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Evilena & the Giantess


Synopsis: In a more or less real world, an invincible amazon competitor in a martial arts tournament learns size doesn’t always matter.

Amazon Kayla was amazing. The six foot five inch giantess had dominated her bracket in the mixed martial arts women’s tourney with very little trouble. She used her tall, muscular body and her training as a boxer to overwhelm each of her opponents. But she had not just beaten them. She had humiliated them. She toyed with her smaller opponents, embarrassing them in front of the audience of rabid fem-fight aficionados. Her first opponent, a short redhead, she had KO’d with a Brazilian sleeper hold, and then when the helpless girl was unconscious in the center of the ring she violated her with her fingers, and slapped her breasts, as the crowd cheered her on. Her second opponent met a similar fate, only this hapless raven haired boxer was forced to tap ouy, then kiss and lick Kayla’s feet in front of the excited crowd, as the giantess drug her around the ring by her blond long hair.

The tall fighter looked to be unbeatable.

The finals of the tournament were to be held the next day, so the imposing amazon took her place in the audience to survey the competition and get an idea of how skilled her opponent in the finals would be.

Not surprisingly, it would be Evilena.

Just as easily, the short, beautiful dominatrix had used her own kickboxing skills to advance in her bracket of the contest, only she had treated her over matched opponents with considerably more respect than had the giantess, Kayla.

Evilena’s first opponent tapped out almost immediately when Evilena quickly clamped on a triangle choke, and after her surrender the blond victor had helped her victim up to her feet, and shaken her hand. Then, in the second round, a sultry, dark skinned adversary had also tapped out when Evilena had locked in a painful arm bar.

And with that hapless opponent’s surrender, the tournament finals were set. It would be the fearsome giantess Kayla against the diminutive, but well built, kick boxer.

As Evilena exited the six sided cage, the giantess stepped in front of her and mugged for the crowd, extending her arm to show that the five foot three inch blond barely reached up to the amazon’s armpit.

“Wanna just give up now Sweetie ?” the giant shouted, so everyone in the arena could hear . “You know you haven’t got a chance anyway, and it will save you a humiliating public fucking after I choke you out. While you are unconcious I’ll turn you into my sex toy, then I’ll probably wake you up and make you kiss my big, beautiful, sexy ,ass, right in the center of the ring.” The amazon slapped her own ass, as if to show exactly where Evilena would be forced to worship, should she lose the upcoming contest.

The sultry blond, took a step back and swung her leg around, catching the surprised giantess firmly behind her left knee, and like a big tree, the tall woman crumpled to the floor. While she was screaming obscenities and scrambling to her her feet, Evilena calmly walked out of the arena, leaving her taller opponent embarrassed, and filled with rage.

Kayla shouted at the top of her lungs, " that blond bitch can’t get away with that. Tomorrow I’ll make her LICK my ass, right here. Everybody be sure to come back to see my victory over that little freakin’ midget.”

The crowd roared with anticipation for the next day’s championship match.

The confrontation wasn’t good sportsmanship, but it was great hype for the next day’s matches.

But Kayla didn’t want to leave the match to chance. The giant gladiatrix quickly devised a devious plan to confront Evilena in her Miami home and to injure the blond so she could not compete. A win by a walk over was just as good as a win by tap out. So, at three in the morning ,the amazing amazon was skulking outside Evilena’s home, and then moments later, stealthily entering through a rear door, in preparation for the planned demise of the diminutive blond Muay Thai fighter. The tall woman’s mind flashed on the delectable body of the short kick boxer and considered a sexual assault on the girl as well. She simply LOVED to capture and dominate attractive female sex slaves, and Evilena would be her next, she thought.She couldn’t wait to display her captive sex slave to the world at the tourney the next day .

The giant crept, almost silently, toward the rear of the house, where she expected to find a sleeping Evilena. As she slowly opened the bedroom door, she slipped off her shoes and walked into the room barefoot, her eyes never leaving the shape in the middle the king size bed, there in the darkness.

Suddenly the lights clicked on and she heard a voice behind her. " What’s up big girl ? Come here to give up already ? Looks like you came to beat up my pillow there in the bed, and forgot I might be here.”

Kayla whirled around to see Evilena standing before her, dressed in a cut off tee shirt and sweat shorts. " You know a big woman like you can’t sneak anywhere don’t you ? I heard your footfalls when you came into the house. Did you really think you were going to surprise me ?”

The giantess towered over Evilena, and even though the surprise was ruined, she did think she held an advantage over the sexy blond kick boxer in a no holds barred cat fight. She answered, " It doesn’t matter if I surprised you or not, you little bitch, I’m going to break your arm so you can’t compete tomorrow and Kayla will be the undisputed champion over all women fighters here in the city. All you little bitches will learn to serve me as sex sluts. Kayla’s name will be famous, and you will just be my little fucktoy.”

Evilena hated it when people referred to themselves in the third person. Another reason to defeat this arrogant giant. She just smiled.

Her silence enraged the Amazon. Kayla rushed toward the blond Muay Thai Mistress, who suddenly ducked out of the way, sending the giant crashing into a wall.

Evilena flexed her index finger, beckoning the brown haired boxer, who again scrambled to her feet and rushed the blond. Evilena dodged out of the way, once more, only this time as the amazon rushed by she swatted her on her big ass, further enraging Kayla. Now the giantess could hardly control her anger.

Again, she angrily rushed toward Evilena, but, she hesitated just a moment as she reached her, this time, she thought, when she tries to dodge me, I’ll grab her. But Evilena didn’t dodge. She responded with a short right to the giantesses stomach, and an elbow to her face, then a hard kick to the side of her leg. Stunned, the dark haired amazon crumpled to her knees.

Even on her knees Kayla was almost as tall as Evilena, they were practically eye to eye. Evilena responded with a flurry of punches, plunging her attacker into near unconsciousness. While the starry eyed giant blinked , trying to stave off the veil of darkness descending on her thoughts, Evilena reached our with both her hands and clamped her fingers on the amazon’s nipples and squeezed... hard.

Kayla screamed, but the pain was so intense she couldn’t think clearly enough to figure out how to escape the vicious, yet somehow erotic, attack. She was paralyzed.

Evilena tightened her grip, then loosened it, then squeezed harder once more, sending shivers of both pleasure and pain shooting through the kneeling amazon’s body. The blond was fully in control.

When Kayla had stopped screaming, the blond spoke softly as she continued the assault on her gigantic breasts.

“I bet you masturbated before you came over here... just thinking about me ... my body ... how beautiful I am ... and how you’d like to dominate me .... didn’t you ...” Evilena taunted as she continued the pleasure/pain manipulation of the woman’s breasts. “But didn’t it ever enter your mind that once you tasted my pussy you’d be my slave.... just like any one else I want to control ?”

A confused look crossed Kayla’s face. The pain... the pleasure racked her body... but the words ... so confusing seemed to be flooding her mind as well....she suddenly felt dizzy as she stared straight ahead into Evilena’s green eyes. She tried to look away, but she couldn’t. Her captor’s eyes seemed to enlarge , enveloping her. Evilena’s eyes grew bigger and bigger as she stared into them. Green eyes ... spiraling gold flecks ... were all the giant could think of, even as the pleasure/pain cycle continued.

“Submit,” Evilena finally whispered in her ear , " submit....”

Kayla fought to focus on anything. Her own thoughts, a way to escape, multiplication tables .... anything...Rush Limbaugh ... ANYTHING ... her body felt so weak...

“Submit, " the blond again commanded.

The giantess just stared into Evilena’s deep, green eyes, and the world began to spin.

“Submit,” the hypnotic blond repeated, but this time her lips don’t move. It was as if the words had formed in Kayla’s mind. The words,somehow, echoed inside her brain. “Submit.”

Kayla moaned as the pleasure/pain was becoming PLEASURE, and the room continued to spin out of control.

“Say it with me , my pet, " Submit .... submit ... submit ....”

Kayla first heard her captor’s voice repeating the magical phrase over and over, then she started to hear another voice repeating the same word along with Evilena. Then a few moments later she realized it was her own voice repeating the phrase, over and over....“submit ... submit ...”

“Submit ... submit ... submit...” Evilena seemed to be inside her mind and she had no choice but to repeat the hypnotic phrase. “Submit ... submit ... submit ...".

“Good girl, It’s SO nice to surrender to Evilena to submit to her will.... to submit ....why don’t you say it Kayla.... you want to submit to me .... you want to serve Evilena...”

The giantess now seemed to be on auto pilot. Her mind was moving in some direction, but she had no control over the compass. Evilena’s words echoed deep within her psyche and seemed to take control of her very thoughts.

“Y..y..yes ... I want to submit to Evilena ... I w...want ... to serve ... Evilena.....” the with no further suggestions she finished her sentence , " Mistress Evilena ...”

Finally releasing her grip on Kayla’s nipples, the hypnotic blond commanded, " Good... then you may kiss my feet, my gigantic pet.” Evilena now backed up to the almost forgotten bed in her room and sat down. She extend her foot and leg toward the kneeling giant and again began a soothing, hypnotic cadence as she spoke. " Look at my foot, my big puppy... watch it move up and down ... up and down ...yes you see it moving up and down ... my foot ... up and down ... you like that don’t you dear ... you love to watch my sexy ... sexy foot....”

Kayla had fallen forward to her hands and knees and was crawling toward the king size bed and that gorgeous , hypnotic foot that was so fascinating. Her eyes never left the sexy ped as it continued it’s hypnotic cadence.

“That’s it pet, just concentrate on my foot ... moving up and down ... and on my voice... deep with in your mind ... relax .... listen ... obey me ... obey Mistress Evilena ....”

The dark haired giantess was feeling more and more lightheaded as she drew nearer to the fascinating foot moving rhythmically back and forth. “fffooot ... foot ...“she mumbled as she crawled closer and closer.

Evilena was looking down at her and smiling, why hadn’t Kayla realized it before.... the blond was so beautiful. She was a goddess. the amazon wanted to cry, the vision before her was so lovely.

And Evilena’s foot continued to move slowly up and down ... then back and forth.

“You want to kiss my foot, don’t you, my pet?”

“Y...y...yesssss....” she struggled to answer.

The sultry hypnotist moved her toes softly across the kneeling woman’s lips, and with each gentle touch Kayla became more excited. Her nipples stood out, rock hard, her breath quickened and the unmistakable sweet smell of sexual arousal permeated the room.

Evilena drew her toes back, just beyond the supplicant’s hungry lips.

“Tell me what you want Kayla.”

“To kiss your feet, Mistress, to lick them... to worship them... to be your foot slave.”

Evilena giggled, " but you are obviously already my foot slave. The image of this sexy foot will fill your mind, no matter where you are ... no matter what you are doing ... my feet will constantly fill your mind.”

Kayla started to whimper, " Yes Mistress.... always ... but please ... let me kiss them, NOW, please ....please ...please....”

“Then come closer and lay on your back, here at the foot of my bed, like an obedient puppy. The giant wrestler obeyed immediately and rolled over at Evilena’s feet.

Suddenly, without warning Evilena shoved her entire foot deeply into Kayla’s unresisting mouth, and the entranced woman sucked on the irresistible ped adoringly. And as she worshiped the gorgeous foot, Evilena continued to bombard her open, helpless mind with mesmeric commands.

“The mere touch of my feet makes you swoon .... it doesn’t matter if I kick you ... or gently rub your face with my feet, whenever you feel my foot, you will collapse in joy until I allow you to awaken. And while you are unconscious and under the influence of my feet, you will obey my every suggestion.... my every command ...submit and obey ...submit and obey ...submit and obey....”

Kayla had lost the battle for her own will and was now helplessly responding the the hypnotic blond’s every command. Lust and submission had become one in her mind. Her head spun... Evilena’s hypnotic domination had sapped her of all will to resist.. In spite of herself, almost against her own will, her hands drifted down to her own dripping pussy and Kayla roughly massaged her own sex.

Evilena commanded, " Cum now ....come now, my slave girl ...CUM Now....”

The giantess orgasmed repeatedly, constantly, over and over, until she helplessly swooned at Evilena’s feet.

Evilena knelt down next to her and whispered in her ear. " You know this will happen again no matter when or where you feel the touch of my foot. Do you understand?”

Weakly, Kayla moaned in agreement, as the blond ran her hands erotically across her semi-conscious form.

“But now, you may go home and you will not even remember your attempt to ambush me. You will remember a full night’s sleep, and will be ready, in the morning for our fight.”

Slowly, unsteadily, the amazon crawled out of Evilena’s bedroom to return to her car and return home. Amazingly as she fell into her own bed to sleep, she forgot what had just transpired.

The next day, at the tournament, when the two entered the ring for the finals of the women’s tourney, the two expert fighters circled the cage, each looking for an opening. Kayla exuded confidence as she towered over the sexy blond. But suddenly, without warning Evilena spun and placed a kick directly to the side of giantesses head.

Kayla blinked, then slumped in the center of the cage, moaning and whimpering.

One more firm kick by Evilena, turned the lights out for the dark haired amazon. Only if you were actually in a ring side seat could you see how stiff Kayla’s nipples were and how her legs shook, almost orgasmically.

Evilena had won.

The sultry blond kickboxer solicitously leaned over her defeated opponant and whispered in her ear. Then a ring attendant threw a collar and leash ino the ring and Evilena slipped it around Kayla’s neck, and led the obedient amazon , now on all fours like a dog , up the aisle to her dressing room as the crowd went wild.