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The Family Tradition

Chapter 2

© 2020 by Baerd

* * *

I woke to find Bettina curled up tight next to me, her head on my shoulder, whimpering in her sleep. Before I moved at all, I lay there, conducting a mental and physical inventory. I still was neither hungry nor thirsty, wasn’t particularly funky in terms of needing a shower, and had no need to find a bathroom. We both should have needed a shower extremely badly, by now. It felt like we’d been here for weeks, and none of those biological needs had arisen. I thought even if I were in a hospital in a coma, some kind of biological need would have reported in. At least, I knew I’d had dreams where those needs had been present.

The only biological need I’d felt other than sleep was sexual. And that need had been... magnified? Dramaticized? Emphasized? I wasn’t quite sure how to describe it, but my sexual needs and desires were taking up the majority of my mind, and were occasionally edging out the ability to think of anything else. My cock was hard again. I was already strongly feeling the need for sex now, and I could feel it growing as the minutes passed.

Bettina woke, and I felt her clutch me in a hug. She raised her head to look at me. “Jimmy?”

“Mom? Dad?” Oh, shit. That was Stephanie’s voice, off to one side. I looked. She was about six feet away, in another of those damned light circles.

“Stephanie?” Bettina asked. “Ob, sweetie! I’m so sorry!”

Stephanie was naked, of course, and trying to get to her mother but slipping and sliding off of whatever those frictionless walls were. I had rolled on my side facing away from my daughter, and was feeling terribly self-conscious but horny.

“Momma?! Momma! What the fuck...?” Stephanie panicked as she tried to get to her mother.

“Stephanie! Stop!” I yelled. “You can hurt yourself that way!”

Stephanie stopped, unfortunately on the ground she had fallen to after trying to throw herself against the barrier. “Dad? Is that you?”

Still lying faced away, I said, “Yes, it’s me. When your mother and I first found ourselves here, there were walls like that between us. I twisted something doing what you were doing. The whatever-they-are are frictionless, and you just slide when you try to touch them.”

“We’re... We’re all naked!” Stephanie cried, attempting to cover her more private areas with varying levels of success.

“Yes, Sweetie,” Bettina said. “This is a very strange place. No, we don’t know where we are, but your father and I have been here a really long time, days or weeks....” She went on to explain some of what we’d been through.

“My God! I... don’t know what to say....” said Stephanie.

“Neither do I, really, Sweetie, but we’ll get through this the best we can, okay?” replied Bettina.

“Um, dear? I really have to move. Staying in this position is starting to hurt,” I said in a low voice to Bettina.

She sighed. “It has to happen sooner or later,” she said.

I sat up, still facing away from my daughter.

“Nice butt, Dad!” said Stephanie, jokingly, then gasped as Bettina shot her a look. “Sorry, Dad! I wasn’t making fun, you really do have a great ass for a man your age... uh, wait, I’m sorry! God! I’m kind of nervous and don’t know why I said that!”

“I understand, Steph,” I said. Move along, move along, nothing to see, here.

“Um, I think I understand about the, um, sex feelings stuff you were talking about, Mom. Maybe I should turn around like Dad,” said Stephanie as she turned around to face away. “Oh, God. I’m so nervous I’m blathering!”

Bettina came and sat next to me and hugged me. She looked down at and then stared at my cock, so stiff it wasn’t even bobbing. It stared back, almost mocking us both. Slowly, almost unwillingly, Bettina reached down to grasp it. It felt so good I groaned. “Wait, no...”

“Let me help you with that,” she said gently. I looked around. Stephanie was still sitting facing away. I froze in indecision, wanting, needing, the relief, but still fearing to give in to the temptation. Bettina slid her hand down the slick tip of my cock, smearing pre-cum down the rest of it as well as on her palm. There was a lot of it to smear, apparently. Her grip slid down it, feeling marvelous.

Bettina began to slowly pump, far too slowly, dammit! The pleasure was near torture, she moved so slowly. To make matters worse, or better, she whispered as she stroked, “I want you to cum for me, Daddy. I’m making you feel so good, aren’t I? I want you to shoot off in my hands, just like you did for your Mommy!”

She had her other hand working at her pussy, fingers dipping deep inside then coming out to circle her button, stroke it and plunge back inside. The look on her face was... fixated, lustful, and delighted. Her voice was low, tempting, and coaxing.

Her words went to the back of my brain and played with my controls, flipped switches and turned knobs in there so that the world turned and the only stable thing was her slowly pumping hand on my pulsing cock which begged and pleaded for her to go faster. I felt like there was a ringing in my ears, an almost audible hum that vibrated every cell in my body. I itched with need, ached with it. I held my breath to keep from screaming, from howling. How could a person contain this... this... My patience broke into a thousand pieces. ”GAH! Fuck! Will you fucking LET... ME... CUM!” I yelled.

Oh, shit. There was no way that Stephanie couldn’t have heard that. I felt shame burn my face. Bettina grinned at me like the cat that got the canary. “You want me to go faster?”

Yes! ...Yes, please!“

“You know she’s looking, now. You know she can tell what we’re doing....” she said, not varying her slow strokes at all.


“She’s watching, fascinated. Think about that, your daughter watching as her mother strokes her daddy off. Soon, she’ll want a better look, want to see everything, maybe even want to help...” Bettina’s words were like her hand on my cock, making it better and worse at the same time, making the shame mix with the sexual need and the pleasure. “Imagine her big blue eyes watching, her tongue tip on her lips, her hard little nipples needing to be squeezed, her little pussy a wet and crazy mess, needing to be filled with Daddy’s cock....“

She sped up, and shifted into a rhythm that was just fast enough as she said this last, and thrust her fingers far and hard into her pussy, gasping as she came. I came, too, explosively hard, and she pointed my cock so that my spend shot onto her heaving breasts, covering a nipple and the roundness of her slightly drooping flesh of her right tit. I moaned with the orgasm, rocking back and then desperately forward so I wouldn’t fall on my back and reveal more of what was happening to my daughter. I quivered with the effort to stifle my instinctive bucks and thrusts.

“Mmm, that was a good cum for Mommy!” she purred, and teased her cum-covered nipple as I watched, then brought her fingertip to her lips and sucked it with obscene relish. I could feel Stephanie’s eyes on us, watching. My face must have been crimson, and the blush probably went down to my navel.

It occurred to me that, of the two of us, Bettina seemed to be the most affected in this place. The gusts of lust that blew through us seemed to pick her up and carry her away with them easily, while I, well, I resisted a bit more. Not enough, though. Bettina had just performed for our daughter. She had been looking toward Stephanie as she sucked her finger, smiling lasciviously.

As I panted in the aftereffects of the orgasm, I looked at Bettina’s eyes again. They had definitely changed color, from her normal deep brown to a green-gold color. Were they greener than they had been earlier? It was hard to tell. I wondered if the Bettina in front of me was really Bettina. Perhaps all of this was designed to change me, not us. Maybe I was the only one really here. I shook my head.

“Why did you just do that in front of Stephanie?” I asked in a low voice.

“What?” Bettina looked innocent, then shocked, then embarrassed. “Oh, God, Jimmy! What did I just do?”

I didn’t answer, just looked at her steadily.

“I... I don’t... I got carried away. It felt... it felt good, right, natural to be, um, act, uh, you know. It just seemed sexy and exciting and like what I should do!” she babbled as tears came to her eyes. “I needed to show her how to be sexy, like I’m supposed... like I... um, like it felt like I was supposed to do, to teach...!“

“You know I can hear everything you say, right?” said Stephanie. “I heard all of it. Mom, you are really fucked up, aren’t you?”

Bettina looked to her daughter, and shrugged her shoulders. “Yes, Sweetie, I think I am. I feel like I’m losing who I am here. I’ve been doing things I would never have done before. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Well, that’s not quite true. There are things in my head that make some of this seem right. Like, I remember your grandmother’s memories, and she was... she had... her life was very messed up, especially at your age.“

“What? You remember...” Stephanie asked, completely lost. “Gramma Cartwright’s memories? As her? Oh, God, am I going to go crazy here, too?“

My erection had finally relaxed to the point where I could conceal my privates from my daughter to a degree. I turned around and arranged myself facing her so I wasn’t flashing her.

“Things are very confused right now, Steph,” I said. “I don’t know if it’s this place, or whoever put us here, but we are getting, ah, ‘messed with.’ I don’t know if someone is experimenting on us, or playing with our minds, or exactly what, but your mother and I are having some trouble thinking straight. My best advice to you is to try to hold on to who you are.”

“I see,” said Stephanie, looking at her mother like she might grow another head at any moment.

“I’m sorry for... all that,” I said waving my hand about to indicate what she had seen moments before. “It has been getting difficult to not act on impulses here, especially... well, sexual impulses.”

“Is that why... uh, I’m feeling, uh, a bit excited?” Stephanie asked.

“Probably. Our sex drives seem to be maxed out, here.”

“Why is this happening?” Stephanie asked plaintively.

“We don’t know. We both did, uh, see and talk to your grandmother a while ago. She was saying some things that may have been true about the family and a history of...” I just couldn’t say the word ‘incest’, “...unusual sexual practices. But it could have been a trick, or manipulation, or something. But those practices are what your mother is remembering.“

Bettina looked at me like I was throwing her under the bus. Maybe I was. It was not what I intended, but I had to cling to some kind of hope. I would try to be more supportive.

“You saw her, too?” Stephanie asked.

“Yes,” I said, nodding, but leaving out most of what actually happened. “I’m not sure if it was real, though.” I tired to make it up to Bettina. “Your mom was suspicious about her, and thought it wasn’t really Gramma Cartwright at first. When she disappeared and your mom started to remember memories of Gramma Cartwright’s life... well. Your Mom is telling you the truth. This has been really difficult for us. We had been glad you weren’t having to go through it too,” I told Stephanie.

“Oh,” said Stephanie.

“What was the last thing you remember before being here?” asked Bettina.

“Uh, I talked to you on the phone about coming home tomorrow. Um, I went to bed after that.” answered Stephanie.

Bettina and I looked at each other. “You talked to us on the phone? Last night?” I asked.

“Well, to Mom, really, but it was on speakerphone and I think you were listening. She said we have a new maid.”

“A new maid?” asked Bettina.

“Yeah. You didn’t say much about her except she was Margerite’s daughter and to expect her to act oddly, that she’d been abused or something. Carmen, you said her name was.”

“Did I sound different than usual?” asked Bettina.

“No, not at all,” said Stephanie. “Was I really not talking to you?”

“I don’t know. I don’t... what I can say is that I don’t remember talking to you.“

“Huh. It sounded like you, but we didn’t talk very long, and I was... kind of distracted,” said Stephanie.

“’Kind of distracted’?” Bettina asked.

“Um, yeah, I, uh, was kind of horny...”

“While you were talking to us, or me?” Bettina pursued.

“Um, yeah, it... kind of came over me all of a sudden,” admitted Stephanie. “It’s been that way a lot lately.”

“What were you thinking of? I mean, right then?”

“Uh, um, I don’t think I was thinking of anything really... I just got really horny all of a sudden and, well, you know...” stuttered Stephanie.

“No fantasies or anything? Don’t worry, just be honest,” insisted Bettina.

“Um, no, just... horny all of a sudden. I wasn’t having any fantasies because I was talking to you on the phone. I can’t have a fantasy and a conversation at the same time!”

Bettina was showing signs of fixating on this and getting turned on again, so I tried a diversion. “So this new maid is Marguerite’s daughter? I didn’t know she had a daughter. ‘Carmen,’ you said? And we expected her to act oddly. Any idea how?”

“No, Mom didn’t go into it, really, just said she may have been abused or something like that.”

“Hmm. And then you were here?”

“I think I went to sleep, first. I remember closing my eyes to go to sleep, lights were off, blanket pulled up, my mind drifted...”

“Were you wearing anything?” asked Bettina.


“I just ask because you aren’t wearing anything now,” explained Bettina.

“Oh. Uh, yeah, I was wearing my nightie.”

“So it doesn’t seem like we were just physically moved here. We didn’t see or hear anyone or anything bring you here. You just seem to have suddenly been there. We’ve been here almost a week, we think,” I mused. “We just kind of woke up here. Did you?”

“I don’t know. I opened my eyes when I heard Mom say your name, but I don’t know if I was asleep. I just opened my eyes and here I was. And then Mom jerked you off!”

“Uh, yeah I remember.” I said.

“Mom, you said you felt like you had to show me? Teach me how to be sexy?” asked Stephanie.

“Um, yeah. Things here seem to happen like that. Things will seem like normal, especially when they’re not,” said Bettina, blushing.

“With Dad? I mean...” Stephanie struggled a moment, “I don’t know what I mean.”

“Yes. I felt like I had to show you how to be sexy for Daddy,” Bettina said, firmly.

“’Daddy’?” asked Stephanie.

“Um, sorry, that’s kind of Gramma Cartwright, there. She called her father ‘Daddy’,” explained Bettina. “I told you, she had a very fucked-up life.”

“Gramma Cartwright fu... slept with her own father?” asked Stephanie incredulously.

“She said she did, and now I remember her doing it, too, in detail. And Jimmy, your father, looks a lot like her Daddy did when... Um, yes. She spent a lot of time in therapy over it later.“

“Uh... wow!” said Stephanie. “So... you’ve been here a week, and I’ve been... uh, ‘distracted’ a lot during that time, too. It’s been getting more and more intense. I was planning on staying in my room pretending to be sick when I got home if I, uh, didn’t calm down.”

“’Distracted’?” asked Bettina with a grin.

Stephanie exploded. “Yes, Mom, ‘distracted’. Jilling off. Flicking my bean. Masturbating like a madwoman, okay? I’ve been horny as fuck, sexually frustrated, and I don’t have a boyfriend, or even a girlfriend, right now. No one to help, and I’ve needed it!”

“Girlfriend?” Bettina’s eyebrow rose. “...I’m sorry, Sweetie,” Bettina said, sounding very sincere. “I do understand. We understand. The sexual frustration.“

“Then suddenly I’m here and you two are... are... doing that, and it is not helping, okay!? And now you’re telling me weird sex shit about you and Dad, and Gramma, and what the fuck am I supposed to think?” Stephanie sobbed, breaking both my heart and her mother’s.

“We’ll turn around, look away,” said Bettina quietly.


“There is no privacy here, but we’ll do what we can,” said Bettina matter-of-factly. She turned around, facing away from Stephanie, then poked me so I would follow suit. I was feeling a bit bewildered, but did so.

“You... you expect me to... right here? Now?” Stephanie sounded shocked.

“If you are that desperate, yes,” said Bettina. “Look, it’s going to have to happen. Your Dad and I... well, we’re going to have to play again sometime soon, so you might as well. The pressure builds up, and the more you fight it, the worse it gets, and when it breaks you, it makes you a little crazier. Maybe a lot crazier. I’ve found myself doing things I never thought I would, acting in ways I never would have before. I’m trying to spare you at least some of that. God only knows how weird you could get if you do what we did. I wound up begging your Dad to fuck his mother so I could cum, okay? Just get it over with. Take care of it. We’ll pretend we’re not here.“

“You... what? Oh, fuck, Mom. Did Dad do it?”

“We’re still not sure it was real,” I said, defensively.

“You did, didn’t you? Your mother?”

Damn it, I was erect again. “Thanks, dear,” I said sarcastically.

“She needs to know. She needs to not wind up like me, willing to do damn near anything thinking it’s normal and right!” Bettina said. “I think I tried to hold out too long.”

“You did? I thought maybe this place just affected you more strongly?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I just can tell there’s a huge difference in me now, I’m... I’m not a good girl anymore!” Now Bettina was crying.

“Bettina, honey, shh... it’s okay, you will always be a good girl, my wonderful wife, and the love of my life!” I said, hugging her tightly.

“No, you don’t know what’s in my head, now! You’ll hate me! Bettina sobbed.

“Shh... no, of course I won’t. It will be okay. I love you,” I soothed, stroking her back and kissing her.

We heard Stephanie breathing harder, obviously building up to an orgasm. The sounds seemed loud and clear, unmistakable.

“Try not to think of Daddy,” said Bettina, loudly enough to carry.

“Goh!” Stephanie gave an involuntary gasp as suddenly there was no way to avoid thinking of me as she pleasured herself.

“Really? You just did that?” I asked. Bettina grinned lustfully and almost dove into my lap, sucking my cock deep into her throat in one smooth motion. She almost purred, then began humming. The wave of pleasure was deep and intense, the more so for being unexpected. Combined with the sounds Stephanie was making, the stimulation took me from 0 to 60 in moments. Within a stroke or two I was holding my wife’s head and guiding it as she clutched my ass from the front, kneading my buns like a kitten kneading a mother cat’s teat, claws and all.

I growled deep in my throat with need, need for... need for... no! I tried to resist realizing just exactly what it was that feeling of need was calling for. I just needed to cum, the feeling of my balls pulsing, of flow jumping from balls to cock to pussy to womb—no! Change that to down my wife’s amazing throat, into her stomach, just above her womb, the womb where—no, dammit! The fiendish bitch had put the idea into my head as well as my daughter’s, hadn’t she?

I felt her finger slide into my asshole and wiggle, touching off an eruption inside me. I spasmed, pulling her head down as far as it would go as my cock fired a blast of semen into Steph’s, no, Mom’s, no, dammit, Bettina’s warm, velvety pussy, no, throat. I heard her laughing in delight as I came.

Bettina paused, stilled, as my orgasm finished, and I fell back flat on the floor. As the oversensitivity faded, I looked up at her smiling in beatific satisfaction, and I realized she had just cum as well. I hadn’t done anything to help her along, hadn’t stimulated her, hadn’t touched anything of her except her head, and that in urgent demand, not love.

Her green-gold eyes were pulsing, the pupils widening and contracting with each beat of her heart as she looked at me where I lay. No, wait, she was looking at Stephanie, too, taking us both in as she smiled. It was then that she made a great show out of stroking herself, legs lewdly spread and running her middle two fingers in deep and then out to tease her button, then back in again and cupping a breast and pinching its nipple, the pleasure writ large on her face.

Stephanie was looking at her mom. She’d turned around and was mirroring her mother’s position and actions, and after a moment or two they were perfectly synchronized. I looked back and forth between them, knowing I should feel a lot more discomfort seeing my daughter like this.

“You made me think of Dad; you wanted me to, didn’t you?” asked Stephanie.

“Mmmm,” Bettina purred, “Mm-hmm!”

Stephabie gave a little gasp. “Doing that excited you, didnt it?” continued Stephanie.

“Mm-hmmm!” affirmed Bettina. “I got such a thrill knowing you were thinking of Daddy as you played with yourself and made yourself cum! It made me so happy! I’d be happier if you were over here riding Daddy’s cock, and getting shot full of his yummy cum!” She looked wistful for a moment, “I wanna lick you to orgasm after orgasm with your pussy full of Daddy’s cum!“

As Bettina said these things, Stephanie clenched and moaned with a thrill at each statement. She was shaking her head in denial, but did not stop stroking herself. I realized that Bettina had surrendered the fight, and that Stephanie was losing it. And me? I knew I was in deep trouble, and was losing my resolve along with each battle. I had only hope left that I wouldn’t lose the war.

I watched Stephanie’s face as she stiffened and quivered to a stop. She looked back at me as her face relaxed and she smiled, then abruptly realized she was on full display with alarm. I saw the mental shrug first in her face, and then she did shrug. “It’s not like you haven’t seen everything I’ve got at this point,” she said, “and if this stuff keeps happening you’ll see it again and again.”

I shrugged, myself, and smiled. No one here could pretend to modesty at this point. “I think we’ve lost your mother,” I said.

Bettina frowned at me.

“You seem to have gone all-in, or been swept away.”

“Oh. Yeah. I think you’re right. I can’t trust myself anymore. Everything is all sex almost all the time. My mind is full of it, and I don’t know what normal is anymore, and while I remember caring about it, I just can’t bring myself to actually care about it anymore. I think I’m just depraved, now, I mean really-enjoying-it depraved. Like, right now, I’m stopping myself from explaining in detail what depraved things I want to say and do and see...“

“Thank you, dear, I think we understand.”

“Too much, huh? Sorry.”

“I wish you could hug me,” said Stephanie. “I’m really feeling scared.”

“I wish I could, too, baby girl,” I said. I caught myself using the old endearment that she had outgrown years ago. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to belittle you!” It was what she had said when she asked me, told me, really, to stop calling her that.

“That’s okay, Dad,” she sighed. “It doesn’t really bother me anymore.”

I smiled. “Starting to appreciate the love rather than feel it makes you less than you are?”

“Uh, sure, I guess, kind of,” she said. “As long as you don’t want to diaper me! If you’re good, I might wear pigtails, though....” She clapped her hand to her mouth.

“Uh, no, no worries about that! I’ve dealt with enough diapers to last a lifetime,” I said, deliberately ignoring the last part of what she’d said. Pigtails? Oh. Ohhhh. Um.

“She’s flirting with you, Jimmy,” laughed Bettina.

“I caught that, yes, thanks,” I said. “I was trying to guide the conversation back to safer ground.”

“Oh. You normally miss things like that,” she replied.

“She doesn’t normally flirt with me. Well, not much, and certainly not seriously,” I explained. “It’s different here.”

Stephanie blushed prettily, and I could see exactly how far down the blush went. Eyes up, old man, I reprimanded myself.

Bettina got up and stretched, a lovely sight, then walked over to Stephanie and hugged her.

“How...? Is the... thing gone?” asked Stephanie.

“I don’t know. I just felt like it,” answered Bettina.

I got up and started toward the two. As I got three feet from them, I suddenly slid to the right. “No, it’s still there,” I said, “for me, anyway.”

Stephanie looked at me, then her mom, then back to me, and said, “They’re working against me, now, aren’t they?” Her mother was stroking her back and arms, her breasts pressed against Stephanie’s. “They’re using mom to break down my resistance. Why do they want us all having sex?”

“Because you can have the right babies,” Bettina sniled, “at least that’s what Gramma Cartwright believes.“

“Babies? I’m supposed to get pregnant? With Dad’s baby?” asked Stephanie, appalled.

“Oh, yes! You are going to love being pregnant, Sweetie! You will look so cute with a baby bump! And I bet you’ll have a fetish about it, so that you’ll enjoy everything about it! You are going to be so turned-on all the time!”

“But, but... I don’t want a baby, and definitely not Dad’s!” cried Stephanie, appalled.

“Oh, but you will!” said Bettina. She sighed, “I didn’t get to have a fetish, I just had Jimmy, and the two others that didn’t take.”

“What? I don’t understand,” said Stephanie.

“I think that was Gramma Cartwright,” I said to her in a low voice.

“And I just had you, Stephie. Not that you weren’t and aren’t a joy, but I think if I was excited about it all the time, I would have had more kids, and now everything wouldn’t depend on you and your father,” continued Bettina.

“What all depends on dad and I?” asked Stephanie.

“Well, according to Gramma Cartwright...” Bettina said, then told Stephanie what we’d been told and what ‘she’ remembered now. During all this, Stephanie sank to the ground and sat, looking back and forth between her mother and me. I nodded corroboration at appropriate points. By the time Bettina had finished, Stephanie’s jaw had made best friends with her toes, and her eyebrows had vanished beneath her hairline.

Stephanie looked around carefully again, and said, “This is the most fucked-up nightmare I’ve ever had. I mean, I’ve had sex dreams before, and I’ve had nightmares before, but this... it just can’t be real. Maybe I’m having some kind of breakdown or something. Maybe Liz slipped me some kind of super-powerful drugs of some kind in my drinks at Gaby’s or something....“

“Sweetie, I know it’s hard to accept, but...” started Bettina.

Stephanie exploded again. “Hard to accept!? Really? My strait-laced mother and my incredibly reserved father appear naked and doing sexual things that I couldn’t even imagine them doing yesterday, my mother wants me to fuck my father and have babies for him, and is somehow in communication with my dead grandmother, the one who was all about propriety and being a proper young lady, but who, it turns out, was a pure, shameless slut for her father and had my father as a result of this unholy lust, and my mother wants me to be exactly like that for my father? No, Mom, not ‘hard to accept’ at all! It’s impossible!” She paused, panting from her outburst. “What screws with me the most, what really scares the hell out of me, is that there’s a part of me that is turned on by all this! They’re going to lock me away in a rubber room in a straitjacket for the rest of my life! Maybe I already have been! Maybe I’m in some insane asylum somewhere and that’s why everything is so white!“

“Well, then,” said Bettina, scooting around behind Stephanie and snuggling up close behind her, one leg thrown to each side of her, “there’s no harm in exploring this incestuous fantasy, is there? You should be able to explain it accurately and well for the doctors when they come to psychoanalyze you.” She reached and cupped Stephanie’s breast with one hand, and slid another down to Stephanie’s sex.

Stephanie stiffened, made a “Mmmmm...” sound, but then carefully removed Bettina’s hands. “No, that is not what that means. And whether this is all happening in my mind or not, there are things that one simply shouldn’t do.” She turned her head and looked at her mother, “And I am not ready to embrace the madness, even if it feels good.“

Bettina made a pouty face, but then smiled and kissed her daughter on the forehead. “You can run, but you can’t hide. You’re just going to get hornier and hornier, and it won’t be long before you can’t make yourself cum. You’ll need help.”

Stephanie looked at me with worry in her eyes. I shrugged, and admitted, “That’s what happened to us. We seem to get marched step by step in the direction they want us to go, whoever ‘they’ are.”

“You really fucked your mother?” she asked, in a voice I hadn’t heard her use in ten years. Not since her puppy had died of parvovirus when she was eight. My heart lurched, remembering her heartbreak.

I nodded. “They got to me through your mom. She couldn’t cum until we did, and she was desperate. She was pleading and it broke my heart.” Excuses, excuses, I thought.

“What was it like? With your mother, I mean.”

“Oh, Steph,” I sighed. “It was...” I struggled for a moment or two, then admitted, “...perfect.” I then elaborated, “Absolutely wrong, but... yes, perfect. I’m sure that feeling couldn’t be real, I mean the way I would really feel in the real world, but...”

“Would you want to do it again with her if she were still here?”

Oh, yes. The memory was amazingly clear. My cock stiffened immediately with it, with the memory of the pleasure, the perfection of it, the warm, perfectly matched feeling of a key in its lock or a hand in a perfectly-made glove, of joy, and of freedom. Freedom?

“Never mind,” said Stephamie “I see.”

I hung my head, and she turned hers away. The look on her face as she did was not one of disgust, as my poor ego had dreaded, but worry. Yeah, I thought, it looks like there are two down, not just one, even if one of those two was still struggling.

I got up and wandered away a few yards to sit down again, facing away from the two of them. Bettina had her arms wrapped around Stephanie in a hug, and was gently rocking with her from side to side in that hug, her chin on Stephanie’s shoulder. It seemed surprisingly innocent and comforting, given Bettina’s new obsessions. The tender, motherly love on Bettina’s face was deeply touching. I had no doubt it was also true—I know that Bettina would throw herself between a madman with a knife or a ravenous lion and her daughter without a second’s thought. But I also expected Bettina’s hands to wander inappropriately at any moment.

I felt weary. Deeply, deeply weary. I had been stretched so far beyond what I could accept about myself in the last... however long it had been, hours, days, weeks. It was starting to feel like eternity. Nothing changed here, except us. The light and temperature never varied, and somehow, even after having sex and making a real mess, we didn’t get sticky or smelly, and even our hair didn’t wilt or get oily. There was no way to build or destroy anything around us—no way to even make a mark in the environment that would show a change had happened. It was confusing and frustrating, and believe it or not, boring. The only changes were those inside us and between us.

It also seemed bitterly unfair. That was probably childish, I know—my entire life had been handed to me on a silver platter, and while I had been able to build a fortune, a business empire, really, I had started out with so very much to work with, and could have afforded to make disastrous business decisions without depleting the family’s fortunes overmuch. Was it really so surprising to finally find the string attached? Granted, it was not so much a string, it was more like a steel cable that could be used to hold up a suspension bridge.

I sat cross-legged, closed my eyes, and tried to just stop thinking. I’ve never been a person who meditates, never taken yoga or any of the contemplative arts. I just relaxed my body as much as I could without falling over, and let my mind drift. Every time I found myself thinking about something, I just let it go, reminding myself I was trying to be quiet.

It took a long time, I think, but I found myself in a quiet place in my mind. I began to be aware of how often sexual thoughts were popping into my mind, and discovered it to be the most frequent thing I had to stop myself thinking about. There were images that brought with them a feeling of sexual pleasure and desire, and those images were always of my mother or my daughter. Occasionally, memories of sexual feelings were mixed in, like my mother stroking me off, Bettina playing her game to make Steph think of me as she masturbated, and, most treacherous and powerful, the feeling of the amazing fit and perfection when I thrust my cock into my mother’s pussy.

I also became aware of an almost-vibration in the air, or maybe just everywhere, that seemed to stimulate my sex drive. It felt like my body was being driven to feel sexual.

So it is manipulation! I thought. This is being done to us, it isn’t natural. The realization gave me a feeling of relief—I wasn’t really an incestuous pervert who just wanted to fuck my mother and daughter! Was I? On the other hand, all of this together was like water-torture. The regular pulse of each sex thought/feeling left one expecting the next, waiting for it, fearing that each drop was taking away a tiny bit of resistance, and magnifying the feelings because of that. Each dripped drop also didn’t go away, it continued to weigh on the mind, which was already incredibly distracted by the body’s building and burning need for sex. Eventually, the resistance would have to break.

There didn’t seem to be a way out of this place, but then I realized I hadn’t really tried to escape since the weird circular cell walls had dropped or dissipated from around me. I didn’t want to leave Stephanie and Bettina trapped like they were, but maybe if I could find a way out, I could get them out, too. Was there an “outside” to a place that seemed to be not-real, where we never needed to eat or drink or take a shower or even pee? I could at least try to find out.

I opened my eyes and stood, turning to look at Bettina and Stephanie. They were much like they had been, mother surrounding her daughter in a hug from behind. “I’m going to look around,” I told them. Stephanie looked hopeful at that, but Bettina just looked happy to be where she was.

I set off in the direction I had been facing, away from the two of them, and walked carefully for several minutes. As I walked, I found Marguerite on my mind, and wondered if she were looking for us. I had always thought of Marguerite as a kind of Aunt, in a way. She had taken care of my mother and me, and then Bettina, and Stephanie, for as long as I could remember.

I thought, what if, when I was a teenager, Marguerite had stroked my cock like my mother had? She could have caught me jerking off one day and... Damn! Now Marguerite? Would she show up here naked and lustful? Stop. Let the thought go. It’s the outside influence, right? Maybe. I had thought Marguerite attractive back then, and would have... Stop. Let it go.

I looked back in the direction I had come from, and saw that I had gone maybe thirty feet, much less distance than I would have expected. I turned again and walked ahead, every so often reminding myself to stop thinking of something and to let it go.

I walked for what felt like hours, and finally felt tired, though I still felt no thirst or hunger, at least not for food. I turned again and looked back, and saw that I could just make out the two of them, still sitting, I supposed. It didn’t look like they had moved much, or changed positions, as they were basically a little flesh-colored triangle in the middle of an endless expanse of white.

I sat and rested, looking down at my erect cock. It had been bouncing along with every step since I’d left the others. Interestingly, I wasn’t feeling the need to jerk off, or to try to do so, anyway. I had been hitting the brakes on my sexual thoughts pretty often, detaching from them with more and more success and speed. The body was still excited, but the mind was less driven.

I lay down and closed my eyes, wondering if I could sleep.

* * *

I woke feeling a very warm, very wet pussy slide down my cock, and I opened my eyes to discover a naked Carmen atop me. I reached to the side to find Bettina lying on her side, drawing her hand back, one leg arched wide, watching, grinning, and playing with herself. She had held my cock so Carmen could slip it inside. She redirected her hand and began playing lightly with Carmen’s clit. I looked back up to Carmen’s serious, intent face above her perky C-cup breasts. She was watching my face for any signs of approval, pleasure, or their opposites.

She must have seen that I was enjoying it, because she smiled and began riding my cock in exquisite, slow strokes. Her musk was intoxicating, talking dirty to the back of my brain while luring me to get a better, deeper sniff and tempting me to see if she tasted as good as she smelled, like an amazing hot spiced fruit pie topped with sex cream.

My hands found her rounded hips and set the pace I wanted. She beamed like I had given her the best compliment in the world, and ran her hands over my chest. Taking that as a hint, I brought my hands up to cup her lovely tits with their hard light brownish pink nipples, then lightly pinched those stiff nipples, and she happily wriggled amazingly.

Her pussy was so warm and wet, and so talented! It wasn’t just sliding, it was working my cock in a complex pattern of muscle ripples and squeezes. After just a few moments, I could feel my balls tighten, preparing to spend their load, but apparently, so did Carmen, because she changed the pattern and the urge faded a bit, but did not go away. My cock had swollen in preparation, but denied its release could only enjoy the artistry of the sensations she gave it. She had skills that were beyond good, beyond great—this young woman could have won the gold in Olympic gymnastic events if they had a specialization in sexual pleasure. She knew exactly what she was doing and was a master at it.

Her glossy raven hair bounced, as did her cute tits, and her eyes were so black it was difficult to tell pupil from iris. Her teeth were white and perfect when she flashed her pleased smiles, and her pale but slightly dusky skin glowed with perspiration. I pinched her nipples lightly again and she gasped in pleasure, but didn’t miss a stroke.

Bettina, grinning devilishly, scooted a bit and said in a low voice. “Picture her with auburn hair and blue eyes...”

With those words and the image they invoked, I fell off the cliff of my orgasm, and Carmen caught the change immediately and moved with me, taking me so very deeply within her that I felt a slight ringlike pressure against the tip of my cock. That had to be the opening in her cervix, which seemed to embrace me as I erupted in the most powerful orgasm I’d had in many years, maybe ever. I thrust hard with each eruption, and knew I was cumming directly into her womb, her cervix holding my cock head in place the whole time.

“Oh, fuck, Bettina! Fucking bitch! Jesus, why did you say that? Why did you notice it? Oh, God!” I forced out through gritted teeth once the orgasm finally began to ease.

I hadn’t seen it until she said it, but Carmen’s face somewhat resembled my daughter’s. Not identical, of course, but with hair bleached and dyed and with blue contact lenses, it would be eerie, and make me look twice to be sure who I was talking to. It was probably a mercy I had no idea how close the resemblance might be below the neck.

Bettina had just gotten off pointing out the family resemblance. And so had I, when I saw it.

Carmen reacted to my words as though I would hit her, shrinking down and cowering as though she had done something terrible and I was going to punish her for it, maybe beat her or worse. I reached out and said “Sshh. It’s okay, I’m not angry with you! You are amazing, so very good at that! No, I’m not upset with you at all! Carmen, it’s okay! Shhh! Okay?”

She peered up, hope plain in her face. I nodded, smiled, and spread my arms and she fell into them for a hug. My cock was still buried deep inside her. Damn, she was flexible! And it still felt wonderful. She snuggled delightfully.

Keeping my voice light, I asked Bettina, “So how did this happen? How did I come to be awakened by this lovely and charming young lady while you watched?”

“Actually, she woke me up first. She has an amazing tongue, Jimmy!” said Bettina. She started my engines and had me shaking before I even woke up fully. You were out cold. I thought, since she’d done that for me, it was only fair when she went to take care of your morning wood that I not spoil the surprise!“

“Well, it was definitely a surprise!” I said, still keeping my tone light. “I think we should talk to Marguerite and see if we can’t prevent such surprises in the future. I really don’t want to hurt her feelings, though. Did you see how she reacted? I want her to feel, and to really be, safe and happy here. I don’t want her to be some sex slave, which is what she seems trained to be.”

Carmen pulled up her head and looked down at me. She carefully said, “You do not want me? I can do anything you’d like, look any way you’d like!” She looked down from my eyes. “Mama is still asleep. I made her cum many times last night, and I tired her out.” She sighed “I’m sorry if I did wrong. I wanted to make you happy, and I am glad I am here.”

“Carmen, most maids don’t have sex with their employers, here. It is not that I we don’t want you or that we want to get rid of you! It’s just that doing this is not considered... ‘proper’ here.” I put a hand to her beautiful face and cupped it gently. She snuggled her face against my palm. “You... are very good at that. It was just... unexpected.” This was an incredibly strange conversation to have, I thought. “Can you tell me—are you just doing what Nightingale, uh, your father, asked you to do?”

I heard a bustle in the hall, and looked up to see Marguerite enter the room and smile when she saw her daughter atop me, a smile she seemed to try to wrestle off of her face with very limited success.

Carmen hadn’t even blinked when her mother came in. She was answering my question. “It is what I am supposed to do, Mr. Cartwright, is it not? It is what I was taught. Am I doing wrong?“

“Ah. Not exactly. We’ll just have to get you used to living here.”

“I am sorry, Mr. Jimmy! I... overslept,” said Marguerite. “Did she do well? Did she please you both?”

“It was an amazing sexual experience, Marguerite, but you know what life here is supposed to be like. I’m hoping you can teach Carmen what is appropriate.“

Marguerite looked down and then sat on the edge of the bed. “Mr. Jimmy, many things are changing here. There is a great deal of pressure on you and Ms. Bettina, and I expect, Miss Stephanie, too. They, my father and others, want certain women to bear children fathered by you. Carmen and I are two of those women because we have the right... stock genetico. The other person is Miss Stephanie. I know you resist this, and we all fear for her and for you. Terrible things happened to your grandfather’s mind when he resisted. We, Carmen and I, can help keep you from becoming like your grandfather, ease the pressure, help you with the change. I know you want to be good, do right for everyone. Let us help you.“

“I’m in favor,” said Bettina, turning to look at me. “I don’t know what is happening to me, but I know I am not acting like I should, not thinking like I should, like I used to. This may keep you and Stephanie from... you know. And if Carmen or Marguerite gets pregnant, maybe the pressure will be off, maybe they’ll be satisfied.“

A point, I supposed, but how would that affect us? “And you don’t feel like I’m being unfaithful, or that I’m pressuring... forcing them...” I waved to Carmen and her mother and waved around vaguely.

“Jimmy, I don’t think being faithful is a question anymore, certainly not for me. It excites me to watch you have sex with Carmen. I’m sure it would to watch you with Marguerite. I am pretty sure I’m going to be participating, so no, I don’t have a problem with it. And these ladies want this, right Marguerite?“

Marguerite blushed and looked down awkwardly, then nodded sincerely.

“Yes. I, too, was trained long ago, and I would greatly love that. I am... I have milk, as you saw last night. It... makes the penis and clit and nipples hard in those who drink it, makes you excited, wanting to have sex very much, makes...” she waved at my testicles and then her pussy, ”mucho jugo de coño, mucho la lefa, um, makes a lot of sex juices. Carmen has a tongue that is very long and skilled. We were both trained in sex, are very good at it, though I am... ‘rusty’? It is very pleasurable for us, but more than just the pleasure, it makes us feel... complete, whole, right. Do you see?“

I did. Then a thought occurred to me. “Have you been adding your breast milk to the food you make for us?”

Marguerite looked shocked, then considered. “No, but I can if you wish, Mr. Jimmy. It will make for many orgies.”

“No, thank you, no, Marguerite! I was just wondering if that’s why Bettina and I have been so frisky lately.”

“Ah, no, Mr. Jimmy, that is not my doing. I think that is my father’s doing,” said Marguerite.

I looked to Bettina, who was, dammit, still rubbing her pussy with a faraway look on her face. “Mmm! Ice cream...” she said to herself. Oh, shit. Oops. I’d given her ideas. I saw her exchange looks with Carmen, and saw Bettina lick her lips, while Carmen’s tongue flicked out and licked her own eyebrow, then she grinned suggestively and challengingly at Bettina, who laughed. Holy fuck she had a long tongue!

Carmen snuggled down on my chest again, and smiled at me. I smiled back. It was surprising how comfortable and natural it felt for her to be there like that. I looked at Marguerite, feeling like we should both be very uncomfortable with her mother sitting next to us as we lay there still connected, but Marguerite smiled with pride at her daughter and me.

It finally struck me that Marguerite had just offered herself and her daughter as sexual surrogates, to have my babies, for my daughter, and I was laying here considering it, and my wife was in favor of it. The whole situation defied so many norms it felt surreal.

It was surreal. There were two naked women in my bed, and only one of them should actually be there. The mother of the one I had my cock in should be yelling at me, as should the one to whom I was married. Why on earth did this feel natural? It shouldn’t feel that way, not at all!

Bettina said “Marguerite, what are you doing with clothes on? Everyone else is naked! Maybe you can get Jimmy to fill you up, too! Carmen can come over here and we’ll see if we can’t provide some inspiration!”

Marguerite stood, undid something, and stepped out of her uniform, and suddenly she was wearing nothing at all but shoes and a smile. Marguerite was a curvy but somewhat petite woman with heavy D cup breasts and a very firm, well-shaped ass. Her nipples were darker brown than her daughter’s but with the same fine, trimmed black pubes, and her skin was a bit duskier. She resembled... oh, God, she resembled my mother to about the same degree that Carmen resembled my daughter!

Of course there’d be a family resemblance. My mind had carefully danced away from knowing we were related. Now that the fact had registered, however, I was shocked at the surge of passion and need that responded to it. That I’d always thought of Marguerite as a sort of aunt didn’t seem as much of a harmless affectation, now, although the actual blood ties had to be much farther removed.

Carmen had dismounted me like a graceful gymnast and reached for Bettina, who had drawn her in for some very intense kisses. Marguerite was on top of me and guiding my rehardened cock into a lovely, snug, and very wet pussy. She leaned over and guided a nipple to my mouth, and I tickled it with my tongue as I considered what she had said about the effects of her milk. Her nipples had already been hard, now it felt harder and yet more alive somehow against my lips, and I tasted the first drops of milk that came from it. They were sweet, and unlike what one normally thinks of as the taste and texture of ‘milk’, but still unmistakable as milk. I began to suckle.

We began to move together in a nice leisurely fuck. Marguerite did not appear to have the vaginal muscular control that her daughter did, but she was padded just right, soft in all the right places, especially important at the moment because of the somewhat awkward position she had to be in to keep her nipple in my mouth as we moved. When the flow of milk stopped, she straightened out of her crouch and leaned back, putting her tits on proud display. They were worthy of admiration, and I reached up to do so with my hands and a smile.

I heard Bettina and Carmen making the most interesting sex sounds, “mmm”’s and coos and little throaty sounds mixed with squishing sex sound as one or the other found a good spot or did something the other liked. I felt them watching Marguerite and I every so often.

It took about five minutes, but I began to feel the effects Marguerite had claimed for her breast milk. My cock somehow got harder and it felt even more pleasurable to use it. The little discomforts of using a body my age to engage in prolonged activity of any kind faded away, and pleasure was all that was left. As this intensified, I felt like a sail belling with a warm wonderful wind, a feeling like I could fuck all day and still have the energy for more, and I felt incredibly good doing it—my world narrowed to pleasure, both what I felt from what we were doing, and a desire and need to make my partner feel that, too.

We continued for a long time, though there was absolutely no concern for time. It was all just seemingly endless rocking motion and pleasure, like boats on the ocean with every rising and falling wave a sensuous scratch of a pleasurable itch that called for another scratch the moment one was over.

God, she was a beautiful woman! Her smile, so kind and sexy and filled with love, lit her face from within, and made me gaze back at her with adoration.

I felt the beginnings of my orgasm long before it arrived, and dipped my head to let Marguerite know, and she changed position slightly and, I have no idea how she managed it, but I felt her take my cock even deeper inside herself while grinding her clit against my pelvic bone with each stroke.

She reached her climax first, and I felt her pussy muscles ripple and grip me, and between that and the look on her face as she came it touched off my own orgasm. It was a long, long orgasm as I sent streams of cum deep into her womb. The world was warm light, and pleasure, and Marguerite’s beauty. I heard Carmen and Bettina in their own climaxes somewhere nearby, and that was nice, but it was nothing compared to the magic that Marguerite was making happen with my cock.

My orgasm finally tailed off slowly, burst after burst of pleasure happening as each convulsion in my balls sent another pulse of my seed into her depths. So much cum had been pumped out that it was flowing back out of her in copious amounts, making the entire area around the point at which our bodies joined an incredibly wet slick mess, and soaking the bed beneath us. I was filled with pleasure as my final thrust relaxed, and everything but my cock relaxed. I felt like I was melting into the bed, and the only thing that was real was where Marguerite’s body and mine touched. Her loving smile at me was incandescent and I basked in her regard, beaming back at her like a sunflower smiling at the sun.

My body continued to relax, and my cock finally began to soften, but under protest against the necessity and with promises to return as soon as possible. Marguerite lay down upon me much like her daughter had and kissed me, her breath redolent of spices and vanilla. “I have wanted this for so long,” she said, “wanted you inside me, filling me, giving me a child to bear for you! So many years! Please, please let me do this with you again and again! It is what I was made and trained to do! I know we shouldn’t, but no one outside the family needs to know! Oh, I am so very happy right now!”

Her words floated by me, and I was happy that she was happy. I wanted her to be happy. I loved her.

Loved her.

Something somewhere niggled at the thought. Of course I loved Aunt Marguerite... uh, Marguerite. An amazing woman who had cared for me all my life, and now I’d made her happy in the most pleasurable and exciting way. I was all for doing this again and again if it felt this good and made her so happy, as she made me so happy. There was a wonderful warmth in my belly and in my heart.

My hand found its way up to caress her graying hair that had fallen from its normal tight and confined bun. I saw Bettina’s and Carmen’s faces appear in my field of vision, happy relaxed smiles lighting them with delight. Bettina said, “Oh, yes! Jimmy, we want more of this! Every day! Don’t you want it, too?”

It sounded like a wonderful idea to me. I nodded, too relaxed to do more. The most of me was still in my cock, surrounded by the warm tiny movements of Aunt Marguerite’s pussy, such good warm pleasure... that niggling thought, whatever it was, was really annoying. I decided to ignore it. It was too much work to worry about whatever it might be. ‘Aunt Marguerite’—that was too much work, too. ‘Aunt Margie,’ that was better. It felt a good and exciting thing to call her. It felt right.

Carmen was moving down to lick at the puddle where her mother and I were connected. Oh, that was nice! Her long tongue felt so good, and made her mother’s pussy react so nicely!

“Ob, that is so good, Carmen my love! I haven’t had someone do that to me since Ms. Jessica died. I have missed it so!”

Aunt Margie and Mom were lovers? That was hot, I thought. Aunt Margie looked a lot like Mom, but younger and with a different color pallette. Their two bodies moving together would have been a wonderfully exciting thing to see. An erotic picture by a skilled artist. I wished I could have seen that, maybe joined in, feeling so good with two of the women I loved the most, Mommy and Aunt Margie....

“He’s getting hard again,” said Aunt Margie.

“Can I go again, Mama?” asked Carmen. “Ms. Bettina?”

“Just ‘Bettina’, dear.” Bettina said, then turned to me. “Wouldn’t you like to fuck Carmen again, Jimmy? She is so beautiful like our daughter, and she can make you feel so good!”

Fuck... daughter... good.... Her words seemed to roll in like waves. My cock was hard and warm wonderful pleasure itches filled it. My balls were doing something really nice, too. I was so relaxed and heavy, I could barely nod my smiling head. There was movement around me and the warm heaven withdrew but was replaced with another, with a different shape and texture and muscles that moved differently. I felt a nipple at my lips and I suckled, but was disappointed when no milk filled my mouth. It was Bettina’s breast. I loved Bettina so very much! Would she let me fill her with a baby again? That would be good!

“Baby, I want you to cum in Carmen, again. I think I licked all your cum out of her pussy, so you need to fill it back up,” said Bettina somewhere near my ear. “Ooh, Marguerite, just go deep, not on my clit! Too sensitive right now! Good, oh, that’s good!”

I smelled women, the scent of women, musky and feminine and exciting. It should smell like this all the time, I thought. All the women I loved... wait, one missing, one I loved most... why wasn’t Steph here? Oh, yeah. Not home yet. But Carmen looked like Steph, if you used your imagination a little, so that was nice. Besides, I couldn’t actually see the woman riding my cock, my vision was full of Bettina’s titles and neck.

Steph, no, Carmen was moving on me wonderfully. Bettina was telling me about Steph’s young body and beautiful face and blue, blue eyes, so it was easier and easier to imagine Steph was here. I loved Steph so much, and she loved me, her Daddy, and that made me happy and excited. These ideas floated around in my head, finding places to live.

My body was doing things that seemed to cause happy noises around me, but I was my cock and my balls, proudly thrusting into my daughter’s hot pussy. I would fill her womb with my cum, and my babies, and she would be happy and so would I, and it would all feel so very, very good. It felt so wonderful now! The itches were bursts of pleasure and with each stroke, each scratch, more and more pleasure was released to hover in a cloud of ecstacy.

Ecstacy—to stand outside oneself. Was I? I wasn’t standing, and my self was wreathed in blissful delight, elation, intoxicating euphoria. It was all there was that was worth paying attention to, and other words and thoughts were only important when they increased those wonderful feelings, made them grow like a pregnant woman’s belly, swelling and sexy and right and sacred, full of life.

I drifted in this heavenly haze, and more words floated through in Bettina and Aunt Margie’s voices.

Steph would come home later and Aunt Margie would give her ice cream for dessert, double Dutch chocolate, her favorite flavor, and Carmen would take her up to her bedroom, seduce her, and make sure she spent the night dreaming of sex. Aunt Margie would fill her dreams with being filled by Daddy’s cock and seed, and how exciting and good it would be to have Daddy’s babies, just like Mommy and Aunt Margie and Carmen.

It may not have been important, but it was exciting, and my cock throbbed with need, but cumming was still out of reach. I couldn’t reach for a cum, I was too relaxed and heavy; it would have to come on its own. My cum would come and I would make babies in the women I loved. Pregnant women were so sexy! Boobies and bellies and smiles and soft hair, and so much fun and pleasure to make them cum again and again!

Yes, of course, but wasn’t there something....

More visions and ideas floated in and danced... Feeling my hard cock being stroked so well by a willing warm wet pussy so that its womb could be filled again and again until it began to swell, breasts filled with milk, and my babies could be held and rocked and loved by their proud Mommies and Daddy... what could be better?

Cumming. Cumming would be better right now. Cumming is Steph’s pussy would feel so good, make her feel so good, such a good, proud mommy she’ll be!

Steph? Was I fucking Steph? Wait....

Steph was so sexy, wasn’t she?

Was she? I hadn’t thought... well, yes, but....

Amazing body, beautiful face, and she loved her Daddy. Daddies should love their little girls and make them happy, give them what they wanted.

But... but? But...

Such a cute butt she had, tight and fine! Her tits would fill my hands, delight my lips, and when they filled with milk they would bounce and squirt as we fucked, her milk dripping down on me as she rode me, her hot wet pussy calling my seed to fill her belly with another baby.

Cum was coming, on its way. I could feel it like a rocket slowly lifting off, a firehose prepared to unleash its torrent into a blazing fire, taking me with it.

Imagine filling Steph’s womb with my seed as I cum, her crying out for me to fuck her and make her a Mommy, the happiness and joy on her face as I filled her womb.

I came, and Stephanie cried out in pleasure, her face grimacing in passion and pleasure as she came as well. The tip of my cock was embraced and held as I blasted life and seed into her womb. My body jerked and spasmed as I came, my eyes wide and unseeing, my hands full of female flesh, the nipple slipping from my lips as the world spun. The relaxation that flowed into me as my orgasm subsided brought warm darkness with it, and it took me with it as it drained from my body into the bed.

* * *

“He’s out like a light,” came Bettina’s voice. “You fucked him unconscious! I’m impressed!“

“He will sleep a long time. He came two times with the milk. He will sleep maybe eight hours. We should have enough time for Miss Stephanie to come home and get her to eat dinner, and then her ice cream.” came Aunt Margie’s... er, Aunt Marguerite’s voice.

“You pumped last night?” asked Bettina’s voice.

“Carmen milked me last night. It was a fun sex game we will play again,” Marguerite’s voice corrected, laughing, then she said, “Moo!” More laughter. “You might enjoy it when you are pregnant and your milk comes in, maybe with Mr. Jimmy as the farmer... or the bull!” More laughter.

Bettina’s voice came again. “Once they go upstairs, Carmen should go seduce Stephanie like I said. I will listen outside the door. When she cums I will go join in and when she cums again and is suggestible, we will tell her how much she needs to fuck and have babies for her father. Oh, God, this makes me so hot! Fucking mind control! Mmmmm!“

“When she wakes in the morning, she will be very horny. When you and Mr. Jimmy come down I will make the hot cereal with fruit and my milk. They will leave a trail from the kitchen table to the bedroom,” Marguerite theatrically, and jovially with a side of lewdly, announced.

More laughter and tittering, fading as a door closed, then quiet.

* * *

I woke to the feeling of my cock being slid into a warm, wet pussy. I didn’t open my eyes for a couple of moments, though I had gone wide awake with recognizing the sensation. I heard a feminine sigh, a voice that seemed vaguely familiar, but was not any of the three women I’d seen since arriving here.

I opened my eyes to see a lovely young woman astride me. She smiled, and began moving rhythmically atop me. It felt too real to be a dream.

“Who are you?” demanded Stephanie’s voice nearby. How was she there? Wasn’t I farther away from them? Had she moved, or I?

“Marguerite, do you know the woman on top of my husband?” asked Bettina, surprisingly mildly, and mostly curious.

I looked over to see Marguerite, naked like the rest of us, looking around. She said something in Spanish that was probably a curse of some kind. At least, that’s what it sounded like.

“Ms. Bettina, Miss Stephanie, Mr. Jimmy! Ah. This is my daughter, Carmen,” replied Marguerite.

“You... seem to recognize where we are? This place?” asked Bettina.

Carmen began humping me with great skill. The young woman had a very talented sex, and knew how to use it very well. Personally, I was beyond horny, and was finding it difficult to find the will to stop her, at least before I came. I really needed to cum. The conversation was interesting though.

“Yes. I do. We are trapped,” Marguerite answered. “My father makes places like this for his children. It is where he trains us.”

“Marguerite, why is your daughter having sex with my father?” asked Stephanie in an odd voice.

“It is what she is supposed to do, has been trained to do. She will have his babies, like the rest of us.”

“Wha...? Oh, no! You, too?” Stephanie asked in a choked voice.

“It is about breeding and genetics,” said Marguerite, pronouncing the last word with an ‘h’ sound instead of the ‘j’ sound of a j or soft g. “And having a ‘proper heir’ to keep the world’s apart.” She made the double quotes sign with her fingers when she said ‘proper heir’ with a note of mockery in her voice. “So everyone will not go mad when they see the Old Ones everywhere.” She made a face. “Bleah.”

“Why are we here?” asked Bettina.

“Oh. You are here for more halfsies, like Miss Stephanie. Miss Stephanie, because she can most likely produce a ‘proper heir.’ Me and my daughter, because we can possibly produce a ‘proper heir,’ but more likely more halfsies. The more halfsies, the more likely one will produce a ‘proper heir.’ Not here, no, but in the real world, where our bodies and the rest of us are. Here, we are the strings that make our bodies and selves, his puppets, dance to his tune in the real world.”

“So all this has been...?” pressed Bettina.

“Training. Conditioning. To turn us into breeders. There is no way out. We will be trained into lust-filled baby-making machines to make sure his tree survives.”

“His tree?”

“It is what he calls it. Mr. Jimmy and Miss Stephanie’s family tree. ‘The keystone in the gate that guards between the Old Ones and the delicate human world.’ People who see the Old Ones go completely mad. Completely. They have even been known to eat parts of themselves, while still alive, still attached. The more ‘proper heirs’ there are, the thicker the wall or gate or whatever. There is only one, now, and so father is under a great deal of pressure to make sure there are more. More and more people are going mentally unstable in recent times, and that is why. Spread your legs, Ms. Bettina, and I will rub your pussy.”

“What!?” asked Bettina and Stephanie simultaneously in shocked voices.

“You need it, and it is what we will be forced to do in the end, but that way we lose more of ourselves in the fight not to. If you... what is the saying? ‘Go with the flow.’ If you go with the flow, you lose less. If we fight too hard, all that will be left are things that can only fuck, nothing else. No thoughts other than sex, nothing left that you would recognize.“

“Jessica said some things like that...” said Bettina, parting her legs and letting Marguerite reach between them to start stroking as Stephanie watched, goggle-eyed. “That’s what Daddy was talking about! And that’s why... you and I?”

Marguerite said “Hmmm?” as she slipped a fingertip in and out of Bettina’s wetness, then ran her thumb across up and down Bettina’s erect clit.

“Sorry. You and Jessica had a very long sexual relationship. Is all this why?”

“Oh. No, we could not have a baby together. It was for Mr. Jimmy’s father, and then would have been for Mr. Jimmy when he was old enough. Ms. Jessica and I, that was for pleasure and comfort and love. Only Mr. Jimmy’s father’s mind was broken. Ms. Jessica and I both have... had... high sex drives. We comforted each other when Mr. Jimmy’s father died. His father and grandfather.”

“Yes, we know. She told us about that,” said Bettina, then gasped, moaned and trilled as Marguerite worked her fingers.

Carmen had been slowly moving atop me, but was obviously more interested in the conversation that was happening than the sex. So was I, not that the sex wasn’t nice! I glanced to see that Stephanie was listening as well, but also had fingers inside herself as she watched her mother be diddled by Marguerite.

“Before he died, we both were his lovers, often at the same time. Carmen was one of his, though I had to give her to my father when she was born. He gave her that tongue, like he gave me my milky titties.”

Which meant I had my cock inside my half-sister! Oh, fuck! A feeling flew through me and almost before I realized it I had rolled Carmen over on her back and was thrusting into her passionately. She smiled and pulled me in harder, clawing my back with need. Was she getting off on it, too? Yes, definitely. She extended her tongue and I felt it pass my lips and wrestle with my own. The rest of her face was in front of mine, and our noses were separated by an inch or so. Amazing tongue! She was thrusting her body back to mine in each stroke with passion, her legs locked at the ankles behind my back. If she wasn’t stimulated by what her mother had said, she was very much into what we were doing! At this point, I wasn’t able to focus on anything the others were saying.

We came and came in a long extended orgasm, or maybe it was multiple orgasms for Carmen—it was kind of hard to tell. As I came down from it, I heard both Stephanie and Bettina crying out in their own releases.

“Yes, baby, cum for mama,” I heard Marguerite say to Bettina as she came, and heard Bettina growl with lust to cry out again. I felt Carmen’s pussy muscles roll and flex around my twitching cock, saw her smile up at me.

“That... was an interesting way to meet a new family member,” I said, and she pulled me down into a kiss that was incredible. Afterwards, and after a few caresses, I pulled out, leaned back and sat up. Apparently, we’d sated the immediate need and had a little time before it returned.

“So, this is all about breeding,” I said to Marguerite, “and incest is the all-important part of that? And the man you call your father is the ringmaster of this show? But in reality, my father is Carmen’s biological father?”

“And mine, but with his mother as my mother, and years before,” answered Marguerite, nodding. “It’s an old family tradition. Your father, and then your mother tried to stop it. It caused my father to visit twice after several hundred years of not needing correction. The first time... damaged your father’s mind.”

“No wonder Mom needed a therapist!” I exclaimed.

“And I,” agreed Marguerite. “She took me with her. I think the therapist thought we were both very damaged. We had to learn how to behave correctly with others. But we were each all the other had besides you. We have always been so proud of you! So brilliant in school, Mr. Summa cum laude! Our hero!”

“So this is all about getting me and Stephanie to have sex?”

“Well, not exactly. It’s about all of us having a lot of sex with you to have babies. While enjoying it may not exactly be required, my father has arranged for it to happen to make sure it will happen a lot. That’s really why we’re here, and you may have noticed there really isn’t much else to do.”

“I had noticed, yes,” I said.

“There is that, and then there is something here that urges us to do it biologically and mentally, and urges us to lose inhibitions. It’s constantly pushing, always. It puts thoughts in our heads and makes them seem like very good ideas. Have you noticed this as well?”

“Yes, we have. It is very hard to ignore,” I agreed.

Marguerite nodded. “It is like a steadily increasing wind, pushing, with nowhere to shelter from it. You can fight it for a while, but eventually you are blown where the wind wills. If you exhaust yourself against it, you have nothing with which to control your responses to it. If you let the wind take you and blow you before it, you can direct how it blows you in small ways, and parts of you are not blown away in the fight. Carmen and I have learned this the hard way.”

Stephanie chimed in, “You have been here before? Then there is an end to this?”

“We have watched other parts of ourselves inside another of these, with my father. He enjoyed watching us see how we broke down in here, and for us to feel how that changed us on the outside. It is how he trained us to be as we are, and have been. The part of us that is here affects the whole. But the parts of us who are here will never leave. There is another part of me still inside another of these places, and the same for Carmen. I think it may be that the two other parts of us may be in the same one of these places, now, but I do not know.”

Stephanie was looking at me, then to Marguerite and Carmen, then Bettina, then back to me. All of us were doing something to sexually stimulate someone else. We could talk, and think, even as we did. “What about Gramma Cartwright?” asked Stephanie.

“Ah. That I do not know,” she said, then a new note suffused her voice, and tears came to her eyes. “I miss her so very much, and I am so sorry she is not here now,” said Marguerite, sadly.

“She kind of is, cara mia,” said Bettina. “I have her memories, and her voice, in my head.“

Marguerite turned with a look of raw grief mixed with hope on her face, and I felt a need to look away, to give them what privacy I could. I put my arms around Carmen and Stephanie, and we stood and began walking slowly away together as what, if it could be filmed, would make for a powerful reunion scene in a romantic movie played out behind us. Well, it couldn’t be rated R or below, as it would be sort of a Wuthering Heights crossed with a lesbian porn movie but with good dramatic actresses and much less distance to run.

When we were far enough away to not feel like intruders in a private moment, Carmen asked of Stephanie and me, “Why do you not want to have sex? I do not understand.” She had a cute lisp caused by her long tongue. Every sibilant ‘s’ sound came out with a ‘th’ sound, like ‘thibilant eth thound.’

“It’s incest!” exclaimed Stephanie. “It’s wrong!“

“I do not understand why. It is the way of things in the family. Besides, it makes you excited,” replied Carmen. “It makes your pussy wet and your nipples hard and your heartbeat to thud! Why do you fight what you want?”

Stephanie looked to be at a loss, so I tried. “It has been long forbidden by our culture. It can cause problems for children of such unions, and it can cause emotional problems for those to whom it is done, too. Society, other people, react very badly when they discover that it had happened. Often when it happens, it is with a child under eighteen, and that causes those emotional and mental problems, and can scar the child for life. So, people have developed really strong negative—bad—feelings about it.”

“But nobody here is under eighteen, and we want the babies. If they have problems, my father will take them and fix them, like he did me. And Mama. And you love Mama, and maybe one day you’ll love me. And the ones who don’t have problems are loved and treasured, and they save the world!“

Stephanie sighed, then said, “Well, maybe so, but we’ve been taught to not do it. It’s hard to be different than we’re taught from childhood.“

Carmen nodded. “I certainly understand that! Mama did it, though, and I’m supposed to try. And I guess that’s why my father is training you, us, here.”

Stephanie looked at me and shrugged. “And it’s working,” she admitted, blushing.

I got an erection. It wasn’t like it wasn’t noticeable.

“See? It excites you. You love your daughter. You want your daughter. It will hurt you both to resist and resist. Why not do what you want and will make her happy, and make you happy, and is going to happen anyway? Is what others think so important?” asked Carmen like we were not very bright, or very confused.

Carmen, standing next to me, took my cock in her hand and looked at Stephanie. “Come, take your Daddy’s cock in your hand. Feel it. It is a very nice cock.” She looked at me. “’Daddy’ is right word, yes?”

Stephanie was looking at my cock, and appeared to be thinking about it. I cleared my throat. “Ah, ‘Dad’ is what she calls me these days...”

Carmen said, “But your cock reacted to ‘Daddy.’ It twitched and got harder when I said it.”

“Umm... look, I don’t think this is a good...”

Stephanie put her hand around Carmen’s on my cock and I stopped talking.

“See? Take it like that. I will show you,” said Carmen. She removed her hand and replaced it with Stephanie’s. “Feel how warm, how hard? That is for you. You make Daddy excited. Feel it twitch and throb? You are making him feel good!” Stephanie looked... intent.

“See? No one is booing you or even judging, here. There is only family here.” Carmen smiled at Stephanie happily. “Now, see the end? What is coming out? You are exciting Daddy much! Take your hand and get it on your palm. Yes, like that. Get on your knees in front and take it in your hand again like before. See, the hold changes.”

Stephanie was kneeling before me, looking up into my face as she held my cock. There was lust and fear and love in my heart in equal measures, but a part of my brain was yelling at the rest of me to stop it, to move, to do anything other than stand there and watch my naked daughter in a pornographic position hold my cock. She looked a bit nervous, and a bit excited, and a lot like she was hearing the same part of her brain saying more or less the same things mine was.

“Now, stroke. Gently! Let the slick work for you, and sometimes go up far enough to get more. Let me put my hand on yours, and feel how I squeeze as we stroke. See? That feels very good for him! See his mouth open a little? See his face? You can see how good it feels for him! Now, say things like ‘cum for me, Daddy’ and ‘cum on my titties, Daddy.’”

Stephanie’s mouth must have been dry, because she worked her mouth a bit and finally swallowed, then got the words out, “Cum for me, Daddy, on my titties. Please?” She watched me look at her tits, high and proud with nipples standing out, and smiled with pride as my cock got harder and I began to push into each stroke.

I felt powerless to do otherwise. I simply could not summon the will to stop. I felt so very aware, suddenly, as if I could feel the memory of this being burned into my mind, like this was all that was real, and... and...

Her strokes smoothed out, and she smiled, knowing she had me in the palm of her hand, figuratively as well as literally. Carmen slipped behind her, threw a leg to either side of hers, and slid her hand down between Stephanie’s slightly parted thighs from behind, and Stephanie parted them farther for her. I watched as Carmen rubbed, circled, dipped in and then circled again, and Stephanie’s eyes and thighs widened further. Steph gave a growl/moan, then her mouth opened in pleasure.

“Say it again, make Daddy give you his cum, all over your beautiful titties!” Carmen cupped Stephanie’s left breast with the non-busy hand, and delightfully pinched her nipple, causing Stephanie to coo in pleasure.

“Give me your cum, Daddy, all over my titties!” Steph said more definitely, in almost a demanding tone, and looking me directly in the eyes.

“Good, good! Good girl!” Carmen praised her, and giving her a deeper movement that made Steph say “Aaah, yeah. Mmmm!” Carmen continued, “Show him how sexy you feel with your face, how sexy you want to make him feel. You are giving him so much pleasure now! See his cock getting bigger? He will cum in a moment, even standing like he is, so you know how sexy you are to him, how much he loves you. He will give you his cum on your pretty titties because he loves you.”

“Cum for me Daddy! Cum on your little girl’s titties!” Steph demanded, panting.

I did. The first blast was so powerful that it launched high, and then fell on Stepb’s cheek. The second, third, and fourth spurts flew right onto her tits as she corrected the aim, and a bit ran down to collect on her right nipple. I don’t actually understand how I managed that, as my legs were together and I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm without my legs well-parted. The sound that came out of me sounded like a caveman was cumming. Steph’s face lit with triumph and joy.

When I could move again, I sat down, legs apart, and told Steph I loved her.

“Oh, I love you so much, too, Daddy!” Steph told me.

As I sat recovering, Carmen continued to finger my daughter, and I watched, transfixed. Every gasp, every expression of lust, surprise, and pleasure was engraved in my brain as it flashed across my daughter’s face. I saw Carmen bring her to the brink of orgasm several times but not letting her cum, then she began talking to Steph again, almost in her ear.

“Watch your daddy watch you! See, he can’t look away as you show your pleasure! Now, watch and see what he does...” Carmen said as she changed positions, and while still fingering Stephanie’s pussy, began to slowly lick my splattered cum from her face and worked her way down her chest. Stephanie couldn’t tear her eyes from my face as I watched her show her pleasure. When Carmen reached her nipple and sucked it into her mouth, Stephanie threw her head back while still keeping her eyes locked on mine, and cried out as she came, her body twitching and convulsing. She saw all my naked lust, my desirous fascination as she came, and she saw that I had become erect yet again.

We couldn’t look away from each other, even if we had wanted to. We didn’t seem to want to look away. I wanted her to feel pleasure, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t giving it to her, it excited me. Finally, the spell was broken as she pushed Carmen away gently, too sensitive for any more.

Carmen sat up and grinned at me. “See? The first step. It wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“Oh, no, it’s been hard, and it is again. Too soon. Too much cum, too. How is this possible?” I answered and then asked.

“Our bodies are not here, just parts of us. I don’t know how my father does it. It’s something he can do because he is part Old One,” Carmen explained.

I refocused my mind with difficulty. “What are these ‘Old Ones?’

“They are supposed to be the first beings. They live in the real world. Humans came later, but have to live in a made world, not seeing the real world and the Old Ones, because it breaks their minds. We humans are fragile that way, and so are many mammals and birds.”

“Real world?” I asked.

Carmen looked down and thought for a while, then said, “Imagine the universe is a square... no, wait. The world we live in, well, the real us, I mean, is like a square is to a cube, which is the real universe. If you lived your life always in a square world, where space has wide and long, but is perfectly flat, doesn’t have height, high or low, and suddenly there is height, where everywhere you looked there were things that towered over you, and you were still flat, how would you react?“

“I’d probably be confused and terrified,” I admitted.

“Now imagine that it all changed all the time, turned into shapes that make no sense and are like nothing you could even begin to imagine. What then?”

I tried to imagine that, and felt like I could just begin to see how I would have immediate and continuing problems.

“Imagine it all changed all the time for no reasons you could see, or even imagine. Now add another dimension, and another. Like cubing a cube, as my father says,” Carmen continued.

I gave up. I’d heard of squaring a cube in college, but as far as I knew no one could really imagine what that kind of space would be like except mathematically. We couldn’t really imagine what it would be like to live in that space. I shook my head.

“Your ‘father’ explained this to you?” I asked.

Carmen nodded. “He likes math. He can see the real universe, and can make places in it, make them do things. This is one of those places. I think the world humans live in is one, too. His pet project.”

“I can’t get over that you’re my half sister, but it looks like you’re the same age as my daughter!” I said.

“She’s my Aunt Carmen?” excalimed Stephanie.

“I lived most of my life with my father in a place where time doesn’t act the same as in the human world. From my viewpoint, I am about the same age as Stephanie.”

“So regular time is part of the human world, too?” Stephanie asked.

Carmen nodded as she scooted over to me and nudged my legs apart. I put my hands behind me to keep myself from falling over as I had to lean back.

I looked into Carmen’s dark eyes, and noticed they’d gotten a bit lighter, and that there were notes of chocolate in them. “Wait! Your eyes! Like Bettina’s, they’ve changed!”

“I think my father added a little bit of Bettina to me so I can speak English better,” she said.

“Jesus, what is this? A mad scientist’s experiment? Where he can mix and add dashes of people to each other?” I asked out loud.

“I believe that some of his friends have said something like that of my father, that he is a ‘mad scientist’, and wonder why he does it, makes a world for life than can’t exist outside of his laboratory. He says it’s because he’s a half-breed,” said Carmen. “I think it amuses him, and he is very invested in the project after so long.”

Carmen looked to Stephanie, “Come here and sit in front of your Daddy. A little on top, and up against him. Put your feet behind him. Lean back on your hands just a bit. Good! Look at your lap. I bet you never thought you’d see this, did you?”

Steph was looking at my cock pressed right up against her pussy. Looks of lust and desire and awe crossed her face, and her crotch gave a little wiggle, wetting the side of my cock. Her pussy was incredibly wet and hot, its lips fully engorged. It looked like it was trying to kiss or suck the front side of... God, this was really going to happen, wasn’t it? We were so close! The urge to mate, to fuck, was pounding in my head. My heart was wringing its hands, torn between conflicting emotions. I could see the pulse in Steph’s neck, feel it in her pussy. I’m sure she could feel mine in my steel-hard cock. We looked.

“Push up just a bit, lift your hips... higher, good,” Carmen instructed Steph gently. She reached down and lined up my cock with Steph’s opening. “Now, lower yourself... a bit more... all the way down... and now you don’t have to worry about it anymore, you’ve already crossed the line. You have Daddy’s cock in your pussy! How does it feel?”

“Full... so full! So good! Oh, God, Daddy, I love you!” She wiggled deliciously again. “Oh! Oh my! That’s... that’s something!”

There was a ringing in my ears, and the world was Stephanie and her pussy around my cock for a few moments. Then I heard cheering behind me, and realized that at some point Bettina and Aunt Margie had quietly joined us. Steph blushed but looked proud, like she had just accomplished something very big. Was I her first? I hadn’t felt her hymen break....

“Now start moving a little, Stephanie. Move up just a little, then back down. Daddy, you thrust a little as she does....” instructed Carmen.

Bettina and Aunt Margie came and sat next to Steph. Bettina reached over and lightly pinched one of Steph’s so-erect nipples.

“Oh! Oh my God! That feels... so good! It’s... oh! just the right place... oh! Yeah! Oh fuck, Daddy! Soooo good! Ahh!” cried Stephanie.

It was good! “Oh, baby girl! Steph! We’re doing it! We’re actually fucking! You are so good!” I knew the head of my cock was massaging her g-spot with each stroke, but her hot tightness was incredible and the very forbiddenness of the act itself was adding an entire dimension to the pleasure.

The pressure of our grinding increased as she began to stalk her orgasm like a cat, intently and with full focus and the occasional twitch of her ass from side to side, but saying aloud, starting low but building in volume and passion, “I’m fucking Daddy! My man, my Daddy, is taking me! Oh, Daddy, I’m yours! Everything! I give you everything! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck MEEEE!“

As she had been saying this, there was a slow build-up of the already-incredible pleasure to the point where it could no longer be contained, and as it burst with her last words, she plunged down hard on me, and we both came, growling and screaming in rapture.

Time seemed to stop, like in a photograph taken at the very best moment, but the sensations and pleasure continued to roll like thunder across a wide valley, with echoes that only slowly faded. It could have lasted forever, as far as I was concerned. Maybe it did, is, and will. I wanted it to last forever!

We lay there for a time in exhaustion, and nobody moved or spoke until she started to try to get up. Bettina and Aunt Margie helped Steph forward and she moved her legs around with the flexibility of youth and laid on top of me, my cock still inside her, and hugged me with arms and legs, and cuddled me, saying, “Daddy, Daddy, my Daddy inside me, oh, Daddy I’m yours forever!”

Tears were flowing down her face. Mine, too. Carmen lay down behind me and used legs and feet to brace me so I could hug my baby girl to me. “I love you, Steph, my baby girl, my love.”

“I love you, too, Daddy! Will you give me a baby?” asked Steph.

“I’m sure it will happen, baby girl, I have no doubt at all that it will.” The line had been crossed, and it had vanished behind us.

There was a lot of female flesh around us as the family came together in a group hug.

It took a little while, but I was finally able to lie down and close my eyes, my body tired and my mind awhirl. The ladies, in the meantime, found ways to amuse each other. It sounded nice. It seemed that this was going to be our new way of life, if this is what that was. I was ready to embrace it.

* * *

I woke next to Bettina and stretched. I had slept hard the night before. I felt refreshed, but a bit like my head was full of cotton. Bettina woke and got up, and we took care of the morning necessities. Once we were done, we went down to breakfast.

Aunt Margie was at the stove, her uniform looking a bit rumpled, which was unusual. She had bowls of sliced apples, nuts, and sunflower seeds next to serving bowls and a pitcher of milk. “I am making Ms. Stephanie’s favorite this morning,” she said. “Would you like it as well?”

“Sure!” I said as my stomach growled, and Bettina nodded.

We heard the tromping of bare late-teenage-girl feet come down the stairs and Stephanie trudged in bleary-eyed and yawning. Something seemed off. Well, that was actually the way she usually came to breakfast when she was home, so that wasn’t it. Her stiff-nippled breasts bounced provocatively as she flounced herself down in her chair and flipped her auburn hair back. I mentally shook my head. She was acting more like a teenager than the young adult she was.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” I said.

“Sweetie,” Bettina acknowledged. Bettina was studying her coffee.

“Mumph,” said Steph.

“I see you got home from your first year at college okay,” I tried. My beautiful baby girl was home, and I was deeply happy to have her here.

Steph looked up at me through puffy, sleep-crusted eyes. Her eyes widened, and she rubbed the sleep from them. She glanced at her mother, then back to me, with a slightly confused look.

Her puzzlement was interrupted quickly as Marguerite placed a hot bowl of steel-cut oatmeal topped with diced apples, raisins, almonds and walnuts sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon in front of her, and poured a healthy splash of milk into it. A cup of black coffee appeared next to the bowl with a sugar bowl. It was Stephanie’s favorite breakfast. She put a splash of the milk and a spoonful of sugar into her coffee, stirred it, and took a large swallow.

“Um, Daddy?” she started, and my heart was warmed—she hadn’t called me ‘Daddy’ in years, and my heart fluttered at the word. “Uh, did you decide to stop wearing clothes while I was gone?”

“What?” I asked, and looked down at myself. I wasn’t wearing pajamas or a robe. I felt puzzled myself, and glanced at Bettina, who was also naked. I had known that, but not thought a thing about it. Now that I did, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Something about the idea of pajamas or a robe felt... wrong. My stiff cock needed the air, and easy access.

“Well, Ms. Pot, why would you ask that of the Kettles?” I rejoined.

“Huh?” She looked down at herself. “Oh!” She saw that she was also as naked as the day she was born. “Uh, didn’t we used to wear pajamas? I’m sure I remember doing that, but I can’t remember why.”

“Me either,” I said, then added, “We can’t see your lovely tits when you wear pajamas. Maybe it’s because you were a kid then, and now you’re an adult?”

“Makes sense,” she nodded and took another gulp of coffee.

We all picked up our spoons and started in on our oatmeal. It tasted a bit different for some reason, but truly delicious! Aunt Margie is such a wonderful cook! Speaking of... “Aunt Margie, aren’t you eating with us?”

“No, but thank you Mr. Jimmy, I’ve already eaten,” she replied. “So has Carmen.”

Ah, yes, oops! My half-sister (that still felt a bit strange, but I hadn’t seen her for years until a few days ago, and she was much younger than I) wasn’t at breakfast. Maybe I’d check on her later, if she didn’t show up first.

Aunt Margie had slipped out of her uniform and sat down at the table with us as we ate. As we were finishing, I felt warmth surge through me, ending in my crotch, my balls tingling. I felt good, and I was already really horny. I gazed at Steph and Aunt Margie, appreciating how exquisitely beautiful and sexy they were. Bettina slid a hand into my lap and grabbed my cock. Whew, that felt so good! She slid her palm through the pre-cum at the tip and leaking down the side, and began to give it nice slow strokes, enough to stimulate but not enough to get me anywhere close to cumming. That was so lovely of her! She was a good mommy.

There was a slight quirk at that last thought, but it faded away even as I noticed it. She was a good mommy. I felt a shiver of desire run through me as I thought the word.

Steph had finished her bowl, and was looking at me with a look of hunger. Sexual hunger. On her young face it looked so cute. And so incredibly sexy. I smelled aroused women, and grinned.

Bettina asked, “Why don’t we all go upstairs and welcome Stephie home properly?”

“Mo-oom!” growled Steph, who objected to our using the name we called her until she was thirteen, when she decided it was a little kid’s name. She still wiggled in her seat, though. She was also beaming, and her face finally gave up trying to form a frown of disapproval.

“Come along, Stephie,” said Bettina, smiling, as she stood, the slickness between her thighs actually running down her legs.

Stephie got up, too, a grin of lustful mischief on her lips. Her nether lips were slick and swollen open, too. She moved to the stairs, and looked back.

“Well, Daddy? Aren’t you coming?” teased Bettina. I shivered as the words tickled my libido and fanned a breeze into its bonfire. I stood quickly, and Bettina took my cock in her hand again and guided me gently to the stairs.

Steph, a few stairs above, turned and struck a pose with her ass out and looking over her shoulder. I love my little girl, all of my little girl, body and mind and spirit, but damn she had a spectacular ass! And from my position below her I could see her wet sex, even from the rear. She smelled divine. She laughed, and turned to scamper up the stairs. We followed, more slowly.

We turned into the upstairs hall and again into Steph’s bedroom to see Steph bent over and kissing her naked Aunt Carmen who was on the bed, and Carmen was running a finger up Steph’s pussy, collecting a fingerfull of her honey and then bringing it to her lips. They didn’t stop kissing as the finger was licked clean by them both. Wow, what a sight!

“Okay, girls, let Daddy fuck Stephie before he bursts! We’ll have time for that after he floods her womb and has to take a little time to recover!” said Bettina.

Steph wriggled again in delight, and when Carmen moved to the side, she flipped herself over and spread her legs wide. “Come on Daddy, fill me with your cum!” she called, and I hurried to the bed. Bettina took one side and Carmen the other, while I knelt between her legs.

It is hard to describe the feelings that passed through me at that moment. Pride, because my little girl was stunningly gorgeous and finally an adult. Lust and desire, for the same reasons. Love, because I had a boundless amount of that for her. And something... something that squirmed uncomfortably, like I was about to do something I shouldn’t. But that last was just a faint voice that didn’t make any sense. Maybe it was just that today was the big day, the first time. Carmen had assured me that Steph no longer had a hymen—Stephie had broken that in enthusiastic self-play long ago. But it was the first time for us, and I wanted it to be good for her. I mean good for her, a profoundly wonderful experience.

Carmen and Bettina each pinched one of Steph’s nipples, which made her gasp and thrust her chest upward, then traced their fingers down to either side of her pussy, and pulled slightly, opening the lips wide. Not that they needed to do that, as she was very open!

I moved down and placed a kiss just above her little swollen button, then breathed across it. Steph moaned, “Oooh, Daddy! Mmmm!”

I tickled the lips of her sex with my tongue, enjoying the sweet fruity tartness and the way it made her squirm. “Aoooowah, Daddy!“

“Lie as still as you can make yourself, and enjoy,” Bettina told her. “He’s going to make you cum at least twice before he puts his cock in you.”

“I want it now!” Steph whined.

“Stephie! Your father is trying to make this the very best he can for you! Be patient and enjoy it!” Bettina lectured.

“Let me,” said Aunt Margie, and put a nipple to Steph’s lips. “Suck. Drink. You will find the need for Daddy to fuck you a torture you will enjoy.” Steph obediently began nursing at Aunt Margie’s breast, and obviously enjoying it. She’d been trying to sneak her hand to her crotch to ease the need, but Carmen and Bettina held her hands to her sides.

I again began tracing the rims of her outer lips slowly, getting a tiny bit further in and closer to her clit with each pass. Her pussy became, incredibly, much more wet as time passed, and the heat radiated from it. At last, I gave a quick lick up and flicked her button with my tongue then kissed it and sucked it with a degree of force, and she squealed in delight and came. She was so excited that she squirted, sending a stream of cum down the skin of my throat and down part of my chest. She thrashed desperately, almost convulsively, for a couple of minutes as I gently moved with her. I heard Aunt Margie whispering in her ear, catching occasional words. “Stephie... Daddy... cum... baby in your womb... horny... titties... pussies... pregnant is beautiful... sexy... pleasure... need... always pleasure... pigtails...”

Pigtails? Hmm! Sexy, but not what I would think of whispering in a woman’s ear as she was being orally pleasured. Ah well, different strokes for different folks. Stephie would look cute in pigtails, though.

When Stephie’s orgasm had calmed, I began again, this time plunging my tongue deep inside her, avoiding her oversensitive button which was as hard and throbbing as my cock. Stephie had stopped nursing, and her eyes seemed to be a bit unfocused as she looked down her body to where I worked between her spread thighs. She was looking at me, smiling like I was the most magnificent man on Earth.

I dragged my tongue up the roof of her channel, finding the slightly roughened texture that marked her g-spot. Deep inside her again, so deep that my nose and upper lip pressed her clit, then out and up the roof again, then back again, over and over. Her lower body began to shake, like it was fighting itself to thrust her pussy into my face and grind it there. She was making short, sharp chirping sounds that after a moment I realized were the word “Please!”

My tongue was tiring, but I wasn’t going to let my baby girl down, dammit! I kept the rhythmic stroking lick up with as much pressure as I could summon, until finally her orgasm broke. Her pussy muscles actually seized my tongue and rippled, and there was more squirting as she screamed “Daddy!” and thrashed again, paroxysms of pleasure rolling through her body.

Stephie cried out as she panted, “Daddy! Need! Fuck me! Now! Inside! Cum! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I had held out as long as I could. I scooted up and lined up my cock and found that her pussy almost sucked it in.

We began what could be described as a cross between fucking and a bullride. She bucked and threw and her pussy sucked my cock back in several times, with me just trying to hang on. And then suddenly, there was a moment of stillness, with me fully buried as deep as I could go inside her.

It felt... perfect. Like my cock and her pussy were made for each other, perfectly fitted. Her eyes flew wide as she looked in mine, and I swear, I watched as they turned from bright blue to green. Green! My mother’s eyes. She smiled in delight, and she began a slow, deliberate fuck, with little twists and wriggles that made me gasp, groan and moan as I tried to hold back my orgasm. “Oh, Daddy, so good! So good!” she purred. Her movements were all experience, little tricks learned throughout a lifetime, and they were fucking incredible.

The world rocked, or maybe... maybe something in me broke? I was fucking Mommy. I was fucking my baby Stephie. I... was it both? “Cum for me, Daddy! Fill my womb with your cum!” she said, and I felt like this had happened before a thousand times but never before. This time was special. The most special.

I came like an inexhaustible firehose in bursts, feeling what felt like a lifetime’s worth of cum stream out of me, deep inside her, and ooze back out around my cock. There was an incredible puddle collecting on the bed, soaking into the mattress. I came, and came, until it finally began to taper off after eternities had passed, looking deeply into my mother’s eyes in my daughter’s face.

I think maybe I passed out. The next thing I remember, I was lying on my side as Bettina and Stephie sixty-nined, with Carmen curled around my back. Aunt Margie was supervising and making suggestions. When she began to cum and squirt again, Stephie cried, “Yes, goddammit Betty, eat me!”

Bettina, covered in pussy juice, kept right on and didn’t even blink. Stephie stuck two fingers in her mother and did something in there that made Bettina cum.

Only my mother could ever call Bettina ‘Betty’ and get away with it. Only my mother.

I rolled over to be face to face with my half-sister. “Carmen, how do I know you’re my half-sister?”

She shrugged. “Maybe my mother told you our father was the same?”

“I don’t think so, but maybe. Her milk is like a drug, isn’t it? Makes it easy to talk you into doing things? Maybe she said something while I was under.”

Carmen shrugged again. “Those are things my father did to us when he fixed us, my tongue, her milk.”

I nodded, then said, “Everything has changed. My life has been turned inside out and upside down. Bettina is very, very different. I’m different. My daughter... is she still my daughter?”

“Oh, yes. I think she has been added to, though. All of us have been trained, are being trained. My father, he does this.”

“So he will get his ‘proper heirs’?”

“Yes. It is for the greater good. The world. People. Everybody.”

“And now my greatest desires are to make the three of you pregnant.”

Carmen nodded. “It is what he does to the family. We are all his many-times-great-grandchildren.“

“Ah. I should have thought of that,” I said.

Carmen kissed me. “It will be well. Rest. Your body and mind are tired from sex and the milk. It forces you to make sperm and relax. You will feel better soon, and we will fuck. Cuddle with me. I am tired, too, from last night with Stephie.”

“She would have hated being called that yesterday,” I commented.

“Now it excites her. There is much change. There will be many sex games. You will enjoy it all,” Carmen said.

I nodded. Enjoyment was built in, or else we’d be drugged and convinced. I thought about Stephie’s eyes. “Why did my daughter’s eyes change color? She has my mother’s eyes now.”

Carmen took a breath. “My father can add things to our minds in the training places he makes to change us. I didn’t know he could do that here. I think maybe he added a part of your mama to Stephie.”

Tears suddenly came to my eyes. I felt absurdly grateful that I might have some of my mother back, but sad that Stephie... well, she must have lost something, mustn’t she? Innocence, maybe? On the other hand, we’d pretty much taken any innocence she’d had this morning. It didn’t seem like she regretted it or missed it.

God, I was tired.

“Shhh,” Carmen soothed and stroked my face. “Sleep. You will feel better.”

I gave up the struggle to stay awake, closed my eyes, and fell back asleep.

* * *

I woke to Carmen sucking me stiff again. She looked up at me and smiled a complicated smile. I returned it, and stroked her hair. She happily went back to what she’d been doing. What an amazing tongue!

I saw Stephie asleep next to me, covered with a blanket. Aunt Margie was curled up with her, her eyes closed and not quite snoring. I had a suspicion that those two (or was it three?) would be inseparable. I was glad about that.

Bettina walked into Stephie’s bedroom with something in her hand and a happy, stunned look on her face. “I’m... pregnant,” she said. There was a commotion as the family woke and gathered around her, hugged and kissed her with congratulations. Bettina was all smiles and, as the shock wore off, barely contained excitement. “I’m pregnant!”

I was certain it would be the first of many such announcements. The celebration was very loud, wet, and slick, and carried on well into the night.