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Fall from Grace, Part 3: Virginity-Lost

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Author Note: Here’s “Virginity-lost” that was originally supposed to have been Part 2. Does that explain why Virginity-Lost has itself been split into two parts? Well, I suppose not, but I will say that this story seems to be getting longer all the time. Possibly because Cathy starts getting hints that that there’s more to being a passionate slave then she ever suspected. Also, to balance things out Tom discovers that Cathy has some surprises of her own.

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* * *

Part 3: Virginity-Lost {mf mc md 1st oral}

Synopsis: Taking the virginity of a new love slave is just the beginning of her training.

* * *

I was feeling very melodramatic. No longer was I Cathy Goodhead. I was now a nameless naked slave. I deserve no better fate. For I have turned my back on my moral upbringing. I have violated ever rule of chaste behavior that I had ever been taught. I have fallen into evil ways. If my dad knew the truth, I would in his eyes be little more then a lecherous slut, a carnal whore who craves pleasures of the flesh. The only virtue I retained was my maidenhood, but I no longer wished to preserve it. When that was gone my debasement and corruption would be complete and irredeemable. When my transgressions are discovered, I will be cast out of my family.

Yet, I loved my new life, filled with boundless lust and unending carnal pleasures. I had discovered my one true love, the Master who had collared me as his slave. I awake nude with Tom cradling my head in his lap, gently stroking my hair. His cock was standing straight inches from my mouth. I kissed it and reached out to hold it, stroking it lovingly. Tom had made me feel things that I never dreamed existed. He had opened new and exciting worlds of discovery that had been hidden from me all my life. I was eager to explore every aspect of those worlds.

I looked up at Tom who saw I had awakened. At that moment I felt only joy and contentment and love. I said, “I love you, my Lord, my Master, my Tom more then I’ve ever loved anyone or anything. I want you to be the one. Take my virginity, I beg you.” He smiled and replied, “My princess, I will indeed have your virginity, at a moment of my choosing.

I refuse to use any type of condom, but I am not ready to impregnate you. For that to happen, I need you to prove yourself by your loyalty, your passion, your wisdom, your intelligence, and your determination to make our relationship the focus of your life. Then I will know if your love can truly last forever.” I replied, “Yes, Master, I pray that I am worthy in your eyes.”

Then he told me what I most wanted to hear, “Fortunately, your mother let slip that during the next two weeks, our coupling couldn’t make you pregnant. You are very special to me and I want you as much as I believe you want me. This is the moment for you to become a woman, but understand there is pain as well as pleasure when your virginity is taken. Are you prepared?” Why would my mom have said such a thing? Aren’t mom’s supposed to protect their daughter’s virginity? How did she do it? Did she somehow know that Tom was “the right one”? So many unanswered questions swirled around in my thoughts, but I didn’t care about the answers at that moment. With tears of joy I submitted, “Yes, my beloved Master, the pain will help me remember this moment always. He didn’t use the word love, but I believed that would come in time.

Tom began by greedily sucking my huge tits. Seeing his reaction, I was happy to have such enormous shirt puppies for the first time in my life. While he kissed and licked my succulent nipples, my pussy kept getting hotter. It was already sopping wet from all our earlier activity. “Put it in,” I begged. “Not yet, I want you totally wild so you’re completely open.” He warned.

His hot tongue licked and kissed down from by breasts until he reached my belly button. I began trashing wildly at the intensity of the electric feelings. I calmed down a bit as he continued downward until he reached the furnace between my legs. In our last bout, he had learned my vulnerabilities. Now that knowledge was used to drive me insane with passion.

My thoughts grew more and more incoherent as the pleasure from my groin began to spread upward through my body, like a fever of lust that was slowly consuming me. The more he licked me, the hotter I became. I leaned back and tried to stifle my groans of pleasure, in someone would hear and interrupt this bliss. I felt as though I had a parasite attached to my crotch—a huge, wonderful parasite with a tongue that kept wiggling delightfully against my sweaty labia. I gasped as it flicked against my clitoris, briefly tickling my most sensitive spot before returning to a lazy slide up and down my swollen sex crevice.

He kept doing that to me—taking occasional stabs at my clit, driving me closer to the edge...and then retreating. I could not take very much more of this, and he knew it. His attacks on my clit grew more and more frequent, and I could feel an orgasm boiling up inside me. My moans were getting louder, but I no longer cared if anyone heard them.

He shifted away while holding me down. I desperately tried to push my cunt back onto his tongue. He pinned my hips, holding them easily in place as he moved up. I reveled in the way he physically dominated me. It made me hot. “Aaaaaaaahh,” I gasped feeling the head of his tool wedged within the entrance to my fuckhole. He brought down my hand to grasp his cock and said, “Rub it up and down your hot slit.”

He had stopped moving, forcing me to do all the work. I would not be allowed to pretend that I was not an active and willing participant in my own defloration. “Oooooohh,” I moaned as my hand and hips moved together to rub my cunt lips against his hardness, making it slick with my love oils. The feeling was indescribable. I was making myself hotter and hotter. I began trying to find a way to push the tip of his cock inside me. “Oooooohh,” I kept moaning. I was becoming frantic with need. I couldn’t do more without his help so I begged, “Pleeeeese Master.” He demanded, “Tell me what you need.” I begged him like the lowest slut, “Aahhhhh, fuck meeee. Shove your cock into my nasty cunt. Rip my virginity away. Take me like a harlot. I need you inside me.”

I kept babbling the same carnal pleadings over and over until I felt him shifting once again. With exquisite slowness he began pressing his hardness into me. “Yesssssss, Yesssssss, Yesssssss,” I gasped as I felt that amazing cock begin its assault. I adjusted the angle with my hand to keep it in the correct channel. My hips thrust mindlessly forward trying to push him deeper into me, but he was the one in control.

We both felt when his hardness reached my barrier. My frenzy receded because of the increasing discomfort. I heard Tom clearly when he said, “Beautiful Princess Now Passionate Slave will be bound to her first true lover.” I gasped out “This passionate slave will be bound to her first true lover.” I made sure to memorize each syllable he spoke, “When you feel the pain it will end when you look at me and say, ‘In pleasure I am your devoted slave. In pain I am your loving slave. I obey and belong forever to you who take my virginity’.” I took a deep breath and replied, “I am ready, Master.”

Tom knew that his cock was a battering ram not a rapier. The girls went wild when its thickness and length stretched their cunts. However, it was not designed to pierce Cathy’s hymen. No matter how he tried, it would not be quick. Providing a task to focus on would distract her from the pain, at least a little. Her pussy was as ready as he could make it, sopping wet and eager. Her white skin was mottled and flushed with passion. It was time. He gripped her hips for leverage then drove forward towards the final assault.

I screamed with the worst pain in my life. Wave after wave as Tom tried to breach my maidenhood. My eyes had screwed themselves shut. I forced them open to look into the eyes of my love, my Master, my tormentor. Between cries, I managed to choke out the words that would end the pain. In some mystical way they became the essence of my very existence, “In pleasure I am your devoted slave. In pain I am your loving slave. I obey and belong forever to you who take my virginity.” With the last word, I felt something give way. Tom’s hardness drove forward and was buried deep inside me.

Echoes of my sundered maidenhood resonated through my mind and body. I had crossed the line into womanhood and could never return to the innocent girl I had been. Tears ran down my cheeks. Tom kissed my tears and then my lips ever so gently as if I might break. My heart was so filled with love for him at this moment that I thought it might burst. I wrapped my arm around the man who had taken my virginity and pulled him close. I was his devoted and loving slave now and forever. My world would be fulfilling and joyful as long as he kept me in his collar. Finally, my arms released him and I lay back so he might properly use a newly ravished female.

Tom had stopped moving his cock to allow her battered pussy a chance to recover. Barely half had penetrated and he yearned to bury the rest inside her steaming wet cunt, but he had the restraint and knowledge that was needed. Lowering his lips to her sumptuous tits, he began to suckle her nipple. Cathy’s young body was quick to recover. Once the pain disappeared, her passion returned with vigor.

First tentatively and then with more energy her hips move to drive his cock deeper. I feel his hardness stretching my inner passage, pushing aside muscles. His tongue had been amazing, but his cock is nothing short of magical! I moan softly feeling its hard flesh penetrating deeper inside her, rubbing deliciously against her squirming vaginal walls. He begins to fuck her, easing his firm dick in and out of her slippery cunt with a smooth, tantalizing rhythm that grows faster and faster with every passing moment, thrusting his love tool into her gooey twat. She whimpers and moans as the thick cock fills her pussy, again, again, again. The noise of their lovemaking fills the bedchamber, and she can hear every wet slurp of his penis as it baths in her copious sex juice.

The need for restraint gone, Tom fucks her with deep, swift strokes that made her groan and writhe. With every plunge of his massive cock into her sopping wet cunt, she feels herself giving way to him. Nothing exists for her except the phenomenal pleasure giver. The bed shakes with the force of his thrusts. She turns her head from side to side and moans continuously as he pounds her helpless pussy.

I know that something is about to happen when Tom grabs my waist tighter and savagely grunts as his engorged cock slides all the way inside me. I feel like a tiny leaf caught in a hurricane of passion unable to control which way I’m tossed in the gale. Undreamed of sensations are transforming a girl’s mind and body into a woman’s. Every second seems to stretch out endlessly. Then I feel his manhood throbs as it delivers its fiery load into my belly. His powerful body presses mine into the mattress. All I can do is lay there and moan as his cock rubs inside my cunt, pumping me full of hot male spunk. “Uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhooooooooooo,” I groan deliriously as my own groin erupts with cum.

My thoughts that I am now truly a woman are shattered by another orgasm, then a third. Each of the years of frustration and chastity seems to resonate now with another climatic aftershock. Finally, the ecstasy consumes me. My eyes roll up into my head and I pass out.

* * *

Ever so slowly I float back to consciousness. First becoming aware of the warmth and security of strong male arms holding me close. Tom’s naked flesh presses snugly against mine. I open my eyes to see a look of concern and relief on the handsome face I love. I cover that face with 100 kisses whispering, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

“You are incredible,” says Tom, “So hot and vibrant with limitless sexuality.” I bask in his admiration and approval. He thinks I’m a good lover, not a “frigid scumbag” as I’ve heard other girls described. He kisses me long and well, crushing my breasts, his limp cock leaving a wet trail on my thigh. I feel my nipples getting hard again, a sign of returning desire. I reach down to hold his marvelous cock and begin rhythmically squeezing. In response, he pulls me close and kisses me well. I feel his cock twitching, but it’s not ready to get hard again. The love oils begin to flow again in my pussy. I wonder if all girls want more so soon after losing their virginity?

He breaks the kiss to ask, “What are you trying to do you horny little vixen?” I smile and plead, “More, Master, please let’s fuck again.” He shakes his head and explains, “You can’t imagine how much I want to do just that, but right now your pussy is too sore after its first fuck. What’s more, its getting late, we must get ready to leave. If we get back after your curfew then there’ll be hell to pay.” I giggle at the pun.

“You have earned a name,” he says turning serious. “Thank you Master,” I reply. “Perhaps, Flower, or Passion, or Nipples, or Sara, or Honeypot, or Slime.” He ponders. “I like Flower or Sara, Master.” I prod not wishing to be named Slime. “It is not your choice, but mine slave.” He reminds me with a playful slap on my ass. “Ow! Of course Master, I only wished to be helpful.” I say placatingly.

His expression changes and I know he has decided on my new name. He declares, “I place on you the slave name ‘Cathy Goodhead’. It reminds me of a beautiful and passionate free woman I once knew who is no more. Understand that although it is similar to your name as a free woman, it has been placed on you as a slave name and may be removed or changed instantly at the whim of your Master.” I gratefully reply, “Yes Master, I am Cathy Goodhead. Thank you for such a pretty name.”

“Now something to help us always remember this night.” He says, reaching down between my legs, rubbing along my slit, then bringing dripping fingers back up. They are coated with our mingled cum, decorated with thin strings of red, the blood of my sundered maidenhood. He commands, “Open!” When I open my lips, he wipes the mixture on my tongue and orders, “Suck!” I close my lips over his fingers and taste my own blood mixed with the saltiness of his come and mine. He removes his fingers and kisses me. His tongue caresses mine, taking the undeniable sign of his victory from the lips of his conquest. I know I will never in my life forget this singular taste and this momentous night.

We rise and go to the bathroom holding each other closely. Helping each other wash becomes an erotic tickling match. When I clean the spunk out of my pussy, I feel the soreness he mentioned. I’m glad he had the wisdom not to succumb to my attempted seduction.

“Get back on the bed and hold open your pussy lips,” he commands then gets a small tube of ointment. First squeezing it on his fingers to warm it he explains, “This will relieve the soreness and help you heal quickly.” With exquisite gentleness, his fingers spread the ointment inside me. At first I stiffen at the intrusion, but then I feel pleasant warmth that dulls the pain. I’m able to relax as he repeats the process several times until he’s satisfied.

We get dressed. Tom’s finished before me, of course. He calls the limousine guy and tells me, “He’ll be here in 10 minutes.” Then he helps me finish getting dressed, paying special attention to getting my boobs back into their casings. On the way home we cuddle and kiss in the back of the limousine. We each whisper how marvelous the other is, how perfect this night, and how we will have forever together to repeat everything again and again.

I confess, “I don’t know how I’ll be able to hide what’s happened this marvelous night. I want to dance, sing, shout it out to the world. I feel like a different person, one who was blind and can now see. I’m sure that just by looking at me, my parents will know.” Tom just smiles and let me ramble on.

The limousine arrives at my house with two minutes to spare. Tom puts his jacket over my shoulders “For the cold, return it tomorrow.” After we kiss the final time Tom whispers in my ear, “Beautiful Princess Now Passionate Slave will behave normally so no one suspects what happened tonight.” I played our game and repeated, “This passionate slave will behave normally so no one suspects what happened tonight.” I hung on his every word “No one can tell how you’ve changed. Your dreams tonight will be happy and filled with erotic thoughts of us. You will not touch yourself or be able to orgasm. You will sleep until the sun rises. All day long, erotic images from your dreams will enter your thoughts. After lunch, I will pick you up to go shopping until your curfew.” I whisper back, “Yes, beloved Master.”

Tom’s jacket hid just how revealing the dress was and how disheveled it looked from the Preacher when I entered the house. Mom took me upstairs to help me change. She wanted to know everything that happened. I told her it was the most marvelous night of my life, but that I was very tired and would give her details tomorrow. She left with this silly grin on her face. It was only after she left that I realized that I had no panties on. She must have noticed, but said nothing. I was so tired that I was asleep ten seconds after my head hit the pillow.

I awoke horny, thinking of my beloved Tom, wishing that he lay beside me. All night long I’d been dreaming of how he held me, how he touched me, how he made me feel so good about myself. I wished I could run downstairs into his arms right this moment instead of seeing him after lunch. However, It was Sunday. So like every other Sunday, I got ready to go to church. After a quick breakfast, mom and I take the two-minute walk. The Preacher had left an hour before.

I was the lead singer in the church choir. Everyone says I have a voice like an angel. When I stand out front above the congregation in my long virginally white robes, I suppose that I must look like an angel too. However, this morning my thoughts are definitely not angelic. I can’t get Tom out of my mind. The memory of his hands on my skin is making me hot. Both my nipples and pussy are beginning to react.

Over the last two years as my boobs ballooned, the altar boys have been giving them increasing attention. They’re staring even now as I sing, gawking as my titties rise and fall. I realized that my aroused nipples are now so stiff that they are showing right through my robes. The feeling of their eyes is making me hotter. It’s increasingly difficult to focus on my singing, but somehow I make it through.

We all sit to listen to the sermon. The Preacher launches into a diatribe about the evils of lust in general and the evils of pre-marital sex in particular. Whenever he cites how a virtuous girl behaves, he looks over in my direction. I try to meet his eyes, but fail. I feel so guilty and unclean. When he shouts about eternal damnation, I can feel the flames of hell licking at my feet.

There is a battle within me. While I listen to the sermon, all I know from my early years cries out that I should give up Tom and the temptation he represents. If I do not then I could fall from grace into the abyss of depravity that my dad preaches against. When the sermon ends, I rise to sing again. I think about how I might resist and turn back to the ways of moral rectitude. Lecherous images from my dreams keep intruding.

They help me realize that I am not a little girl any more. I’ve had a woman’s body for years, but its normal desires have been suppressed. My sexual awakening began with my dating. After last night, I am truly a woman. I can never go back to what I was. No longer will I deny that I have a woman’s desires, passions, and needs. With Tom to guide me, I want to experience everything he has to teach.

My thoughts return to how his extraordinary cock had me begging to be screwed harder. My arousal resumes building. I know I cannot live without those feelings. Lust will inevitably win the war for my body and perhaps my soul. I am too weak to resist. I need to be a passionate slave for my new Master. Perhaps I can do this without becoming dominated by licentiousness and losing my soul. Aren’t other women able to do that?

Before we leave the church, two of the altar boys try to get me to join them behind the church’s barn. I know that’s where they take their girls to “make-out”. That’s the first time I’ve ever been asked. They’ve always stayed clear of the Preacher’s daughter. Is the change in me that obvious? Is there a sign on me that says “fallen woman”?

Then I realize, there is a sign. My hand reaches up to touch my collar, the visible sign of my new Master’s ownership. When my mom asked me about it this morning, I tried to brush it off saying, “It’s a kind of choker that’s in style. Tom gave it to me as a present.” The Preacher actually grumbled some sort of approval, “Not overly ostentatious”. Then I caught mom wearing another of those silly grins. Are there people in the congregation that suspect the true meaning of my collar? I feel the Preacher’s ears listening to how I will answer these boys. “Thank you, but I have many commitments this afternoon. Good day to you both.” I say.

We all come right home after church. I tell the folks that, “I’m going shopping for a gift for a friend. Tom has agreed to chauffeur me around.” Dad asks, “What time will you be home?” I answer, “Maybe late, we may stop by a sick friend’s house to cheer her up, but don’t worry, I’ll be home before curfew.” That’s not quite a lie, I do have a friend with a mild cough and I might visit her if something else doesn’t come up—like a hard tool between my legs. After finishing lunch, I go up to change.

I thought about dressing sexy for him in a short skirt and tight blouse, but decided it was better to dress normally. No way I could give the Preacher any reason to even suspect what had happened. That might be the end of Tom and me. I would die if I had to give him up.

Tom is coming for me. I was so happy that I practically dance down the stairs smiling and humming happily to myself. I’m waiting outside 10 minutes before one o’clock. The anticipation of his arrival and the memories of last night are making me more aroused with each passing minute. My pussy is already hot and wet.

I check down there, hiding my hand from the house. My cunt didn’t feel sore at all. Tom’s ointment must have worked. Great—ready for action. As a brand-new un-virgin I was eager to explore all the fresh possibilities.

He drives up in a mini-van, exactly on time. With a big smile says, “Hi beautiful princess, Hop in.” I close the door and receive a quick hello kiss. Neither of us wants to tempt the fates so close to the house. “This is my regular car.” He explains. “It looks great.” I respond politely, not suspecting just how great. However, at that moment, my thoughts are on other things.

As he drives off, I reach over to find his cock and begin squeezing it. “Damn, can’t you wait girl?” he exclaims. “No Master, your slave wants to please you.” I said, trying to look innocent, “Isn’t that what a good slave is expected to do for her Master?” I know that would turn him on. Meanwhile, now that we’re out-of-sight of the house, I unzip his pants, fish out his hardening cock, bend over, and engulf it with my mouth.

I think back to the way he’d kept me on the edge of orgasm so many times. Can I get away with having at least part of my revenge right now? “You’re making it real hard to drive.” He complains, but doesn’t ask me to stop. When my tongue gets to work I hear, “Ohhhhh yeah, baby that’s so good.” He pulls off the road a few minutes later and commands, “Get in the back slave and get naked.”

Reluctantly, I let his cock slip out between my lips. I reply, “Yes, Master.” Looking around, I see that we’ve stopped in a very secluded spot that can not be seen from the road. There are no cars, houses, or people visible. I am really surprised when I open the curtain that crosses behind the front seats. “Oh, it’s . perfect!” I exclaim. A beautiful queen-size bed takes up the entire back of the mini-van. The small side and back windows are darkened. When you closed the curtain no one can see what’s happening inside.

Quickly, I strip off my clothes, lie on my back and find a fluffy pillow to put under my head. Tom is right behind me. I think back a few days ago. The shy girl I remember would never have done this. If she were naked with a boy then she’d be trying to cover her tits and pussy with her hands. How changed I am. When I see him looking at my naked body, I bend my knees and spread my legs to encourage speed and show him the target. I have to giggle when he pops two buttons off his shirt in a rush to get to his prize.

His cock stands straight away from his body still glistening with my saliva. It looks huge. How had I managed to take all of it in my little pussy? My reverie is interrupted when he latches onto my nipple. Left hand massaging my other tit, right hand guiding his dick to my juicy cunt. “Yesssssss,” I moan. His rapid attack is just what I need. He asks, “Are you ready?” I clamor, “So ready Master, put it in. Fuck your slave.”

Tom eases in slowly, perhaps concerned that I might still be a little sore. “More,” I plead, “Deeper”. He begins leisurely pumping in and out, but most of his cock has still not penetrated into my greedy cunt. That is no good for me. I want it all, and now! I gather all my strength and wait for his cock to push in again. Then I grip his hips and ram my cunt upward, impaling myself on his spear. “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!” we both gasp in unison. Our groins slap together. My inner muscles clamp down on the captive, trying to prevent his escape.

Tom looked stunned. “Woah,” was the best could come up with. I giggled and teased, “That’s what happens when you keep a lady waiting. I’m not some delicate flower you know. And last night I learned that the girl can take the lead sometimes too.” He gave me a big warm wonderful smile and said, “Princess you do that any time you want.”

Despite the best efforts of my inner muscles the captive slowly withdrew and almost escaped. In a moment the captive now transformed into an invader plunged again into my depths. We picked up the pace. Slurping sounds coming from my cunt as his dick drove in and out. I really liked when he started playing with my breasts at the same time. “AAAaaaaaiiiiii,” that pushed me over the edge for my first two orgasms. I recover quickly ready for more and begin again thrusting to his rhythm.

I can tell he is getting close. Then he says, “Something new for the big finish.” I plead, “Please Master, hurry.” He reaches behind my knees and folds my legs almost double against my chest. “Oooooooh,” I moaned feeling his cock drive even farther then before. He picks up speed, driving faster and deeper then before. It feels like he is piercing another barrier deep within. That must be my cervix. I heard his shouted triumph as I felt his boiling hot seed spray directly into my womb. That set me off, once, twice, three, four times, once for each jet of cum.

He collapses on top of me, both of us out-of-breath from our mini-marathon. When I start to feel his weight, I ask, “Master, could you please shift off of your slave?” He seems to remember something important and says, “Beautiful Princess Now Passionate Slave you must hold my first cum within every day.” I don’t understand, but play along saying, “This Passionate Slave must hold her Master’s first cum within ever day.” I listen carefully for the best way to do this, “Place pillows under your ass to lift it, keep your knees raised, so when I withdraw nothing leaks out. Staying this way for 30 minutes while you practice the Klegel will make you a better fuck.” I answered, “Yes Master.”

Tom got two pillows and wedged them under my butt. I waited until after he withdrew before I dared to lower my legs. Not a single drop of his precious cum escaped. I breathed a sigh of relief. I asked Tom, “Please teach me about ‘the Klegel’.” He starts by asking, “Well my passionate slave, you love fucking, right?” I lower my eyes and admit, “Yes, Master more then anything except you.” He gives me a big smile and says, “Good, because I’m planning on give you all the fucking your body can stand. It will get better for both of us over time if we do a few simple things.” Sex better then it already was? Wow! I wanted to hear this.

He instructs, “With regular fucking cunt muscles get loose and lose tone. This makes sex less enjoyable for both cock and cunt. Klegal exercises keep cunt muscles tight and in peak health. You can do them anytime of day without anyone knowing. You can do Klegals the same time you do other things like riding an elevator, waiting for a bus or for a lecture to start. When you get the hang of that you can try doing Klegals while you’re walking or even talking.” When he paused, I ask, “I think I understand, but how are they actually done?”

He answers, “Think about tightening and relaxing your ass muscles and see how that affects your cunt muscles. Try it.” I try it. It’s sort of like isometrics, but inside. Tom smiles and encourages, “Excellent, I think you got it right away. As you become more sensitive you can be more selective and really develop your pussy muscles. Finally, your cunt will be able to virtually milk a guy’s cock. Sometimes that’s called a snapping pussy. Once you can do that, no guy will ever want to lose you.”

I definitely like the sound of that. With a snapping pussy Tom would never let me go. I began immediately. Before I know it, 30 minutes is over. Tom had rested next to me cuddling, kissing, and playing with my tits, while I gently squeezed his cock with my hand. It was a very pleasant way to relax after our great sex. He was right. Klegals were easy and even after 30 minutes I could feel a difference. I resolved to continue doing Klegals during the entire day every day, whenever I had a free minute.

Now Tom places a towel under my cunt so when I sit up all the cum that pours out of me doesn’t ruin the bed. I am amazed at how much there is. We clean up and dress—without underwear, of course. Getting into the front seats, Tom starts driving. His right hand reaches between my legs, but I close them without thinking. I open them quickly and apologize, “Forgive me Master, but perhaps my body needs a break from all the pleasure you have given me.” Silently his hand moves back to the wheel. I sigh with relief, but can tell he hoped for a different response from me.

Once we’re on the main road, Tom says, “Beautiful Princess Now Passionate Slave, your need and desire for sex increases with each orgasm.” I like this sexy version of our game and reply, “This passionate slave’s need and desire for sex increases with each orgasm.” I listen intently to find out more, Tom says, “Cathy will become insatiable, always wanting to be touched by and to touch her Master. Cathy loves being constantly aroused and being kept that way. To insure her Master does this, Cathy will make herself as sexy and submissive as possible. Her sexual needs and how to be more desirable, pleasing, and obedient to her Master will increasingly dominate Cathy’s thoughts. You will not remember these words, but you will obey.” I responded, “Yes, Master.”

Even though I’d just had several fantastic orgasms, I felt an impulse to touch Tom’s cock. My hand drifts between his legs and begins gently rubbing. “Ummmmm,” he says happily. Left hand holding the steering wheel, his right hand lifts my skirt and moves between my legs. I spread them apart to make it easier for him to begin teasing my naked pussy. My eyes close and I lean back as I feel my arousal begin to grow once again. Why didn’t I let him do this before?

Tom drives to Huntingtonville, two towns away. It’s actually the county seat and almost a city. Certainly it’s a center for government, business, and what the Preacher calls, the minions of evil. By the time we stop, I want to screw again in the back, but Tom gets out and comes around to help me out. I settle for rubbing against him and snuggling close as we walk.

We end up at a bathing suit store. “My princess needs new sexy clothes. We’ll begin here.” I smile, knowing he want me to display my lovely body almost as much as I want to look sexy for him. I’m only allowed to consider bikinis, which is good because I want to look so sexy that he’ll only look at me. First we look at racing suits for the swim team. Tom helps me pick out 8 possible suits and we look for a place to try them on.

Tom comes into the changing room to “help” me. By this time I really need “it”, but my old shyness reasserts itself. I can’t do it here, in a store. So I try to shoo him out of the changing room, before he gets any ideas.

* * *

Tom is trying to adjust to the amazingly sensitivity of Cathy’s body. The aphrodisiac he gave her last night has long since worn off, but today her nipples and pussy react like he had given her an additional triple strength dose. The day after her first fuck, she is reacting sexually like a slave who has been in training for months. She has more orgasms then almost anyone her ever heard about. Then he smiles remembering the identity of that older woman. His cock is getting hard at the thought of what Cathy might be like after she has several months of training. Well, no time like the present to get started.

Tom ignores Cathy’s efforts to shoo him out and “helps her” undress. Now naked, she I tries to protest, “Please Master, we can’t, not in the store.” With a few touches Tom has so hot that her feeble protests change into ardent moans. As he lifts her docile body from the floor, she wraps her arms around his shoulders for balance. The softness of her tits pressed against his chest is fantastic. Then he slowly lowers her anxious cunt onto his iron hard manhood and impales her with it. Locking her lips in a kiss to muffle the sound, they begin fucking. He feels at least four separate orgasms ripple through her flesh. He was right about her being turned on by the possibility of exposure. His own climax is almost here. Thrusting his cock to the hilt, his boiling seed shoots into her womb. He feels her body shuddering with more orgasms and holds her until they pass and she can stand on her own.

He makes sure that their combined juices don’t spill on the floor when he pulls out and helps her clean the rest off. She licks his cock clean. It’s becoming something of a tradition. Then they try on each of the bathing suits. Tom makes sure that they’re all easy to remove with just a few pulls in the right places.

They leave the store with four new bathing suits. Two are the sexier style racing suits in yellow and red. The next Tom picked. Cathy chatters happily away as they walk, “It’s even sexier then the suit that Jen gave me. It’s just as skimpy and shear plus its flesh tone. From more the 5 feet away I look naked. I doubt that I’ll last ten minutes in it before you strip it off me. Fortunately, the last bathing suit is quite conservative for a two-piece. It’s black and makes my boobs seem a little smaller then my one piece. That’s even with just enough padding in the front to keep my naughty nipples from showing constantly. You like that by pulling only four ties, you can have me completely naked in five seconds flat.”

Tom tells me about a church sponsored overnight canoe trip next weekend. They need teenagers like us who are good swimmers to help out. This last bathing suit would be perfect for that trip.

The next store is trendy teen girls’ store. It’s the type of store that Jen and all the popular girls buy their sexy clothes. We pick out super-mini skirts, cut-off shorts, translucent blouses, tube tops, and really naughty lingerie. I managed to keep Tom out of the changing room this time by promising to come out and show him each outfit. He has me turn and pose differently each time. A few of the other customers always stop to watch. It’s all beginning to arouse me again.

I couldn’t come out in the lingerie that lifted my boobs, but left them bare. It was also crotch-less. So, I let Tom enter to take a quick look. The next thing I know, I’m riding his hard cock again and begging his to kiss me before I climax. Tom has a magical way with my body. His fingers seem to cast a spell enchanting my lustful flesh with an irresistible need for his cock. We’re definitely getting that lingerie.

Together we gather up our selections and go to pay. Tom says, “You look way better in these new clothes then Jen or her friends could ever hope.” As usual, he is trying to boost my ego. I kiss him and reply, “I feel better about myself when I’m with you.” What he said was true, by the standards of the other kids my age I now looked sexy without being slutty. However, by my old standards, these new clothes make me look like a tramp. It will take me some time to get used to this new style.

I walk out arm and arm with Tom in a pair of skintight white shorts that ends just under my crotch. From behind, half my ass shows. In front, you can make out the outline of my pussy lips if I stand the right way. Tom had helped me tie a semi-transparent pink blouse with a floral design right under my tits exposing my navel. Most of my cleavage shows and it’s clear that I’m not wearing a bra.

When I see the way people look at me I wonder if I’d be better off stark naked. We stop by a diner to get lunch. Sitting at a table right by the door, everyone not staring at my tits instead stares at my navel, legs, or crotch. Being on display like that is getting me very hot. My nipples are clearly visible through the shear fabric. Tom is no help. He’s playing footsie with me under the table. I can barely focus on eating even though I’m starving after this morning’s multiple lovemaking sessions.

After we finish eating and Tom pays the bill, I want to go straight back to the van and jump on his bones. Tom insists on going to one more store. We enter the Pink Pussycat, an erotic boutique. The first thing he selects is a leash. It’s attaches to the small ring in my collar. He asks, “What are you?” I whisper in reply so no one in the store hears, “Your passionate slave, Master.” Thereafter, Tom guides me around the store by my leash. I’m surprised to find that I like being so visibly dominated by him, but I’m afraid of what might happen if word gets back home.

He has me try on several obscene necklaces that all fall deep within my cleavage, drawing even more attention to it. All of them are put on from the front where he must press into my already aroused nipples to snap the catch open or shut. It’s making me breath deeper and sending tingles down between my legs. I sart wondering if there’s a dressing room in this store too.

Finally he selects a charm about one inch long that looks like a cock and balls. The head is ruby red, the shaft is white, and the balls are saffire blue, very patriotic. The head and balls reflect the light like gemstones, naturally drawing attention to my tits where it rests just above the line of my nipples.

If that was not bad enough, Tom also measures me for wrist and ankle chains, “It’s necessary equipment to train a new slave.” Finally, he selects a short whip that may be used to discipline a slave. “Kiss it,” he commands. I glance around to see if anyone is watching us and then I obey. It sends a submissive thrill through me. He removes the leash and I am told to take everything to the cashier and say, “My Master wishes to be sure that these chains will fully restrain me.”

When I repeat this to the storeowner, he slowly checks me out like he’s wondering how good a fuck I am. He seems to have the same dominant strength that draws me to Tom. I lower my eyes when I feel my already aroused pussy get damp. He picks up the chains, weighs them in his hand, then turns quickly to the right. Naturally, I follow his gaze to see what is there. Suddenly, I’m on the floor, my hands are jerked upward, then my feet. The next thing I know I can’t move. Short lengths of chain attach my wrists and ankles to the metal ring of my collar. I’ve been rendered totally helpless. It could not have taken more then 10 seconds.

When I look up, Tom and the storeowner are grinning at each other. “They’ll do,” says Tom. Looking down he commands, “Say nothing, slave.” He then ignores me and pays the storeowner. They spend the next 15 minutes talking about people they both know. I don’t understand everything, but apparently there are many Masters and slaves who shop here.

I lay powerless at their feet, a bound slave ordered to silence. My emotions fluctuate between anger at being treated this way, fear of what might happen if I speak, and wonder at hearing hints about a world and lifestyle that I never suspected existed. However, as the minutes tick by, the overwhelming emotion becomes arousal at being dominated by these two strong men.

Finally, the two men are done. With a few quick twists of his fingers, Tom releases me and lifts me to my feet. As we walk out of the store, I have a sudden urge to give my hips a little extra sway. Was the storeowner watching my ass move in these tight shorts? Why did I do that?

When the door to the van closes, neither of us can seem to get their clothes off fast enough. We fuck like minxes. Afterwards, while we rest Tom says, “Seeing you in chains is a real turn-on for me. And you did not speak. I’m proud of you. “Thank you Master,” I reply. He explains, “If you spoke there would have been immediate discipline by the whip.” I asked, “Would you truly whip me, Master.” Looking amused he said, “Of course. It’s a necessary part of your slave training. I’m being lenient now because you are new to your slavery, but disobedience of a direct command before another Master could never be ignored.” I shiver at the thought of how the whip will feel against my skin.

Tom takes the whip out of its bag, tosses it across the bed, and directs, “Bring me the whip using only your teeth.” I go to where it lays on the bed, bend over, bite down on it, then crawl back to Tom. He positions me and I move to each of his commands, “Kneel in front of me. Knees spread. Shoulders back. Tits thrust forward. Hands on thighs, palms up. Eyes down. Good this is your first slave position. Immediately resume this posture whenever you head the command ‘position’.” He takes the whip from between my teeth so I may respond, “Yes, Master.”

He continues, “This position is sometimes called ‘Kneeling to the whip’. A slave kisses her Master’s whip as a sign of her submission.” He places the whip horizontally before me. I not only kiss it, but begin licking the shaft, pretending it is his cock. I want to tease him and get him as hot as this is making me.

The whip is shifted quickly downward. It slides lengthwise down into the furrow of my open twat. “AAAAAAAaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii,” I scream as I flash-orgasm. “Position!” Tom commands. I restore my body to the correct pose. He replaces the whip with his hand, sliding two fingers into my pussy. I begin humping them and climax three more times. By now Tom’s cock is nice and hard. He turns me around and drives it into my cunt from behind. “Bite down on the whip,” he commands as he places it between my teeth, “Do not let it drop.”

The submissiveness of being gagged in this way helps me to four more orgasms before I feel him shoot his load. I love the whip, but will I feel the same way if it’s used to discipline my tender flesh? I believe he would really use it on me if I was sufficiently displeasing. I resolve not to give him a reason to do so. After we recover, we clean and dress.

Then Tom drives about 10 minutes until we reach a luxury hotel and says, “This is my uncle’s place. It’s the best hotel in town. People come from all over the world to stay here. Since it’s slow on the weekends I’ve got an open invitation to use a room for free.”

I raise my eyebrow and asked petulantly, “Oh, and how may other girls have you brought here?” He gives me a stern look. Thinking of the whip, I recant, “I’m sorry Master, a slave should not ask such questions.” Then Tom smiles and answers, “When my uncle heard about you, he wanted to meet you.”

After we park, Tom and I go in search of his uncle. He’s the first place we look, in his office. Before we went in he tells me, “Call him Mr. Smitts, but say nothing unless he speaks directly to you.” Is he somehow like the owner of the Pink Pussycat? Tom knocks on the door. When his uncle looks up, his face breaks into a big smile, he comes out from behind his desk, and gives Tom a bear hug.

Then he turns to me with a dazzling smile. I feel like he is the most charming man that I’ve ever met and I’m the center of his universe. For the second time that day a man gives my body a through appraisal, assessing how good a fuck I am. However, this time it’s homage to my beauty, my eyes lower when I feel my pussy tingle. In the tight shorts and shear blouse tied to show both mid-drift and cleavage, I’m well displayed. My body holds the attention of men like Tom’s Uncle Smitts. I feel proud for both myself and for Tom.

Finally, he says, “Hello Cathy, you are as voluptuous as I’ve heard.” I feel myself blush from the attention of this charismatic man, but manage to reply. “Thank you Mr. Smitts.” He glances at Tom as if seeking his permission. When Tom nods his ascent, I’m smothered in the same type of bear hug Mr. Smitts gave Tom except my tits are crushed against him and I can feel his hardening cock press against my thigh. My automatic reaction is to struggle against his arms, but it’s like trying to bend steel bands. Being helplessly held in such an intimate way by this powerful male is arousing me.

I’m breathing heavily when Uncle Arnold releases me. Staring into space, trying to control the unexpected reactions of my body. He says, “Charming, simply charming. I can see why you took her Tom. When you start in our kitchen in two weeks feel free to bring Cathy along. I’m sure we can use her—as a waitress perhaps. She might even earn more money then you. Well, thank you both for stopping by to see an old man. Enjoy your stay.” Tom understands that this is a dismissal, but is nevertheless really pleased at how things went. He guides me out saying, “Thanks Uncle Arnold, that’d be fantastic. I’ll let you know about Cathy soon.”

Tom guides me out saying, “Cathy you were great. Uncle Arnold really liked you. It’s very rare for him to take to anyone so quickly. You should feel honored (I do). And did you hear that he offered you a job? Don’t answer now, we’ll talk about it in a few days.” I’m still in a daze, but happy that both Tom and his uncle are pleased with me.

The next thing I know we’re in a hotel room and we’re together on the bed. Tom’s hands are caressing me in a way that turns the heat of my desire into a blazing bonfire. I don’t even remove my clothes before I climb on top of him and ram my cunt onto his hard spear, trying to quench the blaze in my loins.

It doesn’t work. When I wake up, still spread-eagled on top of my lover. I recall a long lovemaking session with several powerful orgasms, but I’m even hornier then before. I try to resume fucking, but Tom’s soft cock slides out of my slippery twat. I attempt to use my lips and tongue the way he trained me to get it hard again.

It doesn’t take long. I’m getting better at giving head. I want to shift around and get that hard cock back in my cunt, but Tom is now holding my head and thrusting deep into my throat. I submit to his desires and keep sucking until I swallow every bit of his savory cum.

“I want a fashion show.” He says. “Yes Master, I reply.” Tom has me change in the bathroom into each new outfit we bought earlier. When I come out, I perform another striptease trying to remember all the move he showed me. I do my best to turn him on so he’ll stop this damn fashion show and screw me. However, at the same time I see that he’s training me on varying my movements depending on what I’m wearing. I also vary the order to prevent my dancing from getting staid and boring.

A side effect is that we’re both getting more aroused with each “act” I put on. Tom had me save the flesh-tone bikini for last. When this comes off, I’m determined to jump his bones again.

He has other plans. When I come, Tom who’s now in his bathing suit hustles me out the door. I don’t want to be seen wearing this next to nothing bathing suit walking through a hotel, but Tom insists that we go swimming. I protest, “I don’t even have a towel or shoes.” He replies, “There are towels down by the pool which is on the other side of this floor. Let’s go.” We have to pass through the crowded hotel lobby. Tom makes a point of stopping and adjusting my bikini bottom so it rides deeper into both my ass and my slit. Even more of my ass and my dark cunt hairs are visible. Then he makes me twirl around three times so he can approve the result before we continue.

I feel every eye in the lobby on my body. Virtually all conversation has stopped. I give an extra hop to make my extensive cleavage bounce even more at the end of each twirl. My nipples are ready to blast off they’re poking up so much against the material of the bikini top. Tom knows this exhibitionism is making me hot. My breathing is getting deeper and my pussy juices have already made the bikini bottoms wet. After approval is given, we leave the lobby for the pool. I hear the buzz of conversation resume behind us. I know they’re talking about me.

We both want to get right into the water of the Olympic size indoor pool. It’s very warm. We do 20 laps of freestyle, concentrating on style, not speed. I do the backstroke to feel eyes on my tits that rise out of the water like two fleshy peaks. Then we try some races. Tom wins easily ever time. On the next race I decide to cheat. I pull his bathing suit halfway down his legs then leap away swimming with all my might.

I get to the other side first. I win! Turning around, I see Tom is right on top of me. His body traps mime against the side of the pool. The water is up to my shoulders. I feel two quick pulls and my bikini bottom is gone! I feel the skin of his cock pressing against my unprotected twat just as I see his bathing suit floating on the other side of the pool.

My Master declares, “You must be disciplined for cheating, slave.” He brushes aside the two triangles of my bikini top and begins a tantalizing massage of my tits. At the same moment, he kisses me preventing any verbal response. No words are necessary. Our body language is more then sufficient. My arms wrap him as I press my flesh into his. My desire flames uncontrollably as I feel his hands move down to my ass pushing his cock inside me. As it slides into my cunt, my legs wrap around his pulling him deeper inside me.

How much trouble are we going to get into if we’re caught? I look around and see that there are only two other couples in the pool. The women look to be 5 and 10 years older then me. The men each 5 year older then their partners. They are both embracing apparently inspired by our example. There are now several bathing suits floating on the surface of the water. What kind of hotel is this, I wonder?

My eyes close then. All I can think about is the pounding of the hard cock inside me. Once you get going, being fucked in a pool isn’t that different except for the waves our thrusting creates. It doesn’t stop me from crying out as each orgasm takes me. I hear other impassioned cries and lose track of whether they are mine or from the other women being fucked in the pool. When I feel sizzling cum shot into my cunt, I join Tom in an orgasmic shout as we climax together.

I hear mild applause and open my eyes. The two other couples came over to watch us after they were finished. Tom and I were fucking the longest and apparently were the most spectacular. Each of the couples thank us profusely for encouraging them to have the best sex they can remember.

For no reason, I start crying. The other two women hug me and likewise burst into tears. It’s a very emotional, but equally strange moment. The three of us hugging and crying naked in the pool attended by our equally naked lovers.

Gently we disengage. One of the men suggests that we all get together in their large suite to, “get to know each other better”. The others all chime in that this is a great idea. I don’t know what to say. Tom smiles warmly saying, “Thank you so much for a gracious and generous offer. We cannot tell you how much it is appreciated. Unfortunately, my slave’s training has not advanced to the stage where we could accept.”

I was astonished. Tom had come right out and said I was his slave. What’s more the others seemed to take it as an entirely normal and natural condition. They seemed to understand him completely. The four of them said goodbye and departed together for the suite upstairs.

Tom helped me retrieve my bathing suit and we got dressed. I had a million questions. His answer was, “Beautiful Princess Now Passionate Slave will never speak of slavery to those who know not of it.” This was a secrets game so I replied, “This passionate slave will never speak of slavery to those who know not of it. It became clearer when he said, “The people in this part of the hotel are all Masters or slaves. It is a well-kept secret. They come here to meet, play, and discuss issues of mutual interest away from those who would not understand. Often Masters will swap slaves on a temporary or permanent basis. Other times they will play together in groups of different sizes. You will not question the propriety of anything I have told you.” I replied, “I understand, Master.”

It was time to leave if were going to make it back in time for my curfew. We went back upstairs to get dressed. On the way I asked my Master, “Would you really give me to another Master?” He stopped, looked into my eyes and replied, “Yes I would if you are not sufficiently pleasing, but it would be done for your benefit as well as mine. Sometime a relationship becomes stale and a slave only flourishes under the whip of a new Master.” I said nothing, but thought hard on his words. I never wished to leave the side of my love. I resolved to always be pleasing and never allow our relationship to become stale.

On the drive back our hands once again rested between each other’s legs. I was getting really hot when we stopped near my house. I was delighted that there was just time for one more quick fuck. I told Tom, “That was as satisfying as the rest of our couplings. For the first time that day I think that my cunt might have had enough sex and was sated. I was looking forward to a chance to collapse into my own bed and just sleep. It’s been such an eventful day, my body needs a chance to rest and recuperate. Once my head hits the pillow, I may sleep for a week.”

Tom had a mischievous smile as he answers, “Beautiful Princess Now Passionate Slave your dreams will be intensely erotic.” I loved playing this game with Tom, “This Passionate Slave’s dreams will be intensely erotic.” I needed to hear the details from Tom who said, “Tonight constant dreams of our sex in the past and in the future will make you so horny you must masturbate until you orgasm. You will climax again and again until you sleep. Each time you wake this will repeat. Each time you orgasm your slavery, your love, and your sexual appetites will all grow more profound. Once you see the sun your desire will continue to grow each passing minute, but you will not climax until my cock is inside you. You will be able to eat quickly and be ready for me to take you to school by 6 A.M. for some early studying. Do not remember these words, but obey them.” I responded, “Yes, Master.”

Tom helps me dress in the same clothes that I’d left the house with. This time complete with both bra and panties. We get into the front seats and drive the sort distance to my house. He comes around to my side and helps me out. He hands me a bag that contains three bathing suits. The rest of my purchases, including the phallic necklace are safely stored in the van. This time I think it’s safe enough to give him peck on the lips.

Mom opened the door and asked me about my afternoon and evening. I’ve been gone for nine hours. I couldn’t tell her that I’d lost track of the number or orgasms I’d had so I just said, “fine.” I told her about the new bathing suits (except the sexiest one) and how good I felt in Tom’s company. We spent a little time talking about my big date the day before. I describe the food, dancing, and Tom’s good manners. Then I excused myself to go to bed.

I barely had the energy to strip off my clothes. I collapse on my bed naked except for my Master’s collar. Where are my nightshirt and clean panties? I argue with myself about getting out of bed to find them. At the same time, I’m starting to feel very sexy. That gives me the excuse I needed to give up. I decide to go to bed in the nude for the first time in my life. After all, I’d spent a lot of the day either naked or wearing clothes that left me almost nude.

Once I settled into bed and closed my eyes, my thoughts drifted to my incredible afternoon and night with Tom. What we did in the pool was so hot. Somehow, one hand found its way between my legs and began to gently stroke the soft folds of my labia. Carnal images kept flashing across the inside of my eyelids and my fingers began moving faster and deeper into my pussy. My other hand lifted to my tits and began pulling on a nipple to make it longer and harder. I felt helpless to stop myself. It was like I was submitting to another who was caressing my most sensitive flesh. Before I really knew what was happening, “oooooooOOOOOHHHHH!” I came between gritted teeth to try to muffle the sound.

It was the first time I’d ever masturbated, let alone climaxed when playing with myself. Why hadn’t I ever done this before? It felt so good. I should have never listened to the Preachers sermons about the evils of self-love. The erotic didn’t want to end. If anything they came stronger and faster. My fingers resumed their tender ministrations. I started climbing another ladder of passion.

I don’t know how may orgasms I had before I at last fell asleep, but whenever I awoke I’d remember the most obscene dreams of being bound, disciplined, dominated, and fucked. It would begin the cycle of arousal began all over again. It seemed like my body was determined to make of for all those years of denial. I couldn’t stop playing with myself. I didn’t want to. Reliving both the dreams and memories of lustful couplings was so incomparably sweet. My fingers caressed all the secret places as I fantasized of submitting to my Master over and over in love, passion, obedience, and joy.

* * *

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