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Title: The Fall of the Star Sentinels

Tags: f/f, mc, fd, gr

Description: A squad of magical girls runs afoul of the Seven Deadly Sins, seductive demons with corrupting powers that know no bounds

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2018, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

Chapter Three

Mary Anne coughed and spluttered as the world re-materialized around her, suddenly choked by the acrid, sulfurous, bloody air that now surrounded her. Hey big, brown eyes widened as she looked around herself, desperate to get a sense of her new surroundings. They were as unfamiliar as they were unsettling. She was in some kind of cave or cavern, almost perfectly circular, with the walls formed of orange-red sandstone. It was illuminated by flickering torches mounted along the walls, and the cavern floor was covered with sand. Bloodstained sand. To Mary Anne, it seemed like some kind of macabre gladiatorial arena. That thought stiffened her resolve. Mary-Anne was feeling more than a little unbalanced after what had happened in the church. Seeing the tables turned on the Star Sentinels so suddenly and so completely was unnerving. But the magical girl knew she had no time to be hesitant or unsure. People needed her. Her friends needed her. They could be in trouble, and Mary Anne was never, ever going to let her friends down when they were in a pinch. It didn’t matter who or what she had to fight, she was going to do everything she could to make sure they were safe.

Mary Anne’s conviction grew still further when she noticed she wasn’t alone. She hadn’t noticed them at first, as they were leaning idly against one wall of the cavern, hidden in shadow, but there was someone else there with her. They seemed to notice the magical girl’s attention and pushed off from the wall, striding confidently out into the center of the arena. It was a demon, and one that cut an intimidating figure. She was clearly feminine, but she was taller than any woman Mary Anne had ever seen before. The demon had faint, red skin and, while it was subtle, her features reminded Mary Anne unmistakably of some kind of snarling beast. Her eyes were those of an inhuman predator, and her face was a little too lupine to be human, and when she grinned maliciously at Mary Anne, she showed pointed teeth. Besides that, the most remarkable thing about her was how muscular she was. Mary Anne knew more than a few athletes in her college classes, but this demon put them all to shame with her rippling abs and toned, powerful thighs. The leather harness and tight leather shorts she was wearing certainly left none of it to the imagination. Her black hair was wild, and as she half-grinned, half-snarled at Mary Anne, the magical girl had no doubts about which of the seven sins she was facing.

“Wrath,” Mary Anne said levelly. She was already readying herself for a confrontation. Fighting wasn’t in her nature, but many long and hard battles had taught her not to hesitate when she was fighting for her friends.

Wrath laughed, showing teeth. “Got it in one, princess.”

Mary Anne sniffed, irritated. Princess? It was true that the two of them made for quite a contrast. Mary Anne was far smaller, and her immaculate sailor uniform—as feminine as all her other clothes—suited her perfectly. Her reddish-brown hair was held back in two neat braids with small, red ribbons at the end, and she knew her freckled cheeks gave her an innocent, fresh-faced look. But she’d soon show this demon she was far from a helpless princess.

“I gotta say,” Wrath jeered. “I’m a little disappointed you’re the one I got landed with. You look weak. But maybe I’ll make something of you yet.”

“I’m not weak,” Mary Anne shot back, through gritted teeth. She was already chomping at the bit to wipe the smirk off of this demon’s face. There was something in the air that was making it easy for her choler to rise. The scent of dust and blood and sweat. “I am Sentinel Red, and I’ll punish you!”

“Fine, then.” Wrath spread her arms, her stance open. “Come on. Do it.”

Mary Anne hesitated. For all her anger, she was able to see that there was something a little too easy about this. A little too straightforward. This demon was setting a trap for her, even if she couldn’t see how just yet. But if Wrath wanted her to attack, it seemed sensible to do the opposite. So, instead of charging forwards, Mary Anne just folded her arms and waited. Maybe there was a better way out of this than simply fighting. She hoped so.

Wrath sighed, clearly disappointed. “Come on, what are you waiting for?”

“I’m not gonna give you what you want,” Mary Anne answered softly, unmoved. “I know you want to corrupt me—and I’m not going to let you.”

“That so?” Wrath grunted. “Let me guess. You’re the nice one. The kind one. Much too kind and nice and delicate to ever fall prey to the sin of wrath, am I right?”

Mary Anne knew she was being taunted, but she nodded anyway. At the risk of being prideful, she thought it was true. She simply wasn’t an angry person. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d ever snapped at someone or lashed out at them, or even said something passive-aggressive or impatient. She’d always lived her life according to the motto that kindness made the world a better place.

“Lies!” Wrath snorted viciously. She sounded so full of rage, Mary Anne took an automatic step backwards. “I see your heart, princess. You’re not as nice as everyone thinks. There’s something burning inside you, raging every time someone treads on you or takes you for granted. You’re angry.”

Mary Anne shook her head in instinctive denial, but Wrath’s words had her doubting herself more than she would have liked to admit. It wasn’t true, was it? Now that Wrath had planted the seed of doubt, it was difficult to erase. Was she really certain that she wasn’t that kind of person? Could she be completely, one-hundred-percent certain? Mary Anne couldn’t deny that she was sometimes irked at how other people behaved. She liked being kind and spreading kindness, but sometimes other people could be so inconsiderate. Even her friends, every now and then. Mary Anne wasn’t immune to feeling frustrated over that. Sometimes, very frustrated. But she never said anything, never expressed it. That didn’t make her an angry person, did it?

“I’m… you can think whatever you want!” Mary Anne retorted huffily. She kept her arms defiantly folded.

“So be it,” Wrath snarled. “But tell me, princess, if you’re not gonna fight me, then who’s gonna save your friends?”

A pang of concern shot through Mary Anne’s chest. “My friends?” she hissed. How dare this fiend try to use them against her?

Wrath’s grin grew wider. “They’re already succumbing.”

“You’re lying!” Mary Anne cried furiously.

“Am I?” Wrath’s nostrils flared angrily. “Are you really that certain? Certain enough to stake their souls on it? Some of them are holding out, but others… Nea, Zaina, and Tomi. They’re weak fools.”

Each of the names Wrath listed was like a knife through Mary Anne’s heart. She hated to even think bad thoughts about her friends, but there was a reason those three were the ones she had been most worried about. They sometimes struggled with focus and bravery, especially alone. With the way they had been separated, Mary Anne couldn’t help but be deeply concerned that they might be falling into serious peril. If she wanted to save them, she might not have any time to lose.

“So,” Wrath continued. “Are you gonna fight me? Or are you gonna stand around doing nothing while my friends get their hooks into yours?”

Mary Anne closed her eyes for a brief moment, weighing her choice. When she opened them again, her hesitation was gone. She mustered all her magically-granted strength, and launched herself across the dusty, bloody arena at the demon tormenting her. Once she decided to fight, she was so caught up with anger that she forgot to summon her weapon—but she knew she wouldn’t need it. Her bare hands would be more than enough. Even Wrath was caught off balance by the burst of speed Mary Anne was able to muster, and the magical girl slammed fist-first into the demon before she could defend herself. To Mary Anne’s disappointment, Wrath wasn’t sent flying off her feet by the blow, but the demon nonetheless stumbled backwards, grunting in pain. Mary Anne, determined to press her assault, pursued her doggedly, throwing punch after magically-infused punch, each one exploding with bright starlight as it landed. The adrenaline rush of combat was giving Mary Anne fresh strength, and despite her concern for her friends, she found herself grinning a wicked, sadistic grin. If she had to fight this demon, why not at least enjoy it a little?

Wrath soon proved not to be such a pushover, though. Despite being on the back foot, the muscular demon threw out a series of quick jabs that were deceptively quick, given her size. Mary Anne was able to avoid most of them, stepping and jumping elegantly around them with enhanced agility, a few still hit home. In her adrenaline-fueled state, however, they barely caused Mary Anne any pain. They just pissed her off. Who did this demon think she was? Mary Anne was a magical girl. A Star Sentinel. Her life’s mission was to protect the innocent, and punish evildoers. Usually, she found more meaning in the former, but right now delivering some punishment felt particularly appealing. This demon didn’t stand a chance against her, and Mary Anne was determined to prove it. She rolled with the punches with an expertise and viciousness she’d never quite had before, building new momentum and using it to keep up her relentless attack on Wrath.

“Damn,” Wrath grunted, through gritted teeth. “Guess you got some fight in you after all.”

She was trying to sound cocky and assured, but the pain in her voice was obvious. Mary Anne picked up on it right away. Victory was already within her grasp. That knowledge only fueled her savagery as she lashed out again, and again, and again. She was desperate to see Wrath humbled and brought to her knees. And to save her friends, of course. But seeing Wrath defeated was what she truly craved. After the way the demon had taunted her earlier, Mary Anne was determined to repay each and every insult. However, as she lost herself in thoughts of triumph and revenge, she accidentally let down her guard just enough for Wrath to exploit it, with a well-placed kick. Mary Anne cried out in shock as her legs disappeared from underneath her, and she was sent tumbling into the ground.

“But not enough fight, huh, princess?” Wrath leapt forward, throwing herself atop Mary Anne in an attempt to pin the magical girl beneath her weight. Mary Anne was able to roll out of the way and throw her off, but only just, and the result was that the two of them were left scrambling in the bloody sand, wrestling for dominance. It was a far cry from the kind of fighting Mary Anne was accustomed to, but she took to it eagerly. She knew now that she’d need every ounce of her strength to beat Wrath, and so she let her anger roar through her, lending strength to her muscles.

“Fuck! You!” Mary Anne spat as the two of them writhed and rolled around together, each one desperate for the upper hand. The magical girl was keenly aware of the fact that if Wrath managed to get on top, her weight would let her pin Mary Anne down with ease. She couldn’t let that happen. She found herself drawing on strength she never knew she had, screaming with rage as she twisted and turned, searching for any way she could subdue the demon. It was hard. Wrath was strong. But Mary Anne, she was starting to realize, was even stronger. Maybe she’d never known her true strength. Maybe she’d always been holding back. Now that she was tapping in to her own anger, she felt unbelievably powerful. Maybe even stronger than Akemi. The wild power that her rage had unleashed disturbed her a little, but mostly it just felt good. Really good. Especially because she knew she could beat Wrath. She just needed to stop holding back.

“You- Ah!” the demon cried, as Mary Anne forced her down, wrenching her arm behind her back with inhuman strength to place her in a firm hold and force her face into the dirt. Wrath squirmed desperately, but in that position, her strength was meaningless. Mary Anne had won. For a moment, she just held Wrath there, both of them panting with exertion. She’d won. Now, all she needed to do was finish off her opponent. But Mary Anne wasn’t quite ready to. Not yet. She needed more. She needed to see Wrath humiliated. It was a deeply unfamiliar urge to her, and a far cry from her usual kindness, but it felt so right, and she could sense that seeing her opponent broken and defeated was the only thing that was going to quench her rage.

“There!” Mary Anne panted gleefully, a wild grin on her face. “I beat you! How does it feel, huh? Not so cocky now.”

She’d been expecting weak bravado, or petty rage, or perhaps even despair. What she hadn’t been expecting was for Wrath to open her mouth and laugh so loud it echoed all throughout the strange cavern they were in.

“Congrats,” the demon sneered mockingly. “And how does it feel, proving me right? I knew it the moment I looked at you. You’re the kind one, huh? Not any more.

“What?” Mary Anne couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I bet it feels good,” Wrath continued. Even though she was pinned to the ground, she didn’t sound the slightest bit defeated. “Really good. Better than anything. Am I right? Feels good to take out all that repressed anger on someone. I bet you’re getting off on it so hard. Am I right? You know I’m right.”

“I… I…” Mary Anne was shocked she couldn’t speak, and so angry she was seeing red. “Shut up!” she screamed, her voice full of venom. This wasn’t how it was meant to go. She further twisted Wrath’s arm, eliciting a gasp of pain. “You… you’re disgusting! Shut! Up!”

Wrath just laughed again. “Make me.”

Acting without thinking, Mary Anne drew on her magically-enhanced strength and angrily flipped Wrath over, pinning the demon face-up beneath her on the ground. Before Wrath could try to throw her off, the magical girl raised her hand and slapped Wrath viciously across her face. It was only an open-palmed slap, but the blow echoed around the cavern, and left a distinct mark on the side of Wrath’s face. Even the demon of rage seemed a little taken aback by Mary Anne’s violent fury. But she quickly recovered, and fixed Mary Anne with a gleeful smirk.

“Wow. I didn’t think you—”

Mary Anne slapped Wrath again, cutting her off. Mary Anne didn’t know why she was being so violent. She didn’t need to know. Seething anger was coursing through her veins, and maybe hurting Wrath would help release some of it out. Normally, that was something she’d have felt guilty about, but why bother making herself feel guilty for hurting a vile demon? And besides, it felt good. So good. It was like something inside her had been wound up unbelievably tight, even though she hadn’t been aware of it, and now she was finally letting it out. Strangely, though, as she slapped Wrath once more, her anger only seemed to be growing. Still, she couldn’t stop herself. Not anymore.

“Just… just stop talking!” Mary Anne yelled. Each of Wrath’s taunts had her burning up with rage. As much as it felt good, she was aware that something inside her was tipping, changing. This wasn’t right. It wasn’t like her. She needed to find a way to bring herself back into balance, but she wasn’t sure she could do that if this demon was still running her mouth at every opportunity. And in her current, enraged state, she could only think of one way of shutting her up. She slapped Wrath several more times before she was able to make herself relent, panting harder than ever before.

“Hmph,” Wrath grunted. The demon was still grinning, but there was a strange look in her infernal eyes. She was panting just as hard as Mary Anne, and there was an unusual flush in her cheeks that matched the one Mary Anne could feel in her own. The magical girl’s body felt like it was burning up. “You’re gonna have to hit me a lot harder than that, princess.”

Princess. That one word, and the way Wrath spoke it with such dripping condescension, made her see red more than anything else. She reflexively clenched her fists, and it took every little shred of her self control to hold her back. “What the hell is wrong with you?” she demanded. “You… I beat you!”

“Not from where I’m sitting,” Wrath sneered. “I’m still here, aren’t I? And the way I see it, you’re playing right into my hands.”

The shameful knowledge that Wrath was probably right made Mary Anne’s rage burn even hotter. “Shut up!”

“Make me,” Wrath repeated.

Incandescent and snarling like a beast, Mary Anne grabbed Wrath and flipped her over again, pressing her face into the sand. The demon that had seemed like such a powerful opponent now felt like little more than a rag doll in her grasp. Acting on pure, furious instinct, she started tearing at the skimpy, leather clothes on Wrath’s body, leaving the demon completely naked. Mary Anne was so angry, she didn’t even notice the way that her fingernails had lengthened into small talons, helping her shred Wrath’s leathers, or the way her skin had taken on a subtle, crimson hue. Wrath giggled and grunted at being so roughly tossed about.

“Ooo, kinky,” Wrath growled. “Guess you’re not so innocent after all.”

Mary Anne barely knew what she was doing or saying. It simply flowed through her. She could feel the anger in her blood. It was poison, but it felt so deeply cathartic. “If… if you want to act like a child, I’ll treat you like a child.”

With that, she hauled Wrath over her knee, raised her hand, and delivered a vicious, open-handed smack to the demon’s round, toned, exposed ass. Wrath let out a loud, surprised yelp, which only added fuel to Mary Anne’s fire. Without giving Wrath a single moment to recover, Mary Anne spanked her again. She was itching to make the demon really scream. She needed punishment, and as a magical girl, Mary Anne was the perfect candidate to deliver it. That was why she was doing this, she told herself. Not just because it felt good. She was delivering righteous punishment. And if it let her get some tension out of her system at the same time, that was just a bonus. Once she was through with Wrath, she would surely be back to her usual self. Maybe. But deep down, Mary Anne knew that all her rationalizations were just that—rationalizations. The truth was, she simply couldn’t stop herself. She was so angry at her own weakness.

“Not. So. Smug. Now. Huh?” Mary Anne mocked. Each word was punctuated by a loud grunt of exertion, and the loud smack of her hand against Wrath’s ass. She was spanking the demon with her considerable, rage-fueled strength. She could sense Wrath’s bravado starting to fade a little under the onslaught, but she wasn’t giving up yet.

“Fuck,” Wrath spat. “T-this is nothing. You’re weak. C’mon. You can do better than this.”

Mary Anne snarled, and spanked her again. Every taunt infused her limbs with fresh strength. Her arm was growing tired from the effort of delivering blow after blistering blow, but she wouldn’t let up. The dark red welt forming on Wrath’s ass was deeply satisfying, and from the way Wrath was starting to squirm, Mary Anne could tell she was getting more sensitive. She could break this demon into submission. She could sense it. In that moment, nothing was more important to her. Not her friends, not justice, not kindness. Nothing.

“Just wait.” Pausing for breath, Mary Anne took a moment to run her hand across Wrath’s ass, groping her. There was a deep, simmering gratification in being able to treat this supposedly-dangerous demon like a mere plaything. Wrath squirmed in her lap as the magical girl groped her, her ass still painfully sensitive. Mary Anne grinned a twisted grin. This was fun. Maybe it was wrong to have so much fun beating down a demon, especially in such a perverse way, but Mary Anne decided she deserved to enjoy herself for once. She’d already wasted too much time being perpetually kind to everyone. She’d never considered kindness a waste before, but spanking Wrath was showing her just how much fun it could be, being mean for a change. Her body was hot with more than just anger, she noticed. Wrath’s body was growing hot too, and there was a strange, whining note to the way she was panting. Wicked thoughts started to enter Mary Anne’s head. They were the kind of thoughts she always would have brushed aside before, but she was starting to learn that letting her urges take her was a path to pleasure. Mary Anne slipped a hand down, between Wrath’s thighs, forcing the demon to spread her legs. Her grin grew wider when she saw that the demon girl had a cock, and it was swollen and hard.

“What’s this, huh?” Mary Anne teased cruelly, running her fingertips along Wrath’s throbbing shaft, making the demon groan. “Guess I’m not so weak after all. Guess you’re just the kind of filthy, debased whore who gets off on this.” Her voice was thick with a kind of malice that was completely unfamiliar to her. It made her sound almost animalistic.

“That’s… hngg,” Wrath grunted. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the sand, struggling to hold on to any composure. “That’s what I’m gonna fuck you with when I- ah!”

Mary Anne cut her off with a particular hard spank, her anger flaring at the demon’s coarseness. She needed to learn her place. “Shut your fucking mouth,” the magical girl snarled. Her teeth felt long and pointed in her mouth. “You’re mine now, understand? Mine.”

When Wrath didn’t respond, Mary Anne delivered another series of spanks—five of them, in quick succession. Her palm was beginning to sting, but watching the demon writhe and moan was easily worth it. From the way Wrath was whining, she was starting to think the demon’s resistance had finally collapsed. But then she started shaking and convulsing, gripped with cruel, mirthful laughter.

“You really have fallen,” Wrath giggled. “And you can’t even see it. Stupid girl. I’m not yours. You’re mine.”

“What?” Mary Anne asked, shocked. She could have dismissed the demon’s claims as mere bravado, but she sensed there was something more to it than that. Wrath’s voice was thick with the thrill of true victory.

“Just look at yourself!” Wrath cackled, still writhing and squirming in Mary Anne’s grip. “Your body is already twisting with your corruption!”

Confused, Mary Anne looked down at her hands, and then gasped. Her skin was turning red, just like Wrath’s, and the vicious claws on her hands were unmistakable. Her first response was denial. It had to be a trick. An illusion. But no. She could feel the claws on her hands, and they were just as real as any other part of her. Likewise, now her attention was drawn to it, there was no denying the wicked set of fangs that now filled her mouth. Worse still, she could feel the muscles and bones in her face slowly warping and shifting, gradually mimicking the same, subtly bestial visage Wrath wore. Mary Anne was shaking. She was turning into a monster.

“And your soul?” Wrath continued, jeering. “That’s already long gone. You let me burn out all that goodness, and replace it with rage. I’m a demon—and you’re getting off on spanking me and groping me. That seem like something a Star Sentinel should be doing to you? No. You’re not a magical girl anymore, princess. You’re like me.”

“No…” Mary Anne protested in weak denial. “I’m not… I’m punishing you! I’m not getting off on—”

Her voice died in her throat at the exact moment she realized how aroused she was. She was breathing hard with far more than exertion. Her body was crying out for more than mere violence, and between her legs, her pussy was desperately wet and needy. One, gentle touch was enough to confirm how painfully sensitive she was. Mary Anne couldn’t believe how intense the need was. Along with her anger, it was enough to overwhelm any sense of decency or reason she might otherwise have had. Insensible to the fact that it would only send her spiraling deeper into corruption, Mary Anne starting spanking Wrath again, filled with a frenzied need to take out her urges on the demon.

“You!” she cried, as she spanked the demon’s ass. Wrath was no longer hiding her enjoyable, and instead moaned eagerly with each blow. The way her ass felt beneath Mary Anne’s palm only made the magical girl more desperate to use her demonic body to her heart’s content. “You did this to me! This… this is all your fault!”

“Is it?” Wrath moaned. She was now humping and grinding her hard cock against Mary Anne’s body, shamelessly desperate. Mary Anne didn’t bother trying to stop her. It felt too good. “I’m just a demon. It’s in my nature. Your nature too, now. Can you really blame me?”

Mary Anne didn’t know how to respond to that. Her mind was too clouded for any kind of clear thought. So instead, she just growled, and started groping Wrath even harder. With one hand, she massaged the demon’s firm, toned ass, feeling the pleasing way her fingers sank into her flesh, and with the other, she reached underneath Wrath and gripped her cock firmly. Not hard enough to cause her pain, but hard enough to assert who was in control.

“Fuck!” Wrath moaned, but despite the pleasurable torture, she persisted. “You know… who’s fault… it really is? Your friends.”

“Shut up!” Mary Anne cried. She didn’t want to listen to the demon’s words, but they felt so good, so right.

“Yes,” Wrath insisted. She refused to be deterred by Mary Anne’s spanking. “If they weren’t so weak. So foolish. So inadequate. If they didn’t need you to save them.”

“No!” Mary Anne shook her head like she was trying to shake off those wicked thoughts as if they were merely buzzing flies, even as they burrowed deep into her heart and soul.

“Just think,” Wrath pressed, sensing her ultimate victory was near. “They always need you. Always take advantage of you. Demanding your kindness. Walking all over you. Aren’t you tired of being nice? When do you get to take what you want?”

“I… I…” Mary Anne knew it was wrong, but a black flame was already simmering in her heart, raging at the unfairness of it all. Maybe Wrath was right. Maybe her friends were taking advantage of her. They were the only reason she’d attacked Wrath in the first place. She couldn’t count on them to keep themselves safe. They needed her. They always needed her. They were weak. Why did they have to be so weak? It had led to all this. Wrath was right. It was their fault. With each passing moment, that thought felt more right and more true, and Mary Anne grew more and more furious.

“Yes!” Wrath screamed. “Give in. Take it. Take what you want. Fuck them. Fuck everyone else. The world deserves your anger. You’re stronger than any of them. So stop being a pussy, and take it.”

“I… I will!” Mary Anne cried out, as her resolve finally cracked. Maybe she’d been doomed from the start. She’d thought she’d beaten Wrath, but now it seemed like she’d never stood a change. She simply couldn’t resist what the demon was offering her. There was something so incredibly freeing about letting her rage fun free and rule her actions, as she spanked and tormented Wrath however she pleased. She wanted that. She wanted more. Mary Anne was tired of always holding back and always being kind. It was time to be angry. Angry at her friends, at the world—at everything. It just felt too good.

“Good!” Wrath moaned, overjoyed at her triumph. “Tell me. What do you want?”

Mary Anne didn’t hesitate to answer. “I want this.”

With ease, Mary Anne once more flipped Wrath over onto her back. Before the demon could attempt to rise, Mary Anne pounced atop her, pressing down on her shoulders to hold her in place. She swung her leg over Wrath, straddling her, and just as she had ripped Wrath’s clothes off, she started tearing at her own Star Sentinel uniform, carelessly ripping off her skirt and completely destroying her panties. Wrath grinned as she realized what Mary Anne was going to do.

“See?” Wrath jeered, as Mary Anne positioned herself above Wrath’s hips and started grinding her wet cunt along Wrath’s throbbing, demonic cock. “I told you I was gonna fuck you once I- urhghh.”

Before Wrath could finish her sentence, Mary Anne’s hand shot out and wrapped itself around Wrath’s throat, clamping down and strangling her words. “You’re not gonna do anything,” Mary Anne declared, smiling cruelly as she choked the rage demon. “You’re gonna lie there, and I’m gonna use you like a dumb fucktoy. Understand?”

Wrath could do little more than nod, a manic, masochistic glint in her bulging, demonic eyes. For all strength and power, the muscular demon was utterly at Mary Anne’s mercy, and was clearly enjoying it. Likewise, Mary Anne was completely drunk on the thrill of experiencing true, unfettered dominance. The lewd, degrading words that had come to her lips felt unfamiliar, but she knew they were little more than her deepest, darkest, most secret desires finally becoming unchained. This was what she wanted. What she’d always wanted. Her body was craving pleasure, and so she would take it. She was yearning to fuck, and so she would. Nothing could be purer or more simple. For a moment, her mind flashed with imagination as she wondered what her Star Sentinel teammates would say or do if they saw her like this. She brushed the images aside contemptuously. Fuck them. Fuck everyone. She didn’t need them, and if they had a problem with her, then they could face her wrath just like everyone else.

Without relaxing her grip on Wrath’s neck, Mary Anne used her other hand to position the demon’s cock at the entrance to her pussy, and without hesitating, she let herself sink all the way down until her thighs were resting on Wrath’s hips, and Wrath’s cock was buried deep inside her. The former magical girl threw back her head and moaned as loud as she could. The demon’s cock was huge. It felt like it was splitting her in half. It felt incredible. Her back arched and her whole body shuddered as raw, ecstatic pleasure flooded her every nerve, causing her to momentarily relax her grip on Wrath.

“You like that, huh?” Wrath laughed, after a moment spent scrambling for breath. “Now who’s the whore, huh?”

Mary Anne’s hand cracked like a whip as she delivered a single, vicious slap across Wrath’s cheek. The demon let out a loud cry that was both pain and pleasure at once, and Mary Anne felt her hips buck underneath her, ploughing her demonic cock even deeper inside her. She grinned sadistically. She was going to enjoy that. Feeling Wrath writhe and twitch beneath her as she reeled from the slap was perfection incarnate.

“I told you to shut up!” Mary Anne started gripping Wrath’s neck again, now truly choking her. Her cruel smile widened as she saw Wrath’s eyes bulge dangerously as she realized she couldn’t breathe. At the same time, Mary Anne started riding Wrath hard, vigorously pumping herself up and down on the demon’s cock. The pleasure of it was unbelievable. Mary Anne didn’t bother pacing herself or going slow at first. She’d been holding back from carnal indulgence for so long. She wasn’t going to hold back any longer. With every thrust, Wrath’s cock reached deeper and deeper inside her, sparking yet more pleasure, and as Mary Anne’s desperate, needy pussy clamped down on her dick, she saw Wrath’s eyes roll back into her head as the mixture of intense pleasure and sudden oxygen starvation short-circuited her brain.

“Not so talkative now, huh?” Mary Anne mocked. “Where’s that strength? That cockiness? Huh?” She took such delicious glee in the fact that Wrath could do little more than moan and twitch in response. The demon was utterly helpless. To drive the point home, Mary Anne bent over Wrath’s face and spat down on her. Treating the demon with the contempt she deserved felt incredible. “Nothing to say? The big, strong, mean demon doesn’t have anything to say? Huh?”

“I-I-I… ugh, ah!” All Wrath could manage was a series of strangled, incoherent sounds. Mary Anne laughed. As good as Wrath’s cock inside her felt, nothing compared to the feeling of seeing the demon so completely humiliated at her hands. It didn’t matter to her if Wrath was enjoying it. She was enjoying it. That was what counted.

“You’re pathetic,” Mary Anne sneered, moaning with each breath as she furiously rode Wrath’s dick, completely blissed-out on the pleasure. She was long past caring about how far she’d fallen. “You’re filthy. Disgusting. You deserve to punished. You fucking slut.”

Each of her words made Wrath twitch and her cock throb, and in turn that only brought Mary Anne yet more pleasure. Her voice sounded like a distorted parody of its former self, snarled through pointed teeth, all the gentleness drained out of it and replaced by twisted, vindictive sadism. Mary Anne wanted to make Wrath’s punishment last a life time, but in truth, she was already reaching the edge. No matter. Now that she had unleashed her desires, she knew there was much, much more pleasure to be had, whenever she chose to take it.

“You’re nothing,” Mary Anne continued, pure anger flowing through the fallen magical girl. “You’re just my toy now. Cum. Fill me up. That’s all you’re good for. Cum inside me, fucktoy.”

With that, Mary Anne released her grip on Wrath’s throat. There was brief a pause, before Wrath’s whole body started to spasm wildly. As the blood returned to her brain, so too did the incredibly intense, incredibly vivid sensation of Mary Anne’s tight pussy squeezing her cock. The pleasure struck her like a lightning bolt, and as the demon started to babble and moan completely incoherently, her cock began to pulse and throb dangerously. Mary Anne relished in the feeling, and increased her pace even more, using every little bit of her strength to fuck Wrath as hard as she possibly could. Within mere moments, she was rewarded by the feeling of Wrath exploding inside her, her cock pumping a massive load of demonic cum deep within her body. At that exact instant, Mary Anne came too. Bracing her arms on Wrath’s body to steady herself, she threw her head back and let loose a loud, guttural scream of pleasure as a huge orgasm overtook her. It was like nothing she’d felt before. No shame, no confusion, merely the absolute, perfect joy of a rage finally satisfied. Unwilling to let up even for a moment, Mary Anne kept riding the demon, again and again and again, determined to milk her cock for everything she had. She wouldn’t tolerate anything less. She was determined to get her revenge on the world from now on, and taking everything that was owed to her for all her years of futile kindness.

Eventually, finally, Wrath went totally limp. Mary Anne grunted in dissatisfaction, and rose to her feet. She looked down at herself once more. She looked demonic. Her body had become hard and muscular, and she had several cuts and bruises from her fight with Wrath. Her Star Sentinel uniform was completely ruined, torn to shreds in many places from where she had ripped at it. And with her skin now a deep crimson, the demonic corruption had now clearly completely overtaken her. But unlike before, Mary Anne didn’t feel disgusted or shocked. On the contrary, she found herself admiring her new form, even if it was strange to note how much it mirrored that of the demon she had been fighting with so recently. She looked down at Wrath, now groaning weakly, passed out on the ground. Despite everything, she felt a kind of affection for the creature. Her twisted teachings had set her free. She wouldn’t let that show, of course. Not when it was so much more fun to be mean. But for now, there was something else to turn her attention to. Mary Anne thought about the church. She really needed to get back tthere—but for very different reasons than before.

“Come on,” she said to Wrath, balling her hands into fists. “It’s time to go see my friends.”

* * *