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Title: The Fall of the Star Sentinels

Tags: f/f, mc, fd, gr

Description: A squad of magical girls runs afoul of the Seven Deadly Sins, seductive demons with corrupting powers that know no bounds

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2018, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

Chapter Five

The first thing Riley did once the world became solid again around her was turn to quickly and efficiently check each corner behind her. She’d long since learned that the last thing you wanted in a situation like this was something sneaking up on you. Only once she’d made sure nothing was about to come pouncing out of the shadows did she allow herself to take in some of the details of the strange, unfamiliar place she had suddenly found herself in.

It was surprisingly tame, Riley thought, by the standards of demonic pocket dimensions. It was nothing more than a large room, one that reminded Riley a little of a hotel room, although friendlier and cosier. It was clean and tidy, and fairly minimalist. There were no windows, though, and the room was lit only by the many, many flickering, sweet-scented candles set all around on tables and cabinets, or even on the floor. At first, the only sign of anything unnatural about the room that Riley could see was the fact that the candles burned with vivid, violet flame, bathing the room in a pink-purple glow that glistened strangely on Riley’s dark skin. But then she noticed the way the shadows were moving. There were more of them than there should have been and they seemed to cling to surfaces even when they shouldn’t, and sometimes Riley had the impression of reaching hands and grasping. swarming tendrils, eager to snuff out the light that kept them contained. The magical girl was careful to avoid stepping too close to any of the shadows as she slowly advanced on the bed.

The bed was the centerpiece of the room; that was beyond doubt. It was huge, and piled high with all kinds of pillows, cushions and blankets. Riley had never seen a bed that was so large, or that looked so luxurious. Were the sheets silk? Velvet? Riley wasn’t quite sure, but either way they looked so unimaginably soft that they seemed to beg for her to reach out her hand just so she could stroke them and marvel at their texture. In fact, Riley found herself yearning for much more than that. The room was at the perfect temperature to make the prospect of crawling under the covers deeply appealing, and it was so easy for Riley to imagine how she would curl up on the bed, making a little nest out of all the cushions and resting her head on the softest pillow she could find. The butch magical girl was gripped with the conviction that the sensation of letting herself sink into the bed would be beyond pleasurable. Even the sweet fragrance coming from the candles was making her a little sleepy. All in all, Riley couldn’t imagine a more ideal place to curl up and rest in than this room—if not for the fact that the bed was already occupied by a demon.

It took Riley a moment to be sure that was what the girl was. She looked far less threatening than any demon Riley had ever seen, curled up in a ball as she was on the bed. She was small too; not much more than five feet, by Riley’s guess. But her long, lithe tail, wrapped around herself like a cat’s was a dead giveaway, and while the way the violet candlelight played off her skin made it difficult to see, Riley quickly discerned that the demon girl was a deep blue color all over. As Riley balled her hands into fists and prepared to summon her weapon, the demon slowly raised her weary head and looked at the magical girl with huge, deep eyes.

“Hey there,” the demon said, her voice soft and lilting. She opened her mouth wide and let out a long, loud yawn, showing pointed teeth and a very, very long tongue that slowly uncoiled to hang out of her mouth as she yawned. “Welcome, Sentinel Blue. I’m Sloth.”

“I guessed,” Riley replied evenly. She took a deep breath. “Look. I don’t know what kind of shit you’re trying to pull, but I’m not going to fall for it. I’ve been doing this way too long to fall for demon tricks. In the name of the stars, I’m going to destroy you, so I can get back to my friends and save their asses.”

A shower of silver sparks radiated from Riley’s fists, and she let out a very small sigh. She always felt silly, posturing like that. She’d become accustomed to it, mostly because it seemed to lend some of her less experienced teammates some courage, but that didn’t mean she liked it. Especially when she was wearing the sailor outfit. Riley knew it didn’t suit her, no matter what anyone tried to tell her. She didn’t want it to suit her. It just wasn’t her style. There was a reason usually opted for more androgynous styles. But, as she’d often joked, apparently the stars didn’t care that she was butch. Sure, she could learn to live with a miniskirt, but she’d been living with it for a little too long now.

Sloth seemed entirely untroubled by Riley’s threats. Slowly, as if it took her great effort to move, she raised herself up onto her hands and knees, and stretched languidly. “That seems so… rushed. Why so hasty? Don’t you want to take a moment to take the weight off your feet first?””

“Do you really expect me to fall for that?” Riley asked tersely.

Sloth sighed. Her voice sounded so heavy with sleepiness, although Riley didn’t believe for a moment it was anything more than a ploy. “No, not really,” the demon girl admitted. “But I’m sure you can’t blame me for trying. I think it’s kind of unfair that I had to go up against you. Way too much work. You’re the experienced one. You’ve been doing this so long now. I don’t have a chance.”

Riley nodded. It was true. She didn’t like to think of herself as old, but she was certainly older than most magical girls. She’d fought all kinds of demons and dark creatures, and she wasn’t about to let her guard down any time soon. She knew just how insidious demons could be, even under less disorienting circumstances. In spite of that, though, she found herself a little distracted by Sloth’s appearance. The demon was wearing nothing more than a sheer nightgown, and as she sleepily raised herself up on her knees, Riley got a very, very good look at her body. Sloth was short, but she was also stacked. She had wide, curvy hips, a cute stomach, and a chest big enough to completely bury someone’s head in. She was exactly the kind of short, shapely, feminine girl that Riley, tall and strong, liked having on her arm. Once she realized the direction her thoughts were turning in, Riley had to pinch herself. What was wrong with her? Maybe it was the scent of the candles. They were heady and strong, and more than a little distracting.

“Yeah, I can see it in your eyes,” Sloth continued, yawning again. “So many foes slain. So many long, hard battles. It seems so… hard. Aren’t you weary of it, Star Sentinel?”

“Shut up,” Riley snapped, more out of irritation than anger. She didn’t care what this demon said; she wasn’t going to listen.

Sloth simply ignored her. “How do you cope? You’ve got your friends, I guess. Your teammates. They look up to you so much, don’t they? The veteran. The one who always knows what to do. That must be nice.” Sloth’s eyes suddenly flickered sharply, like she was reading something in Riley’s face. “Or maybe… not. It’s just another burden, isn’t it? Their hopes and expectations. They always need you to be strong. That must get so… tiring. It’s not fair, is it? When’s it someone else’s turn to be the strong one? When do you get to rest for a change?”

“I said shut up!” Riley repeated, this time with greater force. Sloth was touching at a nerve now. Why was she even listening to this? She should just destroy the demon and be done with it. But Riley started to move forwards, her limbs seemed suddenly heavy.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to set all that down for a change?” Sloth went on, her voice the same carefree, sleep-tinged lilt as always, as if she simply didn’t notice the look of fury on Riley’s face. “Everyone needs a break, after all. Every now and then, you just need to let yourself be a little lazy. I’m sure you’ve told some of your teammates as much, from time to time, when they’ve been too hard on themselves. So why not, you know, take your own advice? With my help, of course.”

“Shut… the… fuck… up!” Riley grunted. Suddenly, even words had become difficult. She was just a few paces from the bed, but each step felt like running a marathon with lead weights strapped to her ankles. Her strength had deserted her. The toned muscles she’d worked so hard to build now seemed only to drag her down. The magical girl immediately knew this fatigue was far from natural. “What… what did you do to me?”

“I’m just trying to help you, Sentinel Blue.” Sloth’s big eyes were so round and earnest that Riley almost believed her. “Why not give it a try? You need to rest. You look so, so tired, you poor thing. Embrace sloth. You need to sleep.”

At the word ‘sleep’, Riley almost collapsed altogether. Her legs were just so weak, and she could barely keep her eyes open. What was happening to her? Riley had fought demons before. She knew the kind of hypnotic tricks they could play. But she’d never, ever come so close to defeat so quickly. “What… you…” she managed, eventually. “I… I’m… not… listening!”

“Aren’t you?” Sloth simpered. “Maybe you are. Maybe part of you has been longing for this all along, Riley. Maybe, deep down, all you ever wanted is to rest.”

Riley’s answer was little more than a feral scream.

“OK, maybe not.” Sloth giggled, and as Riley finally fell to her knees at the foot of the bed, the demon lent over the edge to stare down at her. “It was the candles, silly! I knew temptation was never going to do it for you. But the fun thing about being evil is, I don’t have to play fair.”

Riley mentally cursed her. A drug? She hadn’t been prepared for that. She should have been, admittedly, but things had gone south so fast she hadn’t had time to consider everything. Normally, the starlight magic that infused her kept her safe from things as mundane as poisons and toxins, but clearly whatever Sloth was burning in her candles was no ordinary drug. Riley was shocked that it had been able to incapacitate her so fast. Begrudgingly, she had to admit she’d underestimated the diminutive sloth demon. She hadn’t made a mistake like that in a long time. She just had to hope it wouldn’t be her last.

“Hey,” Sloth cooed sleepily. “C’mon, you don’t wanna sleep down there! It’s much more comfy up here. Let me help you.”

The demoness reached down and grabbed Riley by the arm. The magical girl was too exhausted to pull away. With deceptive strength, she gripped Riley tight and started hauling her up onto the bed. Riley could barely muster even token resistance. She felt almost paralyzed, and she hated how the way Sloth was treating her made her feel like little more than a rag doll.

“That’s better,” Sloth said approvingly, yawning as she carefully positioned Riley’s limbs and lifted her head to place a pillow under it.

Riley found herself lying on her side, stretched out on the bed. Sure enough, it was just as comfortable as it had looked. She still wasn’t sure if the sheets were silk or velvet, but it hardly mattered when they were so perfectly soft. The luxurious material seemed to cling to her as she slowly sank into the bed, the welcoming mattress slowly shifting to conform to the shape of Riley’s body. The effect was irresistibly soothing. Riley needed to rouse herself, but instead, her heartbeat was slowing. Her eyelids were heavy. The scent of the candles hung heavy around her in the air. Riley felt like she was sinking into quicksand.

“There,” Sloth finished. “That’s good. You can rest now.” She started to settle down on the bed next to Riley, curling up with her, but the magical girl was able to squirm away. She wasn’t able to put up much resistance, but at least it was something.

“Get… off!” Riley grunted, pushing the small demon aside with her elbow. It felt good to be able to hit back, even just a little, but Riley couldn’t ignore how heavy her own voice sounded.

Sloth yawned again, rolling over onto her back and bringing her hand to her mouth. “Why fight?” It’s inevitable, you know. You can’t win. I mean, you already lost. Look at you. Oh, I know you magical girls are all about hope, but you can’t hope your way out of a demonic toxin, Riley.”

“I… I’ll never stop fighting!” Riley growled. “For the stars! For hope! For my friends! I’ll keep fighting you until my last breath.”

“But… why?” Sloth asked.

Riley frowned. The question barely made sense to her. She didn’t know what to say.

“Fighting, fighting, fighting,” Sloth drawled, drawing out each word with a breathy sigh. “Does it ever end? You poor thing, I can see how exhausted you are. Let me show you something better.”

Sloth started moving around on the bed. Riley no longer had the energy to even lift her head to look at the demon, and so she was taken completely by surprise when she felt a pair of warm hands on the bare skin of her calf. Riley yelped at the gentle, intimate touch, and tried to pull away, but Sloth held her in a firm grip, once again betraying that she was far stronger than she appeared.

“Hey… what—” Riley protested, before abruptly breaking off when Sloth’s fingers started to press insistently against her calf muscle. “Mmph!”

She couldn’t help it; the sound just forced its way out of her. The sharp ache that shot through her leg was far too intense for her to suppress a gasp. At first, Riley thought she was being tortured, but as the sharp ache began to fade into a dull, warm pleasure, she realized the truth: Sloth was giving her a massage.

“You’re carrying around so much tension,” Sloth admonished, as her hands moved up to Riley’s thighs, working skillfully to work out every little knot of tension in the magical girl’s body. “Too much struggle, and not enough rest. You seem like the type to go out patrolling every night. You should stay in bed more. You need it. You’re so sleepy.”

“I’m… not…” Riley said, but her words rang hollow. She felt sleepy, and she sounded sleepy. While she wasn’t about to admit it out loud, Riley could at least admit to herself that, as Sloth seemed to sense, she spent a lot of time feeling tired. That didn’t mean Sloth was right, though, Riley told herself. She was a magical girl; she had to do her duty.

“You can lie to me, but you can’t lie to yourself,” Sloth retorted. Then, as she continued massaging the tension out of Riley’s thighs, her voice became even softer and more soporific. “You’re so sleepy, Riley. You can feel it everywhere, can’t you? You’ve been breathing so slow, so deep. That’s good. You can keep doing that, if you’d like—and I’m sure you will. It just comes naturally, doesn’t it? It’s natural to take nice deep breaths like that when you’re sleepy. It feels so calming. And when you’re nice and calm like that, doesn’t it feel so, so good to just sink into the bed? To let go? And when you do that, you just get sleepier and sleepier, don’t you?”

Riley was lost for words. Her head was spinning. She wanted to deny it, to shake her head, to do something, anything, but she felt almost paralyzed. She needed to get a grip, but Sloth’s massage was just so distracting. She even found herself blushing a little when Sloth’s hands made their way up under her skirt, reaching close to parts of her that were very, very sensitive. Normally, she wouldn’t have been so weak to such touches, but now, she was virtually defenseless. At first, the feeling of Sloth’s soft fingertips had made her tense up, but thanks to the demon’s skillful hands, all the tension in her legs was gone, slowly and surely wrung out and drained away. The massage was leaving Riley feeling limp, warm, and relaxed. That, in turn, made it difficult to think and question. Sloth’s words had a certain, seemingly irresistible logic to them. They flowed together into a wave that washed over Riley, leaving her disoriented by the barrage of questions and yet somehow soothed by the reassurance that everything she was feeling was only natural.

“You still have so much tension to work out,” Sloth murmured. “I’m gonna need to take this off.”

Riley started to tense up again when she felt Sloth slip her fingers into the waistband of her sentinel uniform’s miniskirt, and start to pull it down. The tension made her realize that, for some reason, at some point she’d stopped fighting. The magical girl felt a pang of guilt. That was wrong. She wasn’t supposed to stop. She started struggling again, but if anything, her movements were even weaker and more futile than before.

“Shhh,” Sloth soothed, noticing her resistance. “Let me. Just relax. All you have to do is lie there. Besides, you don’t seem comfortable in it anyway.”

Riley shivered, and realized that she was nodding very slightly. Once she realized that, it was easier to let go. She stopped struggling. Sloth quickly removed not only her skirt, but her top and her bra too. It happened before Riley had time to register what was going on, and soon enough, she was uncomfortably naked. It was hard to stay uncomfortable for long, though, when being naked meant that she could feel the luxurious softness of the bedsheets all over her body. Riley felt as though she was melting into it. Sloth shifted a little way up the bed, and rested her hands on the powerful muscles half-way up Riley’s back. The feeling of release when she pressed down, helping Riley’s muscles finally, truly relax, was so great that the magical girl found herself moaning a little. She tried to stop, but the air seemed to force its way out of her in a needy whine of pleasure.

“There. Doesn’t that feel good?” Sloth said sleepily. “You’ve needed this for so long, Riley. You’ve been denying yourself for so long. Now I’m giving you what your body needs, you just can’t help yourself. That’s why your body is relaxing for me like this. It’s not just the candles. You’ve been craving this. That’s why it feels so good. It’s not a trick—not just a trick, anyway. Deep down, you wanted this.”

“N-no!” Riley protested weakly. She didn’t. She’d never let herself think something like that.

“Oh, c’mon,” Sloth pressed down on a particular sore knot of tension in the butch magical girl’s back, forcing her to let out another moan. “Can you at least admit that it feels good? I mean, that’s just obvious. Listen to the noises you’re making. There’s no shame in admitting you like something. Can’t you even do that much? Isn’t it hard to keep up all this resistance? You must be exhausted already. Wouldn’t it feel good, to just let the truth slip out for a change? It feels good.”

“It feels… good,” Riley admitted. The words came out of her as a dreamy sigh. Sloth was right; it was nice to admit it. But the pang of guilt that followed wasn’t so easily disarmed. “But… need… to fight.”

“Later,” Sloth answered. She kept massaging Riley’s body, hands moving up and down and all over her to find new places to help relax. The sensation was blissful, and made it so very hard to think. “There’s time for that later. There’s always time later. There’s nothing wrong with being a little lazy, for now, when you need it. You can fight me later. But for now, why not enjoy this? Do you really want to stop?”

Riley found herself shaking her head imperceptibly before she even had a chance to consider the question. Sloth’s words hung around her head as heavy as the incense, pouring into her and filling her up. She was far, far too exhausted to fight it. They washed over her, until the magical girl’s addled, weakened mind could barely tell which thoughts were hers and which were the demon’s.

“I… But… Later… Won’t…” Riley groaned, as Sloth started massaging her weary shoulders. Her body was totally drained of tension now, but even then, it was hard to let go. Did she want to let go? She wasn’t sure. Everything was so confusing all of a sudden. She’d been counting on her experience and instincts to keep her safe, but all her foundations had collapsed so fast. Now, each deep breath that she took to try and center herself only drew more of Sloth’s soporific incense into her lungs. Her eyelids were rapidly flitting open and closed now, so fast she could barely see, and even when she could keep her eyes open for more than a moment.

“Don’t worry about later,” Sloth said, soothingly but insistently. As if it really was as simple as that, the anxiety gnawing at Riley started to dissolve. “Just think about now. Think about how good this feels. Why would you want to think about anything else? It’s easy, when you let go. Just focus on this. On me. On how my hands feel.”

“W-wh—” Riley yelped abruptly when Sloth slipped one of her hands underneath her body, reaching all the way to cup one of her breasts. “Mnn… what are you…”

“Lots of tension here too.” Despite what she was doing, Sloth still sounded desperately sleepy. “Need to take care of this, if you really want to relax.”

“W-what?” Riley repeated, dumbstruck. She hadn’t been expecting this. Nor had she been expecting it to feel so good. Riley was no stranger to sex, but she wasn’t used to being touched like that, and with her body so relaxed it was impossible for her to reflexively tense up or pull away. She was already warm and soft and sleepy, and her body seemed to hum and throb in response to the pleasure, like she really had been crying out for it all this time. She started to squirm, more out of instinct than genuine resistance, but it was beyond trivial for Sloth to keep her within her grip.

“And… here,” Sloth continued. Sitting beside Riley on the bed, she slipped her hand under the prone magical girl’s stomach and pulled her panties aside. Riley immediately cried out when she felt the demon’s fingertips stroking the lips of her pussy.

“Ah!” Riley moaned. It felt so good. Unbelievably good. She wasn’t sure if it was the drug, or Sloth’s skill, or simply the relaxed, hypnotic state she was, but her body felt far more sensitive than she was used to. Every touch was like fire. “S-sto… stop… ah!” She could barely speak through moans, and found herself burying her face in the soft, soft bedsheets in a desperate attempt to suppress the lewd noises forcing their way out of her mouth.

“Shh,” Sloth soothed, and Riley’s protests stopped. She kept groping and teasing Riley’s body. “Just lie there. Rest. Let me take care of you. You don’t have to do a thing.”

“N-no,” Riley whimpered. Everything about this was so unfamiliar to her. She was lying on her front, exposed, squirming and moaning whilst a demon girl had her way with her body. That wasn’t right. It wasn’t how Riley did things. She was always strong, always a fighter, even when no-one else was. She was the last person who should succumb to a demon. And in bed? In bed she was always a top. She liked to be the one taking control and setting the pace, and she also liked to focus on her partner’s body more than hers. Riley wasn’t used to having the script flipped on her like this.

“Let me take care of everything for you,” Sloth continued breathily. She was drawing her fingertips in slow circles around Riley’s pussy, a slow rhythm that was both soothing and maddening at the same time. “You need to learn to be a little lazy, Riley. Let someone else do all the work for a change. You’ll love it.”

“I… I…” It had been hard for Riley to think before. Now, it was all but impossible.”

“You’ll love it,” Sloth insisted. Still groping Riley’s tits, she curled her hand to extend two fingers and started to push them inside Riley. “Your body needs it. You need it. You need to stop questioning everything so much, Riley. Stop thinking so much. Get lazy. Just sink. You can do that for me, can’t you? Just sink. Sink deep.”

“S-sink…” Riley echoed sleepily. Her moans were growing quieter, but not from a lack of pleasure. She was just becoming too drowsy even for moaning. Just as Sloth had promised, it was surprisingly easy to sink. She could simply snuggle deeper into the bed, letting its amazing softness lull her even deeper into a hypnotic stupor. It was wrong, yes, but as time wore on, it grew easier for Riley to stop thinking about that. Just as Sloth had said, there would be time for that later, right? But now, this moment, was the first time in forever Riley had felt like she didn’t have the weight of the world on her shoulders, and she couldn’t quite bring herself to give up on that so fast. So, what else was there for her to do but sink deeper into this slothful haze?

“Good girl,” Sloth praised, and rewarded Riley’s compliance by starting to drive her fingers in and out of Riley, skillfully reaching deep inside to tease her g-spot. “See? It’s just like I told you. You needed this. You wanted this. This is the kind of girl you are, isn’t it? Just a stupid, sleepy, weak little thing.”

That managed to pierce Riley’s trance, just for a moment. “N-no,” she protested.

“No?” Sloth replied, an impish smirk on her face. “Are you sure about that, Riley? Just look at yourself. Look at what you’re doing. Are you sure? Are you really sure?”

“I… mmph…” Riley didn’t know. She wasn’t sure of anything anymore. The way Sloth was fingering her pussy made that totally impossible.

“OK. Let’s see, shall we?”

As she spoke, Sloth started pulling her hands away, slipping her fingers out of Riley’s pussy and drawing them backwards and upwards. To Riley, the sudden deprivation left a hole in her heart. She whined, and found herself lifting her hips and shifting herself back to try and restore contact. Before she knew it, she had her ass high in the air, eagerly presenting herself for Sloth to toy with, and she was making high-pitched needy sounds with each breath. Sloth giggled in delight.

“See? Look at you.” Riley was about to protest, as futile as that might have been, but Sloth’s fingers against her pussy silenced her. The few brief moments of lack of stimulation had somehow made her grow even more sensitive. “You’re just a dumb, stupid, sleepy puppet,” Sloth continued, her voice both mocking and affectionate at the same time. “You need to learn that. I mean, look at you. All I had to do was move my hand a little, and I got you exactly where I wanted you! But that’s OK. That’s good. Being a puppet is easy. It’s simple. It’s relaxing. You don’t have to think. You don’t have to move. A puppet gets controlled by its strings, just like you’re getting controlled by me. It’s so simple, isn’t it? When you’re a puppet, you can be nice and still and calm and sleepy and totally, totally mindless.”

“I… that’s… I… ah!” The pleasure was too great for Riley to form words, and her mind was melting too fast for her to form thoughts. But she knew she was so close to utter collapse. She wasn’t sure if she cared about fighting anymore. She was just so exhausted. The weariness went down to her very soul, and she was so tired of it. She didn’t want to fight anymore. She just wanted to lie here, on this bed, forever.

“Just say ‘yes’, Riley,” Sloth urged, yawning. As tired as she seemed, the demon girl clearly had no problem continuing to pump her fingers in and out of Riley’s pussy. “That’s all. Just say ‘yes’ to me, just once, and I’ll make it last forever. That’s all you need to do.”

“Y… Y…” The word was on the tip of Riley’s tongue for several long, agonizing moments before her willpower finally broke. “Yes!”

“Oh, perfect!” Sloth exclaimed, with naked glee. “Now, we can have some real fun.”

Without warning, Riley found herself being lifted by the demon’s strong arms, and flipped over onto her back. In an instant, the demon was down between her legs. Riley gasped. She knew from experience what was about to happen, and it made her cheeks turn crimson with heat. She’d had girls go down on her before, of course, but never like this. Never so submissively. It was unbelievably embarrassing, as Sloth immediately seemed to sense.

“Remember,” Sloth said, an impish glint in her demonic eyes. “You just lie there. Sink. Be lazy. Let me do all the work. Let me do everything.”

Riley squirmed. It felt so wrong, but it was so undeniably appealing. To her, a veteran magical girl, there was something sinful about simply doing nothing. She was always so driven, and lying back and letting someone do all the work was the most indulgent thing she could imagine. Was it really OK for her to succumb to such hedonism? In truth, Riley didn’t care. She was too tired to care about things like right and wrong anymore. All that was left in her was some residual embarrassment, and Sloth seemed eager to take advantage of that.

“It’ll feel so, so good, I promise,” Sloth added, before lowering her lips to Riley’s pussy and extending her tongue.

From the very first moment of Sloth eating her out, Riley was squirming and writhing like a girl possessed. Nothing had ever felt so good. Not only was she more relaxed and more sensitive than she’d ever thought possible, she’d also never considered what a girl with a tongue as long as Sloth’s might be able to do before. The demon was driving her wild, reaching inside her so deep she was pleasuring places that Riley had never even known about before. She had no resistance, no defenses, no acclimation. She was completely at Sloth’s mercy, and Sloth knew it. The demoness was taking her time, teasing Riley endlessly, denying her release and knowing that she was too exhausted to bring herself to orgasm.

“Look at you! You’re so wet,” Sloth teased. “Guess you really are enjoying this, pillow princess.”

The phrase made Riley blush anew. “I’m n… not!”

“You are now,” Sloth giggled. “Just try and prove me otherwise.”

Riley tried—and failed. She could do little more than squirm uselessly and make small, indignant, pathetic noises, and once Sloth turned her attention back to the fallen magical girl’s needy pussy, even that facade of displeasure collapsed into more pleasure-filled moaning. She couldn’t think. Her head was full of pleasure, and pleasure was all that mattered now.

“See?” Sloth continued, using her fingers to toy with Riley’s sensitive clit. “Just a pillow princess. A weak, lazy, sleepy, dumb, little pillow princess.”

Riley moaned loudly. She couldn’t deny it, but the humiliation burned within her, and she knew deep down it would feel so good to succumb and confess, just like it had done at each and every stage of her corruption.

“Just say it for me already,” Sloth ordered sleepily. “We both know you will. You’re just a puppet now, remember? No more fight left in you. Admit it.”

It burst out of Riley with force, like she was eager for Sloth’s approval. “I-I’m a pillow princess!” she moaned. “Just a stupid, sleepy p-puppet.”

“Good girl!” Sloth praised. “Now, cum.”

She used her tongue to thrust against Riley’s g-spot, and along with the command, it was more than enough to send Riley over the edge. She came so hard she almost blacked out. Her body shivered and shook for a moment, before going completely and utterly limp. She was utterly helpless, caught in a storm of pleasure. She’d never let herself give in so completely to pure ecstasy, and now that she had, Riley knew she couldn’t go back. She was hooked. She couldn’t go back to all that exhausting denial and discipline. It wasn’t her. Not anymore. This was better. Cumming her brains out like a submissive pillow princess was better. With that final, inward realization, her corruption was complete. She couldn’t go back. She could sense it. Riley didn’t care. This was her, now. She wanted this. Mind, body, and soul.

As the pleasure faded, Riley was left feeling overwhelmed by an even deeper sense of exhaustion than before. Darkness clung to the corners of her vision, threatening to claim her at every moment. She needed to rest. She’d needed to rest for far, far too long. The former magical girl was about to simply pass out, when she found herself being moved around once more. It was Sloth. With surprising tenderness, the demon turned her over onto her side, in just the position she always liked to sleep in. Then, the demon busied herself making sure there was a pair of nice, comfy pillows under Riley’s head, and making sure she was surrounded on all sides by soft blankets and cushions. Riley purred happily. Letting someone else take care of her felt amazing, and the best feeling of all was when Sloth curled up right next to her, spooning her from behind. She might have been small, but as the big spoon, Sloth was making Riley feel entirely comforted. Riley shifted a little, nestling her head against Sloth’s huge, soft tits. Sloth let her.

“That was exhausting. Let’s sleep now,” Sloth yawned. Riley didn’t need any more encouragement. As Sloth curled her long tail up around both of them, Riley closed her eyes. The last words she heard were: “When you wake up, you’ll be all mine. Forever.”

* * *