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Evilena’s Hypnosis Seminar—A Lesson in Tolerance


A couple of pushy radio evangelists learn a lesson in humility, and understanding as it relates to Sponge Bob, Tinky Winky, and Evilena

Evilena’s Hypnosis Seminar

Evilena was headed to a Hypnosis Seminar she was conducting in New York , but wanted to stop at a suburban jewelry store to pick up a new violet blue crystal necklace she had ordered only a short time before . She had purchased the fascinating crystal especially for the demonstrations she was about to give at the workshop..

As usual, she drew a lot of attention as she entered the large shopping center . She was dressed all in black leather, a tight , long , low cut dress, high heels, and carried a short, leather, riding crop. Heads turned as she and her sultry slave, Priestess Tivali , walked down the wide aisles of the suburban mall. Even normally blase New Yorkers, turned and watched, startled by her erotic elegance .

Just before the two leather clad beauties reached the store they were confronted by a conservatively dressed couple, who had set up a folding table in the atrium of the mall. Displayed prominently at the table were a number of banners with various biblical verses displayed on them. “Colossians 3 , Ephesians 5, God says women MUST submit to their husbands , Homosexuality is a Sin " , were all displayed on the bright cloth banners, and almost as humorously there were colorful cartoons of Sponge Bob Square Pants and Teletubbie Tinky Winky with both TV characters labeled “faggot” and “queer”. Another sign bearing the call letters of a local AM radio station and the time of a religious broadcast were on display. " DEAN & MARY WHITE MINISTRIES, 9-11 am Sundays ( repeated 4-6am Wednesday nights)” was hand drawn on the posters in black Sharpie .

The couple , wearing name tags inscribed Dean and Mary respectively, at first just held out large plastic canisters and aggressively asked for donations for their group, called Repent USA , but then , as they caught sight of the sensual fetish outfits that Evilena and Tivali were wearing , the two radio evangelists started quoting scripture and warning the two passing strangers that they were destined for an eternity in the fires of hell.




Evilena shook her head and laughed, then quietly addressed the pair . " Tell you what, my little pets , " she said, " I’ve got to pick up something at that store , at the end of the mall before it closes, but as soon as I finish , I’ll come back and put a little something in the collection plate , and you can TRY to convince me that I am doing something wrong with my life , but I must tell you both, I am QUITE happy with my present state of existence , my friends, and my destination in the afterlife.” With that, she continued toward the store.

The two evangelists didn’t interrupt THEIR tirade however, and followed Tivali and Her blond Goddess , very conspicuously, all the way to the end of the mall, waving their pictures of Sponge Bob and Tinky Winky shouting " sodomite ...sodomite” at the top of their lungs. They even formed an impromptu picket line outside the jeweler marching back and forth at the entrance and pointing at Evilena, inside the shop , as she purchased her crystal.

True to her word, on her return trip , Evilena stopped to talk to the two eleemosynary solicitors.

She COULD have used her prodigious combat skills to stop the two ( and truth be told a solid blow to either one’s chin would be VERY satisfying for Evilena ), but she decided to just talk, and see if LOGIC would deter the two from their rude public display .

The beautiful blond had no problem with ANYONE’S belief systems, but she does promote a " live and let live” type of philosophy and these two clearly didn’t understand THAT approach to life or religion .

They were shouting , and shrieking so passers by could hear their verbal attacks on Evilena, and quite literally thumping on their bibles as they hurled their vociferous insults .

They moved closer and closer toward the blond hypnotist as they continued their “mall by” conversion attempt.

After first attempting to have a quiet , civilized , discussion with the two radio preachers , Evilena finally decided that they needed a lesson in humility and humanity and began to move her hands up to the new, large, violet-blue heart shaped, pendant she had just purchased, and was now wearing.

The jewel was suspended on a long, thin , silver chain around her neck and hung down between her perfectly shaped breasts. As her compelling hand gestures drew the couple’s attention to the crystal, the mesmerist began to speak to them in the musical, hypnotic cadence that had proved irresistible to so many before.

At first, both just spoke more quietly as their attention was held by the flashing crystal and her graceful gestures .Smiling, Evilena continued her compelling , melodic , monolog.

Not surprisingly, Tivali, who had fallen under Evilena’s hypnotic control numerous times before, became fascinated by the flashing pendant before the two ministers , and soon her eyes became glassy and fixed, gazing intently at Evilena’s breasts, and almost co incidentally, at the fascinatingly flashing, purple hued crystal.

But soon the two preachers too, were held motionless by the blinking of the stone and it’s sensual placement between Evilena’s breasts and eventually they remained silent for long periods of time between their words and finally both stood frozen in front of Evilena as SHE continued to speak.

“Come with me, " Evilena commanded and once more she gestured hypnotically toward the two and slowly walked in the direction of an area located some distance from the central mall, so they could be less conspicuous.

“You two should really be careful about who you insult, you know. There are so many people who would try to embarrass you, to humiliate you. People who would want to catch you doing things that would be the exact opposite of the things you profess to believe. Tell me what are your names ?”

The man answered for both . I’m Dean and my wife’s name is Mary, " he slowly responded, eyes never moving from Evilena’s breasts.

“ Have you ever had sex with another woman, my pretty little Mary ?” Evilena asked of the woman, an enigmatic smile playing across her lovely face.

“ No, homosexuality is a sin....” she whispered, she too still staring at the jewel suspended in the blond’s magnificent cleavage.

“ But your God would forgive ANY sin you committed would he not ?” Evilena continued softly .

Mary nodded.

“ And certainly, your God would forgive any mistakes a pious young couple like you would make, wouldn’t he ? Forgive you, especially if some predatory man or woman would take advantage of an innocent , attractive couple like you....”

Dean and Mary looked confused as they listened to Evilena’s words and continued to gaze at the compelling pendant still visible between her firm breasts. The confident blond hypnotist began to slowly run her fingers up and down the thin silver chain holding the crystal.

“Come closer and look at this crystal.....both of you.....thta’s it continue to gaze at the crystal .... ”

The two drew even nearer to the attractive hypnotist, fascinated first by the movement of her hands, then the flashing pendant itself.

“Listen to me as I speak to you. Let your mind be captured by my voice and by the beauty of this hypnotic necklace . You can still think, you have full knowledge of what is going on, but you MUST do everything I command. I’m a hypnotist. I am placing you under my hypnotic control. And you are hypnotized. You are unable to resist my orders. Anyone who has been hypnotized MUST obey the commands of their hypnotist. You KNOW that . You MUST obey me. Tell me you under stand..... tell me you will obey me.”

“In unison the two responded, " I will obey you, " but their eyes reflected the growing terror they felt. Both KNEW that they had fallen under the control of a woman they had just tried to humiliate in public, but they could do nothing to resist her commands. As much as they struggled in their minds .... they were captured by her voice and by the sparkling crystal that was suspended between her beautiful breasts. They HAD been hypnotized.

They had fallen under the spell of a demoness from hell.

“ You may both continue to look at the sparkling jewel.... gaze at it and follow me, my little obedient pets.” Evilena murmured, and beckoned them ever so gracefully with her hands as she slowly turned and walked toward her limo parked near the entrance of the mall.

Evilena, Tivali and the two new members of her party stepped into the rear seat of the car, as the driver closed the door. Then he slid into the front seat and skillfully accelerated the long black car and skillfully guided it onto the highway , headed to Manhattan location of her seminar.

Evilena had instructed Dean to sit next to her , and Mary to sit on the seat next to Tivali.

“ You must answer me now, my helpless and hypnotized pets. Did I hear you you say you wanted to experiment erotically with a same sex partner ?”

First Mary , then Dean struggled to answer, " No..... No....please..... don’t make us.....”

“SILENCE ! Dean ! Sit perfectly still, next to me and unzip your trousers. Now pull out your cock.” the blond hypnoteuse barked, forcefully.

Unable to resist, White did as instructed and sat with his limp dick exposed to the unobstructed view of everyone in the car. His brian tried to stop these embarassing actions, but he could not resist the commands of the beautiful blond.

“ Mary look at Tivali. Isn’t she lovely ? Wouldn’t you like to kiss her ? Look at her lips.... wouldn’t you just love to touch your lips to hers ? ”

All her religious training and education told her that she should not even think about kissing another woman, but the longer Mary stared at the lovely, dark haired , Asian , a priestess of Evilena, the more the urge to kiss her filled the evangelist’s mind. She wanted to fight the urges. She tried to shut her eyes so she couldn’t see the dark beauty and be tempted, but even with her eyes held shut she pictured Tivali’s tempting , red lips in her mind.

“ I asked you a question dear. Wouldn’t you love to kiss Priestess Tivali ?”

“I.....I....I....” the woman stuttered, falling prey to the lustful thoughts in her own mind.

“ Don’t fight against your feelings, Mary my dear little pet. You are completely under my control. So even if you WANTED to resist Tivali’s charms, you couldn’t ... but you don’t want to resist her do you ? You find her so irresistible. So exciting.... you feel the urge to touch her... to kiss her growing each moment you look at her... she is SO beautiful....I’d like you to remove your clothing now.... to show your own lovely body to Tivali ... I want you to try and tempt her with YOUR beauty.....go on ... surrender to your feelings..... your desire to be naked in front of Tivali....”

Mary slowly, seductively peeled off her clothing and as her panties fell to the floor of the limosine she started to kiss and lick the palms of Priestess Tivali’s hands, then she crawled to the floor of the limosine and started licking the gorgeous Asian’s shoes.

Dean’s muscles tightened as he heard his wife’s breathing quicken. He wanted to move. To stop her. To shout at her to fight these sinful urges.

Evilena’s turned to him and smiled.

“ Poor little Dean. This excites you doesn’t it , Watching your wife give in to her lesbian urges. I can tell. Look down at your cock and try to tell me you aren’t excited. " As instructed his eyes glanced down at his own exposed manhood and found it to be erect and hard, in spite of his thoughts. Worse, in his mind , was the realization that he didn’t know if he was erect because of the nakedness of his own wife or the nearness of the two leather clad dominatrices in the limo with them.

Just then the car pulled up to the front of the venue where the hypnosis workshop was being held.

Evilena led her hypnotized little group to an entry way , toward the class room where the seminar was being held. Scattered applause , from the already assembled class , broke out as Evilena moved down the aisle with leather clad Tivali , naked Mary, and helpless Dean ,his cock lewdly exposed , hanging from his pants, obediently following the gorgeous blond toward the podium .

" Mary dear , stand directly in front of Tivali and look at her.” the hypnoteuse commanded and pointed to a spot near the front of the class room.

“ Yes, Evilena, " she immediately replied

“When we first met you told me that you weren’t into women. Isn’t that right Mary ? What do you think now ?”

“ Mary’s mind had been feverishly working the entire trip. She remembered Tivali’s irresistible beauty, and her own sensual nakedness as she sat next to her. The Mistress’ hypnotic spell had controlled her every physical movement, but not her thoughts, and now Evilena’s question filled her thoughts with an erotic excitement , as she contemplated what had happened during the trip.

“ Tivali is gorgeous and I want her, " she said , surprising herself with her own passionate , lesbian thoughts.

“ Then you may fall to your knees and worship her delectable pussy Mary.”

Now the evangelist’s eyes sparkled with lust as she realized that this was not a command, but a simple truth, if she WANTED, she could kneel down and eat Tivali’s pussy.

For a moment , she was motionless, then she drew closer to the dark haired beauty and dropped down to her knees, forcing her face against Tivali’s crotch, wrapping her arms around her soft ass. Both of them moaned.

Evilena smiled as her fingers entwined in both of the women’s hair and she pulled them apart, leaning down, then yanking their faces toward her, kissing each in turn.

The members of the class couldn’t help but think of Madonna, Christina, and Brittney as she warmly kissed each of her loyal pets.

“ Now you may both go to one of the private rooms and do as you desire. You may go now, my little lesbian hypno slaves. ”

The two attractive women walked hand in hand to an door at the rear of the lecture hall , seeking a room to continue their lustful activities, to the applause of the group.

Evilena turned toward Dean White, with a less charitable look in her eyes. . " Now , young man, let’s talk about how you tried to embarrass me in public.

The radio preacher stood frozen in place, cock still erect.

“ Drop those trousers.” Evilena instructed.

White loosened his belt and dropped his khaki pants and then his white boxer shorts, exposing his naked ass to the dominatrix .

“ Kneel before me .”

He dropped to his hands and knees.

“Lick” she said as she moved her black, high heeled shoe nearer to his lips.

“You all know who this man is, I assume, at least he PRESENTS himself as some sort of local religious media celebrity. You wouldn’t expect him to be here, on his hands and knees kissing my feet would you ? Nor would you expect that his sexy little wife would become a lesbian slut slave to Tivali , but you did see her follow my Priestess with and obedient and lustful look in her eyes.” Evilena chuckled as she spoke to the class.

“ Such is the power of hypnosis.”

A murmur went up in the class as they realized just who Evilena’s hypnotic toys were.

“I’ll be frank. Had not this man TRIED to humiliate me in public and had he not held others who had sexual orientation other than his in such contempt, he would not have been my demonstration puppet today. I had already arranged to have another man help me in my hypnosis demonstration.”

Evilena pointed toward a huge, African American man wearing black leather fetish gear, seated near the front of the class .

“ Master Ali is a gay dominant and had volunteered to show me show how hypnosis could make him serve Priestess Tivali, but now I have different plans. Better plans.”

“ Ali would you come around here and stand in front of Slave Dean , please ? ”

And ,as Evilena almost absently slapped the kneeling evangelist’s ass with her little leather crop, the gigantic , leather clad man stepped in front of him.

“ Show him that immense cock of yours, if you would please , Ali.” Evilena calmly directed.

Dean’s eyes grew open wide as he focused on the gigantic black cock waving in front of him.

“Don’t pull away Dean. Look at Alin’s gorgeous black cock. Isn’t it the most exciting thing you have ever seen? So sexy. So delicious looking. You may touch it..... caress it .... rub your fingers over it .... you love the way it feels in your hand ... don’t you? I’d like you to tell me you love the way it feels in your hand....” Evilena’s voice echoed deep within the evangelist’s mind , and then his body involuntarily , responded to her commands.

He heard his own radio trained voice responding, " ... i ... love ... the .. way ... your ... cock ... feels ... in ... my ... hands....Sir ... ”

“ The only thing you would love even more would be the taste of Ali’s lovely cock... why don’t you put it in your mouth and taste it Dean .... just like the helpless slut you are ... TASTE it ....”

“ No...please... no ....” was all he could whisper. He remained in place staring at the gigantic male member, his own staff fully erect, but the thought of sucking another man’s prick was too much for him. He wouldn’t move , even an an inch.

The expert hypnoteuse recognized the resistance in his eyes and utilized her mesmerizing power to deepen his enslavement.

“Remember the sparkling , hypnotic power of the crystal, Dean, remember you had to look at the crystal and obey... .....” Evilena commanded.

“Y... yessssss....obeyyyyyyy ... " he whispered .

“Ali’s prick holds the same irresistible hypnotic power that the crystal contained. Look at it.... as it moves back and forth .... back and forth .. you are falling under the spell of Ali’s magical cock.... under it’s power.....”

“Back .... and .... forth ...under ... it’s ... power ....”

Evilena reach out and placed her hand behind Dean’s neck and slowly , gently guided his face toward the huge black cock, now slowly waving back and forth in front of White’s face . She moved it close enough so that with each pass of Don’s prick , it gently touched the minister’s cheek and lips.

“Under it’s power, Dean.... repeat it .... you are under it’s power.” Evilena repeated.

“ Under .... it’s ..... power.... " he helplessly repeated. And with each repetition the black rod brushed more firmly across his lips. And each time he opened his mouth to repeat the mantra Dean’s lips surrendered a little more to feel of the warm, dark flesh. . Back and forth. Back and forth. Each passage tempting and exciting Dean more.

“ Under it’s power...under it’s power.” he repeated again and again.

“ Now take it deep into your mouth Dean. You have fallen under the hypnotic power of Ali’s big, black cock and MUST suck his prick. You WANT to suck his mesmerizing , black cock. You NEED to suck his wonderful black cock.”

“Need to suck his cock....” Dean repeated and as he repeated the words, they slowly became his own thoughts, and as he fully accepted those thoughts , he also accepted Don’s cock , feeling it’s warmth as it slipped deep into the hapless minister’s open mouth.

“Suf cock ....suf cock.... scfk ... cock....” he repeated over and over as he continued to run his lips and tongue up and down the huge shaft stuffed deep into his mouth .

The class applauded, captivated by Evilena’s amazing hypnotic skill.

Unable to hold back, Ali grabbed the kneeling preacher’s hair and jerked him even closer as he exploded into his throat , the thick, white cum erupting all over the minister’s face and running out the sides of his mouth.

“STOP ! Take him to a private room now, Ali and follow the instructions I have given you.”

With that command , Master Ali took Dean by the hand and led him off the podium , much as Tivali had taken Mary away.

Now Evilena began her training session in ernest, helping her , now fully convinced , group of students the whys and wherefores of hypnosis properly utilized in D & S relationships and teaching them how to enhance romantic encounters .

After the class was over, as Evilena was getting ready to leave , Tivali and Ali returned with their little love slaves in tow.

“ I have some instructions for you two, instructions you MUST follow.“Evlena said as she directed her hypnotic gaze at the two evangelists.

“Yes Mistress Evilena.” they replied.

“You may continue your preaching, but from now on you will not try to humiliate others because they don’t have the same beliefs as you. You must respect all races, religions and beliefs. Repeat that command for me, my little slut slaves.”

“ Respect all ....races.... religions...beliefs...” the two replied, helpless to resist any command given by their magical mistress.

“Master Ali , you may drive them home now, and when you get to their house you can play with them a bit more. Mary.... Dean... follow Ali and obey his commands as you would mine when you return home. ”

Don’s eyes sparkled, and he thanked Evilena , profusely , for the wonderful gift .

“But let me look at the presents I bought Dean and Mary before you go .” Evilena instructed with a slight smile palying across her beautiful face. .

Now even Ali laughed out loud as he watched the preacher drop his pants revealing his Sponge Bob Square Pants Underoos.

And then, at Tivali’s command Mary lifted her skirt to reveal her Tinky Winky panties.