The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Encounter

AN: This story is intended to be enjoyed as a fantasy by persons over the age of 18—similar actions if undertaken in real life would be deeply unethical and probably illegal. © MoldedMind, 2021.

* * *

Amberly met the stranger in the lobby of the hotel. Their eyes had met, in the moment that they had both approached the front desk together. Before locking eyes, they had each been standing more or less beside each other, but one step back, as there had been another guest ahead of them, checking in first.

When that person had taken their key, and left, they had each stepped forward to take the place that had just been vacates, and check themselves in. Neither one had gotten all the way there, as they’d each tried to step from their side behind where the person had stood, to center themselves in front of the desk— Amberly had been standing to the diagonal left, one step behind, and the stranger to the diagonal right that same step back. So when each had tried to step diagonally forward to take the central position in front of the desk, they bumped into each other, and each turned to look at the other for the first time.

Since they had been standing next to each other, and both facing ahead, neither one had gotten a good view of the other. But when they turned to see who they had stepped into, their eyes met, and Amberly thought she saw something familiar in them— a recognition. There was some way in which they were the same, or something that drew them together. She couldn’t explain why she felt this way, but she did feel it. She knew in that moment she wanted to know this stranger— know her name, know more about her— it didn’t hurt that she was also quite attractive to look at. Amberly could see that much.

But before Amberly could say anything— or ask anything, the stranger was gesturing ahead of them with one hand. “After you,” she said.

Still a little flushed from their encounter, Amberly nodded wordlessly, not even managing a thank you, and then stepped up to the hotel desk.

She was grateful to go first— before she’d knocked into the other woman, and before she’d really seen her, she had been standing and waiting and only thinking about how eager she was to get a room and go to bed. She’d been driving all day, all evening, and into the night.

This latest particular stretch of her solitary road trip had felt like the longest. She hadn’t carefully planned out her stops— she’d only assumed she’d be able to find a motel or hotel easily along the highway in this area. In the other places she’d already passed through, this strategy had worked: it had seemed like every highway exit had had accommodations, and her nights over the course of the past week and a half had been easily acquired this way. Driving through the day, pulling into accommodations for the night at random, choosing one out of many options.

That is, it had been that way, every night until last night— when she’d crossed into a new, more sparsely populated region. She’d driven and driven and driven for hours, and found no place to stay— inevitably, in the early hours of that morning, she’d had to pull over by the side of the road and just sleep in her car. It had been a question of safety. By that point she had gone almost eighteen hours without sleeping, and she’d been on the verge of falling asleep at the wheel. So though she hadn’t liked it, she’d slept there in her car because there was nowhere else to stay.

Amberly had been nervous that she would have to do the same thing tonight— she’d driven all day without seeing one hotel, and into the night. It was late now— almost eleven o’clock, and what made matters worse was that for the last hour and a half of Amberly’s drive, it had started raining down thunderstorms which had nearly washed her off the road. So until Amberly had knocked into the other woman, she’d been thinking of one thing; getting checked into a room, getting changed out of her clothes, which had become drenched when she’d crossed the parking lot to enter the hotel, and going immediately to sleep.

She’d been afraid that it was so late there would be no one at the front desk, or that the hotel would be locked— and had been relieved to find that it was staffed— and somewhat surprised to find there were two other late arrivals like her.

But now, as she stepped up to the desk and checked herself in, Amberly was not thinking of her former eagerness to get upstairs, get changed into dry clothes, and then get into her bed. She was still thinking of getting into bed— but for a potentially different purpose. She’d felt that flicker of attraction to the stranger, and she wondered if the stranger had felt the same. And if she had, Amberly wondered if she might be able to make something of it.

She’d been on the road for what was getting on two weeks, now, and in that time she’d not once had a fuck. This was a change from home, where she usually managed to find someone to partner up with at least once or twice a week— and she’d been feeling a bit of pent-up frustration building in her from her lack of sexual release. She’d masturbated a few times, of course, but had found it much less satisfying than pairing off with another person. The other woman was attractive, and if she was interested in Amberly, too; if that fleeting feeling of recognition and similarity had not only been in her imagination, then maybe Amberly could break her nearly two-week-long dry spell.

So when Amberly took her key, she did not immediately leave to take the stairs to her room. She stepped back, and took a seat on the low ottoman that was nearby to the desk. It was only about three steps to the left of it, against the wall on that side, and along a tall, wide, paned window.

She sat and waited for the stranger to check in after her; and when she did, she called out to her before she could take the stairs and disappear.

“It was kind of you to let me check in first,” Amberly said.

The other woman hesitated— this was the crucial moment. If she deflected and ended the conversation in one move, before continuing on her way to her room, then Amberly’s dry spell would continue. But if she stayed and talked; there was a chance.

“You looked like you needed it,” the other woman said, and Amberly watched her closely to see what she would do next.

To Amberly’s relief, she turned back from the foot of the stairs to come join Amberly on the ottoman, sitting herself down next to her. “Where are you traveling to?” She asked.

“I’m driving across country to a new city,” Amberly said. “I might want to move there— but I wanted to stay there a few days and look around. See if I like it first.”

“Do you have anything waiting for you there?” The stranger asked.

Amberly shook her head. “I just felt it was time for a change— and I always liked the idea of living in that city. So I thought I’d see it for myself, and then decide if I want to follow through on making the move.”

“That sounds reasonable,” the stranger granted. “I’ve got a country property about a day’s drive from here. I only live about two days in the other direction, but I find it’s just a little too far to try and make the trip in one go. I like to stop at this hotel every time I’m on my way— it’s one of my favorites.”

Amberly frowned. “Are there many other options around here?”

“No,” the woman said. “This is the only one on this entire stretch of the highway. But that’s not what I meant. I meant it’s one of my favorites out of all the hotels I’ve ever stayed at in my life; and I always really enjoy my stay. So I’m just stopping in here on my way to my country getaway/ I figure I’ll stay up at my country house for a week or two. Or maybe three; I need a getaway, and it’s quite peaceful there. I’m looking forward to it, especially after this drive. I usually arrive much earlier in the day, but the thunderstorms were happening on and off, and I kept pulling my car over to wait them out by the side of the road.“

“No wonder you were delayed,” Amberly said, sympathetic. “Why did you do that though? I guess you must have been in this area earlier in the day than I was, so you had more thunderstorms to deal with— I had clear driving most of the day until I entered this region, and got into the last hour and a half of the drive. But when I did, I just drove through them. Why didn’t you? You probably could have made it here by late afternoon or early evening.”

The woman seemed to grow serious for a moment. “This area is pretty well known for its thunderstorms, even in its neighbouring regions— even as far away as where I live. And its thunderstorms can be deadly. Almost every other week in the spring and summer seasons, someone gets washed off the road— and either suffers injury, from moderate to severe, or outright death. So I preferred being patient and safe over being impatient and dead.”

The conversation had taken a dark turn, and Amberly’s route to a potential hook-up was looking uncertain. Time for a pivot.

“I guess you have a local’s knowledge of the area. Although I don’t regret taking my chances with the rain-slicked roads. I had to sleep in my car last night, because there was no available hotel, and I didn’t want to do it again tonight. If I had pulled over to wait out the storm, I’d still be waiting— look outside, it’s still raining.“

“Well, fair enough,” the other woman said, her demeanor becoming more light again. “What’s your name?” She asked.

“Amberly,” Amberly told her. “And yours?”

“Erin,” Erin told her in return. “Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

The two of them looked at each other for a moment again; Amberly felt the spark of recognition again... the attraction... now that she felt it, it cleared a path towards action again. She knew how to proceed.

“You’re quite... attractive, Erin.”

Amberly felt her breath catch once she’d said it. She was fairly comfortable with coming onto people, but the moment of doubt inevitably came around, in which she always wondered if she’d misread what she’d thought she’d seen— if the person in question was really uninterested in her after all.

Erin did not take offense at this comment, however, to Amberly’s relief. “Thank you,” she said. “I think you are too.”

That warmed Amberly from the inside. The spark of attraction was fanning into flame— now that it seemed sleeping with this woman was a distinct possibility, Amberly was getting increasingly turned on by the idea.

“I like your company,” Amberly pursued. “Do you think you’d like to continue our conversation in one of our rooms? You could come to mine, or I could go to yours... and maybe you could help me dry off. My clothes are still drenched.”

Amberly took special care in emphasizing the word “drenched” in the hopes that her meaning would be clear.

Erin stiffened. “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, Amberly. I won’t say I’m not tempted... but I don’t think it would be a good idea for you. If we did... that... it could change you. You might not be the same person afterwards. Is that something you’re willing to risk?“

Amberly was intrigued by this strange comment. “Do you really think that much of yourself? Are you really that good?“

“Something like that,” Erin said, with a mysterious smile.

“Well, I think that only makes me more interested,” Amberly said. “I’ve only had truly life-changing sex a handful of times; I’d be thrilled to add another count to the tally— if you really think you are that good.“

“I know I am,” Erin said. “Come up to my room and see.”

Beyond pleased with how their interaction had turned out, Amberly picked up her travel bag, and followed Erin up the stairs to the door which led to her room.

Erin put her key in the lock of that door, and then turned the knob to let them in.

“Should we have a drink from the minibar first?” Erin asked. She’d turned back to look at Amberly after moving into the room. “One of the things I like so much about this hotel is that it’s always well-stocked.”

Amberly was thinking of how long it had been since the last time she’d spent the night with another woman; was also thinking about the spark of heat she’d felt before.

She didn’t want to wait.

“I’m not thirsty,” Amberly said, and entered after Erin, pulling the door shut behind her. She crossed right to her, took hold of her by the shoulders, and gave her a forceful— and an eager— kiss right on her lips.

“I get it,” Erin said, when Amberly had pulled back to catch her breath. “No waiting then.”

She put her arms up over Amberly’s shoulders, and started kissing her back again.

Amberly’s next kiss was a pursuing one; and when she moved forward to give it, Erin walked herself back a step. They moved in this way together, towards the singular double bed in the room: kissing, stumbling, until they had both made it down onto the spread together.

Erin was the first to remove her shirt— and Amberly sent her kisses down in a trail along Erin’s neck, over her collarbone, to her breasts. Erin seemed to be responding positively, but she didn’t lose her composure.

“That’s right,” Erin said. “Just stay right there.”

Amberly stayed, just as Erin had told her. She didn’t think anything of it: usually she disliked being told what to do, and usually, even when she was sleeping with a woman, she preferred to take the initiative herself instead of direction. But she was so eager after her dry spell that she didn’t care; she wanted to do whatever was easiest in order to get herself across the finish line as quickly as she could.

Amberly was doing some of her best work with her tongue; but Erin was still keeping her cool.

“You did just as I told you— you’re doing so well,” Erin affirmed her. She had one hand on the back of Amberly’s head and was now massaging it through her hair in a dizzying pattern. After a moment, it seemed to be guiding the movement of Amberly’s licking and sucking... steering her head, steering her face through Erin’s preferred pattern, apparently. It struck Amberly as odd that she could read the path of movement just in the motions of Erin’s shifting hand, but she could— and it seemed easiest just to move as Erin was directing her.

“Yes, that’s it,” Erin said, and let out her first sigh. Amberly hadn’t realized how much she had been waiting for Erin to make that noise; nor was she prepared for how much pride she felt once she had elicited the noise. “Just do it exactly as I’m showing you— you’re doing exactly as I want, even if it wasn’t quite what you imagined when you came in here... doesn’t it feel good to listen to me?”

It did; Amberly was starting to get worked up herself, even though Erin had yet to give her any focused attention aside from the hand in her hair.

“Just listen... and if you listen closely enough, hear my words deeply enough... you can feel them changing you... you can feel yourself shifting... you’re listening... you always want to listen to me, and take in my words. You always want to do as I tell you... you prefer to follow me over thinking for yourself... that’s right, this is all so right...“

Amberly’s mind was getting fogged with arousal; yet she was still trying to run back through her confusion. Something about this had sounded familiar... hadn’t Erin said something like this before? Amberly wracked her mind, but didn’t stop pleasuring Erin as she did. Still, though her focus was split, she remembered. Yes, Erin had said something like this before... she’d warned Amberly that she might be changed if the two of them slept together.

Amberly hadn’t imagined a change like this— it seemed like Erin was trying to get into her mind and take it over, get into her mind and shift things around in a pretty permanent fashion. She hadn’t agreed to this, hadn’t wanted to change like this... but she couldn’t clear her head enough to push herself back up off of Erin to leave the room. Her dry spell had seemed to drag on forever, and now that pleasure seemed so close at hand, she didn’t want to give it up for anything.

“Just keep doing as I tell you,” Erin said, though her voice was becoming thick with lust. “You notice how turned on you are right now, don’t you?”

Amberly nodded silently against her chest, and Erin’s hand followed when she did.

“That’s tied to your obedience of me,” Erin said, in a patient, explanatory manner. “You’re this turned on because you’ve been doing as I told you— if you hadn’t, you never would have felt this good.”

Amberly had some reservations upon hearing this; but she couldn’t actually form an argument of rebuttal. The more she thought about it, the more it seemed right. What other explanation could there be? She was turned on because she was obeying Erin— of course.

Amberly nodded again, to show Erin again that she understood.

“You’re doing so well for me, understanding like this. You want to stay with me, don’t you? You’ll come with me up to my country house; then come back to live at home with me. I think the two of us can have a lot of fun in the next weeks, all alone up there, celebrating your obedience together. But you want to stay with me, and keep feeling this obedience... keep feeling more of it... if you leave me and go on your way, you’ll never feel this again. And you don’t want that, do you?”

Amberly pulled back, and shook her head fervently. No, she didn’t want that. That was the last thing she wanted.

“So you want to stay with me— you want to keep obeying— you want to keep feeling pleasure?”

Amberly nodded eagerly.

“I thought I would be able to change your mind,” Erin said, more to herself than to Amberly. The significance of this statement was lost on her. “I told you it would change you if the two of us got together.”

This went over Amberly’s head, so she ignored it: she only really took interest again when Erin reversed their positions, getting Amberly lying on her back and moving her body down hers.

“You’ve taken your lessons so well, I want to show you what your reward is—“ Erin said. She was still a bit breathy when she spoke. “Just lie there, and feel... and remember... all this pleasure I’m giving you is a reward. This is the reward that always comes from obedience, and will always come. Just lie back... enjoy.”

Amberly let out a cry when Erin’s mouth pressed in between her thighs. She obeyed Erin again, in the way that had already become so familiar— she lay back. She enjoyed. She thought of nothing but the pleasure, not the future, not the past that had come before. Only this moment: and in this moment, she was obeying, and that felt satisfying.

She would obey forever, if she had any say: she could make this moment last in time, and she would— no matter what time passed, it could always be this moment, Amberly obeying and enjoying obedience’s rewards, and Erin doing exactly as she wanted to as Amberly accommodated this. It could always be like this, now— and Amberly knew she would never look back.

* * *