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Evilena....The Fire Inspection

F/F F/M FemDom

SYNOPSIS :: Two fire inspectors visit Evilena’s office and things get HOT

Evilena sat at her computer in the converted warehouse space that served as headquarters of her conglomerate of businesses. She was busy. As owner and webmistress of her own site, , her life would be busy enough. But her one on one consulting sessions, the web design for other businesses, and her cd and dvd production and distribution enterprises left her little time for her own recreation. Suddenly a loud knock on the door broke her concentration and she walked toward the huge, metal entryway , glancing , as she walked, at the several private offices that made up the opulent business suite.

As she opened the door she was surprised to see two blue uniformed firefighters standing at her front entrance.

The first was a tall, blonde male over six feet tall, and muscularly built, “very handsome” she thought. She looked at the brass name plate over his right pocket. It read Brian McCallister, Fire Inspector.

To his left was a shorter, Eurasian woman with long black hair done up in a severe bun. Her tag said Juni Lynx , Assistant Fire Inspector. “But this one is even more beautiful,” Evilena’s silent thoughts continued

Both held Fire Department clip boards, and wore badges showing they were firefighters as well as inspectors.

“Ma’am ?", the blonde man greeted, " We are here to do your annual fire inspection. I assume they sent you the letter?”

“No they didn’t...whoever they are...” responded Evilena, " but you CAN take a look around if you need to.”

“We can show you our badges ma’am, " Lynx stated, in a business like tone.

With a twinkle in her eye, Evilena replied, " Badges? Badges? You don’t need no stinkin’ badges. Just come in.”

And in her mind Evilena considered this visit her chance to take some time for her own amusement . These two would be hers today. She DID need a little time off from her busy schedule.

Almost immediately the two inspectors started moving around the large offiice checking sprinklers, extinguishers, and other safety equipment. The male. particularly, displayed a brusque attitude and walked toward the huge back room where the video recording equipment was stored.

“Juni ! You stay here while I check the storage warehouse in the back.” McCallister barked at his assistant. “No need for you to get in my way while I’m doing the real work.”

Juni frowned, embarassed that her partner would show her such distain in a business setting, but did stay in the office area near Evilena, as instructed by her senior partner.

The lovely blonde businesswoman frowned at the man’s arrogance, then had an idea. She reached into her desk drawer and took out a mirrored compact and opened the top, as if to check her appearance. Today, she would help this young woman get a promotion.

Evilena took out a lip stick tube and started to apply a reddish color to her lips, and as she did she used the mirror on the compact to catch the light in the room and reflect it back and forth across the firewoman’s eyes.

Flash. Flash. Flash.

“Do you like this shade of lipstick dear? Take a look at my lips and see if you like it.”

Flash. Flash . Flash.

Curiously , Juni slowly moved closer so she could see the lovely blonde’s lipstick.She inhaled the woody fragrance of Evilena’s perfume. It smelled like “Hypnotic Poison” a scent she loved.

Flash. Flash. Flash.

“ Don’t you like to look at my lips while I put on the wonderful shade of lip color ? Look closer at the like red. Fire engine red. Look at it while I talk to you dear.”

Flash. Flash. Flash.

Juni started to blink as she looked at Evilena’s was fascinated.

Flash. Flash. Flash.

Every time the light swept past her eyes , she closed them.

“ My voice and the light make you want to close your eyes don’t they Juni ? It’s OK. It will make you feel better if you close your eyes. It would be so restful just to close your eyes. Close your eyes for Evilena .”

Flash. Flash.. Flash.

“What...what....what’s happening, " the lovely Asian struggled to say, as she felt an overwhelming vertigo.

“Why, I’m hypnotizing you dear. Didn’t you see the sign on my desk? It says Evilena—Hypnotist. I’m hypnotizing you by having you concentrate on my lips as I speak. Keep looking at them. So red. So sensual. So perfect. Look at my lips and fall into a deep hypnotic trance. A trance of surrender to Evilena. ..... my......lips.....”

Flash. Flash. Flash.


“No use in struggling Juni. So many others have tried to resist my spell before but no one is able. No one is as strong as me. Your will is crumbling as you watch my red... red lips...listen to my feel so powerless...”

Flash. Flash. Flash.

Juni’s jaw fell slack as she continued to be held by Evilena’s voice and the sight of her beautiful, red lips. Red lips....Red lips....

The blonde hypnotist stood up and walked the few steps to the fire fighter, so that they were face to face. Evilena studied the beautiful girl and thought to herself how lovely she was. She leaned closer and whispered in her ear, hot breath exciting the woman and breaking her will to resist even further.

Juni stood perfectly still, inhaling the blonde’s sensuous fragrance and looking at her red red lips. Evilena’s voice seemed to be INSIDE her brain.

“Obey Evilena...obey want to obey need to obey Evilena....”


“Say it dear..I want to obey Evilena...say the words...”

Evilena’s tongue darted out. flicking into Juni’s ear.

Momentarily panic was in the fire inspector’s eyes, but then they took on a glassy , unfocused appearance. " I want to obey Evilena “, she whispered

“Good Girl. Now I want to explain to you the new rules. Juni, you are a strong, and powerful woman and ALL men should obey you. I’ll help you with that. But there are some other things you must remember as well.”

“Other things” she responded emotionlessly.

“You will obey Evilena, your Mistress. Because you MUST obey her...because you want to obey your beautiful Mistress. You want to obey her because you love her.”

Again the comely Asian’s eyes blinked as if she were trying to sort out her thoughts. She loved Evilena? No. Juni was NOT a lesbian. She was NOT bi, how could she love a woman? Then she was again captured by the deep red of Evilena’s lips as she moved closer and closer, finally softly kissing the Asian beauty. Evilena’s tongue flicked out, caressing the firefighter’s lips, then probed deeply into the unresisting woman’s mouth.

“Ummmmm” Juni sighed. “Ohhhhhh.”

“Obey her because you love her.” Evilena commanded, as she ended the hot open mouthed kiss.

“” the mesmerized woman responded. “obey”

Evilena sighed, she loved to see sexy young women ,like this one, totally under her control. “Ooops” she said out loud, “almost forgot why I did this. You could distract me so easily dear. Juni, call your partner and tell him I have something in my eye and need help. Can you do that for me my little pet?”

“Yes Evilena....MAC...COME HERE I NEED YOUR HELP THIS LADY HAS SOMETHING IN HER EYE....” she shouted to the other room.

McCallister stomped into the room, “Can’t you handle it? Can’t you handle ANYTHING?”

He stepped over to the lovely blonde, " Let me look and I’ll see if I can get it out. If not I’ll get something from the truck to flush your eye. You women are so helpless. You need a man to do EVERYTHING for you.”

Then he stood as close as he could and looked into Evilena’s eyes. Deep blue-green hypnotic eyes. And he couldn’t look away. He stood frozen, falling into her eyes. Moving into the dizzying depths of her eyes. Helplessly falling into her eyes. Mind swirling. Will crumbling. Falling. Falling. Seconds passed. Minutes. Maybe hours.

Softly Evilena spoke one word, “sleep” and Brian’s eyes closed.

He too, was hers.

“Now listen to me. You NEVER should talk to a woman like you just spoke to Juni. Women are more powerful than men, smarter, they MUST be treated with respect...they must be loved...obeyed...”

“Respect......” he mumbled in response , eyes still cemented shut. Now it was he who was helpless. Helpless to resist Evilena’s power.

Evilena turned to Juni and commanded, “just take off your uniform shirt, I want to see you in your bra.”

Juni fumbled with the buttons on her blue shirt, and Evilena smiled as the black demibra showed that Juni was confident in her sexuality, she just needed to be more assertive. And Evilena would help her with THAT.

“Good girl. You feel strong and powerful like that. You know when men see you they WANT you. You can control ANY man. Especially Brian. He is your puppet to control. Now undo the bun on your hair, let your hair flow down your back .”

“Yes, Evilena,” she whispered as she undid her silky black hair and shook her head allowing it to fall loosely.”

She looked beautiful.

“Brian, my boy. In a moment I want you to open your eyes and awaken .And I want you to look at Juni in a whole new way. She is beautiful. She is a superior female. She is your Goddess. You will do ANYTHING she says just to make her happy. Do you understand?”

He nodded his agreement.

“ And Juni. You too will awaken when I tell you to , and you will feel POWERFUL. You know your female mind and your exotic sensuality can control Brian. You know he is in love with you and will do anything you say.”

“But both of you must remember when you hear me, and ONLY me, say the word Slave you will fall back into this deep, subservient hypnotic trance. Needing to obey Mistress Evilena. Do you understand?”

Both nodded agreement and replied , almost in unison, “obey...”

“Now awaken, :” she said and snapped her fingers. She could see both of them rise back to conciousness. Confusion covered both their faces as each realized that Juni was standing there in just her bra, but then desire filled the Brian’s face as he stared at his beautiful partner with new vision. She was amazing! She was so strong, so sexy. He would do anything to make her notice him.

And Juni just smiled, seeing the expression on his face and knowing she could command him to do anything, and he would obey.

For just this moment neither noticed Evilena standing to the side of the room. Juni extended her hand and crooked her index finger, beckoning her EX-boss. Then as he got closer, she pointed toward the floor, silently commanding him to kneel.

And kneel he did, looking up at the lovely Eurasian woman. " Oh Juni, " he moaned.

Juni laughed and said, " Why dont you kiss these shoes of mine Brian, I’ve noticed you looking at my feet when we drove from place to place in the fire truck. ”

The lusting fireman complied immediately, licking, then kissing her black uniform shoes, tasting the patent leather with his tongue.

Juni entwined her fingers in his hair, “now undress for me little boy.”

Still kneeling Brian ripped off all his clothing, tossing the uniform away, and remained on his knees before this woman who had suddenly become the center of his universe.

“Take my shoes off Brian and kiss my feet.” The sexy firefighter commanded.

And again McCallister obeyed, taking her patent leather fire shoes off and tenderly licking both her feet. Toes, ankles, arches, and finally the spaces between her lovely toes were licked adoringly.

Weakly, Juni fumbled her way to a nearby chair, and whispered hoarsly, " My pants McCallister...take off my trousers.”

Hardly able to control his lust Brian pulled off her uniform slacks, leaving Juni in a pair of black bikini panties and her black demibra.

“STOP!” she cried. " You WANT have ALWAYS wanted this but you won’t be allowed to touch me with that hard cock today, slave boy. Jerk your cock for me. Masturbate in front of your new Mistress.”

Immediately he started stroking his cock.....forcing pre cum from his prick as he continued to stare at the lovely firefighter sitting before him.

Evilena sensuously walked behind Juni and commanded her to stand, and as she did, the blonde hypnotist wrapped her arms around her, from the rear, cupping her breasts, capturing the nipples between her thumb and forefingers through the cloth of her bra. She stuck her tongue in Juni’s ear, then whispered hotly. “This is the way it should be, me controlling controlling him. Make him eat your pussy.”

Shaking with lust, Juni commanded. " Crawl over here Brian, eat me,” and she pointed to her pussy, still encased in black, silk panties.

The kneeling firefighter pushed the cloth aside and started working his tongue in her pussy, rubbing it across her clit. At the same time Evilena continued to expertly manipulate her nipples and kiss and lick her neck and ears at the same time.

Finally the beautiful Eurasian could stand it no more and collapse weakly to her knees, overcome by lust.

Now both fire inspectors were kneeling in front of Evilena. With a devious smile , she extended both her hands, inserting a finger into each one’s mouth, commanding them to suck.

Erotic whimpers and moans came from the two as they helplessly served Evilena, lusting after her, wanting to be hers.

“Slave” she whispered and the two fell silent, eyes glazed, arms at their sides, again under her complete hypnotic control.

We’ll have to do this again, soon dear pets. But I’m so busy now you have to go. And both of you remember the new order of things. Juni, is in charge. Brian is just her slave boy.”

“Yes, " Brian replied I am Juni’s slave boy.”

Then , suddenly, Evilena remembered. " And make sure I pass the inspection with flying colors. Will you ? ”

The entranced inspectors nodded their agreement to her instructions.

“Juni, today after you get off work, come back here. But don’t bring Brian...WE have to talk, my pet.”

“Yes Mistress Evilena,” the lovely Eurasian replied, a sultry smile on her face. I’d LOVE that.”