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Evilena : Sweating in the Psychologist’s Office


Synopsis : The rules of the university require that you be evaluated by the school’s psychologist before you get approved for a scholarship to the prestigious school. Evilena came to her appointment , but who is evaluating who ?

Evilena : Sweating in the Psychologist’s office

Evilena was finishing her senior year of high school. She was preparing for entry into one of the best schools in the country, in the fall semester .

She could have used her considerable mind control skills to make sure her grades were high enough to enter such a school, but she hadn’t.

Evilena has studied hard and in spite of the fact that the school principal ( among several other faculty members) was her hypnotized sex slave she chose to study hard and learn in high school. In fact she had done so well that she had won a full four year scholarship, to the prestigious university she had chosen.

Then came the letter. On the embossed letterhead of the admissions office it said, " All scholarship recipients must complete an in-person psychological examination to show suitability for the rigorous requirements of the university, and such examination will be conducted by the university’s staff psychologist, Dr. T. Tiglao, PhD , in campus offices , located in the Psychology building .....”

Evilena carefully thought about what she should wear to this appointment. After all it was with a shrink, and EVERYTHING counted with a shrink . Should she dress goth , her usual attire ? Finally, more traditionally , she settled on a white blouse and tie , short plaid skirt and knees socks, with black shoes. She did her long blond hair up in youthful pig tails. Innocent, yet sexy. VERY sexy. No man could resist THIS look. She WANTED to go to this university.

A few days later Evilena presented her appointment letter to a secretary who was sitting at a small desk outside a door marked, Dr. Tivali Tiglao, PhD “. As soon as the pretty blond high school senior showed the secretary her letter the bespectacled young woman pressed a button on her intercom and announced the applicant’s presence.

She pointed toward the door and wistfully sighed, " Your turn Sweetie. Sadly , you are JUST what she is looking for.”

Evilena was puzzled by the remark, but turned the handle and walked into the richly appointed office.

Waiting, standing beside her desk , was a short, beautiful Asian woman. She reminded Evilena of the sexy actress Tia Carrere, only shorter. A walnut name plate on the desk identified her as Dr.T.Tiglao, the author of the letter.

The doctor was a woman . Evilena now thought the sexy schoolgirl outfit might have been a wasted effort and frowned.

The doctor was amazingly sensual, even without a word being spoken. She carried herself in a confident,sultry , erotic manner and was wearing a dark suit and white silk blouse with the shortest of short skirts revealing beautiful, well toned legs. Her long, lustrous black hair flowed down her back and her dark eyes sparkled as she smiled. Evilena couldn’t help but be attracted to her full, red lips and gorgeous face.

One look at Evilena and the woman too, was attracted, in fact, she decided she would seduce the girl and enslave her. This was nothing new . Tiglao had hypnotized and controlled students before, but none nearly as beautiful as this girl. She decided right at that moment that the young blond would be hers. She would OWN her.

Evilena had no idea of the danger she was in.

“Let me see,” she said glancing at a file on her desk, " Your name is Evilena, you are very bright, your grades are excellent, and you are VERY cute .”

The sexy shrink spoke softly as she licked her lips , " Please my dear, sit down here,” as she pointed to an upholstered leather chair next to her desk .

She walked slowly back and forth in front of the chair so young Evilena could fully view her luscious body and smell her erotic perfume. The dark beauty spoke in a mesmerizing cadence as she moved back and forth in front of her prey.

“I’m SO glad you were able to make it here for your appointment today. Most new students are afraid of visiting the school shrink , but there is nothing to be afraid of. In fact this SHOULD be a relaxing experience. V...E...R...Y.... relaxing. So relaxing , in fact, many of my visitors ... my patients ... even fall asleep in that big, soft chair. Don’t YOU feel relaxed dear ? So relaxed .... so relaxed.... and comfortable here in Dr. Tiglao’s safe... warm sleepy .. so sleepy .... here in Tivali’s chair ...”

To any one else all this talk of sleep and relaxation would have been an unexpected prelude to a deep , helpless, mesmerizing trance. It was a classic hypnotic induction. But The doctor obviously didn’t know that Evilena, herself, was an accomplished hypnotist. She had read countless books on the subject AND had hypnotized dozens of people . The student decided to play along and find out why the sexy Filipina shrink would try to , so quickly, and surreptitiously hypnotize one of her young patients.

In spite of that Evilena , through the power of suggestion , DID fell warm and safe , just as the doctor had prompted .

Tiglao stopped and stood directly in front of the chair , checked Evilena’s eyes ,and found them drooping lazily as if she were dropping off into a comfortable asleep.

“ Good girl, you are already starting to feel sooooo sleepy and your eyes are beginning to close, but look at me now, dear ... look at MY eyes, my deep, dark, compelling eyes and fall into their depths..... you WANT to close your eyes and go to sleep, but you feel you need to gaze into my eyes. Do you know why ?”

Evilena took advantage of the question, and , as if falling into a trance, responded slowly .” I need to gaze into your eyes because........because .....”

“Because you feel safe in them dear... safe in my deep ... dark....hypnotic eyes....” Tiglao confidently completed the sentence for the torpid teen.

“ I think you need to rest Evilena dear, You look very tired. I can see it in your eyes. I see it in YOUR eyes as you gaze helplessly into MY beautiful eyes. Oh so tired. You want to keep staring into my eyes. Keep looking. You NEED to keep looking into my eyes. You are losing yourself in the depths of my hypnotic eyes. It feels so wonderful, looking deep into my eyes and letting all the worries of the day melt away. All confusion melting away. Letting my dark mesmerizing eyes become your world. Letting my words become your thoughts. So easy to keep looking .... deep .... deep ... into my eyes......”

If Evilena , herself, had not been familiar with hypnotic inductions, she certainly would have already been slipping into a trance, so skillful was Tiglao. As she continued to gaze intently, the lovely blond student fortified her mental defenses but continued to look into Tivali’s eyes as instructed. And yet , the words seemed so captivating.

“ Soon I’ll let you close your eyes my pet. Soon. But for now just continue to gaze into my dark hypnotic eyes and relax .... and listen to my commands... you want to listen to my commands ... you need to listen to my commands...... you want to obey my commands .... you do so want to do everything I command. Look into my eyes and obey me, dear. OBEY ME ! ”

“O .... obey ....” the student answered, seemingly falling more and more under her control.

Evilena nodded in agreement and frankly wasn’t certain if she was just going along or was , in fact, slipping away. Tivali’s voice was so soft and soothing and commanding.

Evilena was concious of spinning helplessely into those gorgeous dark eyes and was feeling so dizzy. Maybe she DIDN’T want to fight this lovely, powerless feeling flowing over her. She felt she was floating on Tivali’s silk and honey voice . Maybe .....maybe ....

“Obey me dear... you MUST obey Tivali. You can no longer resist my will. You can no longer even try to resist my voice, and my will. My will is taking over yours. My will IS your will. Your thoughts are under my control. YOU are under my control. You are becoming my toy, my pet, my helpless can no longer keep your eyes open my little obedient puppy-girl . You NEED to surrender to me. Close your eyes now. Close them for Mistress Tivali ... close them.....and feel my power flowing into you feel so weak now ... you NEED to obey ...close your eyes..... ”

Evilena’s eyes slowly blinked once, then again , then remained closed .

The lovely psychologist got up and walked to the door, opened it and signaled for her secretary to come in. As the door closed, Tivali kissed the girl and and cupped her breast as she spoke to her.

The secretary didn’t resist. The kiss was a post hypnotic trigger that plunged her deep into an obedient trance.

“Look darling ... I’ve captured another little pet, this one is even prettier than you dear. Usually I only do this with my richest patients . like you pet, so I can blackmail them into giving me money. I find out their deepest , darkest secrets, the ones they they don’t want to tell their parents, while they are in my trance, then blackmail them. But this girl is so lucious I just couldn’t resist playing with her. I’m going to turn her into a little fuck toy, just like you , and there isn’t a thing she can do about it. Don’t be jealous dear, there will still be room for your lips on my pussy, and more important, room for your daddy’s money in my bank account, but for now I want you to go back to your desk and cancel all my appointments for this morning. I want to be alone with this little blond slut . She has a lot to learn, before she becomes an obedient slave like you. Now go my pet. Do as I say. ”

With that Tivali snapped her fingers, and without a word the secretary stiffly walked out to her desk , to mindlessly follow her mistress’ instructions.

The darkly beautiful hypnotist spun the thumb lock on the door, assuring that no one would interrupt her brainwashing of this newly captured play toy. She loved seducing these helpless teen age victims. It made her feel so powerful. Her pussy was already moist.

Tiglao walked to her desk and removed a velvet box which contained a large yellow crystal suspended from a fine gold chain. She had used this crystal to hypnotize others previously and was going to utilize it’s power to drive the young blond student into an even deeper trance. She moved close to her sleeping victim and held the jewel directly in front of her closed eyes and whispered irresistible commands.

“ You can hear my voice now dear , even though your eyes remain closed you can still hear my voice commanding you. My voice leads you. My hypnotic voice controls you . My voice is speaking the thoughts of your inner mind. My words ARE your thoughts. Let my voice penetrate deep into your mind , guiding you .... posessing you ... my voice is revealing your innermost desires. The desire to be owned by Tivali .. the desire to be my slave ..... Open your eyes now my pet and gaze at my magical crystal and fall even further under my power. Look deep into the crystal. No one can resist the crystal. You are helpless to resist . Look into my crystal. ”

Evilena opened her eyes , then slowly released her mind from the tiny recess in her brain where it had been safely hiding . She skillfully disenthralled herself from Tivali’s devious attempt to subjugate her will. Now it was her turn , her turn to weave a mesmerizing spell, she would turn the tables on this treacherous woman.

Their eyes locked and Evilena’s didn’t waver.

Tivali looked momentarily confused and then responded. She resorted to all the stratagems that had served her so well when previously entrancing her hapless victims. The dark hypnotist enunciated in mesmerizing speech patterns, moved her fingers and hands with hypnotic gestures , manipulated the mesmerizing crystal first faster then slower , first in the periphery of Evilena’s gaze, then in the center of her field of vision , she utilized every hypnotic trick and support she had ever learned or seen in an attempt to control this young coed, the first ever to try to resist her power.

All the while the blond teen’s powerful gaze remained locked onto Tivali’s eyes, pulling the Asian’s thoughts INTO Evilena’s mind , manipulating , probing , penetrating, more and more deeply into her psyche until at last she was at the very core of the psychologist’s brain.

Her powerful gaze held Tivali frozen, immobile.

Initially , full of arrogance , Tiglao refused to look away . Then more and more she found herself UNABLE to look away.

GREEN EYES . DEEP HYPNOTIC GREEN EYES. All she could see were Evilena’s infinite green eyes. Tivali felt trapped.

At first , Evilena could see fear entering the Asian beauty’s visage , and then submission as the sultry teen’s mesmerizing , fiery stare burned away Tivali’s will to resist.

To Tivali, it seemed their eyes were locked on each other for an endless time. In her mind, the girl’s mesmerizing , green eyes seemed somehow infinitely deep. She was lost in them. Defeated . Enraptured. Entranced by Evilena’s amazing , infinite eyes.

Evilena knew she had won the struggle.

Slowly, the young blond rose and walked around , to the back of the dark haired psychologist. She reached around from behind and enfolded one of the Asian’s full, firm breasts in each hand. She ran her wet, warm tongue salaciously up and down Tivali’s neck then whispered hotly in her ear.


Evilena then placed her hand on the woman’s shoulder and slowly turned her around so Tiglao was once again gazing helplessly into her deep green eyes.

“Submit to me. " she repeated.

And the Asian beauty fell to her knees.

“Embrace me.”

Helplessly, Tivali wrapped her arms around the blond’s trim torso and forced her face into the young girl’s delta, kissing and licking as if Evilena’s plaid skirt were a delicious meal and the shrink a starving woman.

Evilena smiled and pushed the kneeling woman away. “When did you first start preying on helpless young girls, you bitch ?”

“Almost as soon as I learned to hypnotize. I’d hypnotize professors to get what I wanted in college , then other students, men and women , then after I got my degree I enslaved one of the deans here to get this position. At first it was just for power and sex, then I thought of the blackmail scheme and I’ve made LOTS of money. But mostly, I just like to have pretty young girls lick my pussy.”

“Well,” said Evilena.” at least I can’t fault you there. But I don’t like the blackmail and the enslaving girls who haven’t done anything wrong. It’s cruel. Tell me about your secretary.”

The entranced Asian, still on her knees as if before her new goddess, replied, “Her dad is a rich politician and she came to me for help her after her boyfriend broke up with her . I turned her into my sex slave, and I make her live with me and pay my rent and be my maid . She was one of my first slaves here at this school and I’ve kept her as a pet for over three years. Funny thing is I don’t even let her remember anything about her slavery when she is awake . She just thinks I am blackmailing her. She thinks she is having memory problems now. Poor bitch. She’ll be my hypnotized fucktoy forever. Or at least until I get tired of her.”

Evilena thought about that and decided to change the young woman’s future. Tivali had enslaved her and Evilena would change that. But she knew, that at this moment only Tiglao could control the young woman. She was under Tivali’s spell.

“Tivali, what is your secretary’s name ?”

“It’s Dana.”

“Tell her to come in here and have her wait for new instructions. Do it Tivali. Do it now.”

To control people directly is one thing, but to control others through an intermediary is like the difference in pool between a sinking a ball straight in and a three cushion, two ball shot. This conversion would be a complicated bank shot.

Obediently , Tivali rose and went to the door, unlocking and opening it. She looked at Dana and told her, " Come in the office, Dana, and stand at attention. I am going to command you and you WILL obey.”

The entranced secretary immediately rose from her desk and walked mindlessly to the center of Tiglao’s office.

“Face Dana, Tivali.” Evilena commanded.

The two attractive woman stood close together facing each other.

Again Evilena walked up behind Tivali and pressed her breasts salaciously into the Asian’s back and moved her body erotically. . She reached around the dark beauty and started to massage her breasts and licked her ear. " Tell her that she must obey Evilena from now on.”

“ Ummmm.” the aroused woman moaned, " You must obey Evilena....must obey ....must obey ....MMMMMMm .... Evilena .... ”

Dana nodded.

“Tell her she is free from your control.”

“OOOOOhhhhh.....mmm.... you are free from my control....freeeeeee.......” Tiglao moaned almost orgasmically. Evilena’s touch was driving her crazy with lust, even in her hypnotized state.

Evilena stepped back. “Both of you face me.”

Like new recruits in some kind of erotic female army the two turned and stood at attention, awaiting further orders from their beautiful, blond drill sergeant.

“Tivali, Strip.” she commanded. " Dana. watch her.”

The two obeyed.

“Dana... as Tivali undresses her power over you subsides. With each piece of clothing she removes another part of her dominance over your mind disappears, and when she is totally naked, you will be free of her control. Do you understand ? ”

“Yes ma’am. I will be free.”

“And Tivali, with each piece of clothing you remove your submission to Dana grows. When you are naked you will realize she is your mistress. You will do as she says. You will be her servant. Do you understand ?”

“Dana’s servant....” she whispered as she continued to remove her clothes , piece by piece, dropping each to the floor.

Soon the lovely Asian psychologist stood naked before the two young women,and Evilena commanded , “Dana..... touch your new slave. Tell her she is yours. She is your property. Kiss her.”

The young secretary reached and grabbed Tivali by the hair on the back of her head and pulled her face toward her own, she covered her mouth as Tiglao let out a moan . “You are mine bitch. From now on you are mine. Say it slut , tell me you are mine. ”

“YOURS.” she screamed as Dana pinched her tender nipples.

Evilena took Dana’s hand in hers and moved it to Tiglo’s pussy, moving it back and forth , covering it with the moistness oozing from her cunt. Then she moved it up to Tivali’s lips, forcing the woman to taste her own juices.

“Tell Dana you LOVE being made into her slut.” Evilena whispered.

“Slut ... mmmmm ...ohhhhh .... Dana’s slut ... love ...Dana .... Dana’s slut .... mmmmm.....”

“Good girls, " whispered a smiling Evilena. Now I’m going to leave and you two are going to have erotic, stimulating sex. Dana will be in charge, as she now will be in everything. Tivali will obey her every command. And Tivali, you will NEVER take advantage of any of you patients again, and Dana will make sure of that.”

And by the way , after you two get dressed again , you will fill out the approval form for my enrollment but all that you will remember is that I visited today , and that I am very beautiful. But if I ever say the words, " Evilena’s mesmerized pets” to either of you, you will fall back into this deep, obedient hypnotic trance and will obey my every command. Do you BOTH understand ?”

“Yes , Evilena, " the duo replied in unison. " We are Evilena’s mesmerized pets.....”

As the lovely blond turned and exited the office she could hear their moans of pleasure.