The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

‘Emily’s Last Bus Ride’

WARNING: This work of fiction contains elements including but not limited to psychic aliens, rape, slavery, abduction, painal, telepathic brainwashing, and talking to strangers on the bus. Reader discretion is mandatory.


Emily Oliver is no stranger to being told ‘you have a body for porn’. Sometimes they’ll say that about her face, but mostly strangers comment on her gorgeous, perfect body, or even just her large, round breasts. Whatever the context, it used to annoy her greatly, but now she’s mostly numb to it. It hardly ever gets to her anymore.

Even still in high school at Hypnos High, she was second in line for prom queen, but first choice to be picked ‘most likely to end up in adult film’. But with college starting only ten days from now, she’s made plans to turn a new leaf, and not let anyone take her for nothing but a body to die for.

Unfortunately, she’s so attractive, no such plans would ever succeed.

It’s been a fun night out at the club, but the glory of the moment has faded and our Emily finds herself on the last night bus home. She has no idea why she’s taking a bus home, as she lives only three blocks from the club she and her friends went out to, and she had to walk four blocks in the opposite direction just to get to the station. There she got in an unmarked bus that mentioned ‘not in service’ on the front, which took off as soon as she boarded. She didn’t pay for a ticket, and the driver didn’t seem to notice her, she simply sat down and rode the bus.

No-one at all seemed to pay it any mind, and now it’s three in the morning, and she’s on a worn out, dirty bus with only one working interior light and gross, sticky floors.

This is what a porn theater must be like just before the show begins, she thinks.

Alone on the bus, aside from the driver, she just stares at the window, but it’s pitch black outside, with thick clouds blanketing out the stars creating a mirror effect leaving her only to see her reflection.

It takes her onto an expressway that’s poorly lit, far towards the East, away from the busy bustle of city life, into the fast-asleep rural province.

Can’t wait to get off this bus, she thinks puffing, it’s dirty and it smells.

Then she spots him. A man coated in traveling shadows, sitting in the back of the bus. He’s looking at her with a long unnatural grin on his wide, thin lips.

He certainly wasn’t there when she got on the bus, and he didn’t get on at any stop...

She looks away at the buzzing lamp and its orange, dim light, before hearing a rumble, and suddenly spots the thin man in the window reflection sitting right behind her.

Emily turns to confront him, but he’s sitting not immediately behind her anymore, now there’s one empty seat between them.

“Hi.” he starts with a slow, wide smile. His voice sounds slimy and gross, as much as the floor on this bus. There’s something off about every part of him, as if it’s wrong.

Like his ears. She’s sure he has some, but she can’t see them while she’s looking at where they ought to be. Simultaneously, she knows he has slick black hair, but she sees a bald head with an unnatural shine.

“You, uh, you okay?” she asks.

“Certainly.” he smiles. “And yourself?”

“... fine.” she puffs warily. “What’re you doing?”

“Riding a bus.” he replies dead casual, but in a pleasant, polite tone. “This bus.”

“I can see that.”

“Then I am pleased to confirm your experience of reality.” he declares in an agreeable tone.

She looks him over again. Does he have a nose? She’s sure he has a long, thin, almost flat nose, but she can’t see it when she’s trying to look at it. And his eyes are so big and dark... and they peer right through her. They see her secrets, her thoughts. She’s laid bare in his powerful gaze.

“Just... who are you?” she asks, squirming in place nervously, that stare burning a hole in her confidence.

“I am Drahk Cid of... well, it’s very, very far from here. So far you’ll never be able to travel there, miss Emily.” he says, leaning back on the seat with a wide, thin smile. “Well, not by bus, at least.”

His hand reaches out in greeting, and she forgets to ask how he knows her name.

She shakes the hand, tentatively. It feels more like a claw than a hand, she feels, quite dry and bony.

He feels her soft skin, her dainty fingers. Because he enjoys touching her, she does not retract her hand, and instead lets him paw at her forearm with the other hand, until he finally lets go, and only then does she move away out of his reach.

Emily tries to turn back to face the front of the bus, but finds Drahk Cid now sitting next to her, between her and the window. It slightly annoys her, but she doesn’t find it odd that he’s yet again changed seat without moving... for some reason.

“Long trip.” she says, making idle conversation.

“Not the longest I’ve been on by far, but certainly quite long.” he agrees, staring ever forward.

Her eyes keep impulsively scanning him. It’s like she can look through his clothes, seeing thin skin with a light purple tint, and a pulsating glow radiating from his chest, indicating a slow but powerful heartbeat.

“Are you...?” she starts, but he finishes her question.

“... an alien? Yes.”

She scoffs. “I don’t believe you.”

“Of course you don’t.” he says with a smile, sensing the doubt swirling in her mind, doubts he placed there, imposed on her. A struggling little ball of light in her mind, trying desperately to bubble to the surface, trapped in a spinning motion and held trapped in her subconscious. Soon it will be dragged into the eternal dark and leave her mind entirely. For now, she’s wrapped in doubt of his making, a thick fog blanketing the light of her thoughts.

His mouth is closed, but she can see stubby, tiny teeth. She can see his tongue, even though the presence of his cheek should prevent her from doing so.

The bus leaves the dimly lit expressway and makes its way along wide open fields and dark tree tunnels. Though neither are saying anything to the other, Emily finds herself bound in silent conversation with the stranger, unable to tear herself away. Sitting facing forward, both of them almost motionless next to each other, and the bus drives on.

“You’ve missed your stop.” Drahk Cid mentions without looking at her, as if joking. “In fact, you shouldn’t be on this bus at all.”

“That’s okay.” she replies without looking at him. “Uh, I mean... Well, it’s okay, I guess?” She becomes aware of her confusion. She hadn’t really been thinking about much since she left the club.

“Would you like to join me for a nightcap?” he asks her.

“I don’t. I really don’t want to. You scare me... But I will, because you want me to.”

“Good girl.” he smiles, and places his cold, raw hand on the skin of her thigh, resting it there. It must be a claw, it feels so much like a claw... but she neither protests nor resists.

She finally manages to open her mouth and speak out loud again. “Why did you...” she starts, but she finds exercising free will to be quite difficult and tiring at the moment.

The harder she tries, the more difficult- the more impossible it becomes for her to resist.

“Why did I come here?” he says, asking her question for her. “My planet requires slaves to work the factories and serve our kind. Though, specialized collectors such as myself may seek out prime candidates for other functions. You, Emily, will be a fine pet, and breeder.”

“You... came to enslave... humans?”

“Don’t worry, little one. Your kind is much too fragile for the kind of work required. But you’re soft and warm and easily submitted. It takes me next to no effort to suppress your thoughts.” he admits, now turning his head to look at her. His wide smile is the same as before, but now she can feel his malicious intent, his malevolence. “Prime beauties like yourself fetch a high price on auction, once properly trained and settled.”

His hand reaches up to slide under her top and grope her large, round breast, soft and plump against his thin, uncomfortable gripping claw.

“Oh.” she remarks meekly, putting up no resistance at all. Simply sitting there as the bus takes a right onto a dark road that’s definitely not on any regular line.

When the bus comes to a complete stop in the middle of the dark road and the doors open out onto a large empty field, she gets up, and exits, leaving her purse with her phone, keys and wallet behind. Nothing but the clothes she’s wearing come with her as she joins Drahk Cid in the crisp night breeze. How he got out of the bus before she could even get up, before the doors even opened, is a mystery to her.

But perhaps he was never on the bus. Perhaps he had been waiting there, in the road, drawing Emily and the bus driver towards him.

Emily struggles faintly, trying not to step towards this malevolent stranger. Her attempts are in vain, as her gorgeous body moves of its own accord—or rather, it moves by the will of Drahk Cid.

“Please...” she starts, as she feels as if commanded by an invisible leash.

“I will do as I please, Emily. You will have no say in this.” he says with a smile, as the bus closes its doors and drives off into the night, and the tall, thin stranger takes Emily towards the field.

Up an invisible ramp, watching the crops underneath her feet as she walks up into the sky.

Into a ship. Nothing quite alien, in fact it seems quite familiar, from science fiction movies on television. Nothing insect-like or truly alien, rather simply a very functional mechanical design as if thought up by human minds. It surprises her most of all, that the alien vessel looks so of this world, unlike her first stop at an automated registration point, which does not surprise her at all. In fact, she pays it no mind.

She is put on a blue luminescent pad and gazed at by a robotic eye that moves up and down, spying her entire body and peering through her, and speaks to Drahk Cid in barking, synthesized tones.

Now finally she sees him open his mouth, as he likely cannot operate the brainless device with telepathy, and he replies in similar barks.

A hatch opens, revealing an empty box. Without being told to, she removes her shoes and deposits them. For a moment, she feels as if she’s undressing for a shower, or undressing for a physical examination at the doctor’s. Regardless of why she’s undressing, she feels no shame, and removes her jewelry and clothes, one at a time, each time depositing the item into the box.

Fully nude, the hatch retracts. Certainty fills her that everything in that box will be destroyed in the next few seconds, never to be seen again.

Then she steps forward towards a shower cabin, that encloses her, and sprays her down with something blue and sticky, coating her in a semitransparent slime. It tickles her sensitive skin, as another scanner slowly travels down, penetrating her with a thin plane of amber light, burning away the slime, removing all body hair permanently, and even makes minor alterations on the chemical level inside her.

She is now no longer intoxicated in the least, and that headache she had is completely gone. Still, the grip of Drahk Cid’s will remains ever present.

The capsule opens and she steps out, with her new master, Drahk Cid, handing her a pair of earrings. They’re black clips to put on her earlobes adorned with a polished blue gemstone held in a thin white ring, and inside the gemstone is an intricate labyrinth of circuits.

She knows that these things will make it impossible for her to truly refuse her new owner, and complete her registration as an intergalactic slave. Yet, she puts them on without thinking twice about it, and he hands her a choker of the same design, black with a polished blue gemstone in front held in a white ring, and inside is an impossible labyrinth of circuits that tag her as property and allow for remote control. This too she wears without question, never to be removed.

“You’re now ready to serve.” Drahk Cid says, his thin alien claw petting her on the head. There is no reason for him to keep up the facade as the ship has taken her, and she is now bound and can never leave. “Perhaps I’ll keep you for myself. A prize beauty like yours should be enjoyed.”

“I... I don’t want to...” she says, her voice trembling, but the body obeys.

“I will breed you, and you will give me children. They will resemble your kind, but be of my kind, with my abilities and authority over humans, furthering our goals on Earth.” he says, as he has her drop to her knees without a word, and open her mouth.

His anatomy is quite similar to the hominid, though proportions vary. Now she sees he does not have long claws, but rather thin, long, rough fingers, and his body is made of the same coarse epidermis. His rod, however, emerges from a sheath like a dog’s or horse’s would, and it is red and long.

She’s humiliated to look at it, but her body brings the face forward, and her soft lips kiss his large pouch. She could cry, but the body refuses, holding on to his scrawny, muscular thighs, and opens her mouth to take that long rod into her mouth. It is thick like that of a well endowed human, but three times as long, and her mouth can only take in the end section.

Then, with his terrible hands petting her soft, red hair, she finds herself pushed to be lower, and the alien phallus slides over her wet tongue into her tight throat, clogging her gullet and keeping her from breathing freely. He moves forth and back, panting like a human would, finding the same enjoyment from oral stimulation.

Oh gosh, she giggles! And inside her mind, she’s so embarrassed. She hates that she doesn’t put up a fight, not even a little bit. If this was any other man forcing his dick down her throat she’d bite it off, but this... her body’s actually enjoying this. Her now hairless pussy is sopping wet, dripping onto the floor, as he breaks her in. His new toy.

Property of Drahk Cid.

Please, at least let me cry, she begs in her mind.

And Drahk Cid, if only to toy with her, grants her request. Her eyes well and tears trickle down her blushing cheeks, as he lets her cry in embarrassment and humiliation, while sucking his dick like an obedient slave.

And his voice sounds in her mind in return. “I will give you as much freedom as you deserve. When you learn to serve me without question, you will be as free as you’d like, so long as you do as I wish by choice.”

In her mind, she agrees, and she can’t even tell if she agrees by choice or by manipulation. It’s becoming too hard for her to distinguish her own thoughts from those imposed on her.

Free will seems like such a heavy burden to her, if only for an instant.

Confusion takes her, and the idea of resisting seems so silly to her, even though she’s still convinced she should. And so she looks up at him looking down at her, smiling as he makes her fellate his long, throbbing rod.

Then, he pulls out of her mouth, and most of the rod retracts into a sheathe, going limp. It almost resembles a set of human genitals now, though his hands, feet and head certainly don’t. In fact, only his basic shape is humanoid, with his oddly tinted and coarsely textured skin, it’d be difficult to mistake any part of him as human, except perhaps his shadow.

He takes her deeper into the ship, along large cells filled with hulking, muscular aliens with short legs and long arms. Their backs are completely covered in a thick, lush fur, even covering the backs of their limbs and reaching up onto their wide, flat heads. They have no necks, facing ever-forward, and each of them is cuffed and belted by similar adornments as she had received from Drahk Cid in jewelry from. Their restraints glow with the same blue light her gems do, but they are much more functional in form, where here restraints are more aesthetically pleasing.

At the end of the long cargo bay filled with worker slaves, is an airlock to a residential section. Drahk Cid’s home among the stars, an impressive bachelor pad, a den of opulence made to impress his guests and boast of his wealth. Here he makes the deals to sell off his catches, and here is where Emily will serve him.

He looks at her, and pets her beautiful naked body, sliding his hand from her thigh, up over her round buttock, and up onto her plush breast, giving it a firm squeeze. “I wish to humiliate you.” he says, to which she takes to hands and knees, turning around and arching her hips at him.

“No... wait. Please don’t...” she starts, but then she is silenced by his will. Oh gosh, he’s not going to put it there, is he?

His rod emerges, and prods her tightest hole.

Tears form and fall down her cheeks again, as she bites her lip.

Please don’t make me do that, she thinks, but Drahk Cid does not cease. In fact, it only redoubles his desire to penetrate her anally.

Her rear relaxes by the force of his will, enough for him to slide his thick, long phallus inside her soft, warm guts. Emily’s beautiful body trembles, gripping at the carpeted floor, as he grabs her hips and bucks into her, making her yelp out a squeal of torment.

Yet deep inside her mind, a ball of light swirls and becomes brighter and brighter, and she thinks a thought.

Gee, she says to herself, I really hate this, but it makes me feel good to give Drahk Cid so much pleasure.

And it does make her feel good. It’s painful for her, but at the same time pleasurable as if acting as a lover. That good, warm feeling of being there for someone you care for.

No! It’s a trick, she tells herself, but, ... the feeling is so real.

It washes over her and makes her feel glad. Content. Loved.

His entire rod pushes into her, throbbing and swelling. Her insides stretch around it, and it causes her great discomfort even when held still. Then, when he starts to thrust and pump, she groans and drops to her elbows, clawing at the carpet. She drools down, her teeth clenched, but slowly her toes begin to curl and her pussy becomes moist, as his balls slap against her folds making her eyes cross in pleasure.

Deep inside her mind she struggles, but the doubts attack her last shred of free will. Why resist a good feeling? Why struggle against feeling good? Just enjoying some dick really can’t be that bad, can it?

She knows that slipping only once will be her downfall forever, and enjoying this humiliation will be a path she will not return from.

But it’s so big and it feels so good, no matter how much it hurts. And she’d love it so much if she could make him cum, and fill her up.

No! No! Her mind cries out, like a candle burning bright right before it snuffs out. Then her thoughts go silent, and her body groans out. “M-m...”

His claw-like hands slide from her hips to her large, bouncing breasts, which he grips firmly and kneads against her chest.

“M-Master!” she calls out, groaning as the pleasure overtakes her mind, and she can’t hear her own thoughts anymore.

He leans in, putting his forehead against the back of her head, and suddenly she thinks less and less thoughts, with only the pleasure remaining. It’s as if her thoughts are weights on a scale, and by him removing those he does not want her to have, he brings her mind and body into balance, and she becomes docile and appreciative. Eager to please, aching to obey.

Her brain boils with lust and desire, and her defenses crumble into nothingness.

His large erection throbs inside her, and once he plunges in deep, he fills her with his thick, rich seed. It radiates so much heat within her, coating her insides, as he holds in place, pressing her body down flat against the floor, nuzzling against her as a lover would.

“I feel... so incredible.” she says, panting and moaning. She has already forgotten so much of her old life. Memories stolen straight out of her mind.

His warmth throbs inside her slowly, but with great power. The might of his beating heart, driving her wild.

He stares into her beautiful blue eyes. “My pet.”

“Master...” she coos back, blushing, fully smitten. “Let me... serve you...”

With his rod still deep inside her, she opens her mouth for him, and he leans over, stretching his body out in snakelike fashion, opening his mouth and clamping over hers. He slips in his long prehensile tongue to sneak down her throat, enjoying the sensation of touch with this soft, warm human slave, as he drains the last few thoughts from her in this embrace which she experiences as fully romantic.

When the tongue retracts, she lives only to stay by his side and give him comfort, provide him with pleasure and see to his urges. She smiles adorably as if drunk on love and lust, and her hands rub his hips as he bucks into her one last time, making her giggle.

Now he doesn’t even need to work his ways on her. She just loves doing as he instructs.

[THE END for Emily Oliver]