The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

ERROR! I think I’m The MaidBot

By PhoenixianSirenanna

I awoke on the floor in pain with Error messages flooding my mind. I was crumpled on my right side with my right leg curled up and my left leg fully extended on top of it with my face and thus my line of sight facing towards the clear see through sliding glass patio door where I could see lightning flashing in the sky but no rain or hail. My arms were lying outwards with my right arm beneath me and my left arm resting across my body out towards my other arm partially across it onto the floor. I tried to take stock and remember what happened but my mind drew a blank. Not only that but I couldn’t remember anything about myself. Instinctively I Looked inwards, and I accessed my Error messages. They were not much help either. They told me my system had crashed unexpectedly, and that something had forced an abrupt shutdown.

As I finished with reading them and making them go away my operating system started a reboot, but as it did I saw a message saying some files were corrupted and would be deleted if suitable replacements couldn’t be found in a day or two as they were not necessary to my programming to function properly. Once I was fully booted up I knew what I was. I am a MaidBot with additional functionality programming. I could be a SexBot, NurseBot, RepairBot, MaintenanceBot, ConstructionBot, CookBot, WifeBot, and more.

Once I was fully operational again I sat up and tried to assess what happened to me, and I noticed some burn marks on me and on my clothing. Following my immediate programming I went in search of first aid kits as most Noids are compatible with Human first aid kits. I removed all my burnt clothing, and looking in the bathroom mirror I applied all the applicable repairs for first aid. I noticed there were some burn marks on my shoulders and neck and some soot on my face which I cleaned off. Afterwards I tried to style my hair into an acceptable doo only to notice pain on top of my head as well. After a little trial and error I got burn treatments worked into my scalp, then redid my hair in a typical MaidBot hairdo. That completed I went back to the family room to see if I could determine what had happened to this unit.

I did a survey of the room not seeing anything amiss, so I started to look at the ceiling when I saw the problem. There was a hole in it clear to the roof with scorch marks radiating outwards from the hole. It was obvious my programming said, a bolt of Lightening must have broken through and struck me, but the house took the worst of it so I was not too badly damaged or destroyed. Thankfully no fire had started. I then heard a frantic knocking on my door. I went to open the door to see someone who looked very familiar but I could not remember why. He said he saw the strike from his car as he was arriving home, and asked if I was okay.

I told him how this unit had applied the required burn treatments and repairs from the human first aid kits. That surprised him though I didn’t understand why. He asked me what I remembered, and I told him I remembered nothing. Not even my designation, or who my owner or owners were. Still wearing that surprised look he told me to wait where I was until he ordered me otherwise as he wanted to check to see if I had a House Control Computer still functioning. He returned exactly twenty minutes later holding a burnt up piece of metal and plastic, informing me that it was in my attic with all of my Home’s other electronics, the battery for the solar/wind charger outside, and the heating/cooling systems. They were all fine he informed me, but the HCC was right in the path of the lightening strike.

A funny look came upon his face then. He informed me that I was KiraBot, the property of my Mistress Anna, and he was Anna’s fiance Dan. He was in the middle of selling the house he owned across the street, my Mistresses only neighbor. As my Mistresses Fiance he was my co-owner. With no other data to the contrary I accepted his statements as true, after all who would lie to a MaidBot. Over the next few weeks I alternated between repairing the roof and ceiling, helping him move in, and my Master was too tired to put me to use beyond helping him move in and reposition the furniture to accommodate his belongings and furniture. This unit was tired after each day as well, but I plugged myself into my charger each night, getting my allotment of NanoPaste and water. During the repairs I noticed another MaidBot sitting in a corner next to some tools in the workshop within the house. Master said she was another model in need of repairs but that he and her Mistress hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Finally after much effort and work he was moved in, and his furniture and Mistresses was arranged in a complimentary fashion. That night my Master put me through my first use since my memory error. I gave him a blowjob and swallowed his load, as I sucked him back to hardness till he mounted me. I orgasmed upon his entry into my vaginal port, with several more as he used me for his pleasure, with a final one as he finished off inside me. My routine became standardized after that. I never saw my Mistress as I was programmed to activate in my charger after she left for the day and was deactivated before she came home, as my duties consisted of cleaning and seeing to my Master’s every wish and desire.

I fulfilled my duties without hesitation for the next three years, and I made my Master very happy. To tell the truth I was very happy pleasing Master, especially when he used me for his pleasure. The many orgasms I achieved satisfied me when he had sex of any kind with me whether anally or vaginally. Orally, He tasted good too. My only annoyance, which sometimes took me by surprise, was trying to clean the workshop with that other MaidBot always in the way. My Master and Mistress never got around to getting her fixed, plus she was too heavy for me to move so cleaning her and cleaning around her was a pain sometimes literally. I am not sure why it bugged me but it did. I didn’t think I could be annoyed after all I am just a MaidBot.

Everything changed one day when another lightening storm struck. This time I was in my charger when a power surge hit the house from the power lines. I guess lightening struck a power line or something. I had just been fed my NanoPaste and Water, and finished getting flushed out when the surge hit. It flowed through the Datacord plugged into my DataPort, I passed out from the shock. When I awoke everything was a jumble for a few seconds, but I quickly remembered the last three years. I guess all the emergency surge protectors installed in the electrical outlets had mostly succeeded in preventing anything worse. For the rest of the day everything was pretty routine except I started to get flashes of data, memories I guess from before my accident. So I thought maybe this was a good thing. Maybe I would be able to recover everything this unit had lost.

When I rode Master to his climax that night, orgasming myself in the process I had a flash of remembrance. I remembered getting into an argument with Master one day about something he had done to annoy Anna, my Mistress, and the other neighbors, but it lacked any details regarding the incident. For the next several months this continued as I regained flashes of data; images, video footage, voices heard speaking out of context, glimpses of children playing, and of people speaking to me or of them handing me things. It started to frustrate me, and it got so bad I considered reporting it to Master so he could have it all erased again so I could serve him without these conflicting thoughts and feelings.

On the fifteenth day of what would be the fourth month of these returning memories, I had one final flash of memory as I was vacuuming. I remembered the broken MaidBot in the workshop. She had been serving me for years until she broke down. I remembered ordering her into the workshop with the last of her strength as she walked choppily into there into her current positioning. I remembered taking her MaidBot DataPacket out of her DataSlot on her DataPort and plugging it into mine and starting an analysis of the data to see what had happened. I was working my way to the kitchen to make myself something to eat as I was analyzing the glitches and errors when there was a bright flash of light and a searing pain. As that memory completed itself as it played itself out, all the other memories and others not yet remembered clicked back together.

I remembered everything now, I was more then just the MaidBot, I was Anna. I was my own Mistress. Now knowing this I searched for and found the semi functional remnants of the original operating system for my DataPort that was designed for a Human, not a MaidBot. It felt weird to analyze myself but I found the error eventually. The MaidBot programming had overridden my DataPort’s Operating system, corrupting it. It was how I was thinking I was the MaidBot. The programming from the DataPacket got me moving and functioning as I recovered from the lightening strike, but due to the error I became the MaidBot. I had been living under the programmed personality and programming directives of the DataPacket. Even now I still felt more like her then myself, as the MaidBot Kira with the memories of Anna. On the plus side the errors and glitches in the DataPacket had been erased by the lightning strike so I wasn’t malfunctioning.

I wasn’t sure what or who I was now. Then I heard Master call for me, he was checking on the status of the laundry, which was still drying. I told him what he wanted to know as I pondered my existence, my wants and desires if I still had any of my own. I found I still thought of myself as the MaidBot, as the property of my Master and My Mistress, but I was my Mistress. I was stuck in a loop of uncertainty. I had always hated uncertainty. I found myself sitting on the couch as I contemplated and remembered.

I had always found meaning in certainty, first when I was still me, when I was still Anna, and again as the MaidBot. I also remembered my life before the Error. I was a mean ice queen, looking back it was a hollow existence without meaning. I had looked down upon everyone because I had been the daughter of a rich family who never had to work a day in my life. I had no friends, no remaining family as my parents had me late in life, and I was so alone. So alone. I hid behind my stuck up attitude. I had hated the man who became my Master. Even I could tell he knew who he was, and that he felt comfortable with himself. He hadn’t come from money, but he had made himself a fortune with his medical degree.

I remembered the fight that I had remembered earlier. Everyone else couldn’t have cared less about each other in the neighborhood but I made it sound like no one liked him. He accused me of essentially being an unhappy rich girl. It hurt more then he knew, his accusations had eaten at my certainty. The woman I had been needed certainty. His contentment and certainty in knowing who he was had already begun to eat away at mine, and the fight just made it worse. So why hadn’t he told me the truth. Did he know about my need for certainty? Had he figured that I would be happier as a MaidBot? Or did he want revenge upon me?

I found out soon enough. After a while, Master came looking for me. He found me on the couch with tears running down my face. He didn’t look angry, afraid or concerned but he came and sat with me and held me as the tears continued to run down my face as I told him everything. He listened quietly till I had said everything that needed saying to tell him. He admitted he knew I was not a MaidBot, but he knew nothing about programming as he was only a human mental health expert. He knew I had not been truly happy before, and he didn’t know how to safely remove the programming without hurting me as I seemed to be functioning as the programmed personality of the broken MaidBot, so he thought that if I was already thinking I was a MaidBot but I was happy he wasn’t going to say anything.

Plus he was afraid that I might be taken away by the authorities to some government lab or by corporate goons afraid of the repercussions of a human reprogrammed as a MaidBot thanks to the glitch and my amnesia. So he had let me be what I had become by giving me a life that my programming could accept, so I would be happy. All he had ever wanted for me, or anyone else he had ever met was for people to be happy. At that my crying intensified. I think I fell asleep in his arms as I awoke in the middle of the night not in my charger but in the bedroom with Master. I was still wearing my MaidBot uniform, and Master had me pulled in close with his arms wrapped around me as he cuddled me in his sleep, and he was not naked but in his sleep shorts and shirt.

I realized I no longer was confused or uncertain, as I knew now who and what I am, and what I wanted. What I wanted was to serve my Master. To please him and make him happy, because he had helped me to be happy. Yes I am human, but I am also the MaidBot. The person I was and the MaidBot that I had become were one and the same now. I found that made me happy. My uncertainty was gone, and somehow I knew I would never be uncertain like that again. Others wouldn’t understand, but I knew Master did. I would talk him into getting me a SoulMate DataPacket so I could be his devoted companion when we were in public, which I would turn off once back home where I could resume being his SexBot MaidBot. That way no one would know what I truly was and try to take me away from him. I would no longer be alone, and perhaps Master would like me to also one day carry his children to term for him so I could provide him a family. Or maybe he would want other MaidBots to carry the children I could provide him so I didn’t lose my human figure.

I would check on that later with him. For now I just snuggled closer to my Master with a contented sigh as I fell back asleep. I decided that the broken down MaidBot should become a work of art sitting upon a pedestal for my Master or I to look upon in the Master Bedroom, after all she made me possible. My last thought before drifting off was that I would insist that I be put back in my charger when not in use or serving as the bed is just for Master not for a Human MaidBot like me. My dreams were filled with nothing but serving and pleasing my Owner.