The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Emilia’s Exorcism

* * *

This text was inspired (with her permission) by the work of u/soft-n-slow of Reddit’s r/gonewild. Please consider visiting her (NSFW) profile!

The following is a work of pure fantasy, and has little to no bearing on reality as we know it. Like most porn, it takes place in a parallel universe where STDs don’t exist and contraceptives work 100% of the time. Please plan your life choices accordingly.

* * *

Part 1

They never did wind up making it to the hotel room.

She held onto the sink as he took her from behind inside the cramped, squalid bathroom. The smell of piss and sweat and vomit in the air. Her bare tits swinging back and forth beneath her. The feel of flesh pressing against flesh...

“Filthy, dirty little slut,” Eddie growled as he pounded in and out of her. “You cheap, nasty whore. I goddamn knew it.” He slapped her ass, sending tingles throughout the bottom half of her body. Part of her wondered if she should get pissed off by the shit he’d just said. But... nah. She had better things to focus on right now. Like the way his cock felt inside of her tight, wet little snatch...

Oh, fuck, it’d been so long. She was close. She was so fucking close. Any second now. Any seco—

Her breath caught in her throat as she felt herself spasm around him. She let her head drop as the waves of pleasure washed over her, giving her that tiny little taste of pure heaven she’d been missing so much. It didn’t last nearly as long as she would’ve liked, of course. But that’s okay, she thought. Night’s just getting started...

“Getting close.” She felt Eddie slow down his rhythm. “Getting real close here.”

“Do it, baby,” she moaned. “Cum inside me. I want your cum so bad...”

“Don’t be a daft cunt,” he snapped, pulling out of her. She let out a small groan of disappointment. Of all the times for the jackass to actually be considerate... “Finish me off with your tits, love.”

Pouting, she nonetheless turned and got down on her knees, pressing his cock in between her breasts. She rubbed her flesh up and down his shaft, their combined sweat and her own juices providing more than enough lubricant, her tongue flicking out to lick the head whenever it came close to her mouth. It didn’t take long before he exploded, his cum splattering across her upper chest and lower face.

“Holy shit.” Breathing hard, Eddie pulled his cock away from her. He chuckled. “I knew it. I just knew, the moment I laid eyes on you... you were just gonna be an amazing goddamn slut. Fucking incredible, that’s what you are...“

She grinned up at him and ran a hand up her chest, collecting some of the cum. She put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean, then licked the rest off of her palm. Hopefully, that wouldn’t be the last load she got from him tonight...

* * *

Emilia slowly came to, opening her eyes. The candle had burned itself out. The water around her felt like it’d gone cold hours ago. She got up out of the bath, her legs trembling. Fuck, she felt sore all over... and her skin had done that thing where it’d absorbed too much water and gone all prunish. But still...

She felt goddamn amazing. She giggled in disbelief. “Holy shit.” It worked. It actually fucking worked.

Most of the paint on her skin seemed to have dissolved in the water. She picked up the towel she’d left out and wiped off the rest. Stumbling out of the darkened bathroom, she collapsed into her bed. Judging by the thin light through the window blinds, it was close to sunrise. As spent and tired as she felt, she couldn’t resist getting herself off with her fingers, mentally replaying the memories and sensations she now possessed. Going down on a complete stranger... tit-fucking a cock inside of a smelly little room, bare-ass naked except for a pair of heels, knees rubbing against the rough plywood floor...

When she finally got around to checking her phone, she naturally found a message from the witch waiting for her.


So... how was it? ;)

“Fucking incredible,” Emilia texted back. “Why do I feel so sore?”


Sympathetic pain. An after-effect of the link.


Should fade soon enough.


Your mind’s just readjusting to being back in your body.


Now. With regards to our arrangement...


Do we have a deal?

“You fucking bet we do,” Emilia responded.


:) Excellent.


Have a good day, dearie.


I’ll contact you next week for your end of things.

Emilia put the phone back down on her nightstand and looked up at the ceiling. Holy shit, she thought again.

Fucking without actually fucking... sharing the experience of sex from within someone else’s body. Who could have guessed something like that was even possible?...