could it be anticipation? No. She reeked of fear. Not the fear of a worshipper, but one who thought herself near death.

If only she knew how right she was.

Maloth paced between the two women, drawing lazy figure eights with her path. As she stepped closer, she let her fingertips glide over their necks. Their skin was flawless and smooth. Such a gift to be young. They’d have to be a goddess or a demon to be any closer to perfection. Maloth wanted to know if they would break, so she let the moment draw out between them. If the anticipation or terror were too much for them, they wouldn’t be fit for the gift of her curse. They thought to be like Iriel, to burn a city in order to find power. Maloth respected that. It was noble to build a kingdom only to trade it away, to not be satisfied with being queen when you could become an empress. Maloth loved that initiative, that drive, that hunger for more, that dissatisfaction with the present, that arrogance, that cruelty, that lust. This was the deciding moment for them. If they could not hold out, they didn’t deserve to serve in Maloth’s court.

Finally, she stopped behind Cara. “Twins,” said the goddess. The sound of any voice was discordant in the perfumed chamber, but Maloth added some power to it, letting it fill the air with vibrations, letting the words run over the perfect skin of her new toys. Shina shuddered. Did she know what she was invoking? She had never met a live goddess before. Azora was dormant and neutered. Serving Maloth was like stepping into a hurricane.

“Did you think to remind me of my sister?” Maloth asked Iriel.

Her demon High Priestess eased herself into a cushioned seat and smiled. “I thought you’d appreciate the symmetry.”

“Perhaps you have some play for them to mime out? A retelling of an old story?”

Iriel shook her head. “I had something a bit more compelling in mind.”

“More than seduction and corruption?”

“Oh, I’m sure there will be more than that. But no scripts. I prefer my entertainment live, like they do at the arenas in Karthas.”

“Mmm.” Maloth ran her hands through Cara’s hair absentmindedly. “A fuck to the death?”

Iriel laughed. “They’re more valuable as a set.”

“True.” Maloth paced around and knelt down in front of Cara. The blonde twin in pink dared to lift her eyes to the goddess. Maloth appreciated the arrogance. “What did my High Priestess promise you in exchange for your honor? Life?” She gazed at Shina, shivering only a few feet away. “Family?” Maloth shook her head. “No, for your mother is almost certainly bloodless or moaning in heat while my vampire fucks her. What then?” Maloth raised a hand and twisted her wrist, conjuring a bright green ball of fel flame. “Power?”

Cara said nothing. Her eyes were locked on the flickering flame, captivated by what Maloth could do, wondering if she would soon be able to do the same.

Maloth extinguished the flame and turned back to Iriel. “You want to know the problem with twins?”

Iriel had grabbed some tall glass of a bright orange liquid that smoked. She arched an eyebrow as she took a sip, sighed with contentment, and pulled the glass away. “Do tell, love.”

“Matching is only cute for so long. At some point I’ll want to distinguish between the two and I can’t very well go on calling them the pink one and the blue one in my mind.”

Maloth turned back to Cara. “You know they say that’s why I killed my twin. To distinguish myself. As though I couldn’t stand to belong to a matching set.” Cara didn’t react. Her face was placid, but her eyes were still hungry, captivated. It was as though she had waited her whole life for this moment. “But that wasn’t it at all. Anyone could tell we were different. Her worshippers bowed to kiss the ground. Mine bowed to get fucked. Do you know why I killed her?”

Doubt flickered over Cara’s face. Her eyes darted to Iriel, then to her sister that hadn’t moved from her posture, keeping her face on the ground. Then she brought her gaze back to the goddess. Maloth smiled sympathetically and put her hand on Cara’s cheek.

“It’s okay,” the goddess said.

“Self-defense?” guessed the princess. “She wanted to eradicate you.” Cara looked over at her sister again.

Maloth clicked her tongue and brought Cara’s gaze back to her eyes. “No, love.” Then all at once, Maloth surged forward. She lifted Cara up off her feet with a kiss, pressing her body against the pale elven princess and carrying her to the back of the room. She slammed Cara against the wall, but her cry was muted by the kiss of the goddess. The blonde hesitated for only a moment, and then she melted into Maloth, running her hands over Maloth’s shining skin, parting her lips, letting out hot moans and then kissing again as though she could drink the very divinity from Maloth.

Just as suddenly as she started, Maloth ended the kiss and stepped away. Cara’s chest heaved and her pupils dilated with lust. All of her hesitation and faked subservience melted away as her eyes roamed over Maloth’s body, stopping at the piercings in the goddess’s nipples.

“I did it because I wanted to,” Maloth said. She wiped her lips with her slender fingers. “Just as you betrayed everything.” Maloth pointed to Shina. “Not for her.” She pointed towards the masses fucking and marching closer to the temple. “Not for them.” Maloth pointed to herself. “And certainly not for me. It was for you entirely, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” Cara said breathlessly. She seemed to realize her boldness and bowed her head at the last moment. “Yes, Goddess.”

Maloth laughed and stepped closer, putting her finger under Cara’s chin, and lifting it up to look at her. “No, no,” she said. “Don’t start acting like your sister. Then I won’t be able to tell you apart. Here.” With a flick of her wrist, sharp claws extended from Maloth’s fingertips. She flung them down Cara’s body, avoiding the skin and expertly cutting away the whorish outfit Cara was wearing.

“Better,” Maloth said. She drank in the tight lines of Cara’s stomach as the fabric slowly floated to the ground around her. Nearby, Shina squeaked, but no one looked at her. Maloth’s shining body illuminated Cara’s own beauty, and the tension between the women rose. Maloth was either going to consume, debase, or fuck this girl. She wasn’t sure she couldn’t do all three.

Maloth’s eyes lingered on the bone piercings etched with purple runes in Cara’s nipples. She looked back at Iriel. “I assume it was after.”

Iriel nodded. “She had to earn it first. She’s quite skilled with her tongue. I recommend she service you under her free will.”

Cara blushed, and Maloth laughed. “I’ll remember that.” She slipped her finger into Cara’s mouth as casually as though it were her own mouth. “Whatever comes next,” Maloth said as Cara automatically sucked on the goddess’s finger. “I’ll want to highlight that skill.”

Cara muttered something that sounded like “yes, goddess,” and Maloth took her finger out of her toy’s mouth and stepped back.

“You want to be distinguished?” Maloth asked.

“Yes, goddess.”


Cara’s breath caught. “Yes, goddess.”

“Known and feared?”

Cara’s chest heaved more than Maloth’s kiss had. “Yes, goddess.”

Maloth turned back to Iriel and smiled. “We’ll have to differentiate them if I’m ever going to tell them apart.”

Iriel drained her cup and grabbed a bunch of pearl white grapes. She twisted her wrist as though to say, “do whatever you want.”

Maloth brought her attention back to Cara and placed her hand between the princess’s breasts. She took a deep breath and her hand glowed white. “Then take my mark,” the goddess said. There was a surge of white light. Cara arched her head back, and though she wanted to moan, a piercing scream of agony cut through the hazy and perfumed room. Her twin, Shina, looked up for the first time and tried to rise to her feet to help her sister. But Maloth held out her free hand. The air rushed through the room, extinguishing half of the candles and banishing them to dim light. Shina was locked in place, forced to watch as Maloth burned her sister. From Maloth’s hand, pink lines like scars spread over the flawless skin of Cara. They glowed hot white like a brand as they reached Cara’s nipples and crawled down over her tight stomach, creeping towards her pussy.

Iriel slowly rose to her feet, watching in fascination as the marks over Cara’s body slowly twisted forming something between runes and words. It wasn’t a language Iriel knew, but she understood them perfectly. She caught words like “whore” and “betrayer” though they were just a network of lines to her eyes.

Cara staggered away from the goddess, her hands going to her stomach and running over the marks in her skin. She looked down, and though the “words” must have been upside down, her eyes widened as she read them. She looked up at Maloth.

“What have you done?” she asked.

“Branded you with your story, your deeds, your …” Maloth smiled wide. The gentle kindness of an angelic goddess was gone. Her skin was pale, but her look was dark and hungry. “Your accomplishments.”

Cara looked back down. “But they … but they say …”

“That you killed your mother, betrayed your kingdom, and would fuck your sister if it helped your ambition. That you are power-hungry and cruel. That you are selfish and cowardly. That you are a whore. That despite your education, your greatest skill set is licking the pussy of your betters.” Maloth turned back and looked at Iriel. “Did I miss anything?”

“No, love,” said Iriel with a mouthful of grapes. One hand was between her legs as she watched her wife work. “That about covers it.”

Maloth looked back at Cara. “In my world, you will be heralded as deeply under the sway of Maloth. You should be proud of your defilement.”

Cara’s eyes bounced between the story of her betrayal written on her skin and the condescending and amused look on her goddess’s face. “I …” she whispered. “I don’t …”

“It can be read in any language,” Maloth explained. “Even the illiterate will know what you are, that you are a cruel bitch and an exemplar of my faith. And now,” Maloth stepped closer. Cara tried to step away, but the wall stopped her. Maloth cupped Cara’s face in her hands. She loomed over the elven princess like a mother beaming with pride at their daughter.

“I brand this command on your mind,” Maloth spoke and the air tickled the skin of all four women once more. On the couch, Iriel moaned as she picked up the pace of fucking herself. A wine glass shattered, and Iriel gave herself to her pleasure as she watched the beauty of her lover’s work.

“You may never cover these marks,” Maloth commanded. “No clothing or limb may hide them. You will show them always, even if you do not burn with pride.” Maloth let her hands roam over Cara’s body, teasing the marks over Cara’s breasts, trailing the runes all the way down to Cara’s smooth and exposed pussy. “You may walk all the days of your life with this flesh exposed, but no injury will disfigure the marks. Nor will you ever feel cold from sharing your great deeds with all that behold you.”

“Yes, Goddess,” Cara intoned. Her voice was as resonant as Maloth’s, filling the room with rippling power. Cara’s eyes glowed with a pale light as her mind was branded with the new command.

Then, as suddenly as Maloth’s fun started, the tension in the room faded. Lights flickered on, and Cara’s body relaxed. The blonde girl stumbled to the floor, making a sound between a cry and a moan. Maloth paid no attention to her. She turned to Shina, Cara’s twin in blue, still cowering nearby. The girl had begun to sob softly during Cara’s desecration, but no one paid her any mind.

Until now.

“This is the present then,” Maloth said, stepping closer to her new toy.

“Yes, love.”

“She consented to the betrayal?” asked Maloth as she knelt down next to her prey. Shina shivered but didn’t dare move further away from the goddess.

“Of course.” Iriel stood up and got closer, interested to see what her goddess would do to the new plaything.

“Your sin isn’t ambition though, is it?” Maloth whispered to Shina.

The girl didn’t say anything.

“Mmm,” Maloth purred as she stood up. Cara would become proud of her cruelty in time, just as Iriel had. But someone like this, someone crushed by shame, had the power to become truly devious. Maloth thought of how beautiful Melior and Rella turned out once their shame turned to pride incarnate. Yes. Shina was the gift here. Of all the women in the room, she had the potential to become a true nightmare once she no longer ran from the darkness budding inside her.

“I assume she has had the same modifications as her twin?” Maloth asked.

“Yes, love.” Iriel stood next to her wife and kissed Maloth’s shoulder. “I wanted a matching set for you.”

“Mmm,” Maloth purred. She turned and kissed Iriel. She was grateful for the gift. The fact was that she missed the simple and powerful nature of a hunt. In the Abbey, she could slowly force women into her web and then watch them tangle themselves up in their own lusts and perversions. Out in the world, people were overcome with her glory. There was no delicate dance anymore. She had missed the subtle corruption of a soul.

Maloth broke the kiss with a moan, and her High Priestess smiled to herself, clearly proud to make the goddess aroused. Then both women turned their attention to Shina.

“Rise,” Maloth commanded.

Shina squeaked as she tried to resist her piercings, but the spell was too powerful. She rose to her feet — her body seemingly lifted by the little rings in her nipples — and turned to face Maloth when the goddess commanded her.

“Strip,” Maloth said. She grabbed Iriel’s hand and pulled her bride back to the cushioned couches. She turned to Cara and commanded her to help her twin as she settled in a seat, inviting Iriel to sit in her lap, draped over her goddess to enjoy the little show — her present.

Though Shina tried to resist, the purple runes of her piercings burned bright through the sheer blue fabric covering her breasts as the magic compelled her to obey. With each step, her resistance weakened, and she obeyed. But the actions were all empty. She was a drone, not a show.

“Make it sexy,” Maloth commanded. “Seduce me.” The goddess lazily ran her hands over Iriel’s body, letting her fingertips glide up and down Iriel’s stomach, teasing that they may reach Iriel’s breasts but never quite fulfilling the promise. Iriel’s lavender skin was covered in a black pattern of lace detailing. It almost resembled the scarring on Cara’s body, but no words came to mind. It looked as though her stomach was covered in the world’s finest and thinnest lingerie, but Iriel’s breasts and pussy were bare at all times. Maloth would never hide that from her sight.

The two lovers enjoyed the shift in mood as Shina began to sway her hips. Cara — at first hesitant to peel clothing from her twin sister — had found the spirit her goddess wanted her to be in. It could be that Cara enjoyed stripping her sister for her goddess or that she was pretending to do so, but Cara didn’t give that impression. Though she tried to seduce the goddess as she swayed her hips and slowly peeled away the thin fabric, tears still streamed down her face. Maloth didn’t mind. She craved to lick the tears up and savor the salt of them. They were, after all, just another juice of the female body that Maloth enjoyed.

“I like my present,” Maloth whispered in Iriel’s ear. They still had the soft elven features and point despite Iriel’s demonic form. Maloth appreciated that anyone could see a shadow of what Iriel had been, though they could never mistake her as the copper skinned elven priestess that once ruled Azora’s Abbey. She was twisted with jagged points covering sensual curves and tight skin. She was designed to draw you in and devour you.

Oh how, Maloth loved her.

“This is just the beginning,” whispered Iriel as Maloth nibbled her ear. Her voice was thick and breathy as her body sagged and relaxed, becoming clay in Maloth’s capable hands.

“Oh, I know.” Maloth moved her bites to Iriel’s neck, and lightning arched through the demon’s body. She went rigid as Maloth’s fingers found Iriel’s nipples and the piercings there. Maloth smiled at her lover’s response, but her eyes drifted over to her present.

Shina only had a small strip of fabric covering her pussy that some whores called underclothes, though they did more to entice than to cover. Maloth appreciated that Shina was slightly plumper than her sister. Not fat, but the curve at her hips was more pronounced and her breasts were larger. She had less tight lines over her stomach and more of a pleasant roundness.

The goddess licked her lips.

The inner chamber of her sister’s holiest site was hazy with the smoke of incense. The smell of smoke added to the burning candles. Maloth imagined some Haze dens in port cities filled with prostitutes and Shah’s all gorging themselves on fine meats, wine, and whatever staff they could fuck. She appreciated the thought. In a few weeks, she’d have to go to the ocean and show them how one can truly indulge. Perhaps she could exacerbate their gluttony. It could be fun to watch them fuck each other to death.

Shina whimpered as her sister pulled down the last piece of clothing. The plumper twin tried to sexily kick off the small underclothing, but her face was twisted in pain. Her heart wasn’t in it.

“Cara,” Maloth whispered, beckoning the scarred girl over. Cara came over immediately and bent down to listen. “Kiss her hungrily,” Maloth commanded. “Don’t stop, no matter what she says. And …” Maloth curled her finger, and Cara came so close the two could kiss. “I want you to imagine fucking your mother as you kiss your sister. Whenever you fuck her — and that will be often — think of the mother you betrayed and fuck her stupid. You understand?”

A dim light flared over Cara’s eyes as the command registered. “Yes, Mistress,” she whispered. Once more her breath was ragged, and her chest heaved. Without hesitation, she went over to her sister. Shina looked confused at first, but Cara didn’t hesitate. She pressed against her sister as Maloth had pressed against her moments ago. Shina put up her hands too late, and Cara kept pushing, shoving her sister up against the wall and kissing her passionately. Shina was frigid, her lips unmoving as her sister kissed her. Once Shina’s shock was over, she tried to push her sister off, but Cara grabbed her twin’s hands and pressed them over her head, against the wall. She pinned her sister there and kissed her hungrily, eager to impress the goddess with how low she could sink.

She’d have to crater through creation to impress Maloth.

“You won’t order Shina to kiss her back?” Iriel asked as her hands once more drew lazy circles over her clit.

“Of course not.”

Iriel smirked. “Goddess, I love you.”

“Mmm, I know.” Maloth lifted Iriel up and turned her around. Iriel sat in Maloth’s lap, straddling her, and the two kissed. It wasn’t the hungry or pornographic kiss of the twin sisters on the opposite side of the room. It was gentle and tender. It was eager and considerate. It was delicate and loving. Cara was guzzling water after a lifetime in the desert while Shina drowned, but Maloth and Iriel were taking slow and lazy sips of wine. They had an eternity to enjoy each other’s kisses. There was no rush. That made each kiss precious, each moment fleeting. They would take their time with each other. Always.

* * *

There was a moan from the other side of the room that didn’t sound like Cara, and Iriel and Maloth smiled. They turned to see Cara behind her sister now. Her hands cupped Shina’s breasts as she kissed and nibbled on Shina’s neck. It was obvious that Shina wanted to touch herself while her sister teased her pierced nipples and bit her sensitive neck. But the tears still flowed. Shina still strained and tried to run from Cara. She wasn’t broken. Not yet.

A bit of the pink brand on Cara’s body showed from across the room, and Maloth appreciated the spell she had burned on the girl. New words appeared on Cara’s skin, taking up more space. “Mother fucker” and “sister fucker” burned bright in the ancient shadow language of the sentient mind. As Cara sinned, so the brand would spread. Maloth would be done with the girl when each inch of her skin was a glowing pink of demonic deeds.

“Mommy,” moaned Cara between kisses. “Oh, fuck, mommy.”

Iriel laughed, and Maloth brought her attention back to her High Priestess. “You said there was more?” she asked.

“Oh, much more.” Iriel climbed out of Maloth’s lap and went to the table with the wines and liquors. “I’m just getting started,” Iriel said as she grabbed two bottles of black liquid. Maloth’s body recognized them immediately. They were her blood, fresh from the pools in her tomb.

“I’ve seen this before,” Maloth said, but she was curious to see what Iriel had come up with. The former elf had proven herself devious and twisted in the past months. She almost matched Rella as a psychological sadist.

“Not quite,” Iriel said. She sat next to Maloth on the couch and raised one potion in the air. “Cara, come,” she commanded. “On all fours.”

Immediately Cara dropped to her hands and knees and crawled towards Iriel and Maloth. Her hips and ass swayed with each step, but Maloth kept her attention on Shina. The plumper blonde had collapsed to the floor, relieved to be free of her sister’s kisses and perverted whisperings.

“Drink this,” Iriel commanded, and Cara took the vial and drank without hesitation. As soon as she swallowed, she gagged and clutched her neck. She would experience something close to death now, a pain far worse than the brand Maloth had put on her skin. Care writhed, her face turning bright red while she held onto her throat, as though she could stop the dark liquid from burning through her.

“Cara!?” A new panic seemed to calm Shina, and she broke from the trance of her trauma and rushed to her sister’s side. She rolled Cara over and watched her twin’s beautiful eyes quickly fade into a milky white, the irises and pupils clouding over. She looked up at Maloth and Iriel, fear and hate in her face.

“What did you do to her?” she asked.

“Watch,” Maloth said. The goddess leaned back and grabbed a bunch of pearly white grapes. She plucked one grape and fed it to Iriel. The two women curled into each other while Shina spoke to her sister, trying to get Cara to make any sound but choking.

All at once, Cara’s back spasmed. The blonde’s body went rigid and a piercing scream cut through the haze and heat of the tiny chamber. Shina’s first instinct was to cover her own ears, but when the screaming didn’t stop, she scrambled to help her sister, once more asking what was wrong and what she could do.

But as quickly as it started, the screaming stopped. Cara’s body went limp, and she closed her burned-white eyes.

“Cara?” asked Shina. She shook her sister. “Cara?” She slapped her lightly on the cheek. “Cara, say something. Cara, wake up.” When her sister didn’t respond, the plumper twin looked back at the goddess and the High Priestess with pleading and desperate eyes. Neither goddess nor demon acknowledged the girl. They had seen too many transformations to be concerned. They were brutal and lengthy things. But what came out would be new and beautiful in the world.

“Go,” Maloth commanded Shina. “Sit over there. Watch. Be silent.” The words took hold of the elven princess immediately. She rose to her feet and crossed the room, back to the spot where Cara had been making out with her moments ago. She sank to her knees, docile as a lamb, and kept her eyes locked on her sister’s comatose body.

Luckily, she didn’t have to wait long to see the effects of the transformation.

Cara’s hair transformed first. The beautiful and rare blonde hair slowly became platinum and burned itself to a ghostly white. From the roots of each follicle, Cara’s scalp followed the same coloring. Her beautifully tan skin paled and eased itself into an unnatural white. The transformation eased itself down Cara’s naked body, skipping over the pink lines of her legacy. Her skin was drained of all color. It went from a healthy peach to a faint pink, to a pale white as though it had never seen the kiss of the sun. But the color kept draining. It became a milky white and a ghostly cream until it rested at an inhuman ivory. Cara’s skin looked like stone at first, but then the new creature’s eyes opened. They were as white as her skin with no pupil or iris to be seen. A slow smile spread over her face, revealing sharp teeth like a devil fish. There was no color to her cheeks or lips. In fact, she seemed almost lipless, giving her a serpentine appearance as she lifted her head and looked down at her body.

Her smile widened when she beheld her new form.

Cara rose to her feet, and the marble and stone appearance of her skin faded. When she moved, her skin looked like liquid. In fact, whatever she touched drained of color temporarily, creating the illusion that her pale creaminess was dripping off her. She flowed and slithered simultaneously, stretching her arms above her head and out to the side.

All four of her arms.

They flowed from her with sinuous ease. At first, it looked as though they were tentacles. And with the oozing grace of the new Cara, Maloth thought of the naiads that flowed like beautiful women made of a black sludge back in the monastery. In a way, Cara reflected them. She was just as graceful, and her steps made her look more like milk than flesh. But she was simultaneously more solid. There was a structure to her, a power and muscle underneath the dripping sensuality of her movements. She looked as though she had been dipped in ever-flowing white chocolate.

Maloth licked her lips. That sounded delicious.

The only spot of color on her body were purple runes on the bone nipple piercings and the pink runes Maloth had inscribed in the princess. They shone brighter now for the paleness of the flesh. Her white skin made the words more legible, and as Maloth read them, she spotted new words in Cara’s flesh: “monster” and “demon.”

“Well done,” Maloth whispered in Iriel’s ear and kissed the top of her High Priestess’s head.

“We’re not at the best part, yet” Iriel whispered. “Cara?” she said louder.

The new demon waited to turn around and face Iriel. She was watching her twin, enjoying the look of terror mingled with grief on Shina’s face. Tears rolled down Shina’s cheeks silently, for she had not been given permission to make a sound yet. Though everyone knew the poor sensitive princess wanted to collapse and sob all over again, bemoaning her cruel fate to be at the mercy of monsters.

Slowly Cara turned around. As she smiled, a long and forked tongue slid out of her mouth. It was almost a foot long and it flicked with unnatural control. It was yet another limb for pleasure and devouring. Maloth smiled at her work. She had said the tongue would be put to good use. She was pleased to discover that her blood responded to her little prophecy from earlier. Cara would have ample opportunity to put her skills with her tongue to use. In fact, she could spend her new immortality discovering new, disgusting, and perverted uses for that tongue.

“Yes, mistress?” Cara purred. Her voice was low and husky, thick and breathy.

Iriel lifted the other bottle of black liquid up. “Convince Shina to drink this and join you.” Cara’s smile widened. Without lips, it was pure hunger and predation. Any sane person would shiver and flee from the site of the demon, but Maloth and Iriel had happily fucked worse. Cara reached for the vial, but Iriel pulled it away. “You can’t force her,” the High Priestess said. “She has to beg for it, but I’m sure you can find ways to be persuasive.”

“Ahhh,” sighed Maloth as warmth and anticipation spread over her belly. The infection of Orilana knew this was wrong and twisted, but that only heightened the delight for the goddess. In the end, Orilana’s conscience was a gift. Who knew having a weak sense of shame could heighten the delight in being despicable? It was for this new sensation that Maloth would spend eternity thanking Iriel. She had never known how wonderful it could be to pervert yourself.

“Here is the gift,” purred the goddess.

“Yes, love,” said Iriel with a smug grin. “Here is the gift.” Iriel placed the vial in Cara’s hand but didn’t let go. “Do we have an understanding, love?”

“Yes, Mistress,” hummed the demon. She pulled on the vial and Iriel let her take it. “I understand perfectly.” Cara spun gracefully to face her twin sister. “Oh, Shina,” she sang lowly. “Do you want to play a game?”

“You may speak and move,” Maloth said, releasing Shina from her command. The girl collapsed with visible relief.

“Oh Cara,” she cried. “What did they do to you?”

“You don’t like?” Cara asked. She twirled and lifted her arms above her head, looking like flowing milk, a white serpent, and a ballerina all in one motion. “Think of what I can do with this body.” Cara let her tongue flick out to its full length. The forked tongue could reach her pierced nipples. Cara stepped in front of her sister and bent down to look her in the eye. With sweet softness and absolute sincerity, she said, “Think of what I can do to your body, now.”

Shina shook her head and tried to take a step back. One of Cara’s four hands darted out and grabbed Shina’s wrists, holding her twin in place. “Please,” whispered Shina. “No.”

“I know you’ve wanted to for a long time,” Cara whispered.

Shina’s eyes widened and darted to Maloth and Iriel, but with two other hands, Cara grabbed the sides of her twin’s head and kept them focused on her.

“Where is your husband?” Cara asked. Her long tongue slithered down and trailed over Shina’s neck. The still elven twin shuttered and tried to pull away, but her demon sister was too strong.

“I do — don’t —”

“Don’t have one,” finished Cara. “Then where are your lovers? Where are the great romances? Who earns your long and hungry gaze? Who do you ache for?”

Cara ran her long fingertips over her sister’s skin as she spoke, teasing the exposed and plump flesh. Her trail lazily went over Shina’s nipples, but the elven princess didn’t cry out in pleasure or convulse with arousal. She was frozen and frigid, afraid and desperate.

“Please, Cara,” whispered Shina. “Why are you doing this?”

“Look at me, love.” Cara lowered her voice and brought her lips close to her twin’s skin. “Look at me.”

Shina closed her eyes and tried to jerk her face to the side, but Cara’s impossible strength held her there. There were too many arms for Shina to escape. The demon was too strong. But more than anything, Shina had stopped genuinely trying to fight back. All her attempts were weak. It could be that she didn’t see the point anymore. Perhaps she had resigned herself to defeat.

But Maloth knew better.

“Look at me,” hissed Cara. She released her sister’s face only long enough to slap her. It wasn’t hard. The demon could snap her sister’s neck if she wanted, but Iriel had clear instructions. Shina would need her faculties to willingly drink the potion.

As quickly as the slap had come, Cara was holding her sister’s head again, directing Shina’s gaze at her. Shina tried to look down, look away, but Cara was too close and too strong. This was her first task from her High Priestess before her goddess. She would not let Shina’s modesty ruin this.

Cara held her sister’s head between two hands and pinned her sister against the wall with the third. She had been caressing her sister with the fourth, but fear was creeping through Cara. She could sense Maloth’s boredom. She had to move quickly. Shina had to join her now.

Cara lifted her free hand and willed the shape of it to change. Effortlessly, the milky white texture of her skin undulated and morphed, becoming a tendril that formed into a single blade. She brought the cold blade against her sister’s skin, and Shina’s body tightened at the cold threat held between her breasts.

“Look. At. Me.” Cara ran the blade lightly over Shina’s skin, careful not to draw any blood. She only wanted to show intent. She could torture her sister with pain or pleasure. It was Shina’s choice.

The plump twin looked at the monster that had once been her sister. Tears welled in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

“Not like that,” cooed Cara. She bent closer and licked the tears, following the trail up to Shina’s eyes. She placed a gentle kiss on each eye before settling back down in front of her sister.

“Look at me the way you have when you’ve caught me before. Like when you walked in on me with Jerriel’s cock in my mouth.”


Cara bit her lip. “Better. Closer. But not quite. It wasn’t fear, though maybe you were afraid of what you were feeling.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You were jealous, weren’t you?”


Cara laughed. It was discordant and awful. It raised the flesh on Maloth’s skin as she watched her newest demon play. Cara had the potential to be worse than Melior or Rella. She had the breeding of royalty which created a unique kind of deviousness. Arrogance was bred into her. Her transformation enhanced that pride to something Fella or Mola could never have aspired to.

“Here’s the real question, hun.” Cara came closer and let her tongue slither around her sister’s ear. “Were you jealous of me with that cock in my mouth?” Cara’s bladed hand slowly transformed into the perfect replication of an ivory cock. She trailed the tip down her twin’s body and pressed it against Shina’s hooded clit. Shina whimpered, but Cara felt the slight pressure as her sister pressed against her cock.

Cara smiled. “Or were you jealous of him getting to fuck me?” she asked.

“Please,” whined Shina. “Please don’t do this.”

“Do what? Give you everything you’ve ever wanted, you sick fuck?” Cara’s grin turned into a sneer. She pressed harder with her cock against her sister.

“Please don’t —”

Cara snarled and kissed her sister. She pressed her long tongue past her sister’s lips and eased her arm with its cock-tip into her sister. The two became linked, and after a second of acceptance, panic came back to Shina and she flailed against her sister. But Cara used her three free hands to pin her sister back. She took what she wanted, and Maloth watched as Shina struggled to put on a show of resistance. She wanted to look like she didn’t want it, but Maloth sensed her heat, her lust. Shina didn’t cry out anymore. Her whimpers were softer, wetter. Her struggle was more of a writhe, a pulse. She wasn’t pushing away from Cara; she was pushing against her.

It was all subtle. Shina was still performing, though she didn’t know who for. Her mother? The queen was gone and either a thrall of Prim or a bloodless husk. Azora? The goddess was dead and soon all her work would topple. There was no one to appeal to. No one to perform for. Her only audience wanted to see her give in, to cave, to crumble. But her resistance amused and aroused them. The longer she fought, the sweeter the surrender would be.

Maloth watched with delight as a bulge appeared on Shina’s throat. It was her sister’s tongue. Cara was a beautiful creature now, somewhere between the liquid of the naiads and the shapeshifting of Rella. She could stretch and reform, but she would always return to a base state. She couldn’t become someone new like Rella, nor could she flow and ooze like a naiad. She was more like clay, and Maloth smiled at the idea of tentacles flowing out of the monster and filling every one of Shina’s holes.

Perhaps Tiriniel could use its own High Priestess.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” whispered Cara. The two had stopped kissing, but Cara’s cock was still inside her sister. She didn’t thrust, and Shina didn’t grind, but there was the faint building of pressure as the two squeezed together.



“Feels good to finally fuck your sister?”

Shina whimpered and bit her lip, but she didn’t stop it. Just like she didn’t stop Cara from selling out their mother, their family, their city. Shina was as attached to Cara as Iriel was to Orilana. She would serve a dark goddess as long as she could have her sister, though she’d never admit such weakness to herself.

With her free hands, Cara teased her sister’s nipples. Shina arched her back, letting her moan build as she pressed against her demon twin. She pulsed her hips once, and Cara started to thrust her cock deeper and faster.

Shina moaned.

And immediately pushed her sister away from her. The white demon staggered back and wiped her lips with the back of one arm, smiling. Shina’s chest heaved, and her eyes were wide and dilated. It was lust and hunger, not pain or fear.

“You want to fuck me,” Cara said.

Shina shook her head as shame mingled with desperation. Her face darkened as she blushed, but she didn’t look away from her beautiful twin. Perhaps she imagined matching her sister once more. They were no longer identical, but Maloth’s blood could change that. They could be a perfect pair, one ashamed and perverted, the other ambitious and cruel. They would be two sides of one coin, like a faint echo of what Maloth had done with Melior.

Cara stepped closer. Her two extra arms writhed and lost their definition, becoming two large tentacles sprouting from her back. “Or do you want me to fuck you?”

Shina didn’t flinch. She didn’t shrink or hide. Her eyes darted to Maloth, and the pale and silver goddess smiled at her.

“The only pain in serving me is the kind one enjoys.” Lazily, Maloth reached around Iriel’s shoulder and twisted the piercing of her High Priestess. Iriel moaned and arched her back, going back to playing with herself with renewed vigor.

“See?” Maloth said with an arched eyebrow of amusement. “You will love to be hurt this well.”

Cara grabbed her sister’s chin with her one human-shaped hand. Shina looked into her sister’s eyes — eyes that used to match her own — and something passed between them. It was deeper and richer than what Mola or Fella felt for each other when Maloth merged them. It was truer and purer than Iriel and Orilana’s love story that pressed the will of a goddess. It was the language of twins, of sisters, of blood. They were crafted in one body. Their whole lives they had been aching to be reunited, to be one flesh again. With Cara inside her sister, this was their chance.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Cara asked. Her voice was soft now, softer even than it had been when she was human. The tenderness drew Maloth’s attention. Even Iriel stopped touching herself to watch Shina give into absolute and beautiful shame for the rest of her existence.

Shina nodded slowly.

One of Cara’s tentacles lazily reached back across the room and grabbed the black potion. She lifted it up for her sister to see. “Then become like me,” she said. “Become a monster.”

Shina cautiously grabbed the vial. She looked at her sister. “Does it hurt?”

Cara nodded. “Like hell.”

Shina bit her lip. “And then …” She swallowed. “And then you’ll fuck me?”

Cara smiled. She kissed her sister sweetly on the lips and whispered, “Then I’ll fuck you for the rest of your life.”

Shina nodded. She stared at the potion for a long moment. Her eyes darted to Maloth, and the goddess gave her a reassuring smile. Then Shina looked at her sister, at the demon she had become with soft and pliable ivory skin, at the pink brand that marked her as a sister-fucker, as a sadist, as … it was much worse than Shina had known. Her sister’s filthy deeds and darker desires were all over her skin, and Shina was forced to wonder what her own brand would say. Would it speak of long nights imagining what it would be like to fuck her sister? Wondering what it would be like if Cara had been born a boy with a cock to suck? What would happen if they were caught? Would Shina care? What if their mother joined them? A thousand perverse fantasies had brought her to orgasm before this.

Maloth made your fantasies come true, even if they were wrong. Even if they were perverse and cruel. If they were shameful and sadistic. If they were humiliating and masochistic. Maloth made them manifest, even against your will.

But Shina wasn’t going to resist for long.

“Say it,” Cara said.

“Fuck me, Cara,” Shina said. Her breath was thin and tight. She was on the edge now. There was no way back. There was nothing to do but jump.

“You want your twin to fuck you?”

Shina bit her lip and nodded. “Mhmmm.”

“Say it.”

Shina broke eye contact and looked at Maloth. “I want my twin, my sister, my best friend, to fuck me.”

“You will become an abomination,” Maloth said lazily. “You could become fouler than Cara.”

“Just let her fuck me, please, Goddess.” Shina sank to her knees. This was it. This was Iriel’s gift to her wife, her goddess. No moment in a mortal’s life was sweeter.

“Your soul will be mine. I will remake your body and your purpose.”

“Yes.” Shina shuffled closer, still on her knees. Cara moved out of the way and slowly touched herself as Shina came to worship. Iriel sensed the moment shift and sat up, moving further away on the couch, and touching herself.

To Shina, the whole universe was reduced to herself and Maloth.

To Maloth, it was just another day.

“You will be hurt and punished. You will be broken.”

“Yes.” Shina hesitated long enough to run her hand between her legs, then she came closer.

“You will hurt others. You will seduce them. Break them. You may be more of a monster than your sister ever was.”

“Please,” said Shina. “Please just let her fuck me.”

Shina sat before Maloth, the silvery and pale angel of darkness and lust, the queen of corruption and cruelty, the mistress of pleasure and pain, the simple being of taking and fucking. Maloth bent down and lightly kissed Shina on the forehead, like a daughter. Then she sat up and looked at Cara.

“Destroy her,” she commanded.

Shina’s eyes widened, but Cara didn’t hesitate. She crossed the room in two swift steps. Her tentacles bound Shina’s arms back. She grabbed her sister’s hair and tilted her head back, prying her mouth open. Without ceremony, she dumped the black liquid down her sister’s throat. It spilled down her chin and over her breasts, but Shina didn’t cry out or gasp or choke.

The hungry elf moaned.

When the vial was empty, Cara tossed it to the side and slid one tentacle down her sister’s throat. Another tentacle forced itself into her sister’s pussy. Cara bent down behind her sister, running her hands over Shina’s breasts and kissing her sister’s neck.

Slowly, Cara’s skin turned milky white, matching her sister. Their sticky and almost liquid skin seemed to cling to each other. They weren’t one — not like Mola and Fella became one — but their flesh seemed to flow from each other. They made one smooth line, one endless tangle of limbs and flesh, all milky white, all soft and malleable, all wet and fucking.

Maloth watched in amusement as Shina transformed, but Iriel’s kisses on her neck distracted her. She turned to her bride, her High Priestess, and kissed the lavender demon back.

“You do beautiful work,” Iriel said between kisses.

“It’s your work,” Maloth said. “Thank you for the gift, love.”

Iriel smiled. “I love serving you.” She kissed Maloth deeply, and from behind them, the moans and wet sounds of the sister’s fucking filled the hazy and hot room.

Maloth ran her hands over Iriel’s body. Her fingers lingered on the nipple piercings. “I love that you have these though I don’t need them to control you.”

“I know,” Iriel said. She ran her hands over Maloth’s matching piercings. “But when I saw your other girls like this, I knew I had to —”

“There are no other girls.” Maloth held Iriel’s face and looked deep into her lover’s eyes. “There are toys.” Her eyes flicked to the two former elven princesses. “And there are servants like Melior, but there is no one like you. I have never had a bride before, never a queen.”

“A queen?” Iriel asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Yes, love.” Maloth waved her hand and a twisted crown of briar appeared on Iriel’s head with one gleaming onyx stone in the center. “My queen.” Maloth gave Iriel a mischievous look. “But not my ruler.”

Iriel smiled. “Never.”

The two kissed again, and Maloth’s hands roamed between Iriel’s legs. As she worked Iriel’s clit, the demon arched her back and spread her legs wider, rocking back and forth over Maloth’s hand. Her eyes darted to the twins, and once more she was captivated by the pink script crawling over Cara’s body.

“Do you think she is —” Iriel started.

“No,” Maloth said as she nibbled Iriel’s neck. “Though I sense your jealousy.”

“It’s just that —”

Maloth pulled back. “Would you like me to —”

Iriel nodded. “I want everyone to know what I did for you.”

Maloth nodded. She put her hand in the center of Iriel’s chest. Heat spread from her hand, and Iriel’s skin burned as bright pink script crawled over her breasts, over her stomach, and up to her neck. Iriel moaned and clutched to Maloth as her goddess burned her. But she didn’t close her eyes. She looked down and read the words in the strange demonic script that any person could read. It was their story, the truth of Iriel.

She was vain.

She was cruel.

She was proud.

She was a traitor.

She was a sadist.

She was a masochist.

She was a murderer.

She was untrustworthy.

On and on it went, telling how she subjugated, corrupted, demeaned, humiliated, abused, and debased her sisters and fellow acolytes. And as the words burned into Iriel, she knew the truth Maloth had been telling her from the beginning. Maloth didn’t make her this way. Maloth doesn’t make anyone this way. She had just freed the demon trapped in the elf’s body. Iriel had bloomed into herself with Maloth’s care, and with her help, together they would help the whole world blossom.

Iriel came as the pain and Maloth’s fingering brought her closer to oblivion than she’d ever been before. She clutched to Maloth, shrieking at the same time as Shina finally came from her sister’s fucking. She held tight to Maloth, the one thing that made sense to her, the one bastion of beauty in a foul world. They were going to show everyone how awful creation was, that there was only one thing of beauty.


Iriel clung to her goddess as her body quivered. Wave after wave of orgasm rippled over her. She felt the brand spreading down her arms and back, down her legs and over her horns. More words than she could ever imagine. More sins than she could possibly hide. But Maloth held her. In her hideous pride and vanity, in her cruelty and sadism, Maloth held her and made love to her. Maloth married and appointed her.

Maloth loved her.

She squeezed her arms tight around Maloth, holding onto the one thing that made sense in a world of hypocrites and goddesses. There was no self-lessness. No martyrdom. No good. There was just desire and power. Maloth had the power, and if you gave into her, she would fulfill each twisted desire you hid but clung to.

“Can I call you —” Iriel whispered.

“Yes,” Maloth said.

“I love you ’Lana.”

Maloth smiled and clung to her High Priestess. She felt her essence shift, letting Orilana out of the cage long enough to hold her lover. She shifted her voice to the elven body she possessed and whispered back, “I love you, Iriel. Forever.”

“Forever,” Iriel said back. “Forever.”