The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Enjoy the Silence”

“I know what you want.

“I know exactly what it is that your body craves right now. You’ve been thinking about all the wonderful sensations along the edge of pleasure and pain, the sinful caress of rope against your skin, the hot kiss of leather cracking sharply against your naked flesh. You want to feel it so much, so bad, and you’ve been aching for it for so long now...but you’ve been telling yourself that now isn’t the time, this isn’t the place. You’ve been trying to control your needs, and waiting for the time when you can submit completely and let yourself feel. But your body doesn’t want to wait. Your body doesn’t care. It wants to feel all those delicious, intense sensations and it won’t take no for an answer. Your body tells you what you want, and your mind remembers how good and hot and sexy it all felt and it just gives in. That’s when you decide to sit down and listen to me for a while.

“Because you know that I can give your body the sensations it’s been craving. Even at a time like this, in a place like this, where you can’t leave marks and you can’t cry out and you can’t make a scene... Even then, you know that I can make you feel all the wonderful things you want to feel so very badly. That’s why you’re listening right now. You want me to make you feel everything. So go ahead. Sit down if you haven’t already, find somewhere comfortable, and just listen to me for a while.

“Because listening is the first step. You’re listening carefully now, waiting to hear how I’m going to give you that electric mix of intense sensations that you want so very badly, and the closer you listen, the more you focus on my words, the sooner you’re going to get what you want. Because I know you have such a vivid, intense imagination, and it’s so easy for someone as imaginative as you to relax and let the picture that my words are painting become more real to you than the world around you. It’s so easy to listen to my words and become lost in the fantasy they create, and the more you think about it, the better that sounds.

“There’s something so hot about that, about the way that my words have already started to seem so real, so true, so right to you. You like that idea so much. You can imagine my voice weaving a spell around you, convincing you how good it would be to let me convince you, and it’s so sexy to think about being slowly seduced into a gentle trance with every passing moment. And it’s even sexier to think about the idea that maybe it’s sexy to you because you’ve already been seduced into accepting it, desiring it, craving it. It’s so hot to think that maybe you’ve already fallen under my spell, and now you can’t help but think of all the wonderful things that will lead to.

“You’re listening so intently, now, and accepting the things I tell you because you want them to be true...or maybe you want them to be true because you’re accepting the things I tell you. It’s getting harder and harder to keep track of which are my ideas that you’ve always wanted and which are your ideas that I’ve made you want to want, and the more you think about it, the more you think that you don’t want to think at all. The best part of submission is always that moment where thought and will just collapse under the weight of sensation and desire, and the more you remember that moment the easier it is to forget everything else. It’s so easy to let your thoughts and your will just drift lazily back to that warm, hazy memory of what it’s like to give in and submit. It’s so easy to listen to my voice, to let yourself float in that memory of perfect submission here with me.

“And the more you listen to my words, the more you submit to my voice, the more you give into my will, the easier it gets and the better it feels. You know what kinds of perfect pleasure this trance will lead to, and that just makes you want to sink into it even more. You want what I’m offering, you’ve been craving it so badly for so long that your willpower is already crumbling under the tide of that insistent pleasure and you’re just letting your every thought, your every perception become what I want them to be. Because the sooner you let me control you completely, the sooner you’ll reach that perfect pleasure.

“And now, as you take a deep breath and close your eyes for a moment, you can imagine what it will be like when you lose yourself to that perfect pleasure, that perfect trance. Every time you close your eyes, you’re giving in just a little more to the pleasure, to the trance, to me. And every time you open your eyes, they’re just a little more glassy, a little more blank, a little more empty. You can struggle to keep them open...because we both know it feels good to struggle...but you know you’re going to fail. And it feels even better to struggle and fail. Every slow, lazy blink makes you more blank and open to my voice and my will.

“Every time you open your eyes, you fight to keep them open a little longer before they sink back shut and send you deeper into my power. But every time, you feel that burning, heavy ache and you know you’re going to have to close them again and give in to me further. It’s inevitable. The longer you hold your eyes open, the harder it is to keep them open and the easier it is to let them sink closed and submit. Every time they open again, it’s harder to focus and easier to let yourself just stare straight ahead and listen, not thinking about my words, not thinking about anything at all. It’s so easy to let my words describe the truth to you, now, and ignore the evidence of your glazed and empty eyes. The picture that my words are painting feels so much better, anyway.

“You want it so much, now. You want to lose yourself in my words and let me give you the pleasure that your body remembers, oh so very, very well. You want to let your conscious mind completely lose track of the world around you, eyes open but seeing nothing except the visions I describe. You know that your deepest self will tell you if there’s anything that you have to pay attention to, and it will bring you out of this wonderful, pleasant trance if you have to leave, and knowing that relaxes you that last little bit and lets you give in to me totally. You know that you can leave this trance whenever you need to, and wake up completely as soon as your deepest self tells you that it’s important to wake up. And that makes you feel so safe, and feeling safe lets you give in more and more with every blink and every deep, relaxing breath.

“You’re drifting so deep now, so close to that perfect submission, and you want it so much because you know that perfect submission leads to perfect pleasure. You’re so close, so very close, you can feel that perfect submission... And now I want you to take one long, slow, deep breath in, holding it in as you feel all the last bit of tension gather in your lungs, knowing that when you breathe out you’ll submit completely and go into a deep trance for me...and let it out now in a sigh. That’s right. Deep trance, now.

“And in this deep trance, you can remember everything so perfectly. Your memories feel so real to you that it’s like you can live them all over again. And the things you can’t remember, you can imagine so perfectly that it’s like they already happened and you just forgot that you remembered them until the moment I described them to you. Here in this trance, this moment of perfect submission, they are real to you. And they are wonderful.

“First, let’s just make sure you don’t make any noise, shall we? After all, we don’t want you drawing any attention to yourself while I’m playing with you. I want to take a long time showing you all sorts of different pleasures, and I don’t want us interrupted before we’re through. So let’s just take a moment to make you a nice, quiet plaything. Close your eyes for a moment...just for a moment...and imagine a long, silken scarf. Imagine me wrapping it gently, carefully around your head, over your mouth, wrapping it around and around and around until you can’t make a single peep. Even though you can still swallow normally, you can’t speak, you can’t moan, you can’t even whisper, not as long as my scarf is wrapped around your mouth like an endless silken kiss. Even now, as you open your eyes, you can still feel the scarf pressed against your lips, holding you in perfect silence as long as you’re in this trance with me.

“That’s very good, pet. I love the idea of you being so helpless like this, helpless to do anything but feel what I tell you to feel. Even now, as I trace my finger gently down the small of your back, you can’t moan or whimper, can you? No, all you can do is shudder...oh, but that will never do. If just my finger makes you shiver in pleasure, imagine how you’ll writhe and squirm when I really began to tease you? No, I’m afraid I’ll have to restrain you just a bit more.

“I’m holding the ropes now, and I know you’re so deep, so lost in my perfect submission that you can see them even with your eyes open. You can perfectly picture me wrapping them around your body, binding your wrists and ankles into position, tying down your knees and elbows, wrapping them around your waist and chest. Every knot and every loop anchors you in position, making your body helpless and heavy and impossible to move even an inch. Your deepest self will move your body if you’re cramping or uncomfortable, but you won’t even notice, will you? No, not when you’re so lost and bound and helpless and deep in my perfect pleasure. I’m even binding your head, tying down every last bit of you, holding every joint in total helpless stillness. Even your breathing is bound, chest and waist so perfectly imprisoned by my ropes so that no matter how aroused you become, your breathing remains slow and even.

“That’s much better. Now when I caress you, when I stroke your body, you can’t even shiver. You’re bound too tightly to move, now, and you love that so much. You love being helpless for me. Even though you can’t speak through the gag, you repeat the words in your mind. You love being helpless for me. You love being helpless for me. You love being helpless for me.

“And now, bound and gagged and helpless to even gasp in pleasure, you really are my toy. Anyone passing by would just see someone sitting there, listening through headphones and lost in thought, but we both know that you’re my perfect little plaything. I can do anything to you, anything at all, and all you can do is feel. All you want to do is feel. You’re so helpless, so open to me, it’s like you’re naked to my eyes. Even though the rest of the world still sees those clothes, to me, it’s like they’re not even there. You can imagine yourself like that, can’t you? Totally naked, totally exposed to my gaze. The ropes hold you, but they don’t conceal your body, not from me. I can see every inch of you...and I like what I see.

“Imagine me stroking a finger down your chest now, savoring the lost, helpless look in your eyes as I gently run my finger around your nipple. Imagine me taking it between my finger and thumb and pinching, the pressure stimulating all your nerves in a rush of hot, furious bliss. And I know you liked that so very, very much...that’s why I want to give it to you again. Feel me

“That’s right. I told you I knew what you wanted, didn’t I? I know exactly what you want, that intense pleasure on the edges of pain. I know you love it so much, and the more intense it gets the more you want it. Feel me snapping clips on your nipples, the cool metal springing shut with an intensity just on the very threshold of what you can endure, making you want to writhe and moan in aching bliss but you can’t move, can’t speak. That’s right. It feels so good, doesn’t it?

“I know, I know it does. But you want even more. I can see it in your dazed and dreamy eyes, you want to feel more and more pleasure, more and more achingly intense bliss. You can feel the tails of the flogger now, trailing slowly down your back, and you wish that you could take off the gag so you could beg me to whip you with it. But you don’t have to, pet. I can see the need in your eyes, begging with your glassy, empty gaze more eloquently than words ever could. I know this is what you want, what you need, what you came to me for. To let go into the perfect trance and experience this again and again and again.

“You feel me withdraw the flogger, and you wait helplessly for the first stroke of leather against your skin. You know when you hear the snapping sound, you will feel the flogger slapping against your body, and you can’t wait. You’re so aroused, so needy even if you can’t show it, desperate for the kiss of the flogger against your back, aching for...this. snap

“Oh, that felt so good, didn’t it, pet? snap You’ve wanted this for so very long now. snap And your body remembers it perfectly, every detail of snap the flogger coming down onto your back. You can feel that sweet, stinging tingle of endorphins racing through your body snap and leaving you dazed and dizzy with pleasure as the leather tails crack snap against your tender flesh, already sensitized by each snap stroke so the next one lands with oh so much more snap stinging bliss.

“And now your body quivers in anticipation, unable to move but trembling ever so slightly as it waits for the next stroke of the flogger. You can almost feel it now, your mind imagining it endlessly as you wait for the blow to land, trapped in an eternal cycle of picturing the blow so vividly, so perfectly that it’s like it’s striking over and over and over as you wait and wait in desperate aching need for... snap

“And now snap snap it comes snap so fast snap so hard snap that it just snap overwhelms you snap so much sensation snap snap snap so intense snap that you just snap lose yourself snap give in to snap the perfect pleasure snap perfect submission snap want it snap need it snap drowning in bliss snap over snap and over snap as the flogger comes down snap and down snap and down. snap

“And now I pause, just for a moment, and run my hand over your sensitive skin. You can feel my fingernails scraping very gently against your flesh, so alive with sensation already that the gentle scratches send pulses of electric bliss through your whole body. You feel me lean in and press my lips to your stinging back, the softness after the harshness making you dizzy and sending you deeper into a warm, soft, blissful endorphin rush that only serves to deepen your trance.

“You feel the pleasure growing now, snap building with each moment as I find new places to caress you with my stinging kiss. snap You can imagine me whipping your ass, snap the flogger somehow striking as though the chair you’re sitting on wasn’t even there. snap You imagine me settling into a rhythm, now, reddening that flesh snap even as you know, deep down, that your flesh will be smooth and unmarked when you leave this trance. snap That just helps you relax into it more, snap enjoy the sensation more, give in completely and let the endorphins take you all the way down snap into deepest subspace.

“You can feel it, now, that special place where the only answer is ‘Yes’. snap You can’t speak through your gag, but you can picture yourself in your mind’s eye saying it snap and that’s enough to let me hear it. snap Do you want to be whipped again? snap And the only answer is yes. snap Do you want to feel this sensation again? snap And the only answer is yes. snap Do you want to go into trance for me again? snap And the only answer is yes. snap

“It’s so wonderful, the way that trance stretches these moments out into an eternity. snap You can float here in subspace, in perfect submission snap and perfect pleasure snap and it just never seems to end. snap Your body just feels, snap your mind just obeys, snap, your thoughts just circle endlessly around ‘yes’, snap ‘yes’, snap ‘yes’. snap And with every ‘yes’, the pleasure grows and grows, snap until it overwhelms you completely. snap

“You can hear it now, in your mind, the keening moan of pleasure that you can’t express with your mouth. snap You’re so aroused, the desire and the need built up with every crack of the flogger snap until the pleasure threatens to spill out and overwhelm you. snap And now you can remember just what that feels like, the intense snap and perfect pleasure making the memory of orgasm so real that you can almost touch it. snap You realize now, held so helpless by my ropes and my gag and my will snap that I can make you feel every moment of that orgasm, that you can come and you will come simply by my command. snap That bliss will last and last, echoing through your mind snap even as your body rests silently and peacefully, so close now, so real in your memory that the next stroke of the flogger will push you over the edge...

snap That’s right. That’s right, pet, come for me, feels so good, bliss flooding through your empty mind, every bit of it drawn out by my words, lasting so long, so good, held so helpless as the pleasure courses through you, lost in it, perfect submission and perfect pleasure overwhelming you completely and totally as you just...let...go.

“That’s right. You’re such a good pet. You’re such a good pet, and I’m so proud of you and so pleased with you. Feel me hold you for a long, endless moment, holding you tightly as the pleasure unwinds and softens back down into warm, peaceful relaxation. I’m here for you. I’m proud of you. You have been my good pet. Feel how good that is, as your body calms itself down at last and finds its way back to peace.

“Good pet. You’re feeling yourself relax now as I remove the nipple clips, and your body melts into the warm afterglow as you find your way back out of subspace to the person you were. The shivery bliss is gently relaxing back down into mellow pleasure, the intense sensation is finding its way back from feeling to memory, and everything is just winding slowly down until you’re calm, dreamy and relaxed. Good pet.

“Now that you’re relaxed, now that I know your body is ready to come back from this wonderful place, I’m going to slowly untie these ropes. Feel them unwinding from your body, unknotting themselves as I release you from your bonds. If you need to stretch a little, you can go ahead and do so now, as your body remembers how to move again. It’s safe to move now. You’ve done so very well.

“And now I unwind the gag from around your mouth, restoring your ability to speak again. You’ve done such a good job, and you know I’m so happy with you, and that’s going to stay with you for the rest of the day, just like the memories of that wonderful sensation and the wonderful experience we had together. Thank you for letting me share it with you.

“And now, you feel yourself start to blink again, noticing the world around you once more, letting go of that part of yourself that was my pet and becoming yourself again, starting to take in the details of things once more, coming back to full awareness and feeling yourself return to consciousness, feeling so good and so alive and so refreshed, remembering just how good this felt and knowing you can return to listen to it whenever you have the time, and...wake.

“Welcome back.”