The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Fair Game

By Sen Oluguat

It was the week before Thanksgiving, and everyone was enjoying the annual Friendsgiving-slash-Birthday party that Nick and Laura hosted every year. Downstairs Nick was just putting in disc three of the Lord of the Rings extended cut, in the kitchen Daniel and Laura were making food and shooing away anyone who tried to sit down there (“No distractions”), on the porch people having conversations between drags of their cigarettes, and upstairs a board game was finishing up.

“What about trivia?” Tiffany said sheepishly, as she helped put away the tiles for the game.

Around the table there were groans. Jenny got up to go top off at the keg in the garage—if they were doing trivia with Tiffany she’d need it.

“What’s the point?” Michael asked. “We know you’re just going to win, like you do every single time we try to play. Plus, you have a tendency to get a little... competitive.”

Tiffany’s face fell. “Come on, guys! We play every year, it’s practically a tradition.”

Michael opened his mouth for a retort, when he was interrupted by Tom jumping up excitedly.

“Guys, I think I might have a way we can play trivia and all have fun!”

Tom ran to the front closet and pulled a black case from his pocket. The table quieted down, clearly intrigued. He set the case in the middle and opened it up, revealing a pair of wireless headphones with cat ears on top.

Jenny stumbled back to the circle and looked blearily down at the headphones. “What’re thosh?” she asked.

Tom beamed, “These are the handicap that are going to make this a fair game.”

Lauren spoke up for the first time in a while, “We’ve tried handicaps before. She’s been able to come back from those too. She’s just too good.”

Tom shook his head, “Allow me to demonstrate.” He flipped a switch on the headphones, and adjusted what seemed to be the volume control before plopping the headphones over Tiffany’s head before she had chance to react.

When the headphones covered her ears, Tiffany felt her thoughts start to slow down. She could still hear everyone just fine—of course, there must be a pass-through... uh, what had she just been thinking? A haze seemed to swallow her thoughts, but she didn’t feel scared. It was actually quite pleasant, not being able to think of anything. She didn’t even notice when her thoughts stopped coming in words—everything became the present moment. The feeling of the carpet beneath her, the people around her making mouth sounds and looking worried at her, and... She opened her mouth in amazement at the lamp in the corner. It was so shiny! She laughed stupidly at the pretty sight, and reached out her hand trying to grab the distant object.

“Tiffany, are you okay?” Lauren asked again.

Tiffany turned towards the sound of Lauren’s voice. “Uh guh!” she said happily, a bit of drool dribbling down her lips.

“What did you do to her?” Michael asked, sounding worried.

Tom shook his head. “Not to worry, it’s just a neural dampener. Dumbs you down a bit, and makes you a bit loopy while you’re wearing it, but it’s perfectly harmless. I just set the settings a little too high. Right now she’s at -150, but if I tone it down a bit to, say, -100...” he adjusted the volume control again.

Tiffany closed her mouth, and used the hand she had been reaching out towards the shiny lamp to wipe her lips off. It took a few seconds to reorient herself. Her head felt like a cotton candy machine, and every few seconds it felt like someone was putting a stick in her brain, swirling the cotton candy around and pulling it out along with her thoughts. It was almost like being drunk, except she was pretty sure she had wanted to drive home tonight.

“So, like,” she giggled. “Are we going to, like, play, trivia or not guys?”

Lauren, Michael and Jenny exchanged weird looks.

“Are you sure, you’re feeling okay and everything?” Lauren asked.

“She’s fine guys!” Tom assured them. “Isn’t that right, Tiff?”

Hearing her hated nickname caused a sting of anger to well up in Tiffany, but then it flew away butterfly-like almost as quickly as it had come.

“Yeah, I feel really, like, good right now!” Tiffany said. “This party has been suuuuper fun, and we’re about to play trivia! Yay!”

She jumped a little in excitement and Michael couldn’t help but stare as her breasts bounced. Tiffany had always been one of the hotter members of Michael’s extended friend group. When he had first met her, he had assumed she probably knew Nick through Ricky, since that cluster of friends tended to be involved in theatre, and have the looks to match. Her pretty face, toned, athletic body, and breasts that were big for her thin frame all said “actress” (or maybe even “model”) more than “engineer.” Michael had been surprised to learn that this girl was in the same grad program as Nick, and even edged out several of the guys in the group as the biggest “nerd.”

Tom pulled out the trivia box, and started laying the cards and board up. People seemed more at ease with the idea of the headphones, now that Tiffany was lucid and happy. Maybe this game of trivia wouldn’t be a total drag? They could hope.

Tom, Jenny, Lauren and Michael took their turns, and finally it was Tiffany’s turn. She rolled the dice, and spent a few seconds using her fingers to add them together. “Seven! Okay, I’m going to move my piece...” she grabbed her pawn and counted four steps before she came to a crossroad. Usually, she would try to go for a category she was strong in (not that she had weak categories), but this time she decided to go with the road that would land her on a pink square. “Here!”

Michael took a card, and read the pink line. “Orcinus orca is the scientific name for which animal?”

Tiffany was sure she knew this, she had minored in biology for undergrad and taken extra time to learn the scientific names of millions of animals for fun. She racked her brain... orcinus orca. Orcinus orca. Wow, this must be a super obscure animal that she just hadn’t taken the time to study. Maybe she could guess, she tied to connect it to other things she knew.

“Uh, an orc. Duh!” Tiffany finally said, happy she had made the connection.

Michael looked over at Tom and smiled. “No, I’m afraid that the answer was killer whale.”

Several more rounds passed, and Lauren and Michael were both one category away from winning, Tom was two away and Tiffany had not answered a single question correct. It might have been petty, but everyone was pretty happy to see Tiffany taken down a peg. It was just a game, but she had been a real terror in the past. Plus, it was temporary and she didn’t seem to understand why they occasionally laughed at her most wrong-headed answers. In fact, she seemed to be having just as much fun as she usually did, maybe more.

Tiffany landed on a green square, and Michael read off her question. “How many electrons does a hydrogen atom have?”

Tiffany knew that those words had something to do with physics, but she was having trouble remembering what each of those words meant. She was losing pretty bad, but she had come back from worse. She just needed to think outside the box.

Suddenly Tiffany smiled. “I get it. It’s, like, a trick question. One!”

Everyone was actually a little surprised. Tom handed her a green chip.

Lauren was still smiling. “Tiffany, do you want to expand why you think its a trick question? I’ll give you all my chips if you’re right.”

Tiffany smiled triumphantly, this was her chance to win! “Well, I thought about it hard, and I remembered that electrons sounds like elections. And there’s only, like, one election a year. There is only one election a year, right? So all atoms only have one electron, which would totally include hirogan atoms!”

Everyone got a good chuckle out of that, and Tiffany pouted when they broke it to her that she was dead wrong. Her sour mood didn’t last past the next turn though.

Finally, Lauren won the game and everyone had pretty much had their fill of board games for the night. Jenny and Lauren left everyone else to put away the board game, and when when they had finished and Tom was about to remove the neural dampener, Michael stopped him.

“Hey, do you think you could leave those on a little longer? I just want to see what she’s like for the rest of the party.”

Tom seemed reluctant. He had only planned to use it to make trivia a little more bearable, it didn’t feel right to leave her this dumb outside the context of the game. What if something bad happened? But Michael was insistent, and Tom finally relented.

“Alright, she can keep wearing them for the rest of the night. But I’ll need them before I go home.” Tom said.

“Cool!” Michael said.

He had plans for Tiffany, but someone called that dinner was ready, and everyone started lining up. He decided to put his plans on hold. Nick was surprised when he saw Tiffany piling turkey onto her plate.

“Oh, Tiffany, have you quit being vegetarian then?” Nick asked.

Tiffany shook her head. “No, I’m still vegetarian.”

Nick didn’t quite know what to say as she walked away. Maybe she had decided to make Friendsgiving her cheat day, like Ricky had?

* * *

Several people noticed Tiffany’s odd behavior, but they just chalked it up to her being drunk. She had always been a bit of a lightweight...

Finally, Michael decided to try his luck.

“Hey, Tiffany. Would you be interested in playing a two-player trivia game?” He asked innocently.

“I, like, love trivia! Yes, yes, yes!” she said excitedly.

“Cool, why don’t we go to one of the side rooms.” Michael said.

“Okey dokey,” Tiffany said.

They peeled from the rest of the party, and went into the guest bedroom.

“Have you ever played strip trivia?” Michael asked.

“Wait a second,” Tiffany protested. “You didn’t say you want to play strip trivia. I don’t, like, play games like that, Michael.”

Michael lowered the volume control on her headphones slightly.

Her frown turned into a smile. “I don’t think I’ve every played trip trivia actually? How does it work?”

Michael explained, “It’s ‘strip’ trivia. We ask each other questions. You have to remove a piece of clothing if you ever get an answer wrong. Sound good?”

Tiffany laughed. “But then you’re going, like, to end up naked, Michael! I’m the best trivia person in our group.”

“You sure are, so I guess you have nothing to lose. Right?”

Tiffany nodded. “Alright, I’ll start....” She wracked her brain for a tough question. “I got it, how do you spell Tiffany?”

Michael rolled his eyes. “T-i-f-f-a-n-y.”

Tiffany blinked in confusion. How had he gotten something so hard right?

“Alright, my turn.”

Question after question, Tiffany found herself losing article of clothing after article of clothing. She took off her shirt, her skirt, and (she thought she was super smart for thinking of this) one sock, and then another. She was down to a bra, panties and the headphones. As every piece of clothing hit the floor, Michael found himself loving the view. He had seen this much before—when the group had gone hot tubbing last year, but he had been too polite to stare at her for any more than a glance, then. Right now, she was so dumb she didn’t seem to mind that Michael was openly looking her up and down. In fact, she seemed a little turned on by this situation. She had always been turned on by the idea of smart guys, especially guys that were smarter than her. That had always been a tall order, and she hadn’t spent much of her life dating or thinking of guys. She had completely written off Michael—he was good looking enough, but she had always considered his intellect a few notches below hers.

But tonight had caused something of a transformation in her view of Michael. He had come in second during trivia earlier. And he was beating her right now. He was really smart, and a warmth was starting between her legs. She only had two pieces of clothing left. She noticed the tent in Michael’s pants. Suddenly, the game didn’t seem to matter as much. She liked trivia, but a dick attached to a guy with brains. Unf.

Even though it wasn’t her turn, she started taking off her bra. “Mikey, let’s, like, forget about the dumb game. Fuck my brains out!”

He didn’t need to be told twice, he started disrobing and she pulled down her panties. She was so beautiful. He only had a few moments to think that before she pounced on him, pushing him back onto the bed. He was inside her, and she was moving like a rabbit in heat. That gave Michael an idea. He lowered the volume on the headphones.

Something changed in Tiffany’s eyes. They had been pretty empty and vapid for most of the night, but suddenly they took on an almost animalistic look. There was no higher thought. Only pleasure. She suddenly became more aggressive in her lovemaking—no, that wasn’t the right word—in her fucking. The motion was quickly taking Michael close to heaven. And then, like a dam bursting, he felt it. A powerful orgasm rocked his body, shaking every nerve of his being. Tiffany let out a primal moan, and he could tell she was experiencing the same thing.

Suddenly, a loud spark came from the headphones, and the red light turned off.

“Oh shit! Tiffany?”

She didn’t reply, just looked at him with eyes empty of understanding and full of lust.

Michael pulled the head phones off of her head, and saw no change in her demeanor. She was still clearly ready for round two.

Well, when life gives you lemons...

* * *

“She’s starting to understand words again.” Michael said.

Tom nodded. “That’s good, that means she might recover before I can fix the device. You really shouldn’t have overloaded her with pleasure, it’s going to be a job and a half to get it fixed. Is she saying anything?”

Micheal shook his head. “No, and she only understands simple phrases. Tiff, come here girl!”

Tiffany sat up on the sofa, and walked over on all fours. She smiled at the two of them waiting to hear more.

Tom raised an eyebrow. “I seem to recall she was walking on two legs before?”

Michael smiled and shrugged. “I thought it would be interesting to see if a little Pavlovian conditioning would work on her. I gave her ‘treats’ when she crawled and now she just does that all the time.” Tiffany seemed to be eyeing Michaels cock greedily.

Michael rang a little bell and they could both see Tiffany starting to get wet.

“If that’s everything, I’ve got some, uh, conditioning to attend to. I’m hoping some of it will stick when she’s fully recovered.”

Tom nodded, and closed the door behind him. It would be a few weeks at least before he got the device fixed.