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Evilena vs Miss Masque—Secret Identity


Synopsis : Evilena takes a Canadian vacation and runs into the Canuk Super heroine Miss Masque.

Super heroes and heroines often have " secret " identities. But are they TRULY secret ?

Alfred knows that millionaire Bruce Wayne is Batman. Lois Lane knows that reporter Clark Kent is in actuality Superman. Mary Jane knows that her husband Peter Parker is really her friendly neighborhood Spider-man and the Lovely Margo Lane is fully aware that Lamont Cranston is the man who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men... the Shadow.

But NO ONE knows the hidden identity of Miss Masque.

The Canadian born Diana Adams is a sexy young socialite who is interested in nothing more than cocktail parties, formal balls , dining with the “ladies that lunch” , and club openings. But when danger threatens she transforms into a highly respected and deadly crime fighter. Her sexy uniform consists of a short red miniskirt, a matching red , midriff baring top, red high heel shoes , matching gloves and a crimson hat.

The hat and bodice of the scarlet costume bears two yellow insignia forming the letters ‘MM” so even the dullest of criminals can identify her as Miss Masque.

Her civilian pursuit of hedonistic pleasure takes her all around the world, so her alter ego , the crimson crusader , Miss Masque , might appear in any location around the globe.

Armed with two silver plated , pearl handled, automatic pistols, this heroine more often than not , like her friend Bat-man , utilizes the amazing skills she has aquired in any one of the dozens of unarmed combat arts she has mastered to thwart hapless criminals . But she IS an expert in use of the handguns as well.

Her brief , tight costume, well conditioned body, hazel eyes and honey blond hair have made her the center of media attention and the subject of the wet dreams of an untold number of young boys , and if truth be told, their fathers and mothers.

She holds her real identity a guarded secret to protect those dear to her.

NO ONE knows the hidden identity of Miss Masque.

During the warmest months of the year, Evilena the erotic villianess, decided to visit Toronto Canada to ply her criminal trade, because she was partial the climate in the cosmoplitan northern city . Little did she know , that just as in the more southern American cities , there would be at least one Super heroine to try to stop her nefarious activities . Having defeated and enslaved sexy crime fighters Amazing Woman, Super-Girl, and Mary Mar-vel, she falsely assumed there were no super heroines left to stand in the way of her scandalous criminal activities, so she left the super heroine harem in her penthouse headquarters in Fawcett City, and headed north.

Taking up occupancy in the the most expensive suite in the luxury Sutton Place Hotel in downtown Toronto, Evilena relaxed in a giant hot tub as she scanned the society magazines seeking potential targets .

One of the stories that immediately struck her eye was the HUGE eight page spread in Toronto Now Magazine , covering a charity ball held in the palatial suburban home of a socialite named Diana Adams. As part of a charity auction she had purchased a four million dollar ring , and a color picture of her displaying the huge stone on her delicate finger was the centerpiece of the story.

Evilena smiled to herself , knowing that she would soon get to see the Adams mansion in person , and it’s high security safe would be no obstacle to her wearing the lovely ring herself. The thought of a diamond bigger than any P Diddy had ever owned made her happy ...very happy.

After a sumptuous dinner , Evilena drove her rented Corvette convertible to Oakville , one of Canada’s richest cities, and looked for Diana’s home. . With little trouble she located the mansion shown in the magazine and parked her car a few blocks down the tree lined street. She then furtively walked to the wall surrounding the grounds of the home and skillfully scaled the stone parapet. Her black skin tight outfit camouflaged her in the night’s darkness.

Silently, she crossed the huge lawn and then, after decommissioning the alarm system , she skillfully picked the lock on a rear entry of the huge home to gain access.

Quietly, the sexy super villianess crept through the first floor of the mansion, finally locating a huge walk in safe. Utilizing skills honed from years of burglaries, she twisted the dial, literally FEELING the tumblers fall into place, and pulled the door open.

There, on a shelf was a large box marked “RING” which she picked up in Her gloved hand.

Suddenly the lights switched on, and there , standing in the middle of the room was the attractive crime fighter , Miss Masque. But Evilena had no time to admire her beauty. Her pistols were in her hands and the sound of bullets careening off the metal door on the safe could be heard above the explosive sound of the gunfire.

Clinging to the box, Evilena jumped through a closed window, leaving a puddle of broken glass on the lawn outside the home, and fled into the darkness

Cursing as she ran, the blond villianess thought that even with her amazing powers, the impact of gunfire on her body was NOT an experience she wished to explore. " Damn” she shouted, " I’ll get that bitch. NOBODY shoots at me. But, at t least I got the ring, " and gracefully leapt back into her car and sped onto the nearby highway, escaping the costumed heroine , who was pursuing on foot .

Later, that night , in her suite, she opened the box she had stolen and was irate to see that instead of the diamond ring she expected there was a DVD , marked “RING Charity Ball” inside the box . Angrily, the super criminal picked up the silver disc and was about to throw it across the room, when the thought struck her. " If this video is hidden in such a safe place it must be very valuable for some reason.”

Hastily the blond vixen placed the disc into the player in the room and pressed the start button on the remote .

It was a security surveillance recording of the party that she had read about in the magazine .

The pan and tilt camera kept a silent watch on the crowd as they drank Cristal and ate caviar. Then Evilena stopped and rewound a section of the recording again. There, in an upper corner of the screen was an image of the super heroine Miss Masque entering the palatial mansion by a rear set of French doors and walking unobserved into an interior room of the home. Then , only moments later , the hostess, Diana Adams , exited the same door and instantly became the center of attention of all the guests.

Evilena’s mind whirred and almost instantly , she had a plan !

She remembered from the magazine story that Adams lunched at the Sasur Restaurant in a downtown neighborhood every Thurday, with a group of society ladies, whom the periodical had dubbed, " the ladies who lunch.” And tomorrow was Thursday.

The next day , around one o’clock she had staked out a table in the expensive eatery, near the ladies room, not her usual location of choice. But when Adams excused herself to go to the “little girls room” , Evilena was in a perfect postion to observe her maovements and unobtrusively follow her in, quickly she flipped the thumb lock on the door assuring a few moments of privacy for the two beautiful blonds.

Moments later, as the lovely young socialite stood before the sink in preparation to washing her hands she looked into the mirror and there stood the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, intently watching her.

The woman, dressed in black, held up a red , jeweled pendant next to her eyes and pushed her warm, voluptuous body into Diana’s back and whispered in her ear... " My eyes dear... look into my eyes....see how the red pendant reflects in the mirror and my eyes ... the red glow comes at you from all directions and you can’t look away ... obey Evilena... you can’t resist...obey Evilena...”

Instantly Diana was enveloped by a feeling of vertigo ... dizziness... uncertainty. She looked into the morro’s reflection of Evilena’s deep green eyes and was paralyzed. Caught by surprise, with with her defenses down , she was no match for the mystical hypnotist.

The mesmerizing master criminal reached around and softly caressed Adams’ breeasts as she whispered hot, hypnotic commands into the helpless woman’s ear, and felt her will power fading as she continued her psychic attack,

New... erotic ... unthinkable thoughts filled Diana’s mind and she heard a her own voice echoing within her mind .... " Submit ... mistress ... slave ... obey .. submission ... ... obedience ...surrender ... succumb ... obey ... slut ... fucktoy ... pussyslave ... hot ... horny ... nasty ... submissive ... obey ....obey ... obey... slutslave ...pussy ... pussy ... i love the smell of hot pussy ... owned ... owned by Evilena....”

Her own words urged on by Evilena’s commands, seemed to be overcoming her resistance .

She turned and fell to her knees , burying her face in Evilena’s pussy as the blond hypnotist laughed. " My thoughts have become YOUR thoughts , my dear.”

“Obey ... obey ...obey ... obey ...” echoed deep within Adams’ subconscious.

Evilena entwined her strong fingers in the kneeling woman’s blond tresses and pulled her closer.

“Obey Evilena my new little slut toy” she whispered,“obey.” Her irresitible hypnotic spell enveloped the kneeling woman.

When Diana returned to her table , she was a bit disheveled and flushed. Her friends laughingly inquired, " Where have you been dear ? It’s been nearly a half hour !”

The blond socialite scoffed at their questions, " No it hasn’t I just was away a minute or so.. let’s finish up, I have some important shopping to do today,” and smiled her best vacuous, socialite smile.

Little did the women know she was heading home to go on crime patrol.

Sitting quietly , in the special room of the mansion which served as the nerve center of her information gathering operation Miss Masque monitored a police emergency broadcast. The First National Bank of Canada was being robbed by a gang of thieves.

Moments later the crimson crusader, Miss Masque pulled up on the scene in her Masquemobile, even BEFORE the police arrived, and jumped out. Just then the gang of thieves ran out the front door of the bank holding sacks of money stolen from the financial institution.

Confronting them the blond superheroin punched, kicked, and chopped , rendering all the members of the gang unconcious within moments.

As the defeat of the gangsters was in progress a camera truck from a Toronto TV station rolled up and started broadcasting the video of the combat. A super heroine in short a skirt fighting robbers was ALWAYS a good lead story for the evening news.

Then everyone was startled by the appearance of ANOTHER costumed blond. It was Evilena, dressed in her black, tight catsuit and boots.

At first ,everyone thought Miss Masque had a junior ally on her side, but then, the black clad blond pushed the crimson crusader away from the criminals with a quick spinning kick and suddenly Miss Masque was sitting, embarrassingly, flat on her rump in front of Toronto’s newest super villain.

Quickly she stood up and took a fighting stance. This bitch wasn’t going to embarrass her on TV. She would pay for that assault.

“ Now YOU are going to jail , as an accomplice to this bank robbery, to say NOTHING of assault on a duly deputized officer of the law. Hitting me is like hitting a Mountie. You’ll do some serious jail time.”

“Evilena laughed at her Dudley Do Right dialog. " I don’t think so , " She said, " It’s YOU , my dear that is a prisoner. A prisoner of my mind.”

Now it was Masque’s turn to laugh. " Prisoner , my ass. " she whispered under her breath so the microphones could not hear her untoward language, then louder, " Just surrender, whoever you are and I’ll turn you over to the police when they arrive. It will go easier on you if you give up. ”

Evilena took a step towards the crime fighter and withdrew the red pendant from it’s resting place on a golden chain suspended between her luscious breasts. She held it up to Masque’s eyes and said. " REMEMBER what you are my dear. REMEMBER.”

Miss Masque stood in front of the sensual villain in a victory pose, hands on her hips, but her eyes became vacant.

As much as she tried to concentrate on attacking the beautiful bank robber , other thoughts were running through her mind.

“Slut toy ... slave ... obey Evilena ... fuck toy ....submissive ... Evilena’s slut ... obey ... obey .... obey .....surrender ... submit ... obey ...slut ... Evilena’s slut ...Evilena’s slut .... Evilena’s slut ......”

Then the thoughts in her mind became words and she shouted. “SLUT . I AM EVILENA’S SLUT. I MUST OBEY EVILENA.”

Simultaneously she fell to her knees and crawled to her conqueror and and placed her face in the crotch of Evilena’s catsuit and began to weep in abject surrender.

“ Now” said Evilena to the gathered cameras , " Miss Masque will display her devotion to me by displaying her identity. Diana . Stand up and show everyone who you are.I command you ! ”

This was the only secret Adams had. All who had ever even attempted to unmask her previously had met with stern punishment . Her identity was HERS.


Slowly she rose, face blank and emotionless , eyes vacant, and threw her scarlet hat to the street , then she ripped off her mask and walked to the closest camera , showing her face to everyone in the viewing audience .

Alfred knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Lois Lane knows that reporter Clark Kent is in actuality Superman.Mary Ann knows that her husband Peter Parker is, in reality her friendly neighborhood Spider-man and the Lovely Margo Lane is fully aware that Lamont Cranston is the man who know what evil lurks in the hearts of men ... the Shadow.

But EVERYONE knows the secret identity of Miss Masque. She is Diana Adams, Evilena’s lesbian slut slave, and the newest member of her gang of gorgeous super criminals.

Unfortunately for the police , no one knows WHERE she is.

Except, Amazing Woman , Super—Girl, and Mary Mar-vel.

And , of course, Evilena.