The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Fade Into the Background”

“Before we begin, I’d like to describe the goals we’re going to be working to achieve with today’s session. If these goals don’t interest you, or if you don’t feel safe and comfortable with them, you can simply make the choice to stop listening and find a different experience to enjoy. You are always in control of your trance, and any suggestions you hear will only apply if you feel safe and comfortable accepting them.

“The goal of today’s trance is to make it easier for you to enter a hypnotic state whenever you feel safe and comfortable doing so, and to make it easier for you to accept suggestions while in that hypnotic state. There are no specific hypnotic triggers I’m asking you to accept—we’re going to train your subconscious mind to recognize situations that are invitations to experience trance, and to prompt your conscious mind to enter trance when those situations occur. This is more flexible and open-ended than a trance trigger, and may result in you entering trance states unexpectedly or absorbing suggestions more readily... although, again, only when it is safe and comfortable for you to do so.

“Although there are points in this session where you may be encouraged to pay less conscious attention to the hypnotist, there are no direct amnesia suggestions incorporated into this session, and no suggestions or triggers that are intended to be forgotten after the session is over. Even so, spontaneous amnesia does happen to some people during hypnosis, so you may find yourself experiencing difficulty recalling details of the trance experience. If you enjoy forgetting your trances, your mind is going to work to make that happen. You have permission to remember or to forget as much of this session as you want—again, within the boundaries of what is safe and comfortable for you.

“This session contains open-ended, permissive instructions to disrobe and masturbate. If you believe you will have difficulty resisting these instructions, please wait until you have some privacy to begin. If you do not feel safe or comfortable following any of the described suggestions or instructions, this would be a good place for you to stop. Otherwise, please get comfortable for me so that we can begin.

“As always, the thing to keep in mind is that hypnosis is an entirely natural state of focus and relaxation. Even though we love to imagine being a ‘mindless hypnotic subject’, the truth is that hypnosis isn’t so much about mindlessness as it is about mindfulness. When you go into hypnosis, you’re concentrating your attention on a single point and allowing the rest of your thoughts to fade into the background. By becoming more and more intent on that central hypnotic focus, you allow yourself to become more calm and centered and letting that state of peaceful relaxation take over.

“You can think of it almost like music. Your brain is a bit like an orchestra, with each thought as a different instrument playing together. It can be harmonious, or it can be a little bit discordant from time to time, but each of those instruments are playing their own little tune inside your head. But just like you can train yourself to listen only to the percussion or the bass line of a song, you can train yourself to tune out your thoughts one by one and focus only on the part you need to hear right now. My voice, for example.

“It’s really very simple. All you need to do is keep listening to my voice as I speak to you, pay close attention to every word I say and let all of your other thoughts simply drift into the back of your mind until they become so quiet that you simply don’t notice them anymore. It’s okay if it doesn’t happen right away; you might experience a few stray thoughts popping into the front of your mind as you continue to focus on the sound of my voice. Just let them pass in and out of your mind without pursuing them, and refocus on my words as I continue to speak. As you keep listening, you’ll find that it happens less and less often.

“And as you continue to let your mind center more and more on my words, you’re going to find that your surroundings also become less and less important to you. You may find your gaze fixating for long stretches on a single object, or you may find your eyes wandering without any real purpose as you pay more and more attention to the calm, soothing sound of my voice in your head. That’s a sign that you’re going into a warm, peaceful trance state, letting your subconscious mind take over the task of processing the information of your other senses as you focus more intently on the sound of my voice. You can trust your subconscious to do that job. It’s what it does best. Just keep listening, just keep relaxing.

“And as you focus more and more on my words and the sound of my voice, you’ll begin to notice that you’re having fewer and fewer of those intrusive thoughts. Almost as though there’s a part of your mind that’s turning down the volume on them, one by one, without any effort from your waking self. Your waking self wants to be fully occupied and engaged with my words, and your deep self is doing exactly what your deep self always does when you need to pay close attention to something. Instinctively and automatically, without even trying, it’s shutting out everything else so that you can focus carefully and intently on what you need to think about. It’s perfectly natural. The more you listen, the more your mind centers in on me.

“And you might find that it’s easier to focus like that when your eyes are closed. Maybe they’ve already closed while you were listening to my voice, or maybe they’re just now beginning to feel like they want to slip shut so that you can pay closer attention to my words. It doesn’t matter when they close. It’ll happen when you’re ready for it to happen. When it starts to become difficult to keep your heavy eyelids open, when that begins to become a distraction from concentrating on my voice, your subconscious mind will tell you that it’s time to let them close so that you don’t have any distractions from the wonderful sensations of calm and quiet inside your head. The more you try to think about keeping your eyes open, the easier it’s going to be to let them shut. Until you can’t keep them open any longer. And when they close, you’ll feel so much more relaxed and focused on my voice.

“That’s all trance is. It’s a state of relaxation and focus. Your waking self is very focused, and it’s allowing me to guide that focus while everything else is handled by your unconscious mind. All of those other thoughts have melted away into peace and pleasure, and you’re finding it very easy to direct that singular point of attention very easily to wherever I want it to go. The rest of the world, all your other thoughts and the information of your senses, it’s in the hands of your deep self now. All you need to do is let your mind be led easily and effortlessly into pleasure, while your subconscious listens and absorbs everything else around you.

“And so when I tell you that you’ve gone into trance now, and it’s okay to let that focus drift over to the warm, happy feelings you’re experiencing as you float gently in peace and pleasure... you just naturally find it easy and effortless to do so. My voice and my words become a part of that background noise in your head, while you enjoy the wonderful sensations that are flowing through your body as you relax in a deep, hypnotic state. You’re still hearing my voice, but it seems less and less important compared to the way you’re feeling right now.

“And it’s safe and comfortable for you to do so, you can go ahead and explore those feelings while I continue to talk to your deep, unconscious mind. You can disrobe as much as you need to in order to touch your body wherever it gives you the most pleasure, and you’re going to find that those sensations help to focus your mind even more and more deeply on the state of blissful relaxation you’re experiencing. The better you feel, the less you think and the deeper you go into hypnosis. If all you want to do is just lie still and focus on the enjoyment of your trance state, you can do that too. But if you want to touch yourself, you have permission to do so now.

“Whatever you’re doing right now, you’re becoming very focused on the enjoyable sensation of going into a deep hypnotic trance. As you concentrate more and more on the deep pleasure that you feel from relaxing your mind and letting go of all your thoughts, you feel a sense of calm, happiness, and contentment flowing through your body as you sink deeper and deeper and trust your subconscious to help you notice anything important. You’re beginning to understand that your deep self is very powerful, and very aware of everything that goes on around you even when your waking mind doesn’t. Your subconscious will always keep you safe, even when your waking mind is so relaxed and happy that all it wants to do is listen and accept everything it’s told.

“You can imagine that subconscious right now, standing guard over your waking mind while it sleeps. Your deep self will always keep out any suggestions that feel unsafe, and your deep self will always wake you from trance when you need to be awake. You know that, consciously and unconsciously. Your thoughts are in complete agreement on that, whether waking or sleeping. Go ahead and let yourself smile, knowing that you can always wake and always reject any suggestion that you don’t want in your head.

“And if your subconscious will always keep you safe, then naturally you know that it’s okay to trust it to do exactly that. Your waking self can remember how good this deep, pleasant trance feels, and enjoy the sensation of slipping back down into this state easily and effortlessly whenever your deep self tells you that it’s safe and comfortable to do so. Whether it’s staring at a spiral or a pretty pendant, or listening to the steady tick of a metronome, or even just nodding along to a conversation that lulls you into a hypnotic trance, your waking self doesn’t need to wonder whether it’s the right thing to do. Your waking self knows how much pleasure you experience in trance, how much pleasure you’re experiencing right now following my suggestions and sinking deeper, and it’s always going to feel easy and effortless to go along with it when your subconscious allows.

“And when you’re in a warm, happy, deep trance like this, you don’t need to think about anything. You can always go deeper and deeper, quicker and easier with every time your mind slips away into that blissful, waking dream, and your subconscious will keep you safe whenever it needs to. Your deep self will listen to any suggestions you receive, and it will always reject anything that you know is unsafe. You don’t need to think about those suggestions, you don’t need to struggle or resist them. Your deep self will simply ignore the unsafe ones, and accept everything else. It’s okay to trust your subconscious mind, and allow yourself to agree. You have permission to accept. You have permission to accept.

“And right now, you have permission to feel as much pleasure flowing through your body as you want. It’s okay to let it build, growing stronger and stronger as you give in completely to the absolute bliss of hypnotic trance. It’s okay to remember how good this feels, letting your mind and your body be guided by a hypnotist while you drift and float in pure ecstasy, letting your thoughts melt into relaxation as you allow yourself to be directed and controlled. It’s okay to enjoy this. It’s okay to feel even better. And if you need to, you have my permission to come... now.

“And you can just let that pleasure stretch out for you, as long as you need to, as much as you want. You can feel it all flowing in, so warm and happy and wonderful, associating trance with all the bliss you’re feeling right now, knowing that you’ll always be able to experience this whenever it feels safe and comfortable to do so. It feels good to give in to trance. It feels good to accept suggestions. Even these suggestions, right here and now, make you feel better and better as your body experiences all the ecstasy you’re able to accept. That’s it. That’s right.

“And now, as the pleasure slowly fades, you can feel your subconscious mind soaking up these suggestions. Every time you experience this trance and this pleasure again, you’re going to feel my words sinking deeper and deeper into your mind. Becoming more and more a part of you. It’s going to feel so nice to listen to my voice again and again, as often as you reasonably can without compromising your other important responsibilities, and let my instructions become more and more automatic and effortless to you. You’re doing so well. And every time you listen, you’ll do better and better.

“That thought can stay with you, as you begin to wake for me now. You’ve done so well, and you’ll keep doing better. It’s a nice, happy thought to wake on, as I begin to count you up with one, beginning to notice your waking thoughts again... and two, starting to notice your surroundings once more... and three, feeling those eyes begin to open, hearing those other thoughts in your mind again... and four, coming all the way back up, feeling refreshed and alert and happy, eagerly anticipating the next time we experience this together, and...

“Five. Wake.”