The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Suggestion

“... and wake up.” Johanna said. “Well done. You went really deep for this time.”

“Did I?” Horace gazed into her piercing blue eyes before snuggling next to her. “That’s funny, I don’t remember a thing.”

“You will...” she caressed his rebel black hair. “... eventually.”

“What do you mean?” He asked knowing quite well that just the act of doing so spelled trouble.

“I planted a little post-hypnotic suggestion this time, obviously!”

“Oh?” His cock hardened instantaneously as it always did when she spoke of covert shenanigans. “What trigger?”

Johanna gently pushed him aside and rose from bed, the afternoon sun kissing her firm nipples. She looked good in anything but seeing her naked was his favorite delight. “You know the rules. I can’t tell you until it triggers. It would spoil all the fun if I did and you want me to have fun, don’t you?”

That much was certain. He lived for her pleasure. It had always been the most important thing in the world even before their little hypnotic femdom games and, unless his memory was wiped clean, that would never change.

Horace adjusted the pillow behind his head, yawned and said: “Okay. Can you at least tell me when you expect it to trigger?”

“Soon...” Johanna glanced at the digital calendar marked on the wall. February 14th was listed in bright red contrasting with the blackness of every other day.

“My wallet is going to suffer, isn’t it?” He mumbled. She had always been high maintenance, even more so on special occasions.

“My wallet, you mean. And stop trying to get information from me. I already told you everything you need to know. Trust me.”

“Always. Why don’t you come back here?”

“What for?” She grinned, her intoxicating smile brightening the bedroom even more.

“Will you allow me to be in charge for a bit?”

“Nah. We’ll talk again after the suggestion takes hold.”

Johanna turned his back on him to hit the shower leaving her horny boyfriend with no choice but to talk to the hand to relieve himself.

* * *

The following days were uneventful. Whenever work gave him a little breathing time, he would often wonder what exactly she had done this. Past suggestions had included buying her a trip to Venice or taking her out to dinner in the most expensive restaurant in the city. She always got what she wanted so he already knew complying was inevitable. An inkling of what was in store still would have been nice though.

On Valentine’s Day, he left the office one hour earlier and drove to the nearest sex store. The beautiful brunette behind the counter smiled when he made his request and then chuckled when he insisted on trying it on for size.

“Wow, it really suits you...” she said.

“Do you really think so?”


“Johanna will be pleased.”

“I’m sure she will.”

Ten minutes later, he drove home and the moment he got there, his mind went completely blank. When she arrived half an hour later, her clothes all sweaty from the late gym session, he was kneeling by the entrance, dazzling pink collar wrapped tightly around his neck and the matching cage below keeping his manhood in check. The leash laying at her feet could be attached to both.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.” He blushed.

“Happy indeed...” she purred. “Where are the keys?”

“I left them on the kitchen table.”

“You didn’t keep a copy to yourself, right?”

“No. I couldn’t even if I tried. Your suggestion took care of that.”

“Good.” She hurried to the kitchen, grabbed the metal key ring and dashed back out. “Take a good look at them because you’re not getting released for a very long time.”

“How long?” He asked, puppy eyes dominating his otherwise relaxed face.

“Until the real suggestion kicks in, obviously. You’re mine and you will never be in charge again.”

Horace sighed, admitting defeat. Yes, he was. On that special day and all the others, his mind would always give in.

“I see a lot of pussy worship in your future.” She declared. “How about we get started?”

She didn’t have to ask twice.