The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

So Many Fantasies

Henry opened his eyes. He was sitting by his laptop, pants pulled down, sweaty hands holding his erect cock as if it were a lever. A faint giggle escaped the speakers to his right and he blinked. As he did, a lethargic sensation washed over him and his head slumped. Henry closed his eyes.

Henry opened his eyes. He stood inside a glass-like elevator in an unknown building going up and down, up and down... Each floor was bathed in a different shade of red that grew hotter with each descent and lighter in the opposite direction. Hell was calling, but he always stopped before getting there. At one point, he imagined the reflection of a woman draped in a black satin dress commanding him to his knees. Henry closed his eyes.

Henry opened his eyes. He was walking to work on a Friday morning, the Winter cold setting all around except his body. He was naked from head to toe and didn’t care. Smiling at the woman that laughed at his minuscule penis, he continued his journey until he arrived at the front door of the newspaper, fully aware he was going to make the headlines for at least a day or two. Henry closed his eyes.

Henry opened his eyes. He was in a dusty basement, cracked bookshelves everywhere. The tomes within had long been forgotten, faded letters on crumbling paper eager to be swept away. Which one had brought him there he did not know. Which one would be his demise was a mystery, too. The only door out of the vast, yet oppressive space was locked from the outside and the air was getting thinner. Something stirred to the left, catching a glimpse of his vacant stare at the same time. Henry closed his eyes.

Henry opened his eyes. So many fantasies, so many constructs being played out in and around his mind, all exciting in their own special way. Some, he had asked for, others suggested between whispers and moans... a few were simply of her own design, meticulously crafted from start to finish. He didn’t always remember them, yet he would never forget that when a Goddess speaks to your soul, her words remain with you always. Glancing at the clock atop his nightstand, he wondered if she would be available for him this weekend.

It was time to book another session.