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Evilena : Pet

Angela was strictly business. Until she met Evilena

Evilena : Pet

Angela sat at her desk outside Jonathon Welton’s office. Jonathon was a lawyer , and a very successful one, and Angela LIKED to think she was a big part of his success.

She did all his clerical work for him, served as his receptionist, and even did all his billing and bookkeeping . And she NEVER forgot to send an invoice . He liked to call her, his Little Tigress, when it came to following up on unpaid bills.

One afternoon she walked into his office and threw a thick file on the desk, " Jonathon, THIS client hasn’t paid a bill on over six months. I remember her coming in to see you for her first appointment, but since then , I know she hasn’t even visited the office, in person . And yet this file says you’ve served papers, filed suits, and functioned as a legal advisor for her and you’ve NEVER once generated a bill. I know I’m only your clerical help here, but this is NO way to run a business. This month you spent so much time on this woman’s legal business , you aren’t going to make ANY money, unless you get her to pay for the work you’ve been doing for her . And you are in business to make money, aren’t you ? ”

Jonathon looked down at the file and saw the label on it. It read EVILENA in big, bold red letters. “It’s OK, " he said, his eyes taking on a strange look . " She’s pro bono, " he continued with an odd , emotionless expression on his face.

Angela turned and walked out of the office with the file folder in her hand.

Later that day, when Jonathon was in court, she had a bright idea. She’d send a bill to this Evilena woman, and even if she paid half of it, it would contribute to this month’s profitability. As she typed the invoice and stuffed it into an envelope, she smiled to herself. Jonathon will be proud that I am making the office more profitable, she thought.

One afternoon , a few days later , Angela was closing up the office at the end of the day, and the main doors swung open. She heard the unmistakable click of high heels.

Angela put on her most professional receptionist’s expression and said, " Yes ma’am, what might we do for you today, unfortunately, it’s nearly time for the office to close, but perhaps if you could tell me the nature of your business I could schedule an appointment for another day ?”

Then she looked up and saw the client .

She was GORGEOUS ! A Gothic beauty of the sort you seldom saw away from the most chic , IN clubs and restaurants, or the cover of style magazines. The sexiest , blondest hair, streaming down her back, full lips an inviting dark red, and large eyes, the greenest of greens. She was wearing a long, leather dress, that accentuated her perfect figure. She was muscular and toned , but not TOO muscular. She was simply amazing and exuded an aura of power and smoldering sexuality that took Angela’s breath away.

“No!” she stated simply. " I’m here to see Jonathon He WILL see me.”

Taken aback by the forceful statement, Angela led the gorgeous blond to Welton’s door and opened it.

“ Hello my pet, " the woman said to Walton as he looked up from the papers on his desk and smiled at her. Immediately he took on that same strange and far away look he had on his visage when Angela had first mentioned Evilena.

This gorgeous woman , standing confidently in the office now, must be HER. It had to be Evilena .

The blond turned toward Angela and stated, " Please stay here a little longer Sweetie , I believe we have some billing questions to work out after my meeting with Jonathon is concluded.”

“Yes.” she unconsciously responded.

The receptionist frowned, she DIDN’T take orders from anyone other than Jonathon but she had already acquiesced to the request and had no choice now, but to stay until after Welton’s meeting with the gorgeous blond was over .

Evilena gently pushed the woman out of the door and closed it.

Angela rubbed her shoulder where Evilena had touched it, and it felt as if she had been touched by a cattle prod, the woman’s touch was simply electric. Her legs almost gave way as she collapsed back into the chair at her desk. She’d have to take a moment to gather her composure , she thought, so she could be more assertive and businesslike in her meeting with the woman. She assumed that they would be negotiating some sort of payment for the legal work she had received. She’d show her she was no “Sweetie” but an astute, assertive business woman.

She touched her tingling shoulder again .Had that been a STATIC discharge ? She made a mental note to contact the landlord about adding more humidity to the air conditioning system.

Only a few minutes passed before Jonathon opened the door of his office and walked directly by Angela and headed for the exit. Welton gazed straight ahead with no emotion showing on his face . He spoke as he passed by her desk, " I’ll be in tomorrow, help Mistress Evilena all you can, Angela, " he said dully.

She blinked, " Mistress ? THAT explained what was going on, this Evilena woman was no more than a common trollop and Jonathon was bartering his services for HER services . . Well, Angela would be able to barter with a more DETACHED position. She smiled to herself knowing she had done the right thing and that this might be a profitable month for the law office, after all.

Evilena walked up to her desk, then walked AROUND it so she stood over Angela, close to her roller chair.

“ NOW, we can finish OUR business, my dear. I’d like to discuss the invoice you recently sent.”

Angela smiled to herself. " Yes ma’am ? Was there something wrong with it ?”

“ Well, my pet. Nothing was WRONG with it. I just want to talk with you and discuss it. Just talk ......”

“First we talk. Then you pay, " she said with a confident smile .

“Oh My, you ARE a little Tigress aren’t you ? Going to make me pay ? Perhaps my little Tigress can both growl AND purr ? I’d like to hear you purrrrr for me, my Pretty ,” her lips sensuously curled as she whispered the word puurrrr.

Angela frowned, " Purr ? ”

Evilena was swaying her body, slowly, sensuously , to some unheard , hypnotic rhythm as she spoke . Angela looked up at her. The receptionist’s eyes took in the full beauty of the sensuous blond. She was dressed all in black, in a low cut leather dress, and suspended between her perfect breasts on a white gold chain was a red, dagger shaped crystal pendant. It’s dark crimson color was perfectly displayed against Evilena’s porcelain white skin.

Angela was immediately fascinated by it.... and Evilena. She stared at the pendant as the blond beauty spoke to her in soothing, comforting tones. The receptionist didn’t QUITE hear exactly what the words were , but she knew that she loved the sound of this woman’s voice.

“What are you looking at my little Tigress ? Is it my pendant. Do you like it ?”

With a far away look in Her eyes Angela responded. " Sorry, I just spaced out a moment, I wasn’t looking at your pendant..... i was looking at ... " her voice trailed away.

“ If not the blood red pendant dangling into my cleavage, then were you looking at my breasts , my little pet ? Do you LIKE to look at women’s breasts ?”

“ No ...I ... yes....No...” Angela stuttered, somewhat confused by the question, and even more so about how she DID feel about Evilena’s breasts. The receptionist was no lesbian, but she couldn’t deny that the closeness of this beautiful woman WAS having a surprisingly erotic effect on her. She tried to concentrate on the unpaid bill.

“Do you think I have pretty breasts, my little kitten ? Tell me what you think. You need to tell me the truth....” A graceful gesture with her hands drew Angela’s gaze back to her breasts.

“Well... er ... uh ... yes, you DO have.....uh ... uh ... let’s not talk about such things. Let’s talk about ... uh ... er....THE BILL. YES ! That’s it, the bill.” she repeated trying hard to focus on the conversation and not the erotically hypnotic woman , gently swaying so sensuously in front of her.

“That’s alright dear, I didn’t think you were staring at my beautiful breasts, I thiought you WERE looking at my pendant.” Evilena lifted the crimson crystal from between her breasts and held it by it’s slender , gold chain , directly in front of the wide open eyes of the fascinated woman . " Would you like to have a closer look ?”

Evilena slowly moved the red crystal dagger back and forth before the still seated receptionist as her pupils involuntarily enlarged in an attempt to gaze even more closely at the compelling jewel.

Angela’s eyes began to diligently follow the crystal as it moved back and forth .

“ Look at the crystal as it as it gathers the light and reflects it back into your eyes. Look at the red, red glow, my pet. Don’t look away. You can’t look away ......”

The transfixed receptionist stared up at the swinging jewel and continued to follow it’s steady , graceful motion back and forth ... back and forth ..... A cautionary alarm bell sounded in the back of Angela’s mind. A warning that something was happening to her. Something terribly wrong. She pushed her hands against the arms of the chair and tried to stand up. But her arms felt so weak. Weak and tired. She found she was unable to stand ... even to move. Her entire being was amazingly relaxed, yet sexually aroused as if she were falling under some sort of an erotic spell. She was suddenly concious of the fact that her nipples were becoming erect. What was this woman doing to her ?

“STOP IT ! " she screamed out in her mind, but the words barely escaped her lips in a powerless, almost silent, whimper.

Evilena lifted the swinging crystal so it was level with her own eyes and Angela obediently followed it’s movement until she found herself gazing at both the jewel AND the deep, hypnotic eyes of Evilena. A smile was on the gorgeous blond’s face. " Were you trying to say something, my dear ?” She said, chuckling at the receptionist’s difficulty in speaking.

“ I.... i .... i....” the confused girl stuttered, " i..........” as she remained frozen in her chair.

Now Evilena lowered the crimson pendant back into her gorgeous cleavage, but once the receptionist had looked into Evilena’s compelling eyes she couldn’t tear her gaze away from Evilena’s. The hypnotist’s mesmerizing stare held her immobile. Now the crystal had been replaced by Evilena’s deep, hypnotic, green eyes as the ONLY thing Angela could see.

The sensuous blond reached out and softly stroked Angela’s hair, relaxing her even more. The ever weakening girl felt as if she were actually losing her balance .... falling into Evilena’s gaze.

Now her mouth moved, but NO sounds escaped. She couldn’t remember what she was trying to say. All she could think about were the irresistible , mesmerizing stare that held her prisoner. She was rooted to her chair staring helplessly up at Evilena, paralyzed by her hypnotic gaze.

“ Just keep looking into my eyes, my pet. You can’t look away, can you ? No matter how hard you try you simply can’t look away ... and , my little kitten, there is no reason to struggle against me any longer... you know that you must keep gazing into my irresistible, mesmerizing eyes.... because you know that I am hypnotizing you ... mesmerizing you ... entrancing you ...and you WANT me to place you under my hypnotic control. It excites you ... you feel so sexy , knowing that you will be totally under my control. And as you continue to look so deeply into my powerful hypnotic eyes you find that my voice is caressing your mind and relaxing you ... more and more relaxed every second you look into my eyes. Just keep staring ....and as you look into my eyes ... and listen to my voice ... and feel my fingers stroking your hair and moving so softly in a slow gentle circle on your temples.....your eyes are getting heavier and heavier... so hard to keep them open ...but you can’t look away can you .... such a struggle ... so tired ... so weak ... but unable to pull your eyes away from mine ..... every moment more relaxed ... more submissive... more helpless....submitting ... surrendering .... falling under my hypnotic control ... helpless to resist .... so helpless ... so weak ... knowing you will soon belong to me ... and WANTING to belong to Evilena ... and your eyes are so heavy ... so verrrry .... verrryy heavy .... and the more you helplessly stare into my eyes the more you feel your mind open up to me .... you feel my power as it overwhelms your thoughts and allows ME to think FOR you ... my thoughts controlling you ... my thoughts becoming your thoughts ... so helpless... powerless ... and you WANT to let go and surrender to me now ... you NEED to surrender ... and the moment I command you to sleep you will fall into a helpless hypnotic sleep ... controlled by me ... my little kitten... my precious little Tigress unable to resist my powe docile ... so compliant ... so tired .... you ... may ... SLEEP ! ”

“No ... i ... must ....fight it ...” she whispered.

But her eyes slammed shut and her head slowly slumped forward onto her chest as the darkness came and she gradually lost consciousness.

Then, echoing somewhere in the distance, she heard a soothing voice telling her it was time to wake up... commanding her to wake up. Angela blinked open her eyes and saw Evilena’s lips moving. Had she been sleeping a minute or an hour? She had no idea.

“Wake up my little kitten. Awaken my helpless slave girl .” her beautiful full red lips formed each word so carefully and seductively . Angela was fascinated by her lips. The blond hypnotist was standing above her and she was kneeling respectfully , naked before the mesmerizing blond, except for a broad leather collar clasped around her neck .

Evilena’s lips curled up in an almost gentle smile as she quietly ordered Angela to rise . “Stand up Kitty Girl, arise my little pet.”

Angela gasped as she took Evilena’s hand and rose from her kneeling position. : “Oh Goddess... I feel the power of your mind INSIDE my brain. Controlling me. I know I can only think what you TELL me to think. What you ALLOW me to think. I belong to you Mistress Evilena.”

“Of course you do, Kitten. It was inevitable.” she smiled. " I wanted you. ”

The hypnoteuse reached down and picked up Angela’s panties which were lying at her feet. She waved the silken cloth below the helpless kitty’s nose and allowed her to smell her own sexuality. Angela mewed and purred her feline surrender. She FELT like Evilena’s pet.

Sensuously Evilena pushed a finger between Angela’s lips and into her mouth ,opening it, then slowly pushed the moist, fragrant panties into her open mouth. " MMMMM....mmfff... she struggled to speak, groaning and whining in helpless surrender to her Goddess.

With her free hand Evilena inserted a finger into Angela’s pussy ... then another...and another. She sensuously moved them in and out as tearfully Angela gazed deep into Evilena’s hypnotic green eyes, unable to break away from her gaze.

“ Cum for my now, my little kitty . Cum ! ”

An orgasmic scream , from deep with Angela pierced the air. Her eyes fluttered , her knees quivered and her breathing came in ragged gasps.

“Mine , my little kitten. MINE . You belong to me now just like Jonathon. Only a little pet. My obedient , mindless slave. Nod your head to tell me you have surrendered my pet.”

Angela felt so humiliated. There she stood, naked and helpless before a woman she had met barely an hour before, her own cum soaked panties stuffed into her mouth, her pussy being assaulted by Evilena’s irresistibly erotic fingers.

She began to cry ..

Evilena clipped a leather leash onto the collar around Kitten Angela’s neck .

Then she nodded.

She had surrendered .

She had no choice.

“Come with me , my little kitten.” the hypnotist commanded.

“Yes Mistress, " she purred.

Evilena turned toward the door and tugged on the leash, her naked kitten obediently following her out the office door. Not knowing where she was being led.

Not caring.