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Title: The Fall of the Star Sentinels

Tags: f/f, mc, fd, gr

Description: A squad of magical girls runs afoul of the Seven Deadly Sins, seductive demons with corrupting powers that know no bounds

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of ‘girl’ in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie © 2021, do not repost without explicit permission

* * *

Chapter Eight

“Just as I thought,” Mary Anne said, cracking her knuckles as she approached the prone Akemi. “There’s no way you’re gonna break someone like her with a few hugs and kisses. No way. Time to do things the hard way.”

Akemi shrank at the look on her corrupted friend’s face. It was wrathful and gleeful in equal measure; a kind of sadism Akemi could never have imagined Mary Anne giving in to. It forced her to wonder: had those desires been inflicted on her by a demon, or had they been within her all along, simply waiting to be unleashed? Akemi thought about the desires she was fighting to suppress, and wasn’t sure which possibility was more terrifying.

“I’m not gonna bother asking or pleading with you,” Mary Anne spat, as the others cleared the space around them. “I’m just gonna take what I want from you. Which is, pretty much, to use you like a toy. You got that?”

Akemi had no idea what to say. She was simply astonished at the transformation that had befallen her fellow Star Sentinel. All the softness and gentleness had been chiseled away from Mary Anne, leaving her with nothing but sharp, jagged edges. She was muscular and scarred, and held herself in a hunched, aggressive posture, like a growling wolf. She had become a creature of force and violence.

“Nothing to say?” Mary Anne sneered down at her, now, looming over her.


Akemi wasn’t sure. What could she say? The weak rejection she had managed to muster against Riley and Zaina would be utterly meaningless with Mary Anne, and in her weakened state, defiance would just seem pathetic. What else was there? It didn’t help that Akemi’s head was still spinning, the distinctive cravings Mary Anne’s demonic comrades had teased her with still very, very fresh in her mind. In the end, Akemi just sagged, defeated.

“Do whatever you want with me,” replied the leader of the Star Sentinels. “I can’t stop you, Mary Anne. And besides. I probably owe it to you, after leading us into this mess.”

Akemi wasn’t entirely sure what kind of response she’d been expecting, but she was still surprised when Mary Anne clenched her fists even tighter, snarling viciously and letting out a frustrated hiss.

“Fuck you, Akemi!” she growled. “God. You’re always so disappointing. Are you really this easy to break? Huh? Is our clever, powerful, pretty, kind leader really this fucking pathetic? That just pisses me off.”

Akemi trembled for a moment at Mary Anne’s rage, and then froze when her former friend’s furious expression curdled into a malicious smirk.

“Good thing I have you to take it out on, huh?”

Mary Anne pounced. Akemi lacked the strength to fend her off or squirm out of the way, and so, within an instant, the corrupted magical girl’s hands were all over her, clutching and groping at her tits. Akemi gasped and flinched in pain, but there was no escape, and her distress only seemed to add to Mary Anne’s glee.

“Are you really just gonna let me do this?” Mary Anne growled. “Really? How does it feel, huh? How does this make you feel? Does it make you feel good, slut?”

As Akemi’s head started to cloud with mixed pain and pleasure, it took her few moments to figure out exactly what she felt towards Mary Anne.

She felt angry.

Being treated like nothing more than a weak little toy pissed Akemi off. She deserved better, no matter her mistakes. She had her pride as a magical girl, and she wasn’t going to let anyone trespass on it this much. No-one got to talk to her that way for free. No-one.

“G-get off of me!” Akemi spat. She still lacked the strength to fight Mary Anne off, but her voice was filled with fresh venom. Mary Anne noticed right away, and laughed giddily.

“Yes! That’s more like it, bitch.” Her grin split her face from ear to ear. “I knew you weren’t done yet. Good thing is, neither am I.”

Still groping at her, Mary Anne brought her lips to Akemi’s neck and bit. Akemi couldn’t help but let out a sharp shriek at the pain, but what followed was a sense of warm, uncomfortable pleasure as Mary Anne started sucking greedily at her, determined to leave a bright, red lovebite. The idea of someone else leaving her marked like that made Akemi’s blood boil, and as strength surged within her, she lashed out in the way that felt most instinctive.

She wrenched her head back away from Mary Anne, then surged forwards and bit her back.

The cry of rage that left the corrupted magical girl’s lips filled Akemi with deep, mean satisfaction. There was something so perfect about inflicting the same humiliation on Mary Anne that Mary Anne had been trying to inflict on her. She knew it was petty, but wasn’t a little bit of petty revenge the least she deserved, after all she’d just been through?

“Shit!” Mary Anne grunted. “No. You don’t get to do that.”

Leveraging her strength, she forced Akemi away from her, and then flipped the beleaguered leader over before immediately pouncing on top of her, using her body weight to keep Akemi pressed to the ground. Keeping up her assault, she reached a hand down and started viciously groping Akemi’s ass. Akemi squirmed and writhed like a wild animal, and though she still wasn’t strong enough to break free, she could tell that it was becoming harder for Mary Anne to keep her under control.

“You’re mine,” Mary Anne hissed triumphantly. “You got that?”

“No!” Akemi snarled. “Fuck you!”

“Sure, whatever,” Mary Anne shot back. “I can tell you’re getting off on it, slut.”

Akemi froze for a moment and whimpered shamefully as Mary Anne snaked a hand up her skirt and into her panties. Now Mary Anne knew how wet she was. Akemi wanted to protest that it was only because of Lust and her sorcery, but she knew Mary Anne would only laugh in her face. Besides, at least to herself, she couldn’t deny that there was something uncomfortably arousing about wrestling with Mary Anne like this. Her body had been made incredibly sensitive, and pain and pleasure were one and the same. Her blood was running hot, making everything more intense, and she couldn’t stop her body responding to the way Mary Anne was groping her.

“Oh my god, you really are!” Mary Anne sneered, wiping away Akemi’s wetness on her thigh. “That’s hilarious. Why not just give up and beg me to fuck you already? Go on. Beg.”

Akemi saw red. She’d never quite understood that phrase before, but in that moment, as rage sent her blood pressure peaking, a crimson veil passed before her eyes and filled her with fury.

“Fuck. You!” she repeated, hissing through clenched teeth. Akemi turned her anger into strength, and with a huge exertion, managed to throw Mary Anne off of her.

Mary Anne grunted as she slumped to the ground. Within an instant, though, she was already springing back onto her haunches, ready to pounce again. But Akemi was moving too. She sprang forwards, desperate to restrain her former friend, and as the two of them fought for control, they ended up simply entangled with one another, rolling messily around on the floor of the despoiled church, groping and clawing at each other as they did.

“You’re… wow… you’re really not bad!” Mary Anne panted. Her voice was still filled with fury, but she kept whooping and howling with exhilaration at their struggle. “But you can’t win. Not against me. Not unless you really give in to what you’re feeling.”

“Hnngg… no!” Akemi shouted, grappling Mary Anne with all of her strength. She could feel what Mary Anne was talking about. Within her, deep inside all the anger, there was a power. A presence. It would have been so easy to reach out and take it, and be transformed. She knew somehow that if she did, she would win. She’d lose her soul, of course, and all of her goodness, but she’d beat Mary Anne, and that was starting to become all she cared about.

“You know you want to!” Mary Anne urged, throwing Akemi onto her back and roughly grabbing one of her tits.

“I… I don’t!” Akemi retorted, wrapping her thighs around Mary Anne and using her hips to throw her off.

“Yes, you do!” Mary Anne snorted, although her voice wavered slightly as Akemi clutched at her thigh and put another lovebite on her chest. “You know this feels good. Why are you fighting me so hard if it doesn’t?”

Akemi had no answer to that. Mary Anne was right. She was so tempted. She didn’t want to be angry, exactly, but she needed the anger and the strength it gave her, and so she couldn’t bring herself to pull away from it. And so, she was left constantly teetering on the brink of corruption.

“S-shut up!” was all that Akemi could manage to say.

Mary Anne started to laugh. Akemi saw red again. She needed to make the corrupted magical girl shut up. She needed Mary Anne to stop tempting her, and besides, she was getting more and more pissed off at all of her taunts and insults. Acting on pure instinct, Akemi did as Mary Anne had done to her, and slipped a hand up her friend’s skirt to start toying with her pussy.

At the very first touch, Mary Anne’s eyes went wide with shock, and a choked moan escaped her lips. A sadistic grin made its way onto Akemi’s face. Mary Anne was incredibly wet.

“Now who’s enjoying it, huh?” she taunted, her voice growing hard and cruel. “Now who’s a fucking slut, huh?”

“Nnng… nnngghhh,” Mary Anne whined desperately, as Akemi managed to slip two of her fingers into the corrupted girl’s cunt. Akemi was starting to realize Mary Anne was even more frustrated and pent-up than her, and eagerly pressed her advantage. As she started finger-fucking Mary Anne, her body became increasingly limp and her struggles grew increasingly feeble.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Akemi jeered sarcastically. She brushed aside what remained of Mary Anne’s resistance, effortlessly straddling her so she could bear down on her with all her weight. The look of simmering humiliation and pleasure on Mary Anne’s face was like a drug. “Now who’s using who like a toy?”

To her surprise, rather than making some gesture of futile rage, Mary Anne started laughing. It was a brittle, ugly sound. “Just… you’re just like me,” she moaned.

“What?” Akemi paled. She was stunned for a moment, but then her fury returned fourfold. “No. No! Shut up!”

Mary Anne kept laughing, and so Akemi did the only thing she could think of: she put her free hand around Mary Anne’s throat and started to squeeze.

As Akemi started to choke her, Mary Anne’s laughter died away, replaced only with a set of increasingly strangled, high-pitched moans, the lack of air making her pleasure even more intense. But that wasn’t enough to satisfy Akemi. She still couldn’t get rid of the glint of triumph in Mary Anne’s eyes. Furiously, she squeezed harder and finger-fucked her faster.

“I’m. Nothing. Like. You!” Akemi shrieked, even as she drew on more and more of the sinister, supernatural wrath lurking within her. She could feel herself starting to give in, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to dominate Mary Anne as completely as she possibly could. She wanted to use all her strength to grind her former friend into the dirt, humiliated and broken.

And the rest of them too, Akemi thought to herself. They would all fall into line. She needed to punish them for giving in to corruption so easily. She was their leader. She could do anything she wanted with them. She’d make them pay, and use them to get off in the process. She would-

“N-no!” Akemi screamed, and threw herself off of Mary Anne, scrambling to put a few paces between them. It took several long moments to even begin to regain her composure. Once again, she’d come frighteningly close to absolute defeat. She felt exhausted, her head was clouded with lust, and her pussy was soaking wet and maddeningly sensitive. But she hadn’t given in. Not completely. That was all that mattered, or so she tried to tell herself.

“D… d-damn it!” Mary Anne snarled, as she slowly picked herself up, shivering and shuddering as aftershocks of pleasure assailed her. “Thought I had you.”

“Let me take it from here.”

Akemi hadn’t realized Tomi was behind her, and Tomi swept in to sit beside her and rest her hands on her shoulders, Akemi almost lashed out in anger. Tomi’s touch, though, soothed her instantly, her friend’s deft fingers pressing against her tight, taut muscles and working the tension out of them with the deftness of a practiced masseuse. Akemi groaned weakly, grateful that her wrath was leaving her, but painfully aware that it was taking her strength with it.

“Relax, babe,” Tomi soothed, giggling faintly. “I got you.”

“N-no… please don’t,” Akemi protested, knowing it would do her no good. All she could do was brace herself for the next assault on her purity. She thought about Tomi’s whorish tattoos, skimpy outfit, and the stacks of bills tucked into her thong. It was clear which sin she had succumbed to: Greed.

“Jeez! Stop worrying already,” Tomi retorted, drawing her voice out and letting it trail away into vocal fry. She sounded confident and at-ease, like a consummate professional at work. “I can take care of everything for you. I’m very good. Everyone says so.”

“H-huh?” Red flags were going up everywhere, but Akemi was too befuddled by the rapid switch from violence to pampering. She couldn’t stop herself sinking into Tomi’s welcoming embrace, her exhausted body accepting the offer of rest despite Akemi’s misgivings.

“You deserve this, you know,” Tomi told her, gently kissing the back of Akemi’s neck, making her mewl. “You really do. You’re, like, our boss, after all. You’re the big leader. Makes sense you should get something in return, right?”

“I… well… I-I don’t know.” Tomi’s words made an alluring amount of sense, but Akemi was wary of giving the corrupted magical girl even an inch.

“Oh, babe, c’mon!” Tomi scoffed, her hands moving down to massage the sore muscles along Akemi’s spine. “You’re out there hustling every single day, and you don’t even know it!”

“Hustling?” As she sank deeper into a relaxed fugue, a smile found its way to Akemi’s face at Tomi’s phrasing. “What do you mean?”

“You know.” Tomi drew Akemi in even closer, kissing the side of her neck all over the bright red marks Mary Anne had left her with. “Saving people. Fighting monsters. Hustling. It’s kind of ironic, right? You’re, like, the leader, but what do you ever get for yourself? You’re out there working for everyone else. Saving them, protecting them. You don’t even get paid.”

“W-well…” Akemi’s voice trailed away. She had been about to launch into a spiel about how righteousness and justice was its own reward, but something about what Tomi was telling her raised her ire. She thought about where she was—on the ground, being groped and tempted and tossed around. It didn’t seem fair. If she was going to put herself through all this, what was she going to get in return?

“See?” Tomi tutted. “You’re giving it away for free. You know what that makes you?”

“What- ah!” Akemi broke off into a moan as Tomi’s hands strayed down all the way along her sides to reach her hips, where she was still incredibly sensitive.

“A dumb whore,” Tomi told her flatly, giggling for a moment, before kissing Akemi’s neck once more.

“I’m not!” Akemi protested, her voice a little shrill. Inwardly, though, she wasn’t sure. She was so tired of fighting. So tired of resisting, both externally and internally. She longed to just let Tomi’s words wash over her as the corrupted magical girl petted and pampered her.

“You totally are,” Tomi giggled. “You’ve got something everyone wants, babe. But you’re giving it away for free. You’re missing out. That’s all I’m telling you.”

“M-missing out on what?” Akemi asked, her willpower slipping.

Tomi giggled again, delighted by the question. “Anything you want, babe. Anything in the world.” She made a wide gesture with her hands. “The finest clothes. Jewels as big as your fist. A mansion as big as a palace. Anything.”

Akemi gasped, dazzled by the promise. She’d never really been tempted by wealth before, but as Tomi spoke, her head filled with resplendent images. She saw herself dressed in silks and designer dresses, surrounded by luxury and adorned with the most expensive jewelry imaginable. Mere moments ago, she might have called the images gaudy and gauche, but now, she didn’t care. She wanted it. She was hungry for it.

And she deserved it, didn’t she?

She worked so hard, all the time. She risked her life, day after day. Didn’t she deserve a little compensation for it? Or perhaps more than a little. Maybe she could name her price. Maybe she could take whatever she wanted. She thought about Tomi, and the way she had clearly been transformed into a whore. Suddenly, that didn’t seem so degrading. It seemed like the easiest deal in the world. Sex, for money. What was so wrong with that? Besides, Akemi was feeling more than a little eager to get fucked after everything she’d been subjected to.

“Yes!” Tomi moaned, sensing Akemi’s growing greed and drawing strength from it. “I knew you’d get it, babe. You shouldn’t keep doing things for free. Be selfish. Take as much as you can get. That’s just the way the world works. There’s always gotta be something in it for you.”

As intoxicating as Tomi’s words were, they made Akemi start to eye her with suspicion.

“Then… this?” She nodded towards Tomi’s hands, massaging her body. “What’s in this for you?”

Tomi outright laughed, pleased with Akemi’s cleverness. “You’re, like, really on it, babe! Well, you’re totally right. I am doing this because there’s something in this for me. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal for you, right? It’s a give-and-take thing. And I know you need this.”

She slipped her hand between Akemi’s legs and started stroking her pussy. Akemi was far too exhausted to care about suppressing her moans. She had been teasing and tempted so much. All she wanted to do was get some real pleasure.

“I… I…” Akemi’s first instinct was to deny it, but she was starting to lose sight of why. Why not embrace her desires instead? Why not let herself be greedy? “I want it!” she moaned.

“Good girl!” Tomi praised jubilantly. Before Akemi could say another word, the corrupted magical girl slipped around her, pushing her torso back and spreading her legs with her hands, before flipped Akemi’s skirt up and lowering her lips to the Star Sentinel’s drenched panties. “I’m so proud of you, babe! You deserve some real service.”

“W-what… ah!” Akemi cried out long and loud as Tomi swiftly pulled aside her panties and started to eagerly kiss the lips of her pussy. After so much teasing, Akemi was desperately wet, and her body responded to Tomi’s touch like it was life-saving. She reached down to try and push her friend away, but somehow, she found her hand wrapped around the back of Tomi’s head instead, pulling her in closer.

“What?” Tomi panted, grinning. Even her warm breath felt good against Akemi’s body. “You don’t want me to go down on you?”

“I…” The fact that her friend was eating her out felt beyond obscene, but Akemi couldn’t bring herself to deny it.

“That’s what I thought,” Tomi replied, already burying her face in Akemi’s slit once more. The way her tongue moved around as she spoke, parting Akemi’s lips and pushing inside, felt divine. Akemi immediately found herself whining and writhing beneath Tomi’s ministrations. Her friend was so skilled, like she’d been eating pussy for years.

“B-b-but,” Akemi moaned, barely holding on to coherent thought. “W-what’s in it f-for you?”

“For me?” Tomi looked up at Akemi for a brief moment, her demonic eyes flashing bright with insatiable greed. “That’s easy, babe. You are. I want you.”

“H-huh?” That sounded alarming enough to give Akemi pause.

“Sorry, babe,” Tomi explained. “Can’t help it. It’s in my nature. I want everything. I want you. Maybe you most of all. You’re our leader, right? I want a piece of that. Doesn’t seem fair to me that you should get more than anyone else. I should be the one who gets more. Share the wealth, right?”

“I…” Akemi’s head was spinning. It was so hard to think, with Tomi eagerly tonguing her cunt. “Y-you’re… jealous?”

“Oh no, she isn’t,” another voice cut in. “She’s just greedy. I’m jealous. That’s my thing.”

Akemi looked over deliriously and saw Nea walking towards her—or rather, the demon that had been Nea. She looked almost completely different. Nea had always been cute, at least to Akemi, but in a small, innocuous, mousy way. Now, though, she looked like a supermodel. Her body was perfect. It was, quite literally, without flaw. Her skin was a deep, inhuman green, but besides that, was free of any blemishes to mar its beauty. Her face was classically beautiful, with full lips and high, arched cheekbones that drew attention to her gleaming, infernal eyes. And more than anything else, her figure was perfect. Her body had shaped itself into a perfect hourglass, with full, shapely hips that swung alluringly as she walked and large, firm, pert tits sat high on her chest. She had everything that anyone could want for themselves, and somehow, her distinctly demonic features only enhanced her splendor. She was a vision of unholy perfection, but her eyes still reflected an envious lust for more as she stared hungrily at Akemi.

“Hey!” Tomi protested from between Akemi’s legs. “Wait your turn!”

“I’ve been waiting long enough,” Nea retorted, her voice simmering. “I’ve been getting jealous, watching all the rest of you have so much fun with her. I’m sure you understand, Tomi. I can’t wait any longer. I need to take what I deserve from her.”

Tomi seemed to accept that, and returned to skillfully and eagerly going down on Akemi. The pleasure made Akemi light-headed, but nonetheless, she remained still, captivated by Nea. There was something about her friend that irresistibly commanded her attention. Her eyes kept running over Nea’s new body—perfectly accentuated by her slutty, corrupted outfit—noting all the ways in which her beauty was simply immaculate. It filled Akemi with a strange mix of emotions—lust, of course, but also a strange sense of inadequacy. She couldn’t stop thinking about all the ways that Nea was simply better than her, now. Her heart started to throb with envy.

“God, that feels good!” Nea moaned, reveling in Akemi’s gaze. “Do you know how long I’ve envied you, Akemi? Everything about you—your power, your confidence, your looks. I guess now, the shoe is finally on the other foot.”

Akemi quivered. Even Nea’s voice was perfect. She felt so weak in her presence.

“I wish I could say that it’s changed anything,” Nea continued, reaching Akemi’s side and standing over her threateningly. “But you know what? It really hasn’t. Because there’s still something I’m jealous of. Something I want to take. You know what that is?”

Akemi shook her head.

Nea licked her lips with her unnaturally long tongue. “Your purity.”

Akemi blinked. “What?”

“You heard me.” Nea’s eyes were ravenous. “I’ve always envied you that. Your sureness. Your righteousness. I still do. And if I can’t have that, the least I can do is drag you down into the mud with the rest of us.”

Struggling to think though she was, Akemi was astonished by the naked bitterness in Nea’s voice. Had her friend always felt that way? “I… I…”

“And the best part is, you won’t be able to stop me.” Nea reached down to put her hands on Akemi’s shoulders, applying enough pressure that the sharpness of her claws made Akemi flinch. “Because you’re jealous too.”

“N-no!” Akemi protested. Her words were feeble, and her pathetic, needy moaning only made matters worse. Tomi was driving her pussy crazy.

“Yes,” Nea insisted. “Not just of all this.” She gestured down at her body. “You’re jealous of what all of us have. You’re jealous that we let ourselves fall. You’re jealous that we let go.”

“I’m not!” Akemi roared, with as much strength as she could still muster. That was the one thing she truly couldn’t let herself admit it.

“Face it,” Nea continued. “There’s not much to envy about being a hero, Akemi. It’s all self-denial, and self-righteous bullshit. But being a villain? That’s all about getting what you want. Anything you want. Now, all of us are getting our sinful little fantasies fulfilled, and all you can do is lie there and watch. Doesn’t it just make you sick?”

Akemi looked around guiltily at all of her now-corrupted friends.

“Thought so,” Nea snorted. “But of course, you’re still too stubborn to admit it. I’ll just have to show you what you’re missing.”

She suddenly pushed Akemi back, and then promptly knelt beside her. Akemi made a weak attempt to sit upright, but was immediately stunned when Nea began taking off her clothes. Akemi had already been dazzled by her friend’s new beauty, but watching her undress left her completely and utterly entranced. Nea’s sailor outfit had been modified and corrupted to accentuate her new form, but Akemi quickly understood that no clothing could ever hope to do justice to her perfection. Akemi felt like she was watching the unveiling of a work of art as Nea quickly but seductively stripped herself of every last piece of fabric covering her body.

Then, she reached forward to slip a hand around Akemi’s neck, and pulled the disoriented Star Sentinel’s face between her tits.

Akemi’s eyes bulged, and she let out a brief, strangled gasp before her voice was utterly smothered by Nea’s huge, perfectly shapely chest. She squirmed and struggled for a moment, but in truth, that was little more than a pretense. Nea’s chest felt amazing. Akemi felt as though she could easily let herself drown in the softness of Nea’s body. The corrupted magical girl was holding her so tight, she could barely breathe, but Akemi didn’t care. Even Nea’s scent was perfectly delightful and intoxicating. Helpless and captivated, Akemi started weakly kissing and nuzzling against her friend. She knew it was shameful. She was too tired to care.

After a few, long moments, Nea pulled her away, and looked down at her, a sinister smirk on her face.

Akemi felt small and weak.

It didn’t help that, between her legs, Tomi was still eagerly pleasuring her for all she was worth. Fallen to greed, Tomi was clearly willing to do whatever it took to satisfy Akemi, and in doing so, steal her soul. She kept touching and stimulating her in all kinds of different ways, drawing back to toy with her clit and tease her lips, before unfolding her demonic, impossibly long tongue and using it to push deep, deep inside Akemi’s body. The way Tomi could reach so much deeper than anything else ever had made Akemi’s eyes water. Her g-spot was completely overwhelmed. It was like Tomi had a sixth sense for how sensitive she was, and was using it to tease her with whatever kind of pleasure she was most greedy for.

“See?” Nea asked mockingly. “Is this what you want to be, Akemi? A toy for a pair of demons? Wouldn’t you rather be the one getting to toy with someone? Don’t you want this power? This beauty? It could all be yours.”

Akemi nodded, although she didn’t really understand what she was agreeing to. All she knew was that she was filled with gnawing, insatiable want. She couldn’t stop yearning for Nea’s touch, but her touch only made it worse.

“Don’t you want this?” Nea pulled Akemi back to her chest, this time pressing Akemi’s lips to her stiff nipple. Akemi started kissing and suckling without thought.

“Y-y… hng,” Akemi moaned. Tomi, not to be outdone, was teasing her by pulling back, kissing and nibbling at her sensitive inner thighs, leaving her pussy screaming pleasure.

“Or this?” Nea pushed Akemi’s head down until the beleaguered magical girl was kissing and drooling over her stomach.

“I… oh my god,” Akemi breathed. Nea’s presence was overwhelming, and seemed to be growing more and more so with each passing moment. Nea was basking in Akemi’s envy and adoration, shivering in delight as Akemi’s moaned exclamations left her parted lips.

“Or…” Nea pushed Akemi down further, licking her lips suggestively and shifting her legs until she was straddling Akemi’s prone body. Akemi found her eyes fixed worshipfully between Nea’s legs, head completely addled by pleasure and mind-warping corruption. “This?”

Akemi had no words. Her mind was at breaking point. She wanted it. She wanted everything. She wanted everything Nea had, and she wanted all the luxuries Tomi promised. But as Nea waited expectantly and smugly for an answer, Akemi still found she couldn’t give it to her.

“Of course she does,” came a new voice, aristocratic and authoritative. “But there’s something holding you back, isn’t there, Akemi? Pride. Fortunately for us all, I know a little something about that.”

Lian stepped forward, and even Nea and Tomi trembled a little. Akemi looked at the steely, sinister glint in Lian’s eyes, and she knew at once what was going to happen.

She was going to lose.

* * *