The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

EVILENA: Mistress of the Museum

Synopsis: In an alternate comic book universe, Evilena is a Sensuous Hypnotic Super Villainess. Amazing Girl learns just how powerful a black clad blonde can be.

Evilena was doing something totally out of character for her. She was RETURNING a stolen artifact to the City Museum. The beautiful blonde villainess had found the Egyptian Pendant of Power in the hands of a common burglar and was returning it to its proper place in the antiquities collection of the museum. The pendant was purported to give one and only one female in each generation the power to influence minds, but Evilena already HAD that power through her hypnotic skills, and she knew that of ALL places the pendant did not belong in the hands of a MAN.

She was returning the jewel encrusted sword shaped pendant to it’s rightful resting place when there was a loud crash and down, through the broken skylight, came a red, yellow, and blue clad superheroine, Amazing Girl. The tall, raven-haired beauty landed in front of the spandex clad blonde and with an arrogant laugh shouted, " Well, well, if it isn’t pretty little Evilena, stealing the museum’s collection. You’ll do time for THIS crime little lady.”

Evilena pondered this dilemma. The FIRST time she had tried to do something good, and RETURN a stolen item, this gung-ho wonder bitch wanted to lock her up. As she stared at the lovely, well-built girl in her red boots and gloves and her cute blue mini-skirt, she pondered her next step. How would she get out of THIS one?

But then something amazing began to happen. The Egyptian pendant she held in her hand began to glow with an eerie red light. She actually felt an almost-electric shock cursing through her body. And suddenly she KNEW. She knew that the magic of the Egyptian talisman was real. She felt her already considerable talents in mind control growing. It was almost as if she were able to reach out with her mind and touch the thoughts of Amazing Girl. Evilena had been an experienced hypnotist since she was young and that was one of the powers that made her so successful as a super criminal. But hypnotism and the power she felt growing within her now were two different things. Like comparing a dove to an eagle. She felt so much MORE powerful.

She flexed her arms, testing to see if her physical strength had grown as well. To see if her old skills at kick boxing and martial arts had somehow been made greater by this magical amulet as well.

In NORMAL times she would be no match for Amazing Girl. The tall, dark, beauty traced her lineage back to the Amazons of legend and wore a golden whip that had considerable magical powers. Evilena had been confronted by this raven-haired heroine before and had always come out second best.

Had it not been for Evilena’s considerable skills as a con artist, she would have been residing in prison this very moment, as a result of a previous meeting with Amazing Girl. But she had hypnotized a prison guard and escaped in a uniform that the entranced guard had given her.

Amazing Girl knew all this and felt confident that this confrontation would end with beautiful, blonde Evilena in a jail cell, again. Perhaps she was OVER confident.

Evilena’s green eyes sparkled with POWER as the magical transformation continued. SHE was the one woman in a generation that would be empowered by the magic of the pendant. THAT is why she had seemed to know exactly who had the jewel-encrusted sword. It was DESTINED to be hers.

Evilena looked at the muscular girl standing before her and felt ready to test her new powers. She spun around and put the tip of her own black leather boot right to Amazing Girl’s temple and the super heroine slumped to the floor, with a look of disbelief. Evilena COULDN’T knock her down, she was an ordinary thief, NOT a super powered being, like herself. But there she sat, cute little butt firmly planted on the ground, head spinning. That kick HURT!

“ What’s the matter Amazing Girl? Did I surprise you?”

“The sexy super heroine shook her head and struggled to her knees, " yes you DID Evilena, but you won’t do it again. Now YOU are in deep trouble.”

She reached to her waist to retrieve her magic whip and with a sudden move Evilena reached out and pulled it from her hand and tossed it across the museum’s marble floor. It slid out of Amazing Girl’s reach.

“I don’t think I want you to use the " golden whip of domination " on me Amazing Pet. I’ve got another surprise for you, too.” Evilena grinned, enjoying her newfound strength and power.

The sexy blonde villainess pointed her fingers at the kneeling super heroine and concentrated. As she KNEW would happen, golden lightning bolts came from her fingers and stuck Amazing Girl in the eyes. But the bright lightning didn’t seem to affect the red and blue clad woman’s vision. She felt it penetrate deep into her mind. It was as if Evilena had reached into her head and TOUCHED her brain. She felt Evilena manipulating her thoughts and feelings. She was terrified.

And it was true. The magic of the pendant had given Evilena the power to manipulate Amazing Girls very thoughts.

“Look at me Amazing Girl. Look into my eyes. The deep, green eyes of your new Mistress. LOOK INTO MY EYES!”

The Amazon Princess tried to resist but felt her eyes moving until all she could see were the deep green eyes of her blonde opponent. There she was, on her knees, unable to move. Capable only of staring up at sexy, black clad Evilena. Her eyes widened and she stared at Evilena’s beautiful, smiling face.

The blonde villainess reached into Amazing Girl’s mind and adjusted her thoughts, her emotions, as easily as a normal person bends a straw. And as she read the beautiful Amazon’s thought she discovered something. She discovered a secret only Amazing Girl had known up to that moment.

“Amazing Slut, who do you love?” She asked softly.

“You, Evilena.... I’ve loved you from the moment I first saw you.”

And now Evilena could free those desires. Amazing Girl would NEVER act on those thoughts. She was a confirmed heterosexual being, and besides... Evilena was a criminal. She couldn’t love a criminal. But the thoughts were there, hidden deep in her subconscious and Evilena had read them.

“I KNOW Amazing Slave, I know..... Keep looking into my eyes and feel me taking over your mind. You are helpless to resist me. My powers are so much greater than yours. Obey me Amazing Girl... obey Evilena... look into my eyes and obey....”

The Amazon blinked again and again trying to resist Evilena’s commands, but as each second passed she felt weaker and weaker. “” she whispered.

The beautiful blonde felt the dark beauty’s will collapsing and stared even deeper into her dark brown eyes.

“Yes my pet....yes.... no use trying to fight it. You will do exactly as I say. You have no choice.”

This time Amazing Girl could not even muster the strength to say a word. She slowly shook her head no, but her mind was having so much trouble fighting this gorgeous, black clad woman. Evilena’s will was so powerful.

“Surrender to me Amazing Puppet... give up to your new Mistress... give in... Say you will obey me... tell me you love me...”

Still on her knees Amazing Girl could only continue to stare into the bottomless eyes of her captor. She felt as if she were actually being pulled into those powerful, erotic, compelling eyes.

“Say it dear.... do as your Mistress commands....”

Slowly her full red lips formed the words, " I will obey... I love Evilena...I WILL OBEY.”

Evilena had won, the Amazon Princess was hers.

Evilena reach out and entwined her fingers in the hypnotized woman’s long, black hair. Then she slowly pulled the unresisting woman toward her lips. Evilena flicked out her tongue and darted it across Amazing Girl’s red lips.

“Uhhh... “, the gorgeous Amazon groaned. " I DO love you Evilena. PLEASE, kiss me...please...”

Roughly the blonde Goddess pushed her lips against her servant’s open mouth and invaded it with her stiff, darting tongue.

“Ohhhh,” Amazing Girl shouted as she pushed against her captor’s embrace. “Let me serve you, please Evilena... I MUST be your slave... I MUST.”

More than hypnotized, Evilena had altered the woman’s thoughts and emotions. She was Evilena’s little lesbian slave now and would do ANYTHING to please her.

“Then kiss my boot, Amazing Slave.”

The still kneeling Amazon lowered her head to the tall, black boots of Evilena and began licking and kissing them as if her life depended on the taste of the leather.

“Yes Goddess....yes...yes...yes....yes...” she repeated as she worked her way up the long boots towards Evilena’s pussy. “Yes...yes...yes...”

In moments she was running her tongue across the crotch of Evilena’s black costume and the blonde victor pushed her pelvis into the raven-haired heroine’s face.

“Oh...goddess...yes...yes...yes....” she shouted, “yes Evilena...”

“You’re a good little wonder slave, dear. Would you like to lick my pussy?” Evilena whispered as she pushed her costume aside exposing her erotic pussy.

Gratitude filled the eyes of the red, yellow, and blue clad slave. " Oh YES Evilena, I’d LOVE to eat your beautiful cunt. Thank You.....Thank You. “and she began to lick and kiss the blonde hairs around Evilena’s magnificent cunt.

As the slave girl continued to worship her new owner, Evilena ran her fingers through her black hair, “I want you to help me rob and steal. Will you help me do that?”

“Oh yes Evilena...I’ll do that for you...”

“I want you to be my little lesbian slut slave forever.... will you do that for me Amazing Girl?”

“Anything...anything you wish Mistress. I was born to serve you....”

“Then let’s go to my lair, Wonder Slut. I want to make love to you...”

A tear began to run down Amazing Woman’s cheek, she was so happy. " Yes Mistress,” she answered. " Anything you say, Evilena.”

Evilena pulled Amazing Woman up to her feet and steadied her. The Amazon was so excited that her legs were shaking. Evilena picked up the golden " whip of domination” from the floor and wrapped it around her new slave’s wrists and led her to the door. She put the Egyptian pendant around her slim neck and let the amulet fall between her perfect breasts.

“Let’s go, my slave girl, it’s going to be a long, long night.” She whispered.