The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Evilena : The Accidental Tourist

“Damn !”

“Shit !”

Bill was pissed. He pounded the steering wheel on his gigantic 4X4 SUV.

He was headed back to his apartment after a night of partying at a “gentleman’s club” and he just slammed into the rear of the red convertible stopped in front of him. That other driver had a lot of fuckin’ gall stopping right there in the middle of the street there by that red light. Didn’t she know Bill wanted to go home ? He’d show her !

Granted, he HAD seen the driver, a gorgeous blond , as he was driving down the street . And asmittedly he had tailed her for a bit, but did she HAVE to stop so quickly, there at the traffic light ?

OK. He had driven up beside her , leaned out the window and yelled “pussy pussy pussy” at her, then made lewd licking motions with his tongue. But he figured a smmoth approach like that would SURELY convince her to stop and talk with him. You HAD to give a little hottie like her a little demonstration. Show her you were a true gentleman who KNEW how to please a woman. He even got behind her so she could pull over and give him her phone number. Then that dumb bitch went and slammed on the brakes.

Now he just wanted to go home and sleep it off., but instead he had to deal with this stupid blond slut.

The burly construction worker got out of his SUV and strode toward the front of the car he had just hit. He reached it just as the driver stepped out of the sporty red TransAm convertible.

She was dressed in a red, silky blouse and a short, black leather skirt, and stockings with sparkling rhinestones on the straight, long seams. The sexy skirt was short enough for him to see her garters, which had shining jeweled baubles hanging from the clasps. Her legs fairly sparkled with light. Black shiny high heels finished the sexy outfit. She looked HOT !

He was momentarily rendered speechless by her beauty , but quickly regained his composure.

She WAS cute, but he KNEW he could intimidate ANY woman, so he was just going to scare her a little, then he’d be on his way. No police report. No insurance problems. This would be easy. Women were EASY to intimidate, he did it all the time to his girlfriend and the women at work. Maybe she would even give him her phone number. Women LOVED strong men.

He made his “best” angry face.

“What’s the matter with you bitch ? Why did you slam your brakes on like that ? You’re lucky I don’t kick you ass, cunt ! Just because you are a woman don’t think I won’t slap you around.

What Bill didn’t know is that he was trying to intimidate the best known and most feared dominatrix in America. And SHE was already convinced she would show this arrogant asshole the error of his ways.

As she stood next to her car she took on a frightened expression and almost stuttered as she spoke to the angry man, " Oh I’m SO sorry... let me just check if there is any damage and I’m sure we can be on our way , it will only take a minute, sir.” She smiled sweetly at him and focused her deep green eyes on his.

She turned, then walked back to the rear of the car, as Bill stared at her voluptuous round ass. Needless to say he followed . Then she turned, and again looked straight into his eyes , blinked, and said, " Gosh , I wonder if my trunk still works ?”

She pressed the button on her key ring , but then looked confused. The lid didn’t pop open. " .Goodness , " she said in a silk and honey voice. It won’t open. Let me try the key. ”

She fumbled with her key ring as Bill looked on, fascinated. First by her luscious , round, tempting ass, and then by the sparkling jewels on her stockings as she slowly shifted her weight from one leg to the other. The reflections from the bright, blue mercury vapor streetlights, sparkling from the little rhinestones . flashed in his eyes. Blink. Blink. They drew his attention to her sexy legs. And he LOVED looking at those legs.

Thoughts flashed through his mind as the lights on her stockings flashed in his eyes. Maybe she DID stop so quickly on purpose. Maybe she DID want to meet him after all . She was so beautiful. That ass, those legs, that body. Maybe .... maybe .....

Her voice penetrated his thoughts, " I’m surprised the lights shine so brightly off the jewels on my hose. Can’t YOU see the reflection ? You just can’t keep your eyes off them can you ? The way they sparkle and shine. But those crystals DO make my legs look SO beautiful. You can’t look away from them can you ? You have to keep looking at my legs. It feels so good to give in... to look at my legs and relax. You CAN relax now. It’s so late and you MUST be sleepy. Relax. Look at my legs. Relax. Let me open this lock and relax. Your mind is like this lock. I have the key that can open both don’t I ? As soon as this lock is opened , your mind too will be open to me. And you NEED to relax. You are getting so sleepy. So tired. We can both go home when the trunk... your mind ... is open... and you are totally relaxed. ”

She placed the key in the lock and the trunk lid sprung upward.

“Just like the trunk your mind is open now. Open to my instructions. Open to my commands. You are feeling so sleepy... so tired.... you need to lay down. You need to sleep. Your legs are getting weaker and weaker. It’s so hard to stand. So tired. Open to my commands now. So tired. So weak ... legs weaker and weaker... can’t support your own weight now.....Thinking only about how good it would feel to relax and go to sleep. Right here . In the trunk. Go to sleep for me here. Can’t stay awake. So warm. So safe . In the trunk. Obey me and go to sleep right here in the trunk. Go ahead. Give in. Lay down for me now and go to sleep. For me. Do it for me. Do it now....”

Amazingly the formerly combative construction worker complacently climbed stiffly into her trunk, curled up and went to sleep.

Evilena pushed down the lid and the trunk clicked shut.

Rapidly she moved his SUV into a shopping center parking lot, then climbed back into her TransAm and drove off, with her unconscious “cargo” deposited neatly in the back of her convertible.

“Now I’m going to teach this guy a lesson,” she thought. " Call ME a cunt, will he ? I never could figure out what that “drive by me and yell” tactic was supposed to gain. Was I supposed to pull over and smile and wait for this guy to ask me out ? What a jerk ! It’s like a dog chasing a car ... what do they do if they catch it ? ”

It could have been just a few minutes or it could have been hours, but Bill slowly floated back up into consciousness, and gradually came to realize he was trussed up on some kind of rigid cross , his arms and legs immobilized and pointing in four direction. He WAS standing in this wood and metal frame but could barely move his limbs. He was totally fixed in place.

Captured. .




He began to shout " Help ! Let me out of here ! Let me go ! " but the sounds seemed to bounce off the high black walls and ceiling.

He looked around his prison and saw a silver metal throne in the center of the room, and a number of apparatus , tools, instruments and whips displayed at various locations on the walls and floor of the large dungeon-like room.

Slowly....ominously ... a door swung open and there stood the beautiful blond who had told him he was so sleepy before ... before... he couldn’t remember what happened after she spoke to him .

Now she was dressed in a shiny latex outfit that revealed all and nothing of her amazing body. She smiled at her captive and said malevolently , “stop screaming. It will do no good. This place is soundproof and no one but me can hear you. You are my prisoner.”

He didn’t know if it was her voice, her words, or her erotic beauty.... but his cock began to grow, in spite of all his thoughts demanding that it not.

In her hand Evilena carried a black leather cat-o-nine tails, a whip which she intended to use on her burly prisoner. She stepped closer and ran her long fingernails along Bill’s chest, over his nipples and as he started to quietly moan, she stepped back and brought the lash across his exposed chest.

“Yeeeahhh ! " he yelled out. Damn it ! Sop it ! Stop now and turn me loose and I won’t call the police. Just let me out of here and I won’t cause any trouble.”

Evilena laughed. " You’re in no position to cause any trouble, dear. And I probably will let you loose, eventually. And you most certainly won’t call the police. You are here to learn a lesson in respect for women and I will be your instructor. My name is Evilena, but you may call me Mistress, or Goddess, whichever suits you.”

“ I’ll call you a stupid bitch! Now let me go ! ”

“Some people don’t learn very quickly do they ? " she taunted and lashed his chest then arms, then back as she slowly walked around her captive. Then the leather whip struck his erect cock and John again screamed.

“ Oh PLEASE stop Evilena. PLEASE. Don’t hit me again. What do you want me to do ?”

“ Better Billy-boy, better.” she said with a cruel lilt in her voice,” But that’s NOT what you are supposed to call me is it ?” She could have plunged him back into the hypnotic trance she had so skillfully woven, had she desired to , but she loved breaking his will with just her physical strength and erotic presence . She loved the feeling of control it gave her.

Then she started to spin the cat -o-nine rapidly , like a wind mill and , with each spin, it kissed Bill’s naked flesh until it felt to him like one blow, striking his back and buttocks. At first he just tensed his muscles, but as the assault continued his muscles became tired and relaxed,making the beating even more painful. Little tears began to form in the corners of his eyes as he grew to realize just how helpless he was to resist the attack of this beautiful but cruel vixen.

“ Mistress ....MISTRESS ... what is it you want me to do MISTRESS Evilena?”

The blond dominatrix smiled. " I want you to worship me. Like the Goddess I am. THAT’S what I want from you.” She extended her had to his lips..

He understood that to get out of this predicament he would have to do everything she said, at least until he was out of these shackles. He kissed her hand. " Yes Mistress Evelina.” he softly responded.

She knew her job wasn’t over, but she also knew that she was off to a good start. What was it Churchill said, ? " Not the end, not even the beginning of the end.... but the end of the beginning.” She lifted her other hand and he kissed that as well.

“ Now I want you to kiss my foot.”

“Yes Mistress,” he meekly responded.

Evilena unshackled his hands allowing him some mobility. Bill leaned down , as if to kiss her lovely booted feet, but then extended his hands , as if to grab the blond. He still had some fight in him.

The black clad dominatrix reached up with both hands and pulled Bill’s face down quickly onto her upraised knee. The force of the impact blow caused him to see stars. Then she backed up a bit and gave him a quick hook to the side of his head and he collapsed at her feet . Then she calmly put her foot in front of his face.

“Kiss it.” she ordered.

“ Yes Mistress,” he responded as his head cleared, quickly learning the error of his ways. How could a woman so small,and beautiful punch so hard ?

He kissed her boot, and without prompting licked the sole, heel and instep. Frankly had it not been for the pain in his head he would have found it VERY sexy. He hated being beat up like this but there was something about Evilena that called him to Her service.

“More, pet.”

His ardor increased and his cock stiffened as he continued to worship

She turned around abruptly. " My ass,” she confidently stated, “kiss it.”

The naked man stopped. He had NEVER been subservient to any woman. But there before him was Evilena’s sensuous bottom, so close.... and his mind alternated between thinking about the punishment she could enact on him and the thoughts of the pleasure just kissing her perfect ass would bring. Slowly .... ever so slowly.... his face drew near her and he kissed her. Then again. And again.

His heart beat faster as he surrendered to this feeling of abject submission and adoringly licked and kissed at the black shining latex covering Evilena’s ass.

He loved it. It excited him. If possible, he was harder than ever before. He reached down to manipulate his engorged cock.


The leather strands of her whip stung his hands. " I’ll tell you IF and WHEN you can jerk that pitiful little cock. And now is NOT the time. Kiss my ass! ”

Again, even more enthusiastically he worshiped her stunning buttocks. What was happening to him ?

“Stand up, slave. " she commanded.

Bill stood. " But Ma’am, I’m not any body’s slave. Not yours. No one’s.”

Evilena rubbed the whip softly across his cheek, down across his chest and onto his throbbing prick, " No, then why did you kiss my ass just now? Why do you WANT to obey my every command? If you have not become my slave, tell me why you do all these things ? ”

He thought about how in less than an hour he had gone from a cocky, arrogant asshole, to a submissive , obedient servant. Willing to obey Evilena’s every command. " I ... uh ... I......I guess I am you slave Mistress. I guess I am....”

The blond dominatrix released to shackle on his legs, freeing him from his last confinements.

“You guess ? If you are not my slave, run away. Flee this dungeon now, it may be your last chance.”

Bill looked Down at the cuffs laying on the floor. His arms and legs were free. But his mind wasn’t. He looked up into the beautiful face of his captor and was in awe. “I AM your slave Mistress. I belong to you Goddess Evilena.”

The blond goddess moved closer and stared into his eyes. He felt dizzy and weak. Her eyes seemed to envelope his thoughts. " You know my little pet I am a hypnotist too. A very good one. In fact, I want you to sleep now.... and there is nothing you can do about it. Sleep.”

His eyes blinked shut.

He was totally open to ANY suggestion she might make. He was hers......

“You know my pet, you deserve to be beaten. You deserve to be enslaved, because you have not respected women as they MUST be respected, don’t you ?”

Bill thought about this for a moment and then he understood. " Yes Mistress Evilena. I deserve to be punished. Please punish me...please.....”

“Then stand up slave boy.” She said malevolently.

As Bill rose to his feet she spun around and skillfully placed her foot to the side of his head with a stinging kick.

Down he went , to his knees.

“Tell me you deserved that, my pet”.

“I deserved that Mistress.”

“Stand up, boy! ”

Again Bill rose to his feet.

This time the blond dominatrix stepped closer and placed her hands softly by his face. He felt so excited by her touch and closeness.

Suddenly up came her knee and pounded into his balls. He gasped and fell to his knees, struggling to catch his breath.

He stared up at the beautiful Goddess, unable to speak.

“ Can you stand, pet ?”

He nodded, and pulled himself painfully to his feet.

“You have been such a pig to women. And I’m punishing you for all you have done in the past, so you can be free to serve all women ... with no guilt over your past actions. You know you deserve this don’t you.

Finally able to breathe and whisper, he responded, " Yes Mistress. I deserve your punishment.”

She stroked his lips with her soft fingers, stuck her finger into his mouth and he sucked, excited by her sensual touch.

Evilena backed off a step. Then her leg extended in a straight forward kick into his balls. Down he went, this time flat on his face.

The blond martial artist, ran her foot softly along the side of his face, pausing in front of hes mouth and as he opened his eyes he saw it. In spite of his pain his cock was starting to grow again. He kissed her foot, lovingly.

Evilena grabbed him by his hair and pulled him up to his knees.

“ Apologize, " she ordered,” apologize for the disrespect that you have heaped on all the women you have ever known. Tell me you are sorry..... and tell me you are mine....”

Kneeling his tearful voice cracked as he responded. " I have been so bad to all the women I have known . I am so sorry. I will tell them all how sorry I am if YOU let Me My Goddess. I am yours. I belong to you. I am your slave.......”

Evilena stared deeply into his eyes, as she held him by the hair. “Sleep for me slave....sleep now.” she whispered, and he again fell to the floor. This time captured by her hypnotic power, entranced, and enslaved.

Bill slowly blinked his eyes and became aware of his surroundings. He was sitting, fully clothed, in the passenger seat of Evilena’s TransAm , the car he had previously occupied , as a prisoner, asleep in the trunk.

The blond Goddess was speaking to him, " now you may leave, my slave... remembering only the commands I have given you, but knowing any time I wish I can make you my slave again, and knowing from now on you will treat ALL women with respect and that clear to you?”

Bill nodded and walked back to his SUV and climbed in without a word. He was a slave to Evilena. He was hers. He would obey.

Evilena drove away.

As he sat behind the wheel his thoughts became clearer. His eyes regained their fire and her was again free to think his own thoughts. What had happened ? Would he REALLY treat all women with respect now ? Why ? He tried to realign his thoughts.

Moments later Bill’s cell phone rang and he thumbed the “send” button to answer the call.

“Hello ?” he spoke into the mouthpiece.”

“CUM” was the only word he heard, but he KNEW it was His Mistress’ voice, and he spurted white , gooey cum in his pants........

“He smiled, " I Will obey Mistress Evilena... I will obey Mistress Evilena......I will obey Mistress Evilena....”

It was the end of the end.