The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Evilena—Sweating in the Principal’s Office

Nearly a week had passed since Evilena had humiliated coach Sergeant in the weight room.

The story had gotten ALL around the big school quickly, and the students were starting to look at Evilena with a mixture of awe, fear, and envy. And the lovely young ,blonde, hypnotist didn’t mind it at all.

She had mesmerized the obnoxious coach on the spur of the moment, but she was intelligent enough to know when the story got around she might have to defend herself against any number of authority figures. So she spent the week reviewing and re reading all her books on NLP. mesmerism, mind control and hypnotism. She didn’t want to be caught by surprise, by any one. Not the police. Not the school authorities. Not by some minister or priest. No one.

When, near the end of the day the loudspeaker in her class room crackled to life and the disembodied voice in the speaker box asked that she report to the principal, Evilena was neither surprised nor afraid. She knew that once she had entranced the coach , publicly, she would sooner or later have to have a good story to tell as to what REALLY happened.

And she DID have a good story. And Evelina was prepared to tell it as only SHE could.

She was dressed in a short black skirt, and a tight pink lycra top that showed off her trim, athletic , young body to perfection . Her black high heel shoes accentuated her attractive legs . Around her neck she wore her favorite hypnotic bauble, the small, ruby encrusted dagger medallion. It had served her well before and she hoped it would protect her today.

She knocked softly at principal Heart’s door , walked in, and stood respectfully by the door , awaiting the instruction to sit down from the principal.

The principal, Ms. Julie Heart ,was an pretty redhead with more than ample breasts. She was very attractive but attempted to hide her beauty with conservative clothing, cautious hair styles, and she always wore a large framed pair of glasses calculated to give her a “bookish” appearance .

Heart looked Evilena up and down. " Your skirt is too short. Your top is too tight. And your heels are too high. All are violations of school rules. But sit down. We have OTHER things to talk about, young lady.”

“There it is again”, thought the lovely coed,” that young lady shit.”

Evilena moved toward a chair in front of Heart’s desk, but moved the wooden seat to the side of the desk so she could sit closer to the principal. She didn’t want to be too far away from her.

This caught the educator by surprise. Usually students wanted to be as far away from her as possible. She could be very intimidating. And she knew it.

“I want you to tell me YOUR side of what happened with Coach Sergeant last week. The stories are running wild around my school.”

The sensual young woman took a deep breath, smoothed out her short skirt, and then moved her hands up her blouse and started to fiddle with the chain suspending the medallion.

Her goal was to get the older woman to watch the movements of her hands.

“This makes me so nervous to talk about, Ms Heart. It was so awful. I felt lucky just to get away from him. I didn’t think anyone would believe what horrible things he wanted to do to me so I just kept quiet. But you are a woman ,you’ll understand. But I’m so nervous. I can hardly breathe.”

Evilena again gracefully moved her hands across her neck and chest as if to control her breathing, noting that the principal had already started to follow her smooth gestures with her bespectacled blue eyes. The young hypnoteuse started to manipulate the shining medallion, first by moving the silver chain around her neck and then by holding the dagger charm itself so she could direct the reflected red light directly into the unsuspecting redhead’s eyes.

Heart thought that Evilena was just another of the school’s sexy young sluts and that she had used her sexual magnetism to humiliate the stupid coach, but she did not suspect that the young woman was an expert at hypnosis. That was a BIG mistake.

Heart found her gaze focused on the dagger shaped medallion as Evilena skillfully manipulated it.

The red reflections flashed again and again across her eyes, pulling her gaze to the medallion.

“Please let me relax a moment Ms. Heart so I can get my breath. I need to breathe in and out. Regularly and slowly. Deeply. Slowly. Regularly. Without fear. In and out . Relaxing. Relaxing.”

While she slowly repeated the relaxing words, the comely coed directed the reflections from the red rubies across Heart’s eyes, evaluating the effect her voice and the flashing lights had on the woman.

The principal found herself taken by not only the beauty of the young woman but her silken voice and she barely noticed the red flashes regularly crossing her field of vision.

Evilena slowly lifted the necklace so the medallion was level with her deep green eyes. At the same time continuing to speak softly to the fascinated principal.

Heart’s gaze followed the medallion as it moved upward until it was directly adjacent to Evilena’s eyes. The principal’s own eyes then shifted back and forth between the red jewels and Evilena’s green eyes, not yet knowing which to stare at ,but knowing BOTH had a certain sensual beauty, a certain compelling attraction.

“It’s so important to relax. To breath deeply. To relax. And to listen to my voice. To look into my deep green eyes. To look and to listen. Look at Evilena . Listen to Evilena.”

Julie Heart now found her eyes were held by Evilena’s mesmerizing stare. The young blonde’s eyes were so amazingly deep and green. This girl seemed so much more mature than the rest of the students here. So in control.... Heart detected a strange humming sound in her ears but ignored it as she focused on what the beautiful young woman , sitting so close to her, was saying. It was so vital to listen to every word. It seemed like the most important thing she could that moment.

Evilena slowly rose from her seat and moved closer, still staring directly into Julie’s eyes.

“Keep looking and listening. You MUST keep looking into my eyes, dear. Aren’t they compelling? Aren’t they hypnotic? Aren’t they beautiful? Just keep looking and listening. Looking. Listening.”

Julie felt a funny tingle within her. It was almost a sexual feeling. A desire growing within her. But she never would have any desire for another woman, especially one of her students. And yet , this feeling continued to build. It was so confusing and made resisting the suggestions that the beautiful young woman was making to her so much harder. Confusion grew within her as the gorgeous student drew ever closer.

Evilena was SO close now. She reached out and gently traced circles on Julie’s temple with her soft ,warm, fingertips, still holding the principal ‘s gaze with her own compelling hypnotic stare. She now saw that the red haired woman’s eyes were completely fixed on her own and that she was breathing very deeply and regularly.

“That’s it, my dear. Keep looking . Keep listening. I will bring you pleasure that you have never known before . The pleasure of surrender. Surrender to Evilena. You can’t look away now. You try as hard as you can but you realize that you are no longer ABLE to look away from me. My eyes hold your gaze just as my voice holds your thoughts, You cannot look away.. You should not even try to fight me. It will give you so much pleasure just to surrender to me. To obey me . To obey Evilena. ”

Deep within the rapidly weakening principal’s mind she KNEW she should not do as this sensuous creature was commanding. It was wrong. Evilena was a student! Julie was in charge, NOT Evilena. But the longer she looked into the girl’s deep, smoldering eyes the more distant that thought seemed. Her deep , green eyes. were so beautiful, so compelling, so powerful. It WOULD be so pleasant to surrender her will to her. Let her do all the thinking. To obey her. To let the student take control.

“You want to obey me , Julie. You need to obey me. You must obey me. I am so strong and you are so very weak. So powerless before me. So submissive. You WANT to submit to me. You NEED to surrender to me. You MUST submit to me..... ONLY to me.....Tell me my dear , and you must answer truthfully, how do you feel... ?

Heart tried to sort out her thoughts. The beautiful , young girl had asked her how she felt. She had to answer. " Strange... weak ... funny inside ... I want ... I want ... I don’t know what I want ... please tell me what’s happening to me .” > Evilena smiled, knowing that Heart was very near total surrender.

“I am hypnotizing you, my dear, and there is not a thing you can do about it. You are falling into a deep, deep, hypnotic trance. A deep , warm, irresistible, hypnotic trance that only I can control. You CAN’T resist it, and it feels so good to surrender to it. Just keep looking deep into my eyes and falling under my power. There is nothing you can do to resist. You are falling under my power. Falling .... falling ... falling........”

Julie tried to form words. To answer. To disagree. To say something. But instead, a quiet moan escaped her lips . Then finally , softly... words escaped her lips, " Hyyyypnotiiiiiiiized...? Nnnn oooo....... Don’t.......... please stop ......” and then her voice trailed away .

“Now it’s time to put her asleep,” Evilena thought.

“ Julie , my dear, it’s no use. You can’t fight me . I am too, too strong. Even now you are beginning to feel so very sleepy. So very relaxed. It’s so hard to keep your eyes open. So hard to keep them open.”

The principal, still seated in her desk chair, looked up into the eyes of the beautiful student, standing before her, and felt so weak, so helpless in her presence. She felt she should do anything this lovely young woman told her. Her student was so much stronger than she was. Evilena had told... her that she was getting tired. Her eyes felt so heavy. She should listen.

“You feel so sleepy Julie. So drowsy. it’s so hard to keep your eyes open but MY lovely eyes hold your gaze. It’s so confusing. What to do? Look at my beautiful eyes, or go to sleep? You MUST try to look at my eyes .But you are so very, verrrrrrry tired.”

Again the principal struggled to speak, " sooooo tired....please......I .... I.......”

Evilena now cupped the unresisting woman’s face in her hands forcing her to keep staring into her hypnotic gaze. “As long as she is awake she must stare into my eyes, " Evilena thought. " My eyes will capture her will. She is so close to surrender now. So close .”

“You know you cannot resist me any longer, Julie. I am too strong. You are too weak. I am in charge. You MUST surrender to me. You are getting weaker and weaker as you continue to look into my deep. hypnotic eyes. I am hypnotizing you. You cannot resist my spell. You have no choice but to obey me. My will IS your will. And when I tell you go to sleep you will fall into a deep sleep of hypnotic surrender. Finally, totally and completely under my spell. Under my power and under my control. You will be my slave, Julie, just as you desire. Just as I desire. Evilena’s slave. You will finally belong to me Julie. All you need do is sleep....sleep...SLEEP!”

The helpless redhead’s eyes blinked closed.

Evilena stepped back and sighed .That had been exhausting. But the result had been just what she had expected . Another obedient slave, one of many who would eventually serve her.

She decided to take the principal deeper, because she was going to change her attitudes about Evilena, she was going to alter the woman’s very thought patterns.

“Julie, my dear?”


“When you speak to me, and we are alone, you must call me Goddess Evilena, do you understand that, my dear?”

“Yes, Goddess Evilena.”

The young hypnoteuse silently thrust her fist in the air in a sign of victory.

“Part of the pleasure you feel in surrendering to me is that you know you have always loved me. From the second you first saw me, walking in the hallways you desired me. You have always desired me. and now that you are under my control you are free to FEEL that love and desire. Now that I control you ,it all right to feel deep desire for me. To feel love for me. Because I am your Goddess. And it is right to worship your goddess.”

“Yes, Goddess Evilena, " Julie replied eyes still closed. She was now immersed in a world where her mind could ONLY listen and obey the beautiful, young Goddess. A Goddess who she desired, and loved, and worshipped.

Her breathing quickened as her mind fixated on the sexy blonde and her growing desire for her.

Julie moved her body around in her leather chair, feeling her own erotic desire building . The more she looked at Evilena the more she wiggled her ass in the chair, grinding it down, enjoying the feelings.

Evilena , once again moved close to the entranced red head and held her face so that when Julie’s eyes opened they would be staring directly into Evilena’s......mesmerizing orbs.

“Now, Julie, my dear. When I count three you will open your eyes and look at me. You will remain deep in this wonderful hypnotic spell of submissive pleasure. You will know that you belong to me . You will know that you will do anything I ask. Anything I command. You will be mine. Repeat your instructions now, my pet."”

“When you count three I will open my eyes, and when I see you I will be yours. I will obey you.”

“Good girl. One ... two ... three....” and Evilena snapped her fingers.

Heart’s eyes blinked open and she felt the warmth of Evilena’s hands holding her face. She found her eyes focused again on the blonde coed. She sighed, then groaned. “Oooohhhhhh....” she moaned , almost orgasmic ally, with her red lips parted sensuously.

She moved her face closer to Evilena’s and their lips brushed. Only six words escaped her lips. " I belong to you ,my Goddess.....”

Evilena held her hands and pulled her from her seated position then moved her hands to the woman’s shoulders ,and gently pushed her down. The school principal fell to her knees in a position of worship in front of Evilena, no longer even trying to resist. She KNEW she belonged to the lovely young coed. She KNEW she had been born to be Evilena’s slave.

The blonde student placed one finger under Julie’s chin and elevated her gaze so that once more their eyes were locked. The Evilena could almost feel the principal’s will being draw into her as they looked at each other. Each second brought more power to the sexy hypnotist and drained more strength from the kneeling red head.

“Let’s take off those glasses my little slave, shall we?” Evilena whispered as she removed the clunky glasses. Julie’s face seemed much prettier without them. " And this jacket, as well.” Evilena sighed as she helped the principal remove her suit jacket. She LOVED this feeling of total power.

“You really shouldn’t hide these, " the blond chuckled as she rubbed the now owned, principal’s breasts still encased in her blouse and bra. “Take all these clothes off. It’s SOOO warm in here. You must be sweating.”

Unable to even contemplate ignoring the order, Julie threw her clothing to the floor, first her blouse, then skirt, and finally the bra and panties. She remained in her worshipful position, now naked except for her high heels.

“Stand up, now slave Julie.”

The woman instantly obeyed , eyeing the young blonde lustfully.

As the two attractive women stood facing each other, close enough to feel each other’s body heat , Evilena finally realized how much taller Julie was than she. The educator stood at least 5′9″ plus the height of her shoes ,and Evilena a mere 5′4″.

But size, in this case meant nothing . Julie stared down at her youthful mistress, her new owner, totally submissive to the sensual blonde’s every wish.

Evilena walked around the entranced woman inspecting her property. The 40 something redhead was much more attractive naked than in her conservative attire. And Evilena felt so powerful looking at her naked, submissive slave. The principal was TOTALLY vulnerable this way.

The hypnoteuse sat down in the principal’s leather chair.

“Tell me dear, who told you about the , shall we call it INCIDENT, with the coach?”

“My son, Darren, Goddess Evilena. He is on the wrestling team and he told me what happened in the weight room.”

The dominant blonde filed THIS bit of trivia away in her mind. Young Darren and perhaps even Julie’s husband might be on Evilena’s list of potential slaves. It would be interesting to own an entire family.

“Julie, my pet, I’d like you to remember several things now. They will be UNBREAKABLE commands when I awaken you—I’ll tell you now , just in case I forget while you are serving me later.”

“Yes My Goddess.....your unbreakable commands.....”

“First, you will NOT now ,or ever ,want to punish me for ANY acts I do here at school. In fact you will continue to love, worship and obey me in EVERY way. I can do no wrong.”

“You can do no wrong, My Goddess.” Julie responded eyes fixed, staring adoringly at her Mistress.

“Second,” Evilena said in a soft erotic voice. " Whenever I say the words... ’ slave julie’ you will return to this obedient, submissive , entranced state immediately. Ready and willing to obey ANY command I give you.”

“Slave Julie.... yes, My Goddess.”

“Third, you are willing, NO excited ,to help me capture and enslave anyone . Your husband, your son, any of the other staff or students, ANYONE.”

“Anyone, My Goddess.”

“Now, my dear, it’s time to play a bit. Come to me and worship my feet. Take off my shoes and kiss them.”

Julie slowly walked to her Mistress and fell to her knees , kissing her shoes, uniting them and lavishing kisses on her sexy, painted toes.

“Ohhhhhhh, " the lovely principal moaned, excited by the feel of Evilena’s soft, warm flesh.

“Work your way up, dear.", Evilena commanded as she lifted her short black skirt.

‘It was clear that Julie had done this before. She slowly, with great erotic flair, kissed and nibbled her way up the student’s legs. She kissed and nibbled and tongued her way up to Evilena’s blonde delta and then worshipped at the lovely shrine.

Now it was Evilena’s turn to moan, " Good girl.......GOOD GIRL.....”

The seated student entwined her finger in Julie’s red hair and pulled her face level with Evilena’s own beautiful visage.

“ Kiss me, slave.”

Tears were forming in the principal’s eyes from the sheer joy of serving her Mistress as she softly touched her tongue to Evilena’s lips. Their mouths met and a warm, tongue swirling, open mouthed kiss followed.

Just the intercom on Ms. Heart’s desk buzzed and an electronic voice crackled. " Ms Heart, the Superintendent is here for his appointment, shall I see him in?”

Evilena leaned over and whispered into Heart’s ear, “Tell them this.”

They could continue this encounter later, now that Julie was enslaved , any time would do

The principal directed her voice at the intercom repeating the words Evilena whispered in her ear , " Wait just a few moments while I finish up with this discipline issue, have him take a seat, please .”

Only a few moments later ,a fully dressed administrator and her student walked out of the office. No one could tell what had happened. In fact the Julie herself, remembered only that she had a heart to Heart talk with the lovely blonde, student and that she had come to the conclusion that Evilena deserved MORE not less privileges.”

But the words ‘Slave Julie ’ lay buried deep in her mind like a land mine—just waiting for activation.

When the time was right.