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Contains sexual f/f content so read at your own risk if uncomfortable with this topic. Please do reproduce without my permission. Feedback is always welcome and encouraged.

I like to thank first off, Sara, for if it was not for her contest this piece would have not seen the light of day. Second, I want to thank Kaereni and Alei for their encouragement and support. In addition, I want to thank Archibael for his fine suggestions and time for proofreading and editing. Lastly, to those who will read this.


By Sleeping Beauty

Have you ever had the feeling that you were not in your own skin? That you were looking through someone else’s eyes at the world? As strange as it may seem, I know what that feeling is like.

The night looks dark and the rain is pouring down. I gather my coat and head to the bathroom as I step off the train. Walking around to the back of a small terminal station to a small stall with a door, I go in and lock the door behind me. As I go, I hear a crash outside that seems close. It makes me jump when I hear it. I am not sure if it is the thunder or something else. I finish up and go to see what it is, only to find myself stuck in the bathroom.

I pound on the door and try to open it, but no luck. I scream for someone, anyone. No one comes to my aid. I can hear some muffled talking outside. I scream again. Finally, after a few minutes I hear keys and someone trying the door. It jammed when I shut it. How embarrassing this is.

I am set free by one of the attendants. I see the train forget me as I watch it leave the station with my baggage still aboard. I am dumbfounded, I have no identification or money to get another ticket for another train; it, too, is on board the train. I forget all about what I heard while stuck in the bathroom just moments ago.

The phones were in the back, away from the platforms near the bathroom. ‘I was such an idiot not to take my purse with me’, I think to myself as I walk around back to where they are. ‘I was only gone a minute and if it were not for the door...’ Well, I am not going to beat myself up now about it. Anyway... I go make a call for my friend to come pick me up.

There is crackling on the line and static as I try to tell her to come get me. I am unsure she hears me or if I get through. I hang the phone up and pray she heard my plea for help. I stand and wait. Time seems to go by slowly and I become nervous. I move over to a small bench to sit and rest my eyes a bit. My hand leans against the seat of the bench to find something icky on it. There is something sticky on my hand and I try to wipe it off. After I assault it to get it off, I manage to get it off. I smell something sweet. Wondering what that smell is I look around. I start to feel relaxed, peaceful, and I yawn, placing my hand against my skin near my mouth. I swallow and breathe in a moment. I feel my mind and body go limp as I doze off.

* * *

It is dark and hazy. There is something cloudy inside of me. I try to look but cannot see. I am fuzzy inside as I feel myself awaken.

The surroundings seem strange to me as I look through this human’s eyes. Not like the worlds before that I took to rest upon. There is much color here, and different patterns of light and dark that surrounds me. I lift the hands that belong to the shell and stare at them. How they move, so slow and restrictive, but yet flexible. It seems so fragile to me and I am afraid to explore this new host. I dare not break it; this one would be worthless, and death would come to it. I believe they call this a female.

I am startled by a sound of a horn that hurts the ears of the host. The hands move to her auditory orifices and shield them from the noise. Moving her eyes to travel to the spot where it came from, we see what makes the sound. A big metal moving vehicle comes in range of us but does not hit or touch us. She calls it a bus. The thing is hideous, ugly, and loud. I must get away before something happens. My thought is pushed forward to the host. She starts to move away and I am glad.

I stumble to move as the host walks to where her friend will meet her. This one watches for the thing she calls a car to approach her. A bright blue jeep pulls up with her friend inside. She seems relieved and more relaxed now. Wanting to see, I push her more to lean into the jeep so I may see.

“Hello,” I make her say as I think of how to act. “I am glad you came after me. I was afraid I did not get through,” she says as I read her thoughts.

“Get in Deb, you silly goose. You’ll catch your death. Besides, I couldn’t just let you stand out here alone and miserable.”

“Oh yeah, right, sorry Janet,” we say getting into the jeep.

Once inside, the other female grabs us and brings us into an embrace. It is a strange feeling, this embrace. Both females’ reactions are quite a mystery to me. The host is becoming excited and embarrassed. Her nipples perky and her mind filled with confusion. The other female is also excited. I can tell by the way she is holding unto us. Lasting but a blink of an eye, so much to tell, though, in that time. Once they let go, the car drives off and leaves my prison behind.

“It is so good to see you again Janet,” we say as the car rides on.

“I am glad you called me. Now we get to visit some before you run off again.” She giggles.

“I am glad too.”

The drive takes what seems forever, but then I am enjoying it all as I take in everything that is going on. The female, Janet is worried about us. To show comfort or support, she puts her hand on top of ours during the ride to her domicile.

* * *

The day turns into night and the two females interact so strangely as night approaches. The giggling and silliness they exhibit only grows. Too much food or the liquid they call wine might have something to do with it. It affects me little though, unlike Deb my host. Her walls she had up earlier are crumbling and allowing me more control, as well as letting her body react more to things.

Janet’s hand starts to rest on Deb’s thigh. This brings tingles to Debbie. The feeling is quite exhilarating and intoxicating to us both. I know she is desired, as she wants to desire her. I feel it like her heartbeat. With a gentle push, I help Debbie in her reactions.

I whisper into her mind, relax and ride what comes... you know you like it.

She resists a bit, and I push harder the feelings of the tingles that make us both excited. She gives in and starts to relax, letting the female’s touches sooth her. I smile inside as the one called Janet continues her quest.

Her hand moves up the thigh of her prey, snaking its way closer to that which it is seeking. She gently rubs it, caressing as she goes. The tingles grow just like earlier. I feel heat and the excitement mixing. I feel Deb constricting again and push her again to relax. She does, with gentle coaxing from her friend and my coaching.

It is okay Debbie. She knows you want it and need it. Relax and let it come.

My words and Her touch like honey, sweet and inviting. A gasp escapes Debbie’s lips as the hand closes in to brush against the covered pelvic region. We move to it, craving it.

“Hmmm... You feel nice, just like I remember.” Janet says wistfully.

A small field of heat comes to Debbie’s face—a blush, they call it.

My eyes light up, knowing now these two have a past and that this event has happened before. So much the better to help Debbie relax and control her. While Janet tenderly and strategically strokes Deb’s legs, I push in her mind the memory of their first encounter.

The two of them in the bedroom, giggling away watching some TV show. It is late at night and they have the house all to themselves while Debbie’s parents are away for the weekend. A friendly game of truth or dare, starts with a massage, then a kiss, and then another... Next thing they both know, they are cuddling and kissing one another as if boyfriend and girlfriend.

Bittersweet and fond memories for both the females are remembered. Debbie sighs as they surface again and she feels the touch of Janet’s hand lightly caressing her mound over her pants. She starts to grind against it, feeling the pleasure of it again after so many years.

“That’s it, love, remember how good this feels? MMMM I always loved to touch you.” Janet leans in for a stolen kiss and starts to gently nibble on Deb’s neck.

Debbie melts as the feeling hits her, and the memory mixes in with the current event with my help. Janet goes to undo the pants and moves inside of them, still rubbing and stroking the sacred mound. Carefully she finds the small nub and starts to rub it, lighting a fire deep within Debbie.

Her lips caress the neck and she kisses the nape of her friend’s neck. Debbie is losing herself slowly within the growing spiral of tingles and pleasure. I feel another heartbeat in Debbie as she falls into the pleasure. Janet smiles, seeing her efforts are working. I am pleased and gently push her mentally further and watch Debbie unfold.

Next, I feel as Debbie does, Janet going to the auditory center and starts nibbling and licking around it. This sends shivers through Debbie’s mind and body. There is hot breath on Debbie’s neck and ear, now. Such a wonderful sensation it is. I feel Debbie start to throb as Janet continues her assault on the nub below, while focusing on the head area with her tongue and lips.

Janet whispers, “Let go for me, love. Fall into it, into me.”

Moans escape Debbie’s lips, and a slight tilt of the head allows Janet to go onward in her conquest. Still focusing on the ear, Janet licks and breathes into it. Debbie’s hips buckle under the sweet nothings being promised to her, and from the now stronger stroking of her clit by Janet’s other hand.

“Be a good girl and cum for me, love.”

Be a good girl and cum for us...

Debbie feels helpless as her body betrays her and gives in. Her mind, our mind reeling from it all. Such delicious pleasure, my food and my livelihood. Sweet nectar dripping from between Debbie’s thighs, throbbing stronger and powerful.

As it grows stronger and stronger, the eyes of love grow brighter and brighter, giving off an aqua colored hue as we both meld into one at the moment of the orgasm. Nothing more exists now, for her or I, just the love and the power of our eyes. Nothing will ever be the same again after tonight.