The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Evilena—Sweating In TheWeight Room

Don Sergeant stood silently before the beautiful, young student. He gazed helplessly into her hypnotic eyes and could not look away. His palms were sweaty. His heart palpitated. He felt as if one of the earth’s tectonic plates had shifted in his heart. He was hopelessly in love with her and knew he would do anything to please her.

He would kneel before her as if she were a queen.

He would kiss her hand..... her foot ..... her ass.... He would do ANYTHING.

Evilena had seen Coach Sergeant instructing the boy’s wrestling team as she worked out, alone, in the gym. In fact , at one time, Don had approached her and asked that she re schedule her workout time so that she would not be in the gym at the same time as the wrestlers, because when the lovely , blonde coed was around the team couldn’t concentrate on their skills. They ALL just watched the sensual, young , athletic, student as SHE went through HER work out.

She didn’t mind that, but, frankly it made her uncomfortable that they ALL stopped doing their exercises and stared just at her. She knew she was beautiful, but enough was enough.

She was working out with the free weights in the school’s weight room when Don approached her again. He pointed his finger toward the door and spoke, " OK , little lady, time to skidaddle. The boys are going to use the weights now and I want you out of here.” Now she had been happy to co operate once, but this was too much. She WASN’T going to be run around the gym by some half baked, half assed coach, just because he couldn’t handle his team.

“No, I don’t think so. coach. I moved for you before, but this time YOU can reschedule YOUR work out. I’m here. I’m staying.” The sexy blonde said, smiling at the coach.

Sergeant moved closer and his expression grew dark. " Look , bitch. The weights are for the MEN. Not for little girls. You ARE going to leave, and you will do it NOW.”

Evilena lowered her back onto the bench and snapped off a set of ten bench presses with 200 pounds on the bar and then lowered the weights back onto the bench rack. The she sat back up and fixed the coach with a compelling stare. “Maybe we can work out a compromise... when will your boys be here to use the equipment?”

“In about a half hour, young lady.” he responded.

Evilena didn’t know whether ‘bitch’ or ‘young lady’ pissed her off more.

“ Good, that will give me enough time to do what I need to do,” she said as she walked over to her gym bag. Don couldn’t help but notice how sexy the student looked, dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. Just a work out suit to some, but on her it was extremely erotic. As he watched she rummaged through the contents of her bag and removed a long silver chain bearing a silver, highly polished, medallion, in the shape of a dagger with blood red rubies as decorations on it’s hilt. An item she had used before for the same task which she was going to undertake now, here in the weight room.

Had Sergeant known a little more about the beautiful, powerful, student now standing before him he might have been more cautious about his language. Evilena DIDN’T like being called a bitch. And she wasn’t going to accept that kind of abuse from a mere man.

Although still young, Evilena knew she had a certain erotic power over men ( and women). Her beauty, her voice, her mesmeric skills had all been utilized sucessfully, before.

Even when she was a youngster she had experimented with hypnosis on her baby sitter, causing the hapless girl to do many humiliating things, and then to forget what had happened. Evilena had honed those natural hypnotic talents by reading all she could on the subject and taking a number of psychology courses, and recently she had successfully taken a number of her fellow students under her hypnotic control.

She knew she was a gifted hypnotist, and soon Don , too, would learn exactly how powerful this attractive young girl could be.

She walked up to Sergeant , holding the chain in her hands so the polished surface of the ruby encrusted dagger would flash pulses of rich, red light where she directed them.

Don had to look down at her, because she was only 5′4″, but somehow , to him, she seemed to be more powerful than her physical size would indicate. It was more than just the 200 lb. bench presses—it was MORE.

He was momentarily confused.

As she spoke to the coach in a soft, measured voice, she absently flashed the reflections across his eyes. The red pulses flased in a slow, regular rhythm

At first he didn’t notice the flashes , but listened only to what the lovely young athlete was telling him.

“I really need to get my work outs done daily. If I don’t my energy levels reduce and I get REALLY tired. Do you get tired, if you don’t exercise? You look tired now coach. Very tired. Maybe you need to rest before the boys get here. You look so tired. Don’t you WANT to rest?”

Flash Flash Flash

His eyes blinked a bit each time she focused the reflected light across his field of vision.

Flash Flash Flash

“That’s why I need to work out on the weights , so I don’t get tired, like you are now, Don........ so tired...... you look so tired .... In fact it looks like it would be hard for you to do anything except stand right there, and listen to my voice ... .... Just stand there and look at me and listen to my voice ....”

It was pleasant to look at this well built, blonde, coed, he thought and he WAS tired, but he had come here to tell her something. Now what was it?

Suddenly, he seemed to sense what was happening. He started to move away from the beautiful young woman and her entranceing, seductive voice.

“No , it’s too late to try too escape from me. You must listen and obey. Focus carefully on my voice .... only MY voice .. all other sounds are very far away and mean nothing to you ... focus ONLY on my voice....”

Flash Flash Flash

“My voice ... so soothing ... so restful .... so sensual ... just focus on listening to my voice and following instructions that I give you ..... can you just focus on my voice, Don?”

She had changed what she called him from his formal title , Coach Sergeant , to Don, but that seemed OK to him, as long as it was HER voice that called him Don. Of course he could focus on her sexy , soft, controlling voice. , he felt no need to escape her soft, enveloping words

He nodded, in agreement.

“It would be so restful if you just closed your eyes and listened very closely to me as I spoke to you. You could concentrate even more carefully on my hypnotic and compelling voice, if you would just close your eyes for me.

Flash Flash Flash

And as if in response to her commands his eyes blinked twice, each time staying closed a bit longer, then they blinked for the third and final time.

His eyes remained closed.

“Good boy. Keep listening to my voice as I give you instructions to follow. Can you do that Donny?”

Again he nodded his compliance to her request, he felt glad hat he was her “good boy”.

“It would make you feel even better, stronger, more rested if you followed every suggestion I made to you. Evilena’s suggestions. Evilena’s suggestions are your commands, aren’t they Donny? You should obey Evilena. You want to obey Evilena. You MUST obey Evilena.

His mouth struggled to form words. Finally, in a hoarse whisper, he responded. " Must ..... obey ....... Evilena.”

The gorgeous girl smiled broadly. He had fallen under her spell quicker that anyone had before, quicker even, than the baby sitter, so long ago.

“Tell me now Donny, and you must tell me the truth. What do you think of me?”

“You are the most beautiful girl in the school.”

Again, she smiled , they were easier to control when they entranced by her beauty as well as her hypnotic power. This would be so easy.

“ Now I want you to open your eyes, still staying in this deep hypnotic trance that only Evilena controls. When you open them you will be looking into my deep, deep eyes. The most beautiful, hypnotic eyes you have ever seen. You will gaze into my eyes and listen to me as I take you deeper and deeper under my control. Deeper and deeper into submission. Submission to Evilena. Now LOOK! LOOK INTO MY EYES !”

Coach Sergeant’s eyes opened and, as instructed he gazed deeply into the green depths of Evilena’s hypnotic eyes. He could neither move nor speak, but only gaze deeply into her eyes as she spoke to him, words that penetrated deep into his mind. Words that altered his thoughts . Words that BECAME his thoughts.

“Deeper and deeper Donny ... you MUST look deeper and deeper. Each second you gaze into my eyes brings you closer to total surrender to me. You love me. I am your goddess, you WORSHIP me. You desire me. And you know you can only do what your goddess commands. You must obey Evilena. You are my slave. Say it slave Donny...... say it to your goddess........”

Captured by her eyes, he stared at her adoringly. " I...... am ...... Evilena’s ..... slave.......”

His capture was complete.

Just then the team started to come into the weight room and saw what was happening. vilena instructed them to sit down and watch.

They, too, complied, not because of any mesmerism, but because they liked to watch the sexy young blonde, and were curious as to what she was going to say ... and do.

* * *

Don Sergeant stood silently before the beautiful , young student. He gazed helplessly into her hypnotic eyes and could not look away. His palms were sweaty. His heart palpitated. He felt as if one of the earth’s tectonic plates had shifted in his heart. He was hopelessly in love with her and knew he would do anything to please her.

Evilena spoke, " Donny. It would please me if I could use the weight room anytime I want. Would that be OK with you?”

He nodded agreement.

“I can’t hear you asshole!” Evilena barked.

“Yes Evilena. Anytime you want. If that is what you want, that is what I want.”

“And it would please me if you were to kneel down in front of me and kiss my gym shoes.”

“Yes Evilena,” he shouted and fell to his knees , licking and kissing her sweaty ,dirty, rubber tennies adoringly.

Evilena sat down on the press bench and extended her feet. " Now take off my shoes and kiss my bare feet, you little foot freak.”

As ordered, Sergeant quickly unlaced her shoes, removed her smelly, sweat soaked socks, and started licking her feet. First the toes, then the soles and heels, and then back to the tiny spaces between each toe.

At first the wrestlers were silent, totally shocked. But then as the show continued they began to shout and laugh. Their coach was a PERVERT!

“Now my little slave Donny, would you take off all YOUR clothes for your Goddess Evilena? As you know only you and I are here in the room and I would like to see—no—I would like to inspect my property.”

Her hypnotic suggestion that they were alone removed any resistance from the coach’s mind and he stood and stripped naked before the blonde hypnotist, tossing his sweats across the gym in his haste.

He stood, before his young Mistress naked, his cock bobbing up and down, clearly excited by her presence.

The team hooted their derision.

“Now my little slave Donny, tie this around your prick.” She said tossing him one of her sweaty white socks.

He neatly tied a bow around his erect member, holding it by two fingers to show Evelina. He smiled, proudly, having obeyed yet another command from his Mistress.

“You may show that you love me by jerking on that pitiful prick for me Donny.”

Coach Sergeant , oblivious to his howling audience, jerked his cock until he spurted, violently on the weight room floor.

Then, without warning Evilena spun around and planted a hard ,Thai boxing, hook kick to the side of Sergeant’s face and he collapsed at her feet. She looked up at the team.

Respect , you shit heads! That’s what this is all about. Treat me with respect or YOU will be the next one laying unconscious at my feet. Now get out of here!”

At first no one moved ... then , one by one they silently left the room.

In a large school like theirs a GREAT story like that one could not be kept quiet ,and before the end of the month Sergeant was fired. The school board tried to keep the reasons for his exit a secret but all the students knew.

Evilena was not punished, after a meeting with the school’s principal, in fact she was scheduled for some EXTRA privileges after the meeting, but perhaps I’ll tell you more about THAT meeting some other time.

And sometimes, even now , , the phone rings during the night at Sergeant’s house, and when he answers it he has an irresistible urge to tie a sweaty white sock around his prick and masturbate—but he doesn’t know why.