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Evilena : Rent Control

Synopsis : Shopping for Real Estate can be challenging for a certain charmed and fiesty actress

It probably should never have happened.

Two upscale househunters allowed to visit the same,unique ,upscale piece of property.

Especially alone.

Especially when one of them was that actress we all know from that sexy California teen show and later from the the witchy adventure. Shauna may not have been able to keep an acting job because of her bitchy attitude, but she had saved her money and could buy almost anything she wanted. She was beauitiful and rich and ALWAYS got what she wanted . And she expected it that way !

When Miami’s Season’s Hotel and Towers advertised in the LA papers that they were selling 80th floor penthouses with the east coast’s sexiest view of the ocean, Shauna wanted one. And beautiful Shauna always got what she wanted .

Later that same day she flew to Miami on her private jet and was limoed to the property.

When she walked into the ornate lobby and saw the 80 foot waterfall she was hooked.

She contemptuously waved away the sales agent with a dismissive hand gesture, and rode the private elevator , by herself, up to the penthouse floor just to make sure that the condo itself was as classically fabulous as the rest of the building. If it pleased her she was going to call her business manager and arrange the immediate purchase.

She made a mental note to herself as she slowly ascended , make sure they speed up the elevator, it was much too slow.

Then the ornate doors slid open and revealed the most amazing penthouse she had ever seen, with a glorious view of the Pacific ocean through the floor to ceiling windows.

But there, standing, looking out the window was a sensuous blonde , dressed in a black, slinky outfit..

Shauna had yet to tell anyone she even was considering the purchase of the unit but already had a possesive feeling about “her” property.

“You ! Blondie ! What are you doing in my condo ?” She shouted.

The gorgeous woman slowly turned around and smiled. It’s not yours, dear. It’s the only one left unsold and I’m LOOKING at it .”

“Well bitch, my name is Shauna and I’m famous and I want it, so you can’t have it. YOU’LL have to leave. Get out now.”

It a sultry, measured tone the blond responded. " My name is Evilena and I really don’t care WHO you are, and I may not even want the apartment, but NO ONE talks to me like that.”

“Get used to it blondie, I’m going down to the lobby to the sales office to buy this place and you BETTER be gone by the time I come back or I’ll slap you silly , just like I did to that girl in the bar ! I’m SURE you read about it .”

Evilena laughed to herself,she knew the out of condition actress would have NO chance against her in combat.

“ I’ll do you one better, I’ll leave with you. Let’s Go.” But her mind had already developed a plan.

The two attractive women stepped back into the elevator for the long ride to the lobby on the ground floor.

Shauna pressed the “L” button and stared straight ahead,with a confident smile on her face, pretending not even recognize that Evilena even existed.

But the sultry blonde spoke to her in a soft and silken voice , “This elevator is so slow, and all there is to do during the ride is look at the lights as they blink on each floor. You have nothing to do but look at the lights blinking down the numbers.... 80 ... 79 ... 78 ... slowly going down .... fascinating lights .. blinking ... nothing else to do but look .... oh you CAN listen to my voice too Shauna dear ... look at the lights and listen to my seductive .. restful ... mesmerizing voice and look at the lights......72 ... 71 ... 70 .... ”

Evilena looked over at the raven haired beauty and saw that she was, indeed, focused on the lights and her gaze was locked on the sequentially blinking numbers. Just as she had wanted.

“In fact you feel as if not only the elevator but YOU were slipping down the dark shaft .. can you feel yourself slipping deeper and deeper ... watch the lights .. listen to my voice ... and go deeper and deeper into the dark shaft ..... 62.... 61 ... 60 ... 59 ... listen ... look .... deeper .... deeper.... " Only a few seconds had passed and already Shauna’s eyes were wide open and unblinking, staring at the lights. And although she had no idea what was going on she felt quite comfortable listening to the beautiful blond woman as she counted downward. And Shauna felt so sleepy ... so ... sleepy.

“Deeper Shauna ... you mind is going deeper ... deeper into a hypnotic trance .... just as the elevator is slipping down ... YOU are slipping down .. deeper and deeper into a hypnotic trance.... MY hypnotic trance .... Evilena’s hypnotic trance ... 45 ... 44 ... 43.... deeper ..deeper ...42.... 41 ....”

The actress’ mouth was slightly open and she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the lights. Had the woman said hypnosis ? Is that what was happening ? She should FIGHT ! But this felt so good just slipping down ... no ... no ...must resist ...

Evilena noted that Shauna seemed to be struggling against the spell. " Don’t fight it dear ... you know you must fall into my hypnotic spell... you can’t resist my power..”

The dark woman’s lips struggled to move..“ ..must ...”

“You must obey..... dear ... you must obey ... deeper and deeper under my spell ..unable to resist ... unable to fight my will weak ....unable to resist ... obey...25 .. 25 ... 23 ... deeper... deeper...deeper...

“ I ... i ...i ....”

“I must obey ... tell me that you are under my power ... obey....19 ...18 ... 17 ...deeper and deeper under my control ....obey ...say it ...obey....”

Shaun felt all will to resist slipping away... this woman was taking over her mind and as much as she WANTED to she could not fight her... I... I.... I... will ... obey....”

“Good girl. It makes you happy to obey me... it feels so good to be under my control ... and you are slipping further and further... watching the lights ... slipping down ....10 ..9 ..8... and when the lights reach L you will be totally under my control...say it dear ... totally...”

“totally .......” Shauna whispered.

“3 ...2.....L.....mine now... tell me you are mine...tell me... " Evilena said as the doors slowly slid open.

“Yours.” was Shauna’s emotionless response as Evilena reached out and touched the button marked 80 to return the elevator to the top floor. And as the door slid shut the last shred of resistance left Shauna’s mind. She WAS Evilena’s.

“ Now turn and look into my eyes dear, you must look into my eyes .... all you can feel as you gaze into my eyes is your will being broken ... you feel yourself being drawn into my eyes ... all you can feel is the emptiness in your mind ... an emptiness that can only be filled by my power ... drawn into my eyes .... more and more under my power .... wanting to obey ... needing to obey only me ... drawn into my eyes .......only Evilena can fill the emptiness in your mind ... only obeying your owner Evilena can fill the emptiness in your mind ......

tell me ... what must you do my dear ? ”

“o ... obey ...obey Evilena.” she stuttered, uable to pull her gaze away from the blond and beautiful hypnotist’s.

“Good girl ... your mind is like an empty glass and my power is filling it ... filling your mind .... my words and my commands are filling your mind will do as I say ... you will feel as I tell you to feel ... nothing more power filling your mind know when you are in my presence you are nothing but my slave ... my pet ... you must obey my every command.... do as I say .... you are nothing .. and you are so happy to serve me to obey me ... mine to command.....”

“y...y...yours to command, " she whispered staring vacantly into her Mistress’ eyes.

“Good pet, " Evilena said as the elevator doors once again opened to the penthouse suite. She took Shauna by the hand and lead her to the center of the living area and tenderly cupped her face between her soft hands, forcing the actress to once again stare into Her hypnotic eyes. " I want you to tell me you are mine dear.... tell me that I own you. You are nothing but my slave. Tell me.”

“ I am your slave....only your slave, " she whispered.

“Well Shauna , slaves NEVER should be dressed in the presence of their owner’s should they ? Why are you dressed ?”

The hypnotized woman looked down at herself and appeared surprised at her own clothing. Immediately she tugged at her designer outfit and let it fall to the floor, then she removed her bra and panties and allowed them to fall as well. She stood before the hypnotic blonde clad only in sheer stockings, and her black high heeled shoes.

Evilena smiled, " And you know a slave should kneel before her Mistress don’t you, Slave Shauna ?”

The mesmerized beauty nodded in agreement and fell to her knees.

“Now we have to get some commands straight in your mind dear. Commands you are unable to remember when you are awake, but unable to forget when under my hypnotic spell. Do you understand ?”

“Yes, Mistress.” she nodded.

“Soon I will awaken you from this trance and you will do just as you intended, buy this penthouse immediately. But even after you awaken you must remember that when I say the words ‘rent control’ you will immediately fall into this same irresistible hypnotic trance where I am mistress and you merely a slave. Tell me you understand, slave.”

“Evilena is Mistress .... I am slave....”

“Good slave girl. When you bring in your interior designer to redecorate this condo you will include in the plans a maid’s room. This is where YOU will reside whn I am present. You will be MY maid.”

“Yes... your maid.”

Evilena chuckled at how quickly this arrogant woman had become her obedient slave, " and a maid MUST submit to her Mistress’ desires in every way dear . You will submit and do my cleaning...”


“ And my cooking ....”

“ your cooking...

“And you will be my sex slave ....”

“your sex slave ....”

“Because you are my maid and you love me ...”

“because I love you Mistress....”

“Good girl, " Evilena whispered as she reached down and kissed the actress full on the lips, entwining her tongue with the mesmerized beauty’s.

Shauna started to moan with excitement as she returned the kiss with the passion only a loving slave can know... “mmmm ..... oh Mistress...” she mumbled.

Evilena pushed her shoulders down and the hypno-slave started to kiss the blond enchantress’ shoes and feet, totally excited by the fair haired hypnotist’s sensualityand power. Her nipples hardened. Her pussy began to drip . Her moaning became constant.

“Cum.” Evilena commanded and Shauna fell to the floor , writhing in passion, screaming in delight.

“AAAAEEEEEYYYYYAAAA ! “: She scremed as she climaxed at her Mistress’ command.


CUM ! ”

“ Finally Evilena whispered, " you may stop now slave..... but remember you may only cum at MY command. You are totally mine. Mind, body and soul.”

Spittle dripping from the corner of her mouth Shauna echoed Evilena’s command, " Mind..... body .... soul ...yours....”

The blond hypno-domme knelt beside her newest slave and ran her fingers through the dripping wet dark hair, " I am leaving now dear and exactly two minutes after I am gone you will awaken. You will remember NOTHING about our time together and be surprised that you are naked. But you WILL remember my post hypnotic suggestions, and ANY time I say the words ‘Rent Control’ you will again be under my power. You WILL remember.”

““Rent Control ... Mistress ... Obey ... Love ....Evilena ... obey ...obey ... obey ....” the totally submissive woman repeated over and over as she rolled on the floor ,playing with her pussy.

A smiling Evilena watched as the elevator doors once again slid closed.