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Ex Nihilo

Commission by Anonymous

Chapter 2 — Bunraku

Six states away from Aurore’s penthouse, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, some people were having a great time.

“Hyah! Kyah! Yess! Keep going, Master! Harder!”

“You know it, baby!”

Thomas Riley, however, just watched from the sidelines, about as comfortable as a cat in a shower. His boss generally made a point to make everything awkward, but seeing him engaging in rough intercourse with a siliconed prostitute was a whole new low.

“Go ahead, Tommy! Grab a girl!”

“I...would prefer not to, Mr. Dawson.”

Unable to look at the “women” in the room, Thomas rested his gaze on Saul Dawson, CEO of his biotech research company. And Christ knew the guy was no looker. Bald, with a large flattened nose and small, shifty eyes. Saul was tall, large and built like a tank, though it just barely hid his obesity. He seemed like he would be more at home in a gladiator arena than a tech company. One instinctively knew that with Mr. Dawson in the room, subtlety and taste were not going to be a factor.

Even so, Thomas had been happy, hours earlier, when the enormous man barged into his lab with open arms and a grin on his face. “Tommy boy!” he bellowed, startling everyone present. “You’re now employee of the month, all months! You’re coming to my party tonight, even if I have to fucking kidnap you!". Thomas had been confused, yes, but happy. For beyond being invited to Dawson’s infamous parties, it meant success. His research had finally be noticed, celebrated and, for once, attributed to him. His talent and work had finally broken through, in spite of his esteemed colleagues.

Thomas wasn’t sure, however, if it was worth seeing seven women with melon-sized fake tits beg for their masters to fuck them hard.

“What about a drink, then?” Asked the big CEO as he kept thrusting his large cock into the sloppy wet pussy of a trashy whore. “We got some real fine Irish whiskey here. Champagne, too, if that’s more your thing.”

“No, thank you, I, um...I don’t drink.”

“Aw come on! You just discovered a viable artificial nerve replacement! Your liver can go fuck itself!”

“As can a lot of things, I imagine...”

Just minutes earlier, two local congressmen had stopped pounding pussies for a smoke break. The poor women had fallen on the floor, breathing hard and moaning intermittently. Both of them then looked at their nether regions, fingering themselves to bring the pleasure back, to no avail. In their eyes was only desperation, and barely any cognizance beyond the need, no, the imperative to be fucked. Thomas saw them look at him and plead him, silently, to come fill them. No words, no gestures. Just begging eyes.

That had been frightening enough, but then a female artificial voice came out of their strange, metal headsets. “Subject idle. Stimulating”. State-of-the-art adaptative visors came out to cover their eyes. Rapidly flashing lights appeared from behind the metal, and the women started to moan softly and sensually, lulling themselves into a relaxed state. Their pussies twitched with no outside stimulation. Thomas recognized the phenomenon. Five-senses VR stimulation. Extremely experimental. Considered too dangerous for use.

“Mr. Dawson, what has been done to these women?”

“The two runts over there? Bah, just complete sensory overload. They live to fuck now. I prefer the reprogrammed bimbos, but the pure fuckdolls are real comfy to be in. They don’t need to remember how to speak to tell you how great you are. Try them, Tommy! You’ve earned it!”

“I...With all due respect, I am NOT participating in this, Mr. Dawson.”

The immense CEO looked at his morally conscious underling and shrugged, before resuming fucking his bimbo.

“Whelp. At least I tried. Don’t worry though, you’re still getting your own private lab starting Monday.” Assured Saul. “You’ll have all resources you need to make a working artificial nerve.”

“...All resources?” Riley asked enthusiastically. “Really?”

“Sure! I mean, this is the turning point, Tommy! We’re almost in the year two-thousand-and-cyborg and you’re January the first! You bet your ass I’m putting the company behind you!”

“I...I appreciate it, I’m just not sure if I can...” The scientist looked at the mindless sex slaves again. “I mean, I have to report this, it’s a crime against hum...”

“Aw, come on!”

Saul Dawson pulled himself out of the painted hussy and gave her a pat on her bubble butt before turning to his employee.

“You’re too smart for this, Tommy! Look around you!” He turned around, arms outstretched. “Congressmen! The Governor’s nephew! We even got a fucking general in the room! Does this paint a picture of law and order working, Tommy boy?”

He sadly had a point. Thomas Riley looked at the gray-haired General having fun with a woman encased in black latex and squeaking in pleasure. It wasn’t the least bit reassuring.

“Don’t do this to yourself, Tom.” Said Dawson with concern. “Good, evil...those are just words! Morals don’t bring nearly as much dopamine as decadence does. Besides, when you try to do good, you always fuck up. So I figure, why not try the opposite approach? Candi here seems to think I’m doing a lot of good.”

“Tee-hee-hee! You sure are, Master!”

The huge man turned to Thomas again and pulled the very best shit-eating grin possible.

“All I’m saying is, give misogyny a chance!”

Thomas was hardly convinced by his boss disappointingly immature morals, but he was at least glad to not be outright coerced into condoning sex slavery. Still, he realized this was a very dangerous situation, and started thinking about what his course of action should be once out of this hellhole. Just as he did, the door opened. Were the crooked Congressmen back? No...To his utter surprise, two women walked into the room!

They didn’t look like sex slaves, either. The first was a woman with unnaturally white hair with the gait and clothing of a powerful female executive. The second was a short Japanese girl with big breasts, bicolored hair, a cute face and skimpy clothing. Certainly not a tasteful girl, Thomas thought, but at least there was some intelligence in her eyes.

It seemed, though, that most of her intelligence was geared towards fucking him. She looked at his pants and licked her lips, brushing her own midsection with her fingers. Thomas noticed with disgust that the clothes she was wearing, some sort of cut-up swimsuit with cloth skirt and shoulders, formed a downward arrow with the skin below her navel.

“Ah, Doctor Rivers!” Warmly welcomed Saul Dawson. “Checking on the slaves?”

“Field-testing one, Mister Dawson.” She turned to the cute exotic girl. “Nami dear, I know you need to have sex, but do mind your manners.”

“Yes Mama!” She met Thomas’ gaze. “Hi, I’m Nami! There, we know each other. Set sail for dick!”

The adorable yet lewd Nami pounced on the scientist like an excited kitten. He yelped in surprise and tried to push her away, but the little vixen had him pinned down on the cushy sofa. And what a vixen she was. Her big, round titties were covered by an elastic, bikini top, leaving them to hang freely over Thomas’ chest. And while the girl didn’t wear any garish makeup, her skin was disturbingly smooth. She looked more like a 3D model for testing jiggle physics than a real woman.

Even if her outfit wasn’t indecent enough, he felt a warm liquid dripping on his trousers...The little slut was going commando.

“I...I’m sorry, miss, but...”

“But nothing!” She smiled. “A dick is a terrible thing to waste!”

“Heh.” Grinned the big CEO. “Can’t say I disagree, Tommy boy.”

Thomas gritted his teeth. Clearly, this girl had been as degraded as the others. She was trying to take his pants off, an intense hunger in her eyes. This place made him sick. He was seriously about to use violence against the hussy before she actually went through with the assault...when the door opened again. It was the two Congressmen.

“Oh, if it isn’t Grace Rivers!” The youngest of them smiled, going for the handshake. “Your presence is always appreciated.”

“Yours as well, for once.” She contemptuously replied. “I did come here for the usual suspects after all. Nami!”

“Yes, Mama?”

The Japanese jumped off Thomas’ lap to face the person who very clearly was not her mother. The ambitious young scientist welcomed that as a relief. This was a mistake.

“Have fun.”

Nami’s lips turned into a jubilant crescent, and she threw her arms upwards. The congressmen and the general looked where she was pointing, wondering if this little slave was throwing some sort of weird performance or if she was simply supposed to be a safe way to stick your dick in crazy. Hey, it had its appeals. Whatever the case, something did happen on the ceiling...A water leak. Unsightly—at first. For the droplets didn’t fall to the floor, instead gathering like a small, upside-down fountain.

“How the...”

The reaction had been unanimous between the five men present. Even the more cognizant sex slaves were amazed by the gravity-defying water. Yet it was merely the start. The small font soon started to creep outwards, adhering to the ceiling far beyond what capillarity allowed. Already, Riley and Dawson looked for projectors, certain of the impossibility of what was happening. When they looked up again, the water was flowing down the wall, still not a single drop yielding to Earth’s pull.

“Oooh, fishies!” Pointed out one of the siliconed bimbos, hopping.

“No. Fucking. Way.” Uttered Dawson.

And yet, fish were undeniably popping out of the water source and casually swimming along the gentle stream. The men were observing something completely and utterly unfeasible by any technology they knew of. As scientists, they still looked for an explanation, like some sort of magnetic fluid merely looking like water. But the fish casually swimming in it threw that theory out of the window and tore the entire wall down with it. It wasn’t just impossible—it was straight up unreal.

And yet the aberration carried on. The entire room was soon surrounded by an aquarium without glass walls. Nothing but gravity-mocking water and goldfish having a field day. The brainwashed bimbos shrieked about how pretty it was while their strong and handsome Masters looked at the surreal spectacle with terrified awe.

“Tadaaa!” Celebrated the Japanese mage. “Your boring science isn’t so hot now, is it?! Hee-hee!”

Of the five men, the immense Dawson was the one to rise from his chair and look at Grace with nothing but the most solemn expression.

“Grace. You’re an engineer, and you are clearly behind this girl. What the fuck kind is going on here?”

“Ha ha ha...” Softly laughed Doctor Rivers as she beckoned Nami with open arms, which the cute slut readily accepted. “You hope I have an scientific explanation for this.”

“Of course there is.” Replied Saul with the most serious and level-headed tone Thomas had ever heard from him. “This is no sorcery. If it is observable, it is within science’s purview.”

“Well, not this time. Well, it started scientifically, but...Well, you’ll see.”

Grace broke her usual countenance with a predatory grin as she caressed Nami’s hair and whispered something in her ear. The Asian nodded, then stepped forward to the center of the reverse aquarium.

“Okay, so, I think Mama would explain it better because my Mama’s the best, but basically, we found a way to make magic real! And, well, the whole world needs to know, dontcha think?” She asked, sticking her tongue out after her question.

“Yes! Absolutely, miss!” The youngest congressman hurried to answer, unwilling to let his reason go in the way of opportunity. “This is huge! We could offer you an official hearing!”

“Hmm...” Pouted Nami. “Yeah, but Mama thinks it’d make more noise if a big politician guy was eaten by a shark in Oklahoma.”


Nami snapped her fingers, and a great white burst out of the water at full speed, maw wide open. The enterprising elected official barely had time to scream before the maneater swept him off his feet and into the opposite wall of water, where he disappeared through the concrete.

The subjugated bimbos fainted, though by shock or by another magic trick, one couldn’t say. The aging general felt his dulled but strong combat training kick in, and he lunged at the menace in front of him. His vision was suddenly filled by slick, glistening black, and a great force hit him frontally, knocking his breath out. He only had time to vaguely recognize a finned fish tail through the trail of bubbles before the salt water rushed into his lungs.

Indifferent to the army man’s horrid end, the little slut turned to Thomas Riley, his boss, and the politician that had run to them.

“Mgrgrgr! When a mage speaks, the silly gaijin listens!” Exclaimed Nami, puffing her cheeks. “I got a kraken, yanno? Anyways, Mama wants only one of you to survive tonight, and doing magic makes me, like, super horny. ’xcept I can’t very well make love to Mama so that leaves you three! So howzabout you make me cum my brains out? I could even let you live!”

“I’d take her on her offer.” Calmly explained Grace to the three awestruck men. “Our third attack, tomorrow, will be way more, let’s say, disruptive than killing power lines or a few powerful men. Oh yes...”

Grace’s ice queen demeanor broke down into a wicked, unhinged smile.

“This is nothing. Your world might very well need a hero.”

* * *

Aurore’s eyes fluttered open. She was in her house, lying supine on the living room’s sofa. She recognized the chandelier above her and thought “Man, what a crazy dream” in her native tongue. Yet she wasn’t all there...the dream was still keeping her in.

“Man, what time”

She looked to her left, expecting to see the TV box and its digital clock, but all she saw was some kind of aquarium with a rippling surface. She was sitting up, too...

“C’est quoi ce...hmm...”

She had something warm and hard in her hands. She looked, and suddenly felt very horny. She looked up and, in a squeaky, girly voice, said...

“Wow, you’re a big guy.”

* * *

Saul Dawson smiled nervously. He liked the big Asian boobs brushing against his massive member in theory, but he couldn’t be sure this thing had any humanity to it. Still, he knew he had to play along.

“F...For you.”

“Oh, thanks, Mister! You’re kind to sluts, I like you!”

Nami climbed on the man’s thighs and crept upward, stroking his fat belly with her soft breasts. Aurore felt the delicious sensation and gasped as the man lifted her up and deliciously impaled her on his meaty cock.


The dick has slid through her with ease and sparked such pleasure that she came on the spot, knocking the Japanese word right out of her mouth. She knew she was a slut, but this...! Not that the little slut noticed, but Grace smiled. Little Aurore was sure to remember such pleasure in great detail...

“U...Unyaaaah...” Moaned the sex doll with a mindless expression before she started fucking herself.

She wasn’t sure who she was anymore, but what did it matter? She moved her pelvis up and down, giving her slutty pussy what it needed. She felt her melons bounce up and down and only giving her even more pleasure. The bliss was battering her mind but her body was an autopilot. She really looked more like a cartoon porn character designed to have the sluttiest moans possible than a viable human.

* * *

Nami kept wriggling on the dollhouse sofa, feeling the big cock make putty out of her slutbrain. She caressed her puffy nipples, milking them for every jolt of pleasure that could send her over the edge. Soon she was on the brink, screaming her pleasure in her native Japanese. In the throes of passion, she created four water orbs around her that flew in random directions when she finally exploded.


So good. So good. She let her body relax, hands on her boobs. All smiles and with a ragged breath, she looked around...and blinked. Why was she back in Mama’s house? Where had the big guy gone? She looked down and saw that her hands were a good ten centimeters above her boobs.

“What is...”

Confused, she sat up and took her bearings. Aurore looked at the digital clock beside the TV—07:32.

“Whew, talk about a fucking wet dream. At least I’m not late.”

She tried to remember last time she had dreamt about having sex and straight-up cumming from it. She couldn’t. A shame—she still felt a nice buzz in her pussy after that. She made her way to the pool, only to notice...

“Oh, come on! I sleepwalked and raided the wardrobe AGAIN.”

Annoyed and disgusted, she got rid of the nonsensically slutty outfit. Part bikini swimsuit, part miniskirt, no panties, all nonsense. She impatiently put it in a wad and tossed it in the changing rooms before jumping into the fresh water.


Aurore let herself and her worries float away. There, even the very recent shame of wearing a costume that was literally pointing her pussy couldn’t reach her.

Though her pussy sure wouldn’t mind something else pointing to it.

* * *