The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Evilena and the Peeping Tom

by Mistress Evilena’s Servant

His name WAS Tom.

An ironic quirk of fate

His VERY rich parents had named him Tom, and it seemed his whole life he tried to live up to it. Peeping.

When he was in junior high the neighbors complained that he climbed into a tree to look into their daughter’s second story bedroom.

He had once been suspended from high school over an incident involving him drilling a hole in the shower wall of the girl’s locker room... “just so he could look “.

It had taken him five years and two colleges to graduate, because the campus police , at the FIRST university, had caught him looking into the windows at a sorority house, with his pants down and his dick out. In fact, the victims had prosecuted and he was on probation for that very incident, and he had been “asked” to transfer away from the school.

But, his affluent mom and dad always bailed him out, and had gotten the best lawyer to defend him. Now that he was out of college he didn’t have to work. He lived by himself, in a luxury apartment his parents paid for , and spent most of his days in the health club and strip joints and most of his nights on the prowl for new and better windows to peep.

Not that the health club did him any good. His “freshman 15” had never gone away, and even at his young age he was getting chubby. The visits to the health club usually ended up with him standing and staring at some young thing who WAS working out. He had even bribed one of the attendants to help him install a camera in the women’s locker room so he could watch as the lovely, sweating, women dressed and undressed.

Wealth DID have it’s privileges.

On this particular day a NEW member had joined the club and Tom stood, fascinated as she worked out on the free weights.

The diminutive blonde had been doing some stretching exercises displaying her young , athletic body to Tom’s view. She was short, perhaps 5′4″, but magnificently built. Her firm legs, tight stomach and lush breasts made everyone in the gym stare, not JUST Tom. Her blonde hair was smooth and silken, and her eyes. Her eyes were deep, like pools of still water.

After she loosened up she started to do Mui Thai boxing moves as a warm up. Kinks and punches, well thrown, seemed to work up a sweat on her sensuous body, and it looked good on her, VERY good.

Then she started working the free weights. First some upper body work, high reps and low weights, and a few squats. THEN she got serious.

She leaned back on the bench for some presses.

The diminutive beauty drew gasps when she loaded 225lbs on the bar for her bench presses, but the amazement turned to awe as the sexy blonde whipped off several sets quickly. Between sets, to keep loose she repeated the kickboxing exercises.

Jaws dropped as one by one all the members of the health club stopped their OWN exercises to watch this sexy newcomer.

A couple of the men ( and one tall , dark , full breasted woman) had started to approach her between sets to try to make conversation, but her serious demeanor ( and her easy handling of the heavy weight bar ) seemed to deter them.

But Tom stared shamelessly, cock becoming turgid in his loose fitting sweat pants.

When her well observed workout was done he rushed to his “special” room and watched his video monitor as she showered and dressed. He was careful to record her every sensual movement. Even when she thought no one was watching her, the woman’s movements were graceful, sensuous, and erotic. She was just a VERY sexy woman, it wasn’t her fault, she just WAS.

After she left , Tom approached his “friend” on the club staff and asked her name and address.

At first he was refused but a $100 tip resulted in a copy of her club card showing her name to be Evilena and listing her home address.

Tom KNEW where he would be this evening. Staring into a window at this lovely woman.

As darkness fell, Tom drove by Evilena’s large home several times, waiting for the lights to go on. Finally he saw her arrive in the long driveway , and get out of her luxury car. She was dressed in a tight, sexy dress as if she had just returned from clubbing, and in fact she had.

She turned the key in the lock of the front door and entered.

Tom saw various lights go on and off in the house and finally a room in the back of the house was illuminated and the light stayed on.

He parked his car a couple of blocks away and walked quietly to her home, avoiding the patches of light thrown by illuminated windows in other houses, and snuck onto Evilena’s patio. He carefully concealed himself behind some outdoor furniture and started to stare intently into the blonde’s bedroom window. He felt lucky that the room had a patio door allowing him a floor to ceiling view at the lovely blonde.

He heard water flowing and saw Evilena throw off her sexy dancing outfit and move into the bathroom to shower, closing the door.

Then his cock stood rock hard as she left the bathroom, drying herself with a large red towel, allowing him glimpses of her magnificent body.

Then she opened her closet door and started redressing, not in night clothes, but in black leather shorts and matching bra. Then she reached in the closet and removed long, high heeled leather boots and sat on a chair as she pulled them on.

God , Tom thought, she was beautiful, and the fetish outfit was driving Tom NUTS.

He started to pull on his engorged prick and soon was emitting soft, yet audible groans, never once looking away from the blonde beauty.

Evilena then reached into her jewelry box and removed a long golden chain, and carefully slipped the necklace around her neck. Hanging from the chain was a large, shining, representation of a golden dagger, encrusted in red rubies. She had come into possession of this hypnotic charm many years previously, and KNEW it would be put to good use this evening.

Then she picked up the cordless phone from it’s nearby cradle.

Then she slowly, sensuously walked to the sliding glass doors that separated her from the patio and pulled them open, she looked directly at Tom, she had known he was there all along.

“YOU ! Asshole! Do you want me to call the cops right now? Get your ass into this room. I want to talk to you! RIGHT NOW !”

The shouted commands brought Tom back out of his sensual trance and Evilena’s threat to call the police filled him with fear. He was still on probation from the college caper and thought that even HIS expensive lawyer couldn’t get him out of trouble , this time.

As he adjusted his trousers he slowly, hesitantly, stood up and stepped across the patio into the bedroom.

Tom towered over the diminutive blonde. He was nearly 6′4″ and even in her four inch heels Evilena stood barely to his shoulder .

But something about the sensuous blonde WAS intimidating.

She pointed toward a chair and Tom sat down, never looking away from the black clad beauty. Partially from fear of the police . Partially from fascination at her startling beauty.

“Where do you WORK, asshole, I should call your boss, too.”

“Uhh ... Uhh ... I don’t work, I live on my trust fund...uh ... ma’am, I .. uhh, uhh.....”

Evilena laughed out loud. “You stuttering bastard, what made you think you could get away with this?”

Tom’s eyes dropped and he stared at the floor.

The dominant blonde moved closer to Tom and grabbed him by his hair. Her voice softened, " Have I scared you? Look at me while I talk to you.... Look at me....”

Hesitantly he raised his gaze, but only to her chest level, so great was his fear, he wouldn’t meet her gaze, his eyes darted about the room, but finally stopped at her lovely breasts, so close that he could feel their warmth on his face.

But as he stared at her lovely breasts his eye was caught by the shining dagger, suspended between her sensuous mounds.

The dominatrix gracefully directed his eyes between her breast with a gesture, " That’s good.... keep staring at the pendant, nestled between my lovely breasts. I have scared you too much, my little pet, you must relax so you can listen to every word I tell you. Listen to every word. Let the fear leave your body as you listen to every word.”

His eyes no longer darted about, but remained focused on the pendant.... and her soft, sexy breasts.

“Listen to every word. Listen as you look at the dagger between my breasts, listen ... listen and relax.”

She lifted and lowered the golden chain so the dagger first nestled , barely seen between her breasts , then emerged fully visible, casting it’s red glow on Tom’s face, capturing his gaze. The effect of her sexy breasts, so near, and the hypnotic dagger combined to place an unbreakable hold on his attention.

He continued to stare as she spoke.

“That’s it my dear. Look and listen. For the longer you look, the greater my hold on you becomes. My voice, my beauty, my thoughts overwhelm and surround you. You feel my power growing every second. Unable to resist you continue to gaze at my breasts and the shining pendant, as my power over you grows and grows.”

Toms eyes became fixed and vacant as his breathing grew regular and measured.

“You are becoming weaker and weaker as my power over you grows. And as you become weaker and weaker, I become stronger and stronger. So strong that you CAN NOT fight me, even if you wanted to and you DON’T want to, do you?”

“Don’t ... want ... to fight ...”

His stutter had been replaced with a slow monotone, helplessly agreeing with Evilena’s suggestions.....COMMANDS.”

“No , my pet, you can’t fight against my mesmerizing power because you have ALREADY fallen deeply under my hypnotic influence. Look at my breasts and obey...... obey ...... obey ..... obey....”

His lips formed the words and started to repeat, in unison, the mantra that controlled his thoughts, ... obey ..... obey .... obey ....obey....”

“What MUST you do my pet?”

“Obey ... obey .... obey .... obey ........”

“Good boy. WHO must you obey?”


“Mistress Evilena to you..........”

“Yes ..Mistress Evilena ... obey ....”

He had entered a trance but for the reconditioning Evilena was about to undertake an even more compliant and submissive state would be needed.

“Then obey me now and look up into my eyes.”

The seated Tom, raised his eyes to meet hers.

“Look at me now, my pet, look at my eyes..... that’s right just keep looking into my deep, hypnotic eyes as you slip further under my power. My eyes have the power to turn you into a total slave, a puppet to my will..... there is no reason to fear or resist ... you KNOW that you want to be my slave ... Evilena’s slave .... don’t think .... don’t resist ... just look into my eyes ... so deep ... so compelling ... so eyes own you, my pet..... I own you ..... you will do anything I command .... you will THINK any thing I command .... you will obey ANY command .... because Evilena owns you....... you must listen without thinking ... just listen .... obey .... listen and obey ...... LISTEN AND OBEY .....”

His lips slowly moved " lissssten ... annnnd ..... obey ..... obeeeeyyy ....”

“Deeper ...... deeper .... deeper under my irresistible spell .... more and more under my power .... unable to resist any command .... totally enslaved ... totally powerless before your Goddess ... a slave to your Goddess Evilena ..... ”

“deeeepeeerrrr and deeeeeeeppppeeeeerrrrr.......”

He slumped over in the chair and Evilena had to stop him from falling to the floor. She pushed him back upright and whisper hotly in his ear.

“Open those eyes again, slave boy, and gaze again into the deep hypnotic eyes of the Goddess who owns you.”

Again the helpless peeper’s eyes blinked open only to be captured by the mesmerizing gaze of Evilena.

As her eyes bored into his like two burning torches he was pulled deeper under her power. At this point he could no more resist her commands than Bill Clinton could resist an intern, but as commanded, he continued to stare , wide eyed , into her glowing eyes as they burned away the last remains of his subconscious his will .

“Deeper and deeper under my spell ..... my controlling .... unbreakable ..... hypnotic spell .... helpless .... powerless ... unable to resist my smallest of suggestions .... my total .... hypnotized .... plaything ..... mine ..... mine .... mine ..... mine ...... mine .... mine ...... mine........”

“ yyyyoursssss ...... yours ...... yours .... yours....”

A wicked, sexy grin was on Her face. Say it again, slave.”

“Yours .... yours ... yours ..... yours ....”

“Louder, my play toy. ”

“YOURS ...... YOURS ..... YOURS ..... YOURS .....”

Evilena relaxed. This part of her plan was complete. She had seen Tom at the club and immediately had recognized him as she spotted him when she had entered her home. She was ALWAYS alert. No one could EVER sneak up on Her!

She felt that this pervert needed some SPECIAL punishment. And She would be just the woman to provide it.

“Tell me, my slave, and you must answer truthfully. Is this the first time you have ever done this ?”

“No, My Mistress. I peep at women EVERY night. If I am not in a strip club or the health club looking, I look through windows.”

“What do you do while you look at women?”

“I jerk off. Sometimes I call them on the phone and jack off. Sometimes it’s little girls, sometimes women. Sometimes they see me. I don’t care. Women SHOULD be looked at . It’s their lot in life for me to jack off on them. One time I went into a stripper’s dressing room and jerked off into her shoes. One time I snuck into a woman’s house and jerked off until I came all over her. When she woke up, I ran away.”

“Hmmmm,” she thought, " what would be a suitable punishment for THIS pervert?” Then the light flashed in her head!

“Keep looking into my eyes and listen ..... listen ... for to listen is to obey....... to obey .....”

“I listen and obey, My Mistress......”

Tonight after I release you, you will go BACK to the health club. It is open 24 hours. Today... now, you must start a work out regimen to get rid of that flab. In EXACTLY 60 days I want you to start work as a male stripper. You don’t need the salary, if you live on a trust you have no need for your earnings, so you will give everything you earn, including any tips, them to me. But you’ll NEVER get work in the pitiful condition you are in. I have friends who work as dancers, they will show you how to dance and perform. You will serve EACH of them as if they were your owners. You will serve ANY ONE, in ANY way, if I command it.”

“I hear and obey, My Mistress.”

And now , you will do your FIRST dance for ME, your eternal Goddess.”

Evilena gestured for the entranced peeper to stand and SHE sat in the chair he had occupied.

“Dance, my pet.”

Slowly, the chubby voyeur started to dance to an unheard tune and started to remove his clothing in a clumsy imitation of the dances he had seen in the clubs. Clothing began to fall around him as he stripped until he had on only his bikini underwear and his socks.

“Take off the briefs, but leave the socks on. You look funny.”

“Yes, My Mistress.”

Still dancing to “his” beat he removed the underwear. Even in his fully hypnotized state his cock bobbed, erect and hard. No one could be in the presence of Evilena ( living or dead) and NOT be sexually aroused.

She crooked her index finger, silently commanding the naked dancer to draw closer, then pointed to the floor , in front of her chair. He danced closer, then fell to his knees, staring up into her beautiful, mesmerizing eyes.

“Your life will change, starting this moment, slave. You live to serve me, don’t you.”

He nodded, and started to cry uncontrollably. He had wanted to serve someone, and Evilena was the most perfect “someone” in the world. He was crying from emotion, relief, and surrender.

“Kiss my boots.”

Tom bent over and started to lick and kiss the soft black leather of his owner’s long boots.

“As you do, jerk your puny cock. But when you cum, I want you to catch it with your hand.”

Tom manipulated his turgid member as he worshipped Evilena’s feet and within moments he caught his own gooey, white ejaculate as it spurted onto his hand.

“You said it was a woman’s role to have you jack off ON them. But now you know it will be your role to jack off FOR them.

Now, my slave move your hand to your mouth and LICK IT UP.”

Slave Tom, licked at his own cum covered hand until the last drops were gone.

His new life had started.

He began to cry again.