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EVILENA—Girl Fight

Synopsis: Evilena rescues a friend and confronts an Amazon

The phone rang insistantly. Evilena rolled over and looked at the bedside clock, the illuminated numbers showed it was almost 4am. She picked up the receiver and mumbled into the mouthpiece, “This better be important.”

“Evilena, it’s Bill. I’m really sorry to call you at this hour but I HAD to. I’m in REAL trouble and only you can help.”

Evilena recognized the caller as one of her sparring partners at her Muay Thai Boxing club. He was a good boxer and often challenged the short blonde powerhouse, but of course NO ONE ever defeated Evilena.

“Go ahead Bill, what’s up?” she responded sleepily.

“I was at this club last night and there was this really buff woman at the bar next to me, you know how I love athletic women, and then I smiled and then she smiled, and then one thing led to another and pretty soon we were headed for her apartment.” The words continued to tumble out of the excited man’s mouth.

“I don’t think I can help you there partner.... " Evilena laughed, ’ “you ‘re on your own with the follow up!”

“NO, you don’t understand Evilena, when I got here she gave me a drink and pretty soon I was feeling REALLY woozy and the next thing you know she punched me and I went out like a light. I think she drugged me. When I woke up she was standing there talking about how she really wanted to fight you, and how I was her bait. Like a worm. She said all men were worms, then she kicked me in the head and I went out again. I woke up a few minutes ago and found a phone here in the apartment. It’s on Bixley Street, the Weldon Apartments, Apartment 4A .”

“Why don’t you just leave then Bill, if you are alone.?”

“I can hear her in the other room and I’m scared. She’s over six feet tall and built like a wrestler, BIG muscles, giant arms and legs. I’m really scared of her .She can take me in any fight. Only you can save me. Will you come? Please....”

Just then the phone went dead, had Evilena been in the apartment she would have heard Satania , the woman who had captured Bill, laughing as she took the phone from his hand. " I hoped you would call that midget Evilena to help you. I’m going to beat her to a pulp. She caused some problems for a friend of mine in Detroit and she’s going to pay for it. I’ll tear her limb from limb.”

Then Satania punched Bill straight in the jaw and he was unconcious again. She was all muscle and obviously a trained boxer . The man had been right , he was no match for her.

Evilena sighed, she had heard a rumor that a woman named Candace from Detroit had a grudge against her , but hadn’t figured on a big, trained boxer luring her into a fight as revenge. But Bill WAS a friend and Evilena decided to help him. Eventually she would have to take on xxxxxxx, and it might as well be on Evilena’s terms.

Less than 30 minutes later the lovely blonde kickboxer pulled her luxury sports car to a stop in front of the Weldon Apartments. She walked up the back stairs and approached the rear entrance of Apartment 4A then placed her ear against the door to listen.

Somewhere in the apartment she could hear the sound of blows being struck, fist against soft tissue, and the muffled groans of a man being beaten.But, as she had hoped she only heard two voices. One man and one woman. She tested the door and found it open. As she slowly opened the door she saw her friend Bill, shackled against a wall and a huge , well-muscled woman slapping him around . The woman was nearly six feet tall and looked as if she weighed at least 180 lbs. Her arms were huge . like a weight lifter and she was dressed in a red leather top and shorts. She wore high red leather boots as well. She turned and faced the much shorter and lighter Evilena.

A malevolent smile was on her face.

“It’s about time you got here little woman. I don’t think our friend Bill here could have taken much more. My name is Satania and I’m working for your old “friend’” Candace and I swore to her I’d beat the shit out of you to avenge her. She’s paid me VERY well. I used your boy here as as bait, I knew you wouldn’t let a friend get hurt if you could help it. But now that you and I are here alone, it’s time that WE get it on. And little girl, YOU are going to suffer !”

“I hope you don’t think you caught me off guard, dear. I figured the back door would be open as a trap for me and this just saves me time picking the lock on the front door . I just wanted to be sure you were the only one here with Bill.” Evilena smiled at the woman knowingly.

Evilena stared intently at the huge woman. She was fully 8 inches taller than the sexy, athletic blonde, and probably 75 pounds heavier, but Evilena still wasn’t afraid. No woman had ever beaten her in hand to hand combat, and she HOPED this encounter would be no different, in spite of the huge difference in size. Evilena threw off her jacket and took up a Muay Thai stance. Dressed in tights and a black fighting top, she was ready for this fight. She was prepared to take anything this woman could dish out.

They circled around the room , eyeing each other warily. Suddenly Satania lashed out , stinging Evilena with a right jab, cutting her lip. The blonde fell back, startled at the strength of the blow.

She brought her right hand to her mouth and felt the moisture from the cut , tasting the salty flavor of her own blood. She saw that Satania had a longer reach than her so decided to move inside in a “chap ko” strategy, so the reach advantage would be overcome. The short blonde flexed her well muscled arms and guaged the distance between herself and the powerful Amazon..

She quickly moved forward and grabbed Satania around the neck with both hands and forcefully brought up her right knee, kicking the leather clad fighter in the stomach. All the air rushed out of Satania and she slumped to her knees and looked up at Evilena, startled by the power of the small blonde. She had not expected such strength from a 5′4″ frame.

She cautiously stood up and again Evilena moved forward then turned to deliver a forceful swing back elbow, followed by a hard left jab.

Satania buckled and then went down to one knee, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs.

Yet again she stood up, only to be met by a thai kick , followed by a hard elbow and another knee. The combination was delivered with such force that Satania fell backward, flat to her back . She shook with pain , rage and humiliation, attempting to stand up after being knocked to the floor by such a diminuative opponent.

Evilena circled the giant woman awaiting her next move. Satania had promised to hurt Evilena, but it was she who was writhing on the floor in pain. The huge brunette struggled back to her feet and took a wrestling stance .

The blonde kickboxer circled quickly and delivered a sweeping kick to the side of Satania’s head and the woman’s eyes took on a glassy look. Evilena ducked under the long arms of the giantess then came up behind her with a triangle choke and the brunette crumbled, gasping for air, and in only a moment she was lying intert at Evilena’s feet.

The beautiful blonde glanced over at Bill , he was still chained to the wall, but he was sporting an obvious erection, turned on by the power ,strength and beauty of the gorgeous blonde.

Evilena laughed and spoke to Bill, " Don’t you men think of ANYTHING else?”

“Not when you are around Evilena. Not when you are around.” he answered, quite seriously.

Evilena weighed options in her mind. If she just left with Bill now the battle would not be over. This Amazon along with others , hired by Candace would continue pursuing the sexy blonde until one of them got her. She quickly developed a plan in her highly analytical mind.

The sensuous blonde would take advantage of Satania’s exhaustion and alter her thoughts, using her hypnotic skills, then Evilena would have have HER take care of the problem with Candace .The defeated fem-fighter would lure her employer into Evilena’s hands, and she too, would become a hypnotic puppet of Evilena.The sexy hypnotist knelt down on the floor next to Satania and grabbed her hair, pulling the woman’s face close to hers.

The unconcious woman’s eyes blinked as she slowly came to. As her vision finally became focused she found herself staring into the largest, deepest eyes she had ever seen. Exhausted, gasping for breath she was in no condition to resist Evilena physically OR mentally.

“Look into my eyes dear. They are SOOOO restful, and you are so tired. Let go and relax. No use trying to fight anymore. Our battle is over and I have won. Give in ..... surrender.... relax.... is no disgrace to be defeated by Evilena.....”

Satania’s eyes took on a puzzled look, what was Evilena saying ?

“Don’t even try to look away... you can’t ...... you MUST look into my eyes.... you must look deeply into my eyes and relax.....relax.....”

Evilena’s eyes had seemingly enlarged to become Satania’s whole world. She found she couldn’t look away. This woman, so powerfully built, able to physically dominate most men and women , was finding that she couldn’t tear her eyes away from Evilena’s powerful hypnotic gaze.

“You will feel so good if you just close your eyes and relax.. relax Satania ... you WANT to feel good don’t you... you can if you just relax ... and close your eyes... you are so tired ... so sleepy ... so relaxed ... just close your eyes and let yourself drift away ... drift away on the relaxing cloud of my soft hypnotic voice... relax ... relax....”

Satania DID feel relaxed. She was so tired from the fight that she had just lost and she knew somehow she would feel better if she could just close her eyes.. for just a second... But shouldn’t she resist? But then, each time her eyes slowly blinked, she felt that she would just let her eyes stay closed a bit longer. Just a bit longer. She wanted to relax so badly...and this gorgeous blonde with the soft sexy voice was helping her.

“That’s it dear, just relax... close your eyes and sleep .... SLEEP ..... SLEEP...”

Evilena’s eyes and voice were so compelling. So controlling. Satania felt as if she NEEDED to close her eyes. That would please Evilena and she so wanted to make this woman , so close to her ,so sexy, so warm, happy. She gazed deeper and deeper into the entrancing blonde’s eyes.

“You are almost there, my pet, almost under my spell. You can’t fight it .. you MUST submit are unable to resist my hypnotic eyes and voice can no longer resist my spell ... you WANT to give in ... just close your eyes and surrender... submit to my power .. .SLEEP...”

Her eyes blinked once ... then twice ... then stayed closed. Evilena had taken control.

“Now my pet we will take you a bit deeper. Deeper under my control. You NEED to obey me. You WANT to obey me. Soon I will allow you to open your eyes again, but soon as you do you will have to look deeply into MY hypnotic eyes once more. You know my eyes can control your every thought. My eyes own you, Satania... Your every emotion. You KNOW I am your mistress, and I can make you do anything I desire. You KNOW all this, don’t you....”

“Y...y...yes....” she replied almost silently.

Evilena released the entranced Amazon’s hair and whispered, " Now my slave girl, awaken and gaze into the eyes of your new Mistress.... do it NOW.”

Satania immediately woke up and followed her instructions staring helplessly into Evilena’s deep, hypnotic eyes. " Yes Mistress,” she responded emotionlessly.

“Now as you gaze into my eyes you KNOW you must obey all my commands. You KNOW you are my total and complete slave. You KNOW you are my property. Reach into your mind and find any remaining thoughts of resistance and discard them. No more thoughts of resistance. Only sumbmission and surrender. Obey me Satania, you will obey my every command now and forever...obey.... obey...”

“O....o....obey... obey Evilena....”

“ As you stare deeply into my eyes you know you can do nothing to resist Evilena. Obey. Obey. OBEY!”

“Yes Mistress. I will obey.”

Her conquest was complete. Evilena had bested her in physical combat and then captured her will. She was Evilena’s helpless slave.

“Get up and release Bill’s shackles. Now.”

The defeated giant got up and moved toward Bill. She reached out her arms , flexing her 16 inch biceps and released the chains holding him captive

“Now Satania, kneel down before him , pull down his pants, and suck his cock. ”

The Amazonian brunette , who had previously drugged, kidnapped and beaten Bill, now knelt before him , but it was clear who was in charge . Not Satania, not Bill, but Mesmerizing Evilena. It was SHE who dominated all here.

Bill gasped, " Oh my God Evilena. Is there no END to your power? You defeat me in combat regularly, you use this giant as a punching bag, then you use some kind of hypnotic spell to turn her into a slut slave . Can no one defeat you?”

Evilena smiled, " I don’t think so, and am always amazed when people try.”

Bill shuddered as he climaxed.

“ Now Satania, come here. You have some more instructions that you must obey.” Evilena barked at her defeated foe.

The muscular woman rose and walked slowly towards Evilena, then stopped in front of her, once again staring helplessly into her hypnotic captor’s eyes, awaiting any command the blonde would utter.

“First my dear you need to remember that after I awaken you, you will still follow my every command and if you ever hear me say ’ Evilena’s puppet” you will again go into this deep hypnotic trance that only I control. Tell me Satania , what will happen when I say ’ Evilena’s puppet’ ?

“I will go deep under your hypnotic control.”

“Good girl. Also I’d like you to return to Candace and tell her that you have captured me. Tell her that hat I am bound and gagged and awaiting her arrival here. Then, when she arrives, at my command you will hold her in your powerful grasp so I can place HER in a trance just as I have mesmerized you . Do you understand? ”

“I will hold her so she can not escape. You will place her in a trance.”

“Very good, pet. Then both you and Candace will be my slaves won’t you?”

“Yes Mistress Evilena.Your slaves.”

“You LOVE being my slave don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“My slave FOREVER.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Evilena smiled. “OK Bill, now you get out of here. I have some business to finish and I don’t want you in the way.” Evilena said.

“Please can I stay?”

“No....this is woman’s work and a man would just be a nuisance . Now leave and consider yourself lucky that I am a light sleeper. You could have STILL been shackled to that wall if I hadn’t answered the phone.”

Bill fairly ran down to his car. He had to tell SOMEONE what had happened but he doubted if ANYONE would believe him. Then he tried to think...what kind of gift of gratitude do you get for someone who has just saved you from getting your ass kicked? And what CAN you get for the woman who has everything... and everyone?