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Excerpts from a Found Travel Guide

The following pages were found in a 1968 edition of Let’s Go: Europe, found in a used bookstore in Noss, the capital of Apusia. The pages were clearly from a much earlier guidebook, but removed from their binding we are unable to tell which book, or the date of publication. The particular chapter was, from the heads on the pages, entitled “Visting Ipkar District for the Single Woman.”

* * *

The Ipkar District of Apusia, and Ipkar, its central town, are justly renowned as one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Best known for its ancient baths and mineral hot-springs, it is easily accessible by train from Optir Station in Noss. The train trip takes approximately five hours through mountainous terrain, and is thus not suitable for a day-trip; however, lodgings are plentiful due to the baths, and can be arranged upon arrival.

Unlike Noss, foreign languages are not spoken widely in Ipkar, and thus we provide some useful phrases throughout this guide in the Ipkar dialect of Apusian.

(A note on language: The Ipkar dialect of Apusian differs from the standard language as spoken in Noss. In particular, Ipkar does not recognize the somewhat modern neuter gender; all nouns are either masculine or feminine. Compare standard lopon (n.), “train” with Ipkar lopi (m.), and standard banon (n.), tunnel with Ipkar bana (f.). One major distinction is that the standard conjunction cos, “to have, possess,” cannot be used with a feminine subject and a masculine object, and speakers of the Ipkar dialect can take great offense at such usage. Instead, use pikis, “to hold, grip,” in such situations. This section uses the Ipkar dialect throughout.)

* * *

Upon arrival in Ipkar, your first item of business should be to find lodgings. Hostels, many of which cater specifically to women traveling alone or in small groups, are arranged on the square which the Ottoman-era train station faces. All are safe and comfortable, although frequently sharing a room or even a bed may be required during busy seasons.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

Is this hostel fully booked?

We always have room for an attractive woman such as yourself.

Do you have a room with an en-suite bath?

All of the baths in this hotel are shared.

Is there a private place where I may change my clothes?

It is traditional in Ipkar that women change their clothes communally.

All of the women in the hostel seem to be young and beautiful.

We are blessed with a particularly lovely group of visitors this season, such as yourself.

* * *

The one train to Ipkar from Noss runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays only, and returns to Noss the following day. Frequently, due to weather, landslides, engineering works, or other happenstances, the train departures may be delayed, so do not be dismayed if the train station is unable to offer you a return ticket at once.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

When does the next train to Noss depart?

Not for over a week.

Why has the departure been delayed?

Very large trees have fallen onto the tracks, just as the train you arrived on passed.

But I see groups of men departing on a train.

They are engineering workers on a service train. To remove the large logs. Which fell on the tracks. As your train passed.

May I use a telephone?

We are sorry, but the telephone is not in service. The same large trees have severed the wires.

But I see a man using a telephone.

He is a policeman, calling on a dedicated policeman-type line.

He is not wearing a policeman’s uniform. He is carrying a shovel.

He is a secret policeman.

* * *

We recommend that, after breakfast the following morning, you secure a guide to the baths. The Ipkar Baths are very ancient, dating from well before the Roman era. They are dug into the side of the mountain which overlooks Ipkar, and are deep and labyrinthian, and a trusted escort is essential for safe navigation. Guides can be found in the main square, and can be engaged for extremely reasonable rates.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

Excuse me, are you a guide to the bath complex?

Yes, I am. I am extremely experienced, and will be happy to escort you.

What is your fee to escort a young, beautiful foreign woman through the baths?

That depends. Are you traveling alone?

As it happens, I am.

Then I shall do this service for free.

That is extremely generous of you.

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your enormous eyes.

I am afraid that those are not my eyes. My eyes are located higher, on the front of my face, rather than being in the middle of my chest.

My apologies. It is a common mistake among the simple men of this district.

I understand completely.

* * *

The Ipkar Baths, despite the name, are not baths in the Roman sense. They are, rather, the remains of an extensive temple complex, dating from pre-Roman times. The nature of the religion that was worshipped here is not entirely clear, as the complex has never been properly excavated by archeologists. Indeed, the local population has proved extremely hostile to the idea of professional research being done on the baths. We do know that the religion seems to have more to do with ancient religions of Mesopotamia than any Greek, Roman or other local pre-Christian religion.

Regardless, the religious observances continue to this day. When you arrive at the entryway to the bath complex, you will be certain to see a large number of men entering and leaving the large marble archway. You may find the carvings on and around the archway to be in questionable taste, showing a large number of couples in various types of intimate congress, but these carvings are among the greatest of works of art of the era. Compare them to similar (in nature, if not artistic style) carvings of the arts of Kama in India.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

Is there a fee to enter the baths?

Only for men. Women are admitted free.

Why are women admitted free?

The principle is similar to “ladies night” at a drinking establishment in your country.

I am not clear on the principle you describe.

It is of no matter. Please watch your step. The stairs are very slippery from the water of the baths.

Is it absolutely necessary for you to have your arm around my waist?

The stairs are very slippery.

From the water?

Yes. From the baths.

* * *

The hot mineral water which gives the Ipkar Baths their name is produced by volcanic action deep in the mountain, forcing superheated water up through a series of vents until it emerges from a large number of crevasses. Intricate plumbing then diverts it into the bath complex. The volcanic processes also emit gasses of various natures, and those are channeled safely up and out of the chambers by modern piping. The gasses can be compared to the mysterious vapors that Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, used to produce her visions. It is not clear, of course, if these gasses are of a similar nature. You might smell traces of them as you descend through the caverns, but be assured that they are entirely safe.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

What is that I smell?

Those are gasses which come up through vents.

Are they safe?

They are entirely safe.

Then the fact that I am feeling dizzy and light-headed is not due to the vapors?

No, it cannot have the vapors as a cause, as the vapors are entirely safe and are dissipated by modern piping.

That is very reassuring. Thank you.

You are most welcome.

You are once again staring at my breasts.

Yes, that is true. They are very large.

You may continue to stare at them. Inexplicably, I find it very pleasurable for you to do so.

Thank you.

* * *

Once you have passed the outer chambers (be sure to admire the frescos, which are maintained in excellent condition by local craftsmen), you arrive at the Robing Room. As previously noted, the original rites and rituals which were conduced in these chambers continue to this day. By long tradition, women may not proceed further into the temple unless they have changed into ritual garments. Attendants will help you change into such garments (which are provided gratis) and will keep your original clothes safe until you exit the complex. Your guide will be happy to wait until you have changed.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

You cannot actually expect me to wear this.

It is our tradition.

It is entirely transparent, and I am no longer wearing underwear of any description.

That is an accurate assessment of the garments that you have been provided.

I expose myself with the slightest movement.

You make that comment as if it were a negative property, rather than an advantage.

Are you sure that this is required by local custom and ritual?

I am absolutely certain, being a highly-experienced guide to these caverns.

Very well. It will be very convenient for you as you stare at my breasts.

This is one of the many benefits of these garments.

* * *

Once you are properly attired, you may descending into the bath complex proper. Steam from the hot mineral springs, along with traces of the aforementioned vapors, become quite noticeable here. The thinnest of the ritual garment quickly becomes unimportant, as the warmth of the mineral springs heats the air to extremely comfortable temperatures. Be sure to admire the carvings in and around various niches and alcoves as you descend.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

The steam is causing the garment to cling to my skin.

That is one of the properties of the garment, for which it is designed.

It is providing me no more modesty than if I were naked.

Is that alarming to you?

Strangely, no, I do not find the idea that I am standing entirely exposed in front of you unappealing.

I am pleased to hear this. Do you find the carvings in the alcoves interesting?

Yes, I am beginning to find them quite intriguing.

I am pleased to hear that as well. What do you think of this one?

I do not believe I am flexible enough to achieve that position.

I believe you underestimate yourself. And this one?

That is not a statue. That is a man and woman having sex in an alcove off to the side of the large staircase we are on.

Ah, yes, that is true. My mistake.

Please, do not worry. I find that intriguing as well.

* * *

The next chamber is the Grand Bath. This is indeed the centerpiece of the temple complex. It is a huge, domed room with a vast central bath. The hot mineral water is allowed to flow from pipes above the bath. By religious tradition, only women are allowed to wash in the Grand Bath, although men may enter the chamber and enjoy the steam on amphitheater-type steps arranged around the central bath. For purposes of ritual purity, it is required that all women bathe here before proceeding deeper into the temple complex.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

I am expected to do what?

It is required that you disrobe and bathe here before continuing into the temple complex.

But the entire bath is ringed by men watching the women bathe.

That is correct. That is an essential part of the ritual.

I should be astonished at the suggestion, but I find myself strangely unable to resist the compulsion to disrobe.

Please do so, then.

Very well, I will. May I leave my ritual garment with you while I step into the warm, knee-deep water?

By all means. I shall guard it with my life.

Are there any other ritual measures that I should be aware of?

Please be sure to wash your breasts and between your legs multiple times, at great length.

I shall be certain to do so.

* * *

What little is known about the religion centered on the Ipkar Baths is that is, while not precisely female-dominated, very oriented towards the feminine. We may draw parallels between certain practices of Mesopotamian religions and the Ipkar rites, especially in the area of female sexuality. Unlike the more conservative Roman and Greek religions in which female sexuality was actively suppressed, the Ipkar religion seems to celebrate it.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

I cannot believe that I engaged in such practices.

I do not understand what activity you refer to with such negativity.

I engaged in sexual congress with a blonde backpacker named Geertje.

I believe she is here on her gap year.

Is “gap year” a euphemism for a particular kind of sexual behavior?

I do not believe it is.

In any event, I was not previously aware of any sapphic tendencies on my part, yet I find myself strongly drawn towards sex with each and every of the women in the bath.

Has this diminished your sexual interest in men?

Quite the contrary, which is causing me some small alarm in that I am feeling extremely aroused and unable to control my behavior in that regard.

Allow me to put your ritual garment back on.

You are groping my breasts as you do so.

That is true. It is part of the ritual for me to grope your breasts.

Ah, well, then please continue.

* * *

Indeed, the Ipkar cult may be the last bastion in the world of the tradition of the Temple Prostitute. The parallels with the Mesopotamian version of this aspect may not, however, be exact, as rather than having a single such holy whore in the temple, the Ipkar Baths have dozens, possibly over a hundred, such priestesses of the flesh active at any one time. Indeed, the structure of the Baths below the Grand Bath are designed to provide convenient and comfortable accommodations for the temple priestesses to perform their religious duties.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

I am feeling in such a way as I have never felt before.

Can you articulate the precise way in which you feel, which is unusual to you?

I am extremely aroused sexually and find myself unable to consider any activity besides sex.

Ah, that is a common reaction to the vapors which are present in all areas of the Baths.

Ah, I see. That would explain the large number of women and men engaging in sex around us.

Yes, that is a direct consequence of the vapors, as women find themselves uncontrollably aroused and very suggestible.

That would entirely explain my behavior, and I am grateful for the clarification.

You are most welcome.

Would you like to engage in sexual activity with me?

I would find that entirely agreeable.

I would be happy to attempt the position that we saw in the statue above with you.

That would be extremely interesting to me.

* * *

You will find the lower levels of the bath complex to be well-provided for with niches, alcoves, side chambers, and a wide variety of other rooms. These have been covered with pillows and cushions to provide extremely soft surfaces for a wide variety of activities. In addition, smaller baths are also common in the lower levels, ideally suited for a small number of people to enjoy the action of the hot water as it is forced up through intricate plumbing.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

I am very much enjoying performing oral sex on you.

You are very talented in that regard, and I am very pleased by your enthusiasm.

Thank you for your praise. Previously, I found this activity distasteful, but now I am obsessed by it.

You will find that to be a common reaction to the vapors among women here.

I see. Are you now in a sufficient state of arousal that you are able to engage in coitus with me?

I believe so. Are you lubricated to an appropriate level?

I have never been so lubricated previously in my life, and feel that I will come to mental distress if you do not penetrate my vagina immediately.

I will do so at once, then.

Thank you. That feeling is more pleasurable than anything I have previously experienced in my life.

* * *

The communal and “social bonding” aspects of the baths should not be underestimated. Due to the intimacy involved in the rituals, it is possible to make new friends very easily. As the Baths are a gathering place for young, adventurous women from throughout Europe and indeed the world, one can develop new relationships without the awkward preliminaries that can frequently be inhibiting in modern society.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

I very much enjoyed engaging in sexual congress with you.

As I did with you. I find you an exceptionally good partner.

Yet, despite having spent hours in sexual activity with you, I find myself still highly aroused and wanting more such behavior.

That is a common situation. Is that Geertje?

Yes, it is. She seems to be approaching us.

I believe she wishes to engage in more sexual activity with you.

Perhaps she will be willing to use her mouth to arouse you to the point that you are able to engage in sex with both of us.

Would you be so good as to inquire if she would be disposed to this plan?

I will be happy to do so.

* * *

The bath complex is also provided with sleeping and relaxation areas, as well as providing extensive food and drink facilities to its visitors. Because of this, it is frequently unnecessary to continue to engage lodgings in the town once one has been appropriately introduced into the inner sanctum of the temple.

Useful Phrases and Common Responses

I found it very pleasurable when you deposited your seed on Geertje’s breasts.

Thank you for removing it with your mouth and tongue.

I was happy to do so. Yet, I still find myself extremely sexually aroused and willing to perform any sexual activity requested of me.

I will then introduce you to this small group of gentlemen who appear very interested in engaging in sex with you.

I am extremely pleased at the idea of yielding my body to them in any way they wish.

I believe my services here are no longer required. Thank you for engaging me as your guide.

Thank you for your help.

Now, I believe I will see if Geertje is willing to allow me to perform anal sex on her.

I have no question that she will be entirely amenable to that activity.

Please, enjoy being ravished by the gentlemen.

I am certain that I shall be. First, of course, I will have to perform oral sex on each of them in turn.

That would, of course, be only polite.

* * *

A visit to the bath complex can be extended to days, weeks, even months if it is desired. Some travelers have decided to suspend their travels and make their temporary homes in the Ipkar Bath complex. Of course, the continual twilight illumination provided by candles causes day to blend into night, and a feeling of timelessness can descend over long-term visitors.

Useful Phrases

Hello. In what way may I please you?

I am entirely at your disposal, and will serve you any way you wish.

Thank you. I am very glad that my very large breasts please you.

You are very large in your male endowment.

Now, may I begin with my mouth?

I shall be very efficient. I understand that you must catch the train back to Noss in just a short while.

I am generally able to cause a man to orgasm in under five minutes through oral sex.

Yes, thank you. I found that most pleasurable as well.

Oh, no, I have no desire to leave the Baths at the present time.

Her? That is Geertje. When you are next here, I recommend that you ask her to allow you perform anal sex on her.

Yes, she is particularly talented in that regard, although it is an activity I enjoy as well.

I believe she is a Dutch girl here for her gap year.

No, I do not believe that “gap year” is a euphemism.