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Author’s note

This story is about a teenage boy who discovers he has the power to sexually influence others. It tells of his discovery and struggle to harness his talent. Practice makes perfect, of course.

I admit a certain level of personal discomfort in writing about the sexual experiences of high school students. That’s just me. I like ‘em legal. My earliest revisions were weak attempts to bring every sexually active character up to age 18. That didn’t work. Thus there is this caution, in addition to this archive’s usual disclaimers:

CAUTION: This story and many of its chapters contain sexually explicit acts between teenagers. They are mainly older teenagers; however, the main character is a 16 year old boy. Later chapters see the main character age swiftly and most (if not all) characters are consenting adults (though with any mind control what is “consenting”?).

Your feedback is certainly welcome and appreciated on this, my first attempt at mind control. (Well, my first attempt at telling a MC story....even as I type I’m still trying my MC skills on this hot bartender over here....never mind.)

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* * *


Chapter 01: Inception

Jonathon Taylor discovered his unusual ability the morning he awoke from a strangely vivid and intense erotic dream. The thrumming pleasure and sudden wetness between his legs brought him sharply awake and alert. Blood pounding in his ears, he threw back his covers and looked down, quickly analyzing the situation. Wet dream, shit!

He was sixteen; and a late bloomer in many respects. Jon remembered his first wet dream just two years earlier. The embarrassment and the horror preceded a slow realization that what Mr. Murphy had taught in Health class had finally happened to him. He tried to recall another occurrence beyond the clumsy awakening of his pubescent body, but he could not. This morning was altogether different. This was intense, complete, and left his body excited to the core.

His pulse beat rapidly as he rose, awkwardly trying to contain the spill to his shorts. He found a towel to clean himself and made an attempt on the damp spot on the mattress. He stuffed his balled-up underwear down the side of his hamper, relieved in that moment that he washed his own laundry.

While Mr. Murphy would argue it was natural, Jon was ashamed and embarrassed. This would not be an episode to share with his friends. Sliding his hands roughly through his very short light brown hair and down his smooth face, he paused to breathe deep calming breaths.

The images from his dream still ricocheted in his mind: Kim Bell writhing beneath him, her blonde hair spilled out around her gentle features, eyes closed, lips parted in a sigh of pleasure. She had been conquered in a moment of lucid dreaming, pinned to the grass, his hips thrust forward to enter her. Jon clung to the fading images, feeling his penis stir in response.

Summoning his teenage male bravado that accompanies such reminders of manhood, he puffed out his chest and chuckled to himself. Ignoring the lingering uneasiness, he dropped his lean body to the floor and began his morning regimen of several dozen sit-ups, push-ups, and various exercises.

While sweating and grunting quietly in his room, Jon tried to calculate how to seduce Kim Bell, the young innocent cheerleader who certainly had no idea Jon existed. Her Cro-Magnon running-back boyfriend was another problem.

His mind walked the complex paths of the social maze that is high school. He was an athlete, playing both soccer and volleyball; but only in this year was he expecting to make the varsity squads. Kim only dated guys on the varsity teams. While Jon did not socialize with the traditional honors geeks, he was an honors student, placing him well above Kim’s mental capacity. Kim was no dummy, but she had long ago learned to exercise her stunning good looks to get what she wanted rather than work for it. The brutes and jocks loved her, of course.

Jon’s consternation built as he worked each approach to break into her social clique (none), itemized clubs they both shared (none), and considered opportunities for a well-crafted “accidental” meeting (none came to mind). Jon eventually sighed in submission: someone like Kim was out of reach for him. He showered and dressed for school, putting the problem in the back of his mind for a while.

* * *

Downstairs Jon found his older sister and her friend sitting together at the kitchen table. The girls did not look up when Jon entered quietly to rummage through the refrigerator for breakfast. Their heads were bent together chatting away about the latest gossip. Jon was equally distracted by the echoes of his dreamt encounter with Kim.

His sister noticed him first and greeted him dryly. “Dork.” Agatha looked up to see how her little brother would respond, enjoying the torment she felt obligated to inflict upon him. She thought of her treatment of him as a delightful combination of big sister love and keeping a not-so-little brother in check.

“Slut,” he said coolly. Agatha’s face twisted up in a death stare while her friend, Jill, stifled a giggle. His sister’s promiscuity in her senior year was no secret to anyone. Agatha had discovered sex and was exploring it vigorously with the boys in her class. Jon tried to ignore the rumors, but his sister liked to dominate and control, and boys liked to talk about it.

Jon turned his back on his sister and Jill to prepare his breakfast. He mulled over the lingering arousal from his wet dream. He knew that his mind would repeat the experience in his head until it finally settled.

His eyes drifted to Jill who was busy pointing to some illicit doodle in the corner of his sister’s notebook. Jill was plain, still thin in an almost boyish way. She wore tight jeans well, Jon noted, and preferred loose fitting shirts that hid her small breasts. She had shoulder-length auburn hair pinned up on the sides with small barrettes. The way she unconsciously tucked her stray strands neatly behind her ear made Jon feel a subtle tightness in his gut that was new to him.

Jill had spent much of the past year as Agatha’s “bff”. Jon did not fully understand why they were friends. Where Agatha was an average student destined for a mediocre community college education, if she managed to get her act together; Jill was the embodiment of academic excellence. Jill had already received early acceptance to the big State University locally and another one near DC. As long as her grades held she was looking forward to a fairly relaxed senior year.

Jill had had a few boyfriends, but unlike Agatha, Jill was only interested in dating “the right guy for her.” She had an unusual self-assuredness for a teenager, without the need for any man on her arm to be secure in herself. Jon had to admit, he admired that. Damn, he thought, I think I like my sister’s best friend.

His eyes followed the curve of her smooth cheek that met a pointed chin, and her thin elegant lips stretched in a devious smile that he suddenly had the urge to kiss. He felt a warm tingling expansion in his pants, and his thoughts turned quickly to ways in which he could please her and win her.

His mind reached out to pull her desires to him. It was a game he played within his head with many a girl he ogled from across a room. He knew he could not read minds, of course. He had a childlike belief that if he longed for something strongly enough, it might just come to him; like making a wish when the clock read “11:11”.

Looking at Jill he was startled by the stark clarity of the image that suddenly hammered his mind. He could see Jill touching his sister on the lips with her finger, silently asking her to keep the moment a secret while Jill reached with her other hand to touch Agatha’s breast—

He dropped his juice glass clumsily on the table, startling him from his vision, and interrupting the girls’ conversation. He was staring wide-eyed at Jill when the girls looked up at him. In the silence he fought a blush of embarrassment, but he could not look away.

Jill gazed at him calmly with an expression of playful ridicule. “Take a picture, hon. It’ll last longer.” Jill watched him, awaiting his response. She often thought of Jon as a playful pet, occasionally joining Agatha in her teasing.

He remained silent. She winked and said impishly. “Somebody wake up with a hard-on this morning?” Jon blushed fully over his face and neck. Jill enjoyed catching him off guard with her brash comments. Despite her academic achievements and future assured success, she was often blunt and crude; something she deftly concealed from most adults. “Oh, you did huh?” Jill leaned toward him and whispered loudly, “Did you wake up all wet, hon?”

Jon wanted to lash out and tell her to fuck off, but he stopped himself caught off-guard by the truth of her revelation. His mind replayed the memory of the evidence stuffed neatly in his hamper, and hidden under his bed sheet. He slumped down grimacing, unable to muster a response. He stared at his food and ate swiftly while the two girls giggled at his embarrassment.

His mind burned again with the picture of Jill and his sister together. He forced his brain to scramble to think of something else, anything else; while consciously he slowed his breathing and struggled to regain his calm.

“Jill, I’m going to grab my things. If he bugs you, " Agatha pointed to her brother, “feel free to hit him.”

“Oh he won’t bother me,” Jill replied looking at Jon. Flashing her eyebrows at him she teased, “He’s gettin’ kinda hot. Jon, are you working out?”

“Ew.” Agatha rolled her eyes and left to gather her things.

Jon looked up at Jill, locking his eyes to hers. He was trying very hard to think of a clever reply while Jill waited patiently for it with a gentle smirk on her lips. She was fond of Jon, but she was not letting him off the hook easily. The game was too much fun for her.

Jon felt something stir inside him; a subtle focused spinning burn in his abdomen that spread warmth down through his belly to his groin and up his chest. It happened quickly, and both puzzled and surprised him. It was not arousal, though it had the unmistakable elements of desire. Jon felt himself send what he sensed as an intense wave of energy to Jill. Rather, at Jill. In the inches that separated them he watched her physically respond to this unseen force. Her smile faded slightly, her eyes dilated, her lips parted and Jill exhaled a slow quiet half-constricted sigh that Jon found both disconcerting and highly arousing.

“Jill? Is something wrong?” The question came out as a croaking whisper. Even as he spoke, the energy grew stronger and he could feel it radiating from him in a slow pulsing wave. He looked down at himself, then up again at Jill. Nothing visibly changed in him, except that his heart was racing and his face expressed genuine concern for her. He was very uncomfortable that Jill had apparently gone catatonic; though behind the distant look in Jill’s eyes, a part of her sharp mind still studied Jon, unsure what to make of the situation.

She straightened up in her chair, her top tightening across her chest to reveal sharply pointed nipples. Even through the anxiousness of the moment Jon noted she did not wear a bra. He twitched and tingled in his pants while Jill’s eyes widened with wonder and delight. She had one hand sliding back and forth across her flat stomach, the other tightly clasping her coffee mug on the table. She was otherwise frozen, held firm against her chair, unable to move.

“Jon?” she whispered, her face showed a hint of curiosity through the pleasure as she struggled to discern why she was suddenly so flush and stimulated. Her pussy was fully engorged and aching. Each stroke of her hand across her stomach sent fingers of electric pleasure across her body. She felt her panties become wet, while uncontrollably opening and closing her legs to cause her tight jeans to press against the hard nub of her clit.

Jon continued to stare, unable to move (though completely from his own fear than any influence from the energy still surging from him). Jill struggled and squirmed in her seat, her breaths becoming short and sharp. A moan escaped her lips and her eyes lit in surprise as she fought to remain quiet.

Jill’s flushed expression changed to pure astonishment as her breath caught, her back arched, and her body stiffened against the back of the chair. Her mouth was open but silent as she held herself for what seemed like endless seconds of climax.

Jon felt the radiance within him subside. He did not understand what had just transpired and what he had just felt. It was obvious that Jill was glowing, despite her surprise. She exhaled slowly, her body’s stiffness subsiding somewhat. Her eyes darted between Jon’s, considering how to respond. She lifted her hand carefully from her stomach to rest on the table. Jon was unable to speak. They sat like that for a long uncomfortable pause; the reality of the moment sinking in for both of them.

Jill spoke slowly but firmly, her body still trembling with aftershocks, “What...the...fuck...?”

Jon bolted from the room, knocking his sister against the wall as he raced up the stairs.

“Hey Dork! Watch out, my nails are wet!” She walked into the kitchen inspecting each of her fingers, taking no notice of the look on Jill’s face. “What did he do now?”

Jill paused a moment before speaking, looking thoughtfully down the hall trailing Jon’s swift retreat. She shook her head to compose herself. “Maybe he had to go jack-off, I dunno. Let’s go, I have PE first period and I need to change before the bell.”