The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Title: Evolving from a Professor to a Slut (Dawg Story)

Intro: Dawg is up to his old tricks again and is transformin a highly successful and intelligent human family into dumb ignorant sex beasts only good for consant sexual use.

* * *

Dawg was feeling lazy today, he decided he wasn’t interested in some fast changes, and wanted to try out a new mellow approach. So this time he decided to pick a lucky candidate and transform her slowly over days, sort of on autopilot.

Monday morning, Prof. Mary Mozant was preparing to do her rounds, she is a fifty five year old physician with great standing in her community, mother of two successful children, Andrew a lawyer and Amy also a Physician like her mum. Mary is divorced, is five foot two, middle eastern complexion and highly intelligent but somewhat of a snob when it came to poorer people, especially those that worked as cleaners and illegal immigrants.

Dawg caught on her thoughts, Mary was looking at a shabby cleaner that just entered one of the toilets, with a cigarette in her mouth. She decided that enough was enough in terms of health in hospital and she stormed into the toilet after the cleaner. Juanita looked up at the angry doctor, she started to tremble in fear, she was also short, like the doctor but weighed in at two hundred pounds of wobbly fat most of them in her tits and arse. She had JJ sized tits that hung down to her waist and her enormous arse could not find the right sized clothes so she always wore skirts. The doctor on the other hand was fit from gym work and had a lithe athletic figure. Mary looked into Juanita’s eyes and said rather loudly “Listen here, take that cigarette out and never let me see you with it in your mouth in the hospital again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?!” Juana was visibly shaking, she took the cigarette out of her mouth and put it in her pocket and said “I sorree Doctors, I no do it again, plis” and Mary snorted and walked out.

Dawg loved scenes like that, and so he went to work. First he walked up to Juanita and asked her “Hey, do you think you were treated unfairly?” Juanita looked into what she thought was an elderly patients eyes and nodded. “That’s fine, so what would you like to happen to her if you could wish for anything??” and Juanita said “I is loving it she become likes me, but dumb, like a puta and she smoke all the time. Then she know what its like not so smarts.” Dawg smiled and nodded, and said “so she should turn into a fat dumb smoking whore that cleans toilets? Is that what you are saying?” to which Juanita nodded “Oh yes, that ees really nice for that bitch” Dawg smile and he then turned around and waved as he walked out of the toilet.

Prof Mozant sat behind her desk working on some patient files when the door opened and in walked Dawg disguised as the patient. Mary looked over her glasses and asked “Can I help you?” to which Dawg coughed, allowing some of his nanites to fly over and settle into Mary’s skin, being absorbed into her and replicating. He then said, “Oh sorry doctor, I made a mistake” and walked out. Mary shook her head in frustration and went back to work on the files. In the meantime Dawg sent commands to the nanites that started to work at the sub-molecular level and instigated some changes that would occur slowly delivering change over the next few days. These changes included growing tits that would reach down to her thighs when standing, strengthening her back muscles to support them, making the nipples 6 inches long and half an inch wide and large pulsing blue veins crossing her tit mounds. Her clitoris will grow to resemble a 6 inch penis and be constantly aroused due to touch, her pussy constantly wet and dripping so she would need to wear pads and change them once an hour to soak up her pussy juices. Her body will shorten by 2 inches and her weight will grow to 200 pounds of fat mainly around her tits and arse, but her legs would be muscly to hold her new body weight. Her IQ will drop to 60 and she will lose all her education and be illiterate and discalculate and she will lose her ability to speak normally and only talk in simple language using swear words in every sentence. She will be addicted to smoking and cumm, both men and womens and will be constantly horny. She will be to dumb to work in anything but whoring or cleaning, but only the simplest cleaning jobs. She will also lose her command of English, only being able to speak basic Spanglish. The best change is that she will retain all her memories and know who she is and was but be turned on by the changes as well. One more additional change is her family, the nanites are programmed to change her son into a pure white, blonde haired blue eyed bodybuilding freak with huge muscles, a huge hard cock and an IQ of 60, and will be used in the sex industry and her daughter Joan will also transform into the same thing her mother transforms into but a younger version with the same twist, she will become Latina and only know how to speak simple Spanish. The more the changes occur in all three of the family members the hornier and hotter they will get until they orgasm constantly all the they remember their past lives, which means that Andrew will be able to cumm up to 50 times a day at least…

So now the story unfolds, how a brilliant fit professor of medicine becomes a dumb fat slut whore and watches how her children join her in their demise and loves every moment of it.


Mary was busy doing her rounds, the usual reading charts, checking up on patients and answering questions. The hours passed and towards lunchtime felt a bit tired, so she went back to her office to sit down and take a breather. Her bust was aching a bit and for some reason there was pressure from her bra, so she tried to shift it around but nothing worked. She unhooked it and breathed a sigh of relief, and wondered what happened, as the bra she used was usually slightly large on her. Luckily she had a bra extender in her drawer and she added it to the bra and put it back on, now it felt just right. Mind you, that was not the only tight thing on, for some reason her jeans were feeling tight too but she put that down to a bit of flatulence.

She continued to work on her computer but had a buzzing feeling in her head, what was normally easy to do was feeling a bit sluggish, and she put that down to fatigue. The end of the day arrived and she was tired. What she didn’t realize is that the nanites were busy replicating and working at the same time, drawing a lot of energy from her system, which essentially made her hungry, and that nanites added to that hunger by implanting neuron actions to make her feel even hungrier, she was being programmed to add weight, and a lot of it. What she also did not realize is that the weight would be distributed in a very specific way. The sub quantum nanites were literally rebuilding her DNA and restructuring her body from the very subatomic level, all quite painless, but all quite energy consuming.

Mary drove home and just wanted to relax, but her gnawing stomach demanded food and she started to eat whatever she found in the fridge, not nibbling, but gulping down every leftover and eyeing what she could quickly eat, or prepare. In the end she decided on rice and lots of it, with some hotdogs, easy to cook rice, all 2 kgs of it and ten hotdogs, she did not really notice the amounts she was preparing and even less notice the fact that she wolfed down 2 kgs of rice and ten whopper hotdogs in under five minutes, with a side order of a 2kg tub of ice-cream she had in the freezer. What she also did not release is that she was preparing a new food order, a very different one to the usual food she ordered. This one was pure carbs, loads of carbs and was preparing to buy over 200 pounds of carbs for the week which is what the nanites needed for their work.

As the evening grew late she had a shower and then went to bed, she did notice her breasts were sensitive to the water and seemed slightly larger, and also noticed her bum was a bit bigger than usual. She shrugged it all off and went to bed. Falling asleep her dreams were filled with sex.


Mary work up, her body had time to grow over night and her mind had lost some of its intelligence, only a small drop, but enough to be noticed, what was once a 152 IQ is now 140 and some of her medical knowledge was removed, not a lot, but enough to be noticed when needed. Her breasts were now half a cup bigger as was her bum now 3 inches wider and her height had dropped a fifth of an inch. All small but noticeable to a keen eye.

Mary struggled into her clothes, they all seemed tight and long and she decided it was time to by new clothes, since she was in her fifties she had no intention of going on a stupid diet. Not realizing that the nanites had changed her once fitness conscious mind into a lazy one, she rejected the thought going to the gym out of fatigue, but it was really out of a total change in personality.

She made a simple breakfast, 10 punds of rice with ten eggs and gulped them all down, she did notice the amounts but shrugged it off since her mind was now in eating mode and whilst she did know she didn’t usually eat these enormous amounts of food, she was too hungry to resist. Her stomach was restructured to expand with extreme amounts of food, and she looked pregnant when leaving her home. She actually chanegd into a loose fitting dress and didnt wear her bra as she couldnt find one that fitted her.

She drove to work, and started her day as usual, reading up the mails and preparing for her rounds. Her hunger grew again, the nanites were thirsty for energy as they continued to work on her body as well as her mind.

Mary walked to the canteen, something she had not done in ten years, as she usually ate small amounts of food in her office. Her clothes were way to tight on her, and her dress was already bursting at its seams, and her breast had grown a full cups size. She ate up a small meal of ten sandwiches and four glasses of milk and gobbled up three cakes, whole cakes mind you, not pieces, and then went back to work.

As the day grew long, her mind wandered about, and she was walking by the smoking area when a waft of smoke entered her nostrils, usually she hated the smell, but for some reason it triggered an extreme emotional response, similar to that of a hit of crack or ice, and she walked into the smoking area and just sat while the many people came and went smoking. She breathed in heavily all the smoke and then craved the source. Knowing that she never smoked and that it was extremely unhealthy, she did not hesitate to ask a fellow doctor she knew if he would give her a cigarette. John smiled, although out of confusion and asked “Is everything OK Mary? You never smoked, in fact you hate it and advocate against it all the time, what happened??” to which Mary answered “To be honest, I don’t know why I was always against smoking so badly, I mean the smell is heavenly, it’s weird, I never knew I loved the smell of nicotine so much.” John smirked and said “Ahhh, a passive addict, well maybe its time to be a fully fledged member” and he lit her cigarette.

The nanites had changed her mouth and system to accept nicotine, in fact, the moment it would hit her system she would be totally addicted to it and need to smoke constantly, one cigarette after another, a chain smoker. She took her first breath of her first cigarette and she zonked out, her mind had an orgasm as well as her entire body, she was in heaven and loved every moment of it. John watched her shudder as her eyes fluttered and then shook his head and walked away. Mary came out of her orgasmic experience and continued until she finished her smoke. She wanted another but had to get back to work.

She sat behind her desk scanning the mails and realized that some of the words were hard to understand, which was weird since they were all standard medical terminology, but for some reason she couldn’t understand some of them, in fact it was hard for her to articulate them in her mind and had to try and say them…with some trouble. She looked the words up in her computer search and was surprised that some of the standard words she used daily were incomprehensible to her. She put it down to fatigue and closed up for the day.

Mary was absolutely famished, and needed some food as well as demanding a smoke, so she drove to the local grocery and bought all the goods she required as well as two hundred packs of cigarettes as she wanted a stock in her house.

Arriving home, with a lit cigarette in her mouth, she proceeded to prepare over thirty pounds of food, smoking all the time. She turned the TV onto the news channel but found it boring, switched to a sitcom but got bored and finally decided it was time to watch a cartoon, something she had not done in thirty years ever since her children were young. She sat back with her bucket of food and slowly ate, smoked and watched cartoons, laughing and enjoying the moment.

Towards midnight she was feeling extra tired and just crawled into bed, not noticing she was still smoking and lucky the cigarette burned out by itself. She dreamt of sex, wild sex, huge cocks ramming her in every position and wet gushing pussies covering her face in juices, mingled with cumm, she was being showered in sex and she orgasmed in her dreams and in real life over twenty times during the night.


Mary woke up and groped for a cigarette, she nearly crawled to the bathroom, she had lost another half inch in height, added a two cups sizes to her breasts and her hips had flared three sizes wider over night. Her IQ had dropped to 118 and more of her knowledge was wiped out. Also she forgot two languages she used to speak fluently and could not only speak English, but also started to understand Spanish, a language she never spoke before. What she didn’t notice was her nipples had grown too and small blue veins appeared under the skin of her boobs and her clitoris was poking out of her pussy, having grown a quarter of an inch. Her maths and science knowledge were impaired too, essentially, it was now impossible for her to do the complex calculations she was used to doing and to understand standard medical procedures.

She went downstairs after her shower, having orgasmed three times while she fucked herself with the shower brush handle. All seemingly normal for her at the time but something did niggle in the back of her mind and she looked at her tits (yes, tits, no longer breasts) and tweaked her nipples and gasped from the feeling.

She prepared a breakfast even a hog would find it hard to finish, but she did, going through forty pounds of rice, thrity eggs, twenty hotdogs, and three punds of bacon and two gallons of milk. Wiping her mouth, she continued to puff on her cigarette, which she was now smoking constantly, even when eating. Her house reeked of tobacco and it clinged and infused itself to her clothes and hair.

She drove to work, slightly slower then usual, as she found it confusing sometimes, for some reason she was forgetting how to drive and didn’t realize this. Also reading road signs and remembering what they meant was becoming harder for her. Instead of going directly to work she drove to the mall to buy some new clothes as she was now in pain from the tightness and she wore no bra, her tits hanging freely already three cups bigger than they were three days ago. She finally managed to park and walked into the mall.

After buying some clothes she noticed a sex shop, and decided it would be great to get a dildo to help her cumm. This time she did realise it was weird for her to even consider a sex shop but more so, she never sed the word cumm before, it was always climax or orgasm, now she thought of her breathes as tits and her vagina as cunt and climaxing as cumming and she loved it, it was so thrilling and exciting to be so bad. She walked into the shop and the guy behind the counter showed her where to get the dido’s. She picked the biggest ones in the shop, three different huge dido’s and the guy raised an eyebrow to which Mary said, you got anything better? He smiled and said, “yes, mine is better, its real.” To which Mary countered, “really? Show me!” The guy said “What? You sure??? Are you ready for this?” Mary smirked, and said, “Get it out and I’l show you how ready I am” The guy took Mary into the back room and closed the door, his CCTV working all the time, he looked up at it, then down at her and said “OK bitch, be a slut and suck on this and swallow ever drop of cumm I give you.’ Mary felt shocked inside bit also exhilarated, she fumbled for his cock, and just dove her mouth around it, she sucked him like a pro, the nanites programmed her to be perfect, and she massaged his balls as she sucked, the guy had no chance and came within a minute…exploding all his seed down her gulping throat. “OMG he shouted hoarsly” and Mary looked up at him and then she had a gushing orgasm, her cunt literally showered juices and made a pool on the floor, the first taste of cumm in her mouth had triggered a new assault on her and now she was addicted to cumm, she would need it 24 times a day at least and would need to suck that many cocks to get it. The guy helped her get up and said, “damn bitch, you’re the best.” To which Mary replied, “well, if you want I can suck you three times a day every day for life, how would that be?” The guy looked shocked but said,”OK slut, lets make a deal, you come here every day and suck me off in the morning, and then come at noon and “then at closing time…three times it is!” and then Mary added “Bring some friends, I will need more.” The guy replied “My name is Joe” and heck, OK, what a slut…how many do you want?” To which she replied “Surprise me”.

Mary left the shop after changing clothes and drove to work. Smoking all the time, she walked into work and put out the cigarette. Her mouth filled with nicotine and cumm she went to her desk and tried to start the day but her cunt wouldn’t let her and demanded attention. She walked to the nearest toilet holding the biggest dildo she found in the shop, she didn’t bother hiding it, and was oblivious to people staring at her. She reeked of nicotine and the department head nurse wrinkled up her nose at her and huffed. Rushing into a stall, Mary hiked up her dress as she could not wear pants anymore, her massive but had grown already five sizes, and her massive breasts were now DD and growing, her nipples sensitive to the touch of the material, Mary plunged the dildo into her already gushing cunt cunt. Pussy juices squelched and squirted with every pull and push and Mary just settled back into an erogenous haze. After she had cumm umpteen times, she finally recollected herself and got dressed. She checked her watch and was in shock, she had been in the stall for over four hours.

Rushing back to her desk she flopped back into her seat, her wet pussy staining the cloth underneath as her pussy profusely leaked juices continuously. Her clitoris was so long it was touching the fabric of her dress and it was driving her wild. What Mary did not realize is that Dawg and sped up the process, he was getting bored by the slow change and her changes were now in days not weeks.

She looked at her desk top, recognized the documents but could not read the words, for some reason her brain could not work out what was written. Her IQ had lowered to 93, which was still within the norms but her education was all but wiped out. Her English was also nearly gone, replaced mainly by rudimentary Spanglish, her ability to communicate in English would remain and her ability to reason was significantly reduced. With this, her libido had shot through the roof, essentially Mary was a bitch in constant heat.

Mary looked at her watch and could not read the time, at first she panicked, she felt she should know everything but for some reason could not. She went to the toilet to wash her face and freshen up, but when she entered the room and looked in the mirror she nearly screamed with shock. Her once lithe body was now obese, her tits were literally hanging down to her waist and were full like udders and had for inch sensitive teats (not nipples) that dribbled milk. Her arse was so wide it had ripped her skirt and her once light tan is now dark brown. Her legs were muscled like a bodybuilders and she sported massive thighs and huge calves. Her face was what set everything off, the once slim middle eastern face with a delicate nose was now replaced by a hungry slut look, half opened eyes over a wide button nose and her pillow lips that were in a constant pout, and don’t forget the cigarette, unlit, but in her lips. Her once straight brown hair is a curly black mess and she felt a dampness from her cunt. She pushed a fat finger between her legs, with abit of trouble, needing to move her massive uders aside and felt a sensation of pure orgasmic explosion as her finger touched her three inch clit. It was throbbing, as it had a pulsing vein feeding it blood and making it ultra sensitive.

She was about to shudder with cumm, when the door opened and in walked Juanita, she took one look at Mary and immediately knew who she once was and said “Oi, my beeetch ees no doctors now! Huh?” to which Mary replied “Me no’s under…un…me no’s know what…me…” and stopped as Juanita slapped her face and said “Shut up beetch, you is my ho now, you is my slaves now, you is my sluts now, you no doctors you ho, you fuck only and you clean toilets now.” She gave Mary the implements and Mary looked at them and then Juanita slapped her again and said “get to work beetches…you no go homes before you finishes.” And then she tweaked one of Mary’s huge teats causing milk to squirt all over the mirror. Mary started to say “I is Mary doctors of..” and Juanita pulled the teat hard causing Mary to orgasm and said “you eees Maria, dumb cunt beeetch ho, you no doctors any more, you dummy and estupido and my slut slave. You ees giving me your home and all, and you ees moving into hovel and be dumb ho sucking cock all night and working toilets all day. You ees making me rich beeetch.” To which Maria nodded and started to clean the floor, and then Juanity pushed Maria’s head over the toilet seat and said “When you ees finished you ees resign from hospital doctors, you sign on as toilets cleaner and work under mee, I tell Max you my beeetch now.” To which Maria nodded in fear but also in excitement as she remembered who she was while she reveled as well as being horrified in what she was becoming. The nanites made her hornier and hornier the more horrified she got.

After Maria finished cleaning the toilets, Juanita told her to give her the car keys, and then Juanita drove them back to Mary’s house. Juanita whistled in approval and then called Max, her boss, who came around with a shady lawyer and they made Maria sign over her home and property and give Juanita all the codes to her bank account and social media. Then she had Maria send a mail to her boss telling him that she was resigning effective immediately, obviously Max typed the email as Maria could not longer read or write.

Juanita cooked forty pounds of rice for Maria, and she ate them up, her stomach bloated and the nanites using the energy to continue the massive changes yet to come. Juanita went into Maria’s old bedroom and undressed, she told Maria to do the same and then go to sleep with her face in Juanita’s pussy. Max was filming it all and continued to film as Maria started to lick Juanita’s pussy for hours. During this time her body rippled as the nanites added another thrity pounds of weight mostly in her udders and arse and lowered her IQ to 80. She also lost all her education, and could no longer understand English properly, her vocabulary reduced to swear words and grunts.


Juanita pushed maria off her sopping pussy. The bed was wet with milk and cunt juices and their hair was a mess and their bodies covered in dry cumm. Max had ordered in some friends and they took turns fucking the women, all in all, ten men fucked two women twenty times during the night and covered them in cumm. Maria took a cigarette, oblivious to her state and Junaita smiled wickedly and said “You no showers or washes, you eats a lot and then u works cleaning toilets all day, then we changes your childrens too…you likes!” and Marias brain, now totally fried by the nanites had images of her amazing successful children bt orgasmed at the though of them becoming dumb sex besasts like her. It was so horrific to her that she orgasmed five times before she calmed down and nodded to her mistress “Si, u is clevers, me estupido dummy…me loves u” Juanita smiled and told Maria to dress and not do anything to her hair or face.

After eating another thirty pounds of rice and drinking two liters of corn syrup, Maria’s body rippled in front of Janita’s eyes. Her udders now grew till they were hanging down next to her cunt, her teats were now five inches long and her udders had large pulsing blue veins throbbing all over. Her height was four foot ten and she weighed three hundred pounds. Her IQ was now 75 and she looked like a worn out fat whore freak. Maria looked into the mirror and had a massive orgasm as she looked at herself and cunt juices gushed down her legs over her twenty inch thick muscular calves to the floor. She looked like a miniature sumo wrestler with humungous tits. She put on some clothes that Max had brought over and was driven by Juanita to the hospital where she was not recognized any more and started to clean all the toilets on the floor she once worked on as a professor only a week before.

She stank of sex and nicotine and everyone complained to Max that the new cleaner was really not fit for work cleaning toilets, to which Max said “Sure, no problems, I will replace her.” And that was the last day ex Professor Mary worked in a hospital, and slut ho Maria started her new life cleaning toilets during the day in a local whore house and being a whore during the night.

Just to make sure there would be no repercussion, Juanita and Max arranged for a little family get together. They drove to the hospital car partk and told Maria to drive the car home, Maria was on her knees sucking Max’s cock in the back of the car. She finally managed to get up, extremely hungry as the nanites raged through her body, she wobbled to the drivers side, and unsuccessfully tried to drive, all her coordination and understating of driving was lost. She was extremely frustrated and just noticed that her finger was in her cunt pushing her clit that had leaked so much, her leather seat was a puddle of juices, she was sitting in a pool of her own cunt juice. “Oi, what me do now…” she was frustrated, took out her phone and called her son Andrew.

“Hi, Andrew, ees mom, you com here to hospital you take me homes, si?” Andrew heard a familiar voice but didn’t realise it was his mother, and said “Excuse me, who is this?” and Mary answered “Eees meeem you Moder, me in car, me needs your help son.” Andrew at first was angry, but then looked at the number that rang him and realized it was his mothers. “Oh, jeez mum, whats wrong with you? Are you OK? Whats with the accent?” Mary replied, “Me not know, you comes quick, huh, me in car in hospital.” Andrew replied “OK, wait, I’l be there in about twenty minutes.” And he called up Joan and got her to come too.

Half an hour later Mary still pumping her cunt, the sloshing cumm all over the car, her hunger insatiable, she had to eat, the nanites demanded energy was now tired and just stared out of the car window as her son and daughter came. They opened the door, and Andrew said, “What the fuck?” to which Mary smiled, and said “Fuck me?” Andrew helped pick her up, and Joan helped them both to Andrews car. The nanites in the juices covering Mary soaked through Andrew and Joans skin and the programming was now set into motion on them, unlike their mothers transformation the nanites would work faster and essentially they would now change within hours.

The family reached their mothers once home, now belonging to Juanita, and all walked into the smoke filled house, the kids did not realize the smell as they were now programmed to smoke too and loved the smell. Mary was smoking as they walked in and Andrew and Joan both asked for one too. On the way they tried to get Maria to explain what was happening but she was to weak to talk and only asked to light up a cigarette.

Finally at home, Maria reached the kitchen and told Andrew “You ees make rice, we makes lots, lots” Andrew asked “How much, a pound? A bag?” Maria replied “No, ees a lot, uses the bigs bags all of then” which was sixty pounds of rice. Andrew looked at the pots he had, and found four massive pots Juanita had bought the day earlier. He set the rice up while Mary stuffed her face with cake, all the cake she could find, which was a lot.

For some reason both Andrew and Joan were feeling very hungry and they started to eat as well. Mary sat back turned on the porn channel on TV and started to pump her clit in front of her children. Andrew was turned on instead of being in shock, his cock became erect, it was already an inch longer and much thicker, and his balls were making sperm at a furious rate. Joans tits had already outgrown their b cup bras and were now DD’s and growing, her IQ had dropped to 70 in the drive over and she was now a total moron with a high libido. The only thing missing was the food that the nanites could convert into fat and start to change her body to the new requirements, a Mexican gang whore. Andrew’s body also required a lot of food so his new pumped up steroid junkie bodybuilder body would make it hard for him to move with so much muscle. His IQ had now dropped to 80, the nanites kept him borderline normal so he could still function around the house. Mary was now a good two inches shorter and one more meal would finalize the additional weight, her tits now ZZZ resting in her lap and squirting milk while her cunt continuously poured juices down her fat thighs. She was rubbing her cock sized clitoris that was driving her insane with lust. Her pillow lips and 70 IQ took over and she looked up at Andrew and said “fuck me, is cunt wet…” Andrew didn’t need another request, he rammed his cock into his mothers wet cunt and pumped her for five minutes before he spurted all his cumm and came for a whole minute. He fainted from the extreme experience.

Then Mary looked at Joan, Joan was now five feet tall, weighed two hundred pounds and also sported ZZZ tits down to her waist, heavy udders filled with milk constantly leaking from her three inch nipples, thumping pumping blue veins under her now darker skin tone as she looked up at her mother she smiled and said “me eees stupido, me no hable English” and crawled over to her mothers dripping cunt and started to slurp up the cumm.

After an hour of continuous ravenous sex they all stopped and crawled over to the rice that Andrew had managed to finish. They gulped up a total of sixty pounds of cooked rice between them and watched as their bodies rippled and changed before their eyes. Their body temperatures all super high but their bodies regulated by the nanites keeping the pain down.


Maria opened her puffy eyes from sleep, her tits now out of any letter range filled with milk were dripping and squirting milk out of her six inch nipples. Her penis sized clit was throbbing as her cunt dripped pussy juices down her muscular thigs and calves, she had legs of a professional bodybuilder topped by a soft titted body of a sex beast, he half opened eyes and puffy lips made sure anyone understood what she was. She remembered who she once was but could not understand how she was, as she was now holding an IQ of 60, limited language and her brain was in constant heat with a libido that was way off the charts. Her fat fingers pumping her clit as the other pulled on her pulsing teat.

Andy now with an IQ of 60 as well, sported a steroid abusing bodybuilders body, he was four hundred pounds of solid muscle on a five ten frame and his cock was now a foot long and super thick, his balls also hung down half his thighs and he was dripping cumm constantly. He could actually cumm once every half an hour a full load that would last a whole minute.

Juanita (the daughter Joan) was a copy of her mother Maria but a younger version and was also busy pumping her clit and pulling her teats, her blue veined throbbing udders no longer could be considered breasts.

The door bell rang, no one bothered to get up, and then the door opened and in walked Dawg, Max and Juanita. “Well, as I said Juanita, you get this bitch all for yourself, have fun.” Dawg drawled as they walked into the house and looked at the three animals that were in the middle of a juice orgy.

Max took Andy and said “Listen kid, you are now going to work as a shemale cock sucker, you will live in a room in a shemale bar and suck ladyboy cocks every day for the rest of your life with video to pay…how’s that sound idiot?” Andy looked up, his muscles tensed with anticipation and his cock grew hard even though he had just cumm for the fifth time in two hours. He remembered that only two days ago he was a slim intelligent lawyer with a growing list of powerful clients.

Dawg walked over to Juanita (Joan) and said, I guess your getting a new job in a barrio in Mexico City as a whore for the poor, your going to be a free fuck and your pussy is going to be filled by cock a hundred times a day for the rest of your life.” Juanita moaned as her cunt gushed in orgasmic lust at the thought of being abused constantly especially as she remembered that only two days ago she was an intelligent fit successful medical intern.

Then Juanita the cleaner tweaked Maria’s teat and said “beeetch, you ees going to work as a ho tonight, and tomorrow you ees starting to clean toilets in the ho house, You also be the ho cunt cleaner, after every ho gets fucked, you will lick their cunt clean with your mouth.” Maria moaned in delight, her sex addled brain totally destroyed by the annites and when she imagined herself as a fit intelligent physician giving medical orders she shuddered and orgasmed so powerfully she fainted. She actually loved her new role, worshipped her own abnormal body and wished she could live like this forever.

Dawg could read her mind and said “don’t worry Maria you will live for another two hundred years at least, I might keep you alive even longer, and I will make sure Juanita stays alive too to own and manage you all the time, and as a treat I will make sure that Andy comes to fck you at least twenty times every week and you can watch Joan gettng fucked constantly down there in Mexico via the cam feeds.” Maria gushed from her cunt and moaned in pure bliss, imagining all these horrific thoughts made her orgasm so hard she fainted, her body constantly twitching as her mind rewatched her life and her childrens life as sex beasts.

Dawg laughed and walked out of the house, another successful week gone by.