The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Enshrined — Chapter 02

By Mythical Traveller

Simon sighed deeply as he stared right through the partially-completed CAD design on his laptop screen. The assignment wasn’t due until a week from Wednesday. Plenty of time. Too much time.

As usual, he had sat down in the library with the best intentions of getting a sizable portion of his work done nice and early, so he wouldn’t end up grinding through everything at the last minute. But without the pressure of a deadline bearing down on him, his mind wandered. He’d barely accomplished anything in the past hour.

His thoughts kept drifting back to that night on the building roof, three days earlier. Specifically, he was wrapped up in the mystery of what had caused that flash that had momentarily blinded him.

His leading theory was that there had been some sort of electrical fault in the building’s wiring. It explained the flash, and the reason why his hairs had stood on end. But there were a lot of holes in that theory, too.

Still, it was the only theory he could come up with that even came close to making any sense. For a compulsively inquisitive mind like Simon’s, it was a maddening mystery.

He’d been tempted, over the past couple days, to return to the rooftop and search for clues. But the fact that the place had some mysterious religious significance to someone deterred him. He wasn’t concerned about a violent reprisal; it was more that he didn’t want to offend anyone by tresspassing upon a sacred place where he wasn’t welcome.

Simon had been so preoccupied with his private little mystery, he hadn’t seen the girl tentatively shuffle over to his side. Nor did he hear her when she very softly cleared her throat, in a feeble attempt to get his attention.

“Um... H... Hello? Simon?” She muttered at barely more than a whisper.

Simon looked over his left shoulder to see who it was. The girl retreated half a step, as if she’d been spooked by the sudden movement of his head. A split second before he was able to make eye contact, her eyes darted timidly to the ground.

It took Simon a couple seconds to realize that he did, in fact, recognize this girl. She was that weird loner who was in his engineering class. He had a vague recollection that he’d heard her name mentioned at some point; but he couldn’t recall it off the top of his head.

She was a sad, frumpy little thing; dressed from head to toe in a dreary gray outfit that seemed well suited to her standoffish personality.

Her clothes seemed a shade too formal for everyday college wear. Yet at the same time, they failed spectacularly to evoke even the slightest sense of style. The shoulders of the dowdy light-gray jacket seemed stiff and excessively broad; an effect that clashed awkwardly with the rest of her diminutive frame. The plain white blouse she wore beneath the jacket looked to be perhaps a size too large. Her skirt matched the jacket, made of hefty, coarse gray fabric that came down well below her knees.

She wore rectangular glasses over her evasive eyes, with thick black frames that couldn’t possibly have been any less subtle. Simon knew that a good pair of glasses could often make a woman look prettier, but these eyesores didn’t suit this poor girl’s face at all. With their smooth plastic sheen, they looked as if they were the cheapest thing the optometrist sold.

Perhaps the saddest thing about her outfit was that, as far as Simon could remember, it was the exact same one she wore to college every single day.

At the front of her skirt, her restless hands were clasped together, twisted around each other in a position that looked uncomfortable. She looked as if she didn’t know what to do with them.

“Oh! Um... Hi!” Simon greeted her in a fluster. Suddenly, her name was on the tip of his tongue. What was it? All he could do was give it his best guess. “Um... Sharnie, right?” he asked, softly wincing at what immediately felt like the wrong name.

“It’s, uh, Chaarvi, actually...” the girl quietly corrected him. She seemed embarrassed about having to correct him, which made Simon feel even more uncomfortable.

“Um, can... can I sit down?” she asked, glancing towards the empty seat to Simon’s left.

“Please...” Simon welcomed her politely with a gesture of his hand.

“Thank you,” she acknowledged in barely more than a whisper.

He gazed at her attentively as she settled in to her seat, but the shy girl refused to lift her face to look at him.

“There’s something I want to ask you,” she told him, after seemingly taking a second to steady her nerves.

“Um, okay. Shoot,” Simon agreed.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Chaarvi spoke in some foreign language Simon couldn’t interpret. Her head was bowed so low, he could barely see her face at all, let alone make eye contact. She was practically talking to his feet, so even if she’d been speaking English, he would’ve likely found it difficult to make out what she was saying.

Yet despite the fact that she was frustratingly quiet, she wasn’t mumbling. Her words, whatever they may have been, were oddly crisp and articulate, as if she were taking special care to make herself understood—except for the fact that she was speaking the wrong language.

Simon simply sat there in silent bewilderment, until she had finished, and then some. Her monolog seemed to be little more than a couple sentences in length.

Eventually, he gave her his awkward response, “Uh... I’m sorry? I... I don’t know what that means.”

Chaarvi remained eerily motionless beside him, her head still bowed.

“I’m sorry. I thought you might understand,” she timidly apologized, still refusing to make eye contact as she stood up to leave.

Simon watched with concern as she fled the library. Her footsteps were patient and steady, but her overall body language was that of a young woman who was primed to jump at the sight of her own shadow.

“Strange girl!” he thought to himself, with a furrowed brow.

What had she been trying to say to him? What language was she even speaking? He could tell it wasn’t Spanish, French, or Italian; not that he was fluent in any of them. Simon hazarded a guess, based on her apparent Indian ethnicity, that it could’ve been Hindi.

Why on Earth would she presume that some random white guy would speak Hindi?

Regardless, he hoped that she was all right. If anyone else had reached out to him with such obvious discomfort, Simon would’ve assumed that they were in real trouble. But in this case, he got the impression that it was this girl’s typical demeanor.

He found that oddly comforting. Although she had been painfully shy, Simon had seen no sign from her that she was upset. That led him to suspect that, whatever she had wanted from him, it wasn’t serious.

At a loss for what to make of the bizarre encounter, he turned his attention back to his work. But he was nonetheless unsettled by what had just happened, and it was some time before he was able to properly focus.

* * *

The sun was casting long shadows when Simon decided to head home for the day.

Rusty had hounded him to come hang out with the guys again tonight, but Simon couldn’t be bothered. He just wanted an easy night chilling in front of the TV; perhaps finding something mildly captivating he could binge through on Netflix.

It had hardly been a taxing day, but he was tired. Tired of the humdrum of study. Tired of his part-time job, even though he hadn’t even had a shift there in a couple days. Tired of trying to spackle over the wasteland that was his love life by hanging out with his guy friends, non-stop. Just tired.

He’d thought nothing of the indistinct figure sitting on the front stoop of his building when he’d spotted them from a block away. It wasn’t until he got within about a hundred feet that he realized who it was.


She seemed to have been caught off guard when she turned her head and saw Simon approaching. But as sharp as her reaction may have been, Simon’s surprise was even greater.

He’d practically forgotten his bizarre exchange with her in the library earlier in the day; but seeing her standing at the front of his apartment building proved to be a sobering reminder.

“My god! What’s she doing here?” he wondered. “Is she waiting for me? What the hell does she want?”

From the way she had risen to her feet expectantly as he approached, Simon quickly realized that she was indeed waiting there for him. He sighed in frustration and forced a gentle smile as he closed the distance between them. There was nothing more he could do, except hope that this meeting would be less awkward than their last.

“Chaarvi! How’s it going?” Simon greeted in his friendliest voice. “Surprised to see you here,” he remarked.

“Hi, Simon,” she replied in a soft, yet clear voice. Again, she refused to make eye contact with him; he gaze lingering somewhere down near his breast pockets. “Sorry about bothering you in the library earlier,” she apologized.

“Oh! That’s fine,” Simon assured her, “No problem!”

“I realize it was probably very confusing,” Chaarvi acknowledged.

Before Simon could respond, she continued, “I’ve just been wondering, lately: Do you get lonely, Simon?”

Simon was speechless. It was such a strange question for a perfect stranger to just blurt out like that. What made it even more unsettling was the fact that he had indeed been feeling very lonely recently. For a split second, he actually wondered if Chaarvi could read his mind. He hadn’t even confided those feelings to his closest friends!

Something about Chaarvi seemed different this time. She was still shy, but when she spoke, her words flowed more smoothly and deliberately. It was almost as if she had rehearsed what she was going to say, until she had complete faith in the words. Her body language was much more relaxed, as well. She didn’t look as if she were about to flee from the conversation at any moment. This time, she had the patience to stick around and talk things through, until she got the answers she was looking for.

“I’ve been feeling really lonely recently,” Chaarvi continued. “And I was sort of hoping that you might keep me company?”

“Wait a second... Is she asking what I think she’s asking?” Simon wondered with astonishment.

“Maybe we could go up to your place and... ‘talk about it’?” Chaarvi prompted him. “I mean, if you want to, that is.” she meekly qualified with a shrug.

It was beyond any doubt now—she was coming on to him! Though Simon could still hardly believe it. It was easy to forget that even shy loners like Chaarvi must get horny from time-to-time.

Was this what that weird encounter in the library had been all about? Had she meant to proposition him, but lost her nerve at the last minute?

When he didn’t immediately respond, she lifted her gaze and looked directly at him, for the first time ever. There was an endearing vulnerability glistening in her light-brown eyes, which instantly put Simon much more at ease. For the first time, he felt like he could see past the ‘odd’, and finally see a person he could somewhat relate to.

Beneath her tragic lack of fashion sense, she wasn’t really a bad-looking girl. It was her standoffishness that made her unattractive, more than anything else.

Simon hesitated to answer her. He knew nothing about this girl. But she was clearly very strange. His better judgement urged him not to get involved with a girl so unusual and unfamiliar. Though staring into her gentle, timid eyes, he couldn’t help but feel that he’d jumped to some unfair conclusions about Chaarvi.

As far as he could see, the girl standing before him was just a shy, lonely young woman, yearning for a bit of no-strings-attached human companionship. There wasn’t anything suspicious about that.

Being bookish and retiring, she wasn’t exactly his type. But she no doubt had a pleasant, warm, female body beneath that unflattering suit and Simon couldn’t deny that he’d been pining really badly for some of that, especially over the past week. For all he knew, they could end up having a lot of fun together.

“Yeah, sure!” he eventually agreed, with a chuckle and cheerful smirk that effectively concealed his mixed feelings about the decision.

A brief, genial smile flashed on to Chaarvi’s face like a reflexive spasm. Her lips parted, as if to quietly mouth, “Okay,” but no sound came out.

No sooner had Simon given her his answer then she broke eye contact; her gaze dropping rapidly to the sidewalk, as if staring directly at him for four consecutive seconds had been exhausting. Simon began to suspect that she was going to completely avoid eye contact throughout... whatever it was that they were about to do. Immediately, he began to have second thoughts, fearing that this was going to be a disaster.

Nonetheless, he led her up the stairs into the building. “Come on up!”

No words passed between them as they climbed up the dull, brown stairs to the 2nd floor hallway. Simon considered making an effort at small talk, but decided against it. He felt as if his clumsy attempts to start a conversation would only increase the tension in the atmosphere.

He retrieved his keys from his right-hand pocket as they travelled the final few yards to his door. The familiar ritual was a welcome comfort. It almost made him feel happy. His apartment door, which had a tendency to stick in damp weather, opened smoothly as it welcomed him home.

He chivalrously stood aside and ushered Chaarvi in. Ordinarily, he would’ve flirted with his date with a debonair, “Apres vous.” But Chaarvi’s tense body language stifled his playful impulses, so he stayed silent.

Chaarvi responded to his courtesy with a whisper-quiet, “Thank you.”

He followed her inside, closing the door behind him.

“I know it’s not much,” he apologized for the humble little one-room dwelling, “but it’s comfortable.”

He noticed that the bed was still unmade and that his desk was, as usual, a mess of loose papers and other stationary. He hadn’t been expecting company. He hoped the mess wouldn’t upset Chaarvi. She seemed like the kind of person who probably had a compulsive neat streak.

“It’s nice,” she responded dryly.

Simon wasn’t sure what came next. Did she want to talk? Did she want to sit and take some time to get comfortable? Or did she want to get ‘straight down to business’? Normally, he could read a girl’s intentions pretty well and just go with the flow. But nothing about this felt ‘normal’.

Chaarvi didn’t keep him wondering for very long. She turned around to face him, making eye contact once again. That, alone, surprised Simon. But even more surprising was the intensity of her gaze. The meekness that had wallowed in her eyes previously was long gone. Now, Simon felt like he was being stared at like some kind of prey. The eyes that were so anxious to avoid him only a minute ago, now seemed unwilling to look away.

Her lips parted as she slowly stepped forward to close the distance between them. She pursed them as she leaned in. Then she paused for a moment, as if she expected Simon to meet her half-way. Simon was so stunned by what was happening that he missed the cue; so Chaarvi craned her head forward and gently pressed her lips onto his.

They were as soft and enticing as any lips Simon had ever known before. The tentative kiss soon became quite assertive. Barely five seconds had passed before Simon felt gentle fingers brushing over the bottom of his belly, coursing over his clothing, straight down to his crotch. They ventured boldly between his legs until they were curled right around his ballsack. Then she gave him a provocative squeeze, before she began patiently massaging his organ through his trousers.

Every assumption Simon had about Chaarvi being some chaste recluse went right out the window. This girl knew exactly how to handle a man’s tenders!

He could feel the pulse in his cock pounding firmly, as it began to rouse and grow with the promise of imminent action.

Chaarvi kept him locked in a passionate kiss, teasing him with fleeting insertions of her tongue into his mouth, and scraping her teeth over his lips. There wasn’t the slightest hint of reluctance or hesitation. This girl really wanted him to do her!

Once his initial shock over Chaarvi’s new demeanor had subsided, Simon closed his hands around her waist to gently embrace her. He was surprised how far her dowdy jacket and blouse collapsed before he finally struck firm flesh. The outfit had always suggested she had a somewhat stocky frame, but judging by the distance between his hands, that wasn’t the case at all. He slipped his hands in through the front of her jacket, to fondle her midriff through her blouse. He could feel the lively heat of her body; the yielding softness of her waist and the hard edges of her pelvis. From what he could tell, she seemed to have a pretty nice figure beneath all those layers of ugly clothing.

His underwear was starting to get very crowded.

Chaarvi grabbed hold of the hem of his shirt and gently peeled it off of him, breaking their kiss momentarily. When they made eye contact once more, Chaarvi’s gaze seemed even more resolute.

Simon peeled the heavy gray jacket from her shoulders and immediately got to work on the string of buttons holding her plain white blouse together. She was buttoned right up to the neck, so he had quite a chore ahead of him.

Chaarvi reached back and loosened her neatly tied-back hair, releasing a voluminous, raven-black mane that tumbled down almost to the small of her back. Then her left hand returned to Simon’s crotch, this time sneaking in through the waistband of his trousers to gently tease his excited organ directly. She played with him only long enough to satisfy herself that he was more or less fully erect and ready to service her. Then she withdrew her hands to pop open the lone button securing his pants.

But before she could get to work on his fly, Simon finished unbuttoning her blouse. She gracefully peeled the light garment open and let it fall to the floor. Amid the persistent kisses, Simon stole a peek at the body he had just revealed. The sight sent a surge of adrenaline through his veins.

She had a shockingly fine, athletic body; a smooth, flat belly with a distinct hourglass curve to her waist. Her entire torso was a vision of flawless sandy-beige skin that contrasted beautifully with the bright white of her plain, practical bra.

However, the big surprise was her breasts. They were sizable; more than filling out the cups of her bra. The tautness of the shoulder straps hinted at their superb weight. Simon’s glancing estimation was that they were probably at least ‘D’ cups; perhaps ‘DD’s.

Chaarvi didn’t keep him in suspense for long. No sooner had she dumped her blouse then her hands were twisted behind her back to unhook her bra. It sprung weakly away from her sizable bust the instant she released it. She hastily dipped her shoulders to allow it to plummet down her arms.

This time, a quick peek wouldn’t do. Simon had to wrench himself away from her amorous lips to get a proper look at her.

His previous assessment of her body scarcely did it justice. It was easily the body of a professional swimsuit model. No, scratch that; Chaarvi had the sort of body that professional swimsuit models wished they had!

Her breasts were absolutely perfect; a royal banquet for any guy who loved gorging on tit. In spite of their size, they perched buoyantly upon her chest, flaunting their delicious youth.

Their demure little areolae were only a shade or two darker than the flawless light-brown skin surrounding them. They were almost perfect circles; about an inch and a half wide, but slightly shorter in height. The nipples themselves weren’t distinctly raised; they were one with the surrounding areolae.

“Oh, mama!” Simon mumbled to himself. How on earth had a total babe like this been hiding on campus without anyone noticing?

Chaarvi noticed Simon’s fascination with her breasts and the side of her mouth curled up in a playful smirk. She gently grabbed Simon by the wrists and lifted his hands on to her breasts. Then she pulled them firmly to her chest, crushing the warm, lithe flesh of her tits beneath his tingling palms and forcing her boobs to swell in all directions.

Feeling those soft mounds in his hands, Simon could tell that they were 100% natural. Chaarvi cocked her head and smiled more intently.

Simon scarcely had time to enjoy Chaarvi’s ample bust before she pounced on him once again, resuming her wild flurry of kisses. He felt a careful palm brushing across the tip of the massive tent in his pants. But it was only a fleeting tease. She withdrew her hand to tend to the zip on the side of her skirt. The bulky garment dropped to the ground with an audible “flop!”

Chaarvi heaved her crotch against Simon hungrily, forcing his excited cock into a fully-upright position. There were no mixed signals about her readiness to fuck.

Things were moving so fast, Simon could hardly keep track. It seemed like he’d only just got his hands on Chaarvi’s tits. He hadn’t even had a chance to play with them, and she was already preparing to jump his bones! Not that he minded, though. His cock was hard and aching to taste her hot pussy. If Chaarvi wanted to get on to the bed and have her brains fucked out, right then and there, then that was fine by him!

His excited hands retreated from Chaarvi’s tits and hastily relieved himself of his pants, and then his boxers, in quick succession.

Chaarvi simultaneously peeled off her panties. Simon only glimpsed them out of the corner of his eye. They appeared to match her bra; white, plain and practical.

Somehow, they managed to remove the last of their clothing without breaking their kiss.

Simon grabbed Chaarvi by the hips and pulled her naked body forcefully against his own. His cockhead skimmed the base of her crotch as it nestled into the cozy gap between her thighs, where the tender lips of her sex repeatedly brushed over the top of his shaft. Goddamn, he couldn’t wait to put his dick inside her!

Chaarvi wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a hungry embrace. Her kisses had become as passionate as could be. The frames of her glasses grinding against Simon’s eyebrows hurt a little, but he was enjoying himself so much, he wasn’t about to make a fuss.

It was only at this moment that Simon realized that, at some point in their frenzied stripping, Chaarvi had danced him around so that the bed was now behind him. By exerting the firm pressure of her hips against his own, she drove him back the final few feet to the edge of the mattress. Only then did she finally break off her kiss.

The fire in Chaarvi’s eyes had become quite imposing. This was not the same timid little mouse Simon had bumped into on the front stoop of his building. This was a woman who knew what she wanted and would not let anything get in her way!

She laid her hands upon his shoulders and pushed him down, until he was sitting upon the mattress. Simon found himself at eye-level with her privates and was enthralled.

Though he had nothing against a little bit of bush, Simon had always preferred his women ‘shaved.’ Now, in the space of two seconds, Chaarvi had completely converted him to the other side.

A rich carpet of jet-black hair ran right down the middle of her crotch. It was two-and-a-half or three inches in width, with neat edges. There was a beautiful chaos to the way the straight hairs interwove with one another: the right-side hairs skewing left, the left ones skewing right, and all flowing downward, pointing the way to heaven.

He’d seen bushes like this before, in porn. But Chaarvi wore it much better than any of those women. It enhanced her; made her sexuality bolder. In fact, Simon felt as if he was looking at the sexiest crotch he had ever seen.

She pivoted her hips to the right as she moved to straddle him. The sight made Simon keenly aware of the hardness of his cock. Nothing drove a man wild with lust like the sight of a naked pussy in motion.

Chaarvi brushed her long curtain of raven hair behind her back as she straddled Simon’s lap at the foot of the mattress. Resting her hands upon his shoulders, she leaned in to kiss him once again. The kisses were no longer frantic, but they were twice as serious as they were before. She was ready.

Her hips advanced on him, and Simon felt her moist opening brush against the head of his cock.

“Mmm!” Simon assertively mumbled into her tenacious lips. “Hang on! I’ve got condoms,” he insisted, after managing to pull away from her. He tried to lift her off his lap, but Chaarvi wouldn’t budge. She subdued him with another kiss.

“It’s okay. I’m on birth control,” she purred seductively, before kissing him once more to stifle any rebuttal.

She grabbed him by the wrists once again and lifted his hands away from her torso. She pushed them back, and Simon along with them, until he was laying flat on the bed, with Chaarvi pinning his hands to the mattress, high above his head.

“But...” he managed to peep out, prompting herlips to do a more thorough job of silencing him.

He could feel her hips shifting, touching her labia against his rod repeatedly, as if feeling around for the best position to mount him from. Then she removed one hand from his wrists. Simon was so in to what was happening, he had no inclination to resist. But Chaarvi was taking no chances, and continued to firmly restrain him with her remaining hand.

With her free hand, she reached down and held his cock in place as she lowered her soft womanhood on to him.

A serene wave of warmth spread through Simon’s hips and beyond. Being inside her felt amazing! His muscles all relaxed as he submitted to her will. Whatever Chaarvi wanted to do to him, she had his complete cooperation.

A second later, she began gently thrusting.

“Please, Simon,” she pleaded in a breathy voice, “I really need this!”

Simon’s heart was racing a mile a minute. It had already been pounding, with Chaarvi’s tight pussy working his rod. But what really got him excited was hearing how desperate she was to screw him!

She kept him pacified with more kisses, which were becoming increasingly lazy.

Way back, in an almost forgotten part of his brain—the logical part—Simon knew this was foolish. But how could he say “no” to a woman who was clearly so hot for him? She wanted it; he wanted it. Every cell in his body told him this was right. Simon was in no mood to argue.

Chaarvi quickly established a stable rhythm and raised the tempo of her thrusts at a rate that Simon found both surprising and intimidating. He was amazed at how vigorous she was! If she kept humping him like this, he wasn’t going to last long at all!

It took her only a few seconds to reach the limits of what she could accomplish laying on top of him, so she sat upright and continued rocking her hips upon his groin, more tenacious than ever.

The pleasure of her hot womanhood dancing all around his cock was exquisite. It was coupled with the spectacle of Chaarvi’s gorgeous naked body gyrating above him; her large, supple breasts heaving back and forth with a sensual grace that beggared belief.

“Holy fuck, Chaarvi!” he gasped, “Slow... slow... I won’t last long at this rate!” he warned her.

Chaarvi didn’t react. Simon figured she was so aroused, she couldn’t hear him. He could hear her heavy breathing, and could tell that she wasn’t holding anything back.

He placed his hands on her hips, initially intending to try to slow her movements. But once he was touching her hot, gyrating flesh, he couldn’t bring himself to impede the ecstasy she was giving him. So instead, he began guiding her into even deeper thrusts.

Chaarvi said something unintelligible, in a firm, measured voice. Simon, once again, presumed it was Hindi. He found it very sexy; mysterious dirty talk that he couldn’t understand.

“Yessss… I’m ready!” Chaarvi panted.

Simon wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly. Her breath was heavy from the physical exertion, but nothing else about her body language suggested she was about to cum. Her gaze: clear and focused, fixed upon him, was hardly what he would’ve expected from a woman on the brink. Not to mention the fact that she’d only been riding him for a few seconds. She’d been riding him hard, certainly, but Simon would’ve been amazed if she’d been able to work herself up to an orgasm so quickly!

“Give it to me, mandir! Give it all to me!” she directed, in a calm, deliberate tone.

Simon wasn’t about to argue with her; it was exactly what he wanted to hear. In any event, he didn’t have much choice. Chaarvi had worn his self-control down to its breaking point.

“Fuck yeah, baby! I’m gonna give you everything!” he growled.

His last clear memory was staring up into Chaarvi’s sweet, brown eyes through those cumbersome glasses, while the curtain of raven-black hair that was draped over her should beat upon her left breast in time with her thrusts.

Then everything became white and confused. An almost angelic brightness filled the room, until ultimately everything was washed out, except for Chaarvi. Time seemed to slow down, as the light coalesced on to his body, until he could see his veins and arteries glowing beneath his skin! However, these strange visions didn’t alarm him. In fact, there was something very reassuring about them. They made Simon feel powerful, and incredibly virile; the sort of man that a randy sex-kitten like Chaarvi ought to be with.

Then, at the height of his orgasmic hallucinations, it happened: he climaxed as never before. The biggest load he’d ever had rocketed up his shaft and gushed joyously into Chaarvi’s ready womanhood. She had begged him for “it all,” and that was exactly what Simon gave her; tapping into reserves he didn’t even know he had. He’d never needed to cum so badly in his life, nor had he ever experienced such splendid relief from doing so. Chaarvi was phenomenal.

Every limb was paralyzed with weakness, as his throbbing cock sapped all his strength to power its ejaculations. They went completely numb, to the point where he barely felt like he had a physical body at all. His vision blurred and darkened. The last thing he perceived was Chaarvi speaking Hindi some more. He was still cumming hard as he blacked out.