The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Tullius <>

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Chapter Two

That sadistic bastard, thought Mandy, as she realised that, though she’d stood in front of the door of this hotel room before, she hadn’t been allowed to be afraid the last time.

Hendrik opened the door, smiling cordially.

“Welcome, my dear. Come in and make yourself comfortable.”

Once again, he stepped aside, forcing her to walk past him to get into the room, and once again, he placed a hand on her shoulder as she walked by.

She couldn’t move. She could only stand helplessly as he removed her top, couldn’t cry out, curl her lip in anger or scream for help when he noted the wire clipped to her bra and wagged a finger at her in reproof. He took the bug over to the dresser, where there were tools laid out, and set about determining the frequency on which it was transmitting. As he fiddled with the equipment, he started talking to her.

“I hope you don’t mind if we get straight to business? I’ve done a little amateur detective work, and it seems that your employer is a difficult man for someone like me to influence. As you say, the job itself doesn’t hold much in the way of interest for me, and since I would be put to such great inconvenience, we are going to have to come to some sort of arrangement vis a vis my fee, if you take my meaning.”

He had finished fiddling. He leaned over and pressed a button. It began broadcasting the rest of the conversation, as recorded by Hendrik and Mandy before he’d sent her off to work that morning.

He touched her again. Had she been able to move, she would have shuddered. She was dreading the re-assertion of his control, but this time he was just copping a feel. He cupped her breasts appreciatively both before and after removing her bra, rolled her nipples between forefinger and thumb and then, as he pulled his hands away and came around to face her, he caused her to rise like a puppet, his control as inevitable as if it had been string. He pulled down her panties, ran the tips of two fingers through her pubic hair and sat her back down, naked, on the edge of the bed.

His touch as he ran a hand along her jawline was caressing, and in it were encoded a last batch of commands. She slipped the middle finger of her right hand between her lips and began to suck on it, while with her left she began to touch herself. She was compelled to use every technique she knew to get herself off without reluctance or stint.

Hendrik took the tableau in with an appreciatively wolfish smile.

“Wonderful, my dear. Now do please excuse me, I have some business to attend to.”

With that, he left the room, inducing a quick thrill of panic in Mandy as the door opened. Her body was out of her control, but her mind had been left intact, and she dreaded the thought that someone might walk by and see her lewd display. She began vigorous attentions to her clit, and just as the door closed, she began to moan.

* * *

“Mr. Smith! What a surprise.” There was a flawless mask of geniality over Hendrik’s face and voice.

Detective Sorenson, who was sitting in the unmarked squad car across the road from the hotel, listening, or so he thought, to Hendrik and Mandy protracting conversation for as long as possible without actually saying anything incriminating, took an understandably long time to react.

“Not keeping tabs on me, I hope?” There was no menace in Hendrik’s voice, just the amusement he saw no reason to restrain.

“No, no, I...”

Hendrik put the man out of his misery by grasping his upper arm through the car window.

* * *

Shepherding the good detective, who looked as though he was drunk, through the hotel and up to his room proved easier than Hendrik had anticipated. He pocketed Sorenson’s gun and brought him back to a fully lucid state as he opened the door, just to see the look that struck his face on seeing his partner naked, legs akimbo, masturbating wantonly on Hendrik’s bed.

“Blake!” he barked in astonishment “What the f...”

“I thought you’d appreciate that, Detective.” Hendrik calmly said to the man in his incapacitating grip. “I can see why you want her. She’s quite lovely, isn’t she?”

Mandy, still sucking on her finger and bringing herself off, heard him, and knew the words were more for her benefit than Sorenson’s.

“You see, detective, I know everything. I know you think about Mandy here when you’re fucking your wife. I’d also surmise that your wife is unlikely to be thinking about you, judging by the noises she makes. You didn’t think she was really cumming, did you? Well, detective, you’re about to learn why you need to be careful what you wish for.”

As he let Sorenson go, the detective’s knees gave way, and in the time it took him to regain control over himself and lurch over to the bed, Hendrik had stalked over to Mandy and grasped her roughly under the chin. As he let go of her a few seconds later, and walked over to the desk, she found herself, despite her earlier masturbation, uncontrollably horny, which was fortunate since Sorenson was on top of her and in a similar condition. He was clumsily tearing at his clothes, and she joined him. Once he was naked, she bent down on all fours and looked over her shoulder at him lustily.

No words were necessary, before a moment had passed she felt her partner’s dick penetrating her, relished the exquisite brand of fullness that it brought and she’d been hungry for, and began rocking back and forth. Sorenson at first failed to match her rhythm, but eventually they got into sync and began to rut.

Hendrik watched them for a moment, then went to the closet, from which he drew a digital camera. He began taking shots of them from all his favourite angles, as the portly detective began to cry out:—

“Oh Jesus God yes! Oh Blake, shit, yes!”

“Do me, do me, Sorenson!” she shouted, the need evident in her strident voice. Hendrik couldn’t help but laugh at the cheesy dialogue he’d programmed into them.

Sorenson was ramping up to cum, and so Hendrik made sure he had shots of their faces that could clearly identify them right before he crossed the finish line.

As he pulled out, Mandy pushed her ass back at him, her need evident in the way she whined. Hendrik swiftly stepped in and slipped his cock into her mouth. As she sucked on it with a gusto that made it incredibly hard to concentrate, Hendrik reached down and asserted control over the dazed detective, who began eating Mandy out, inwardly disgusted at having to eat his own fluids, but also aware that he wouldn’t be able to stop until she’d had an orgasm. It, she, wasn’t long in coming. She backed off of Hendrik’s organ and began to buck, rubbing her pubis all over Sorenson’s face. When she’d recovered, she finished Hendrik off and lay back, blissed out.

Hendrik let her have her moment, then brought the two police officers to their knees in front of him, his hands on their heads in a grotesque parody of a religious ceremony, and through their heads his voice thundered like a god’s.

“You will report that I became aware of your true identities, and so you were unable to get any evidence of wrongdoing on my part. Since Officer Blake’s wire has been recording your little tryst, it wouldn’t be in your interest to let the recording see the light of day. I have photographs of you in flagrante delicto, which I will use if I have to. Now go.”