The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Breaking and Entering

At first, it was just a red dot, flashing against the blackness of the 21.5 Inches Full HD computer monitor. A simple intermittent luminous spot, nothing special about it. Emmett looked at it, frowned, yet kept looking.

Then, it grew. After twelve consecutive flashes, each one separated by one second, the dot doubled in size, and did it again, following the same pattern. Emmett pulled up a chair and sat before the screen, intrigued not only by the animation but also by what appeared to be small irregular lines trying to emerge from underneath it. It was like Morse code, but not quite. It was difficult for him to pinpoint why it attracted him, so he did the next best thing besides looking for an explanation; He continued to stare, absorbed by the growing spectacle of radiant bliss enveloping the room.

The mid-twenties boyfriend with serious husband aspirations had been warned countless times not to take a peek at his lady’s study when she was away. He had listened to them all until that day when the scorching Summer heat did a number on his head and dulled his thoughts to the point of convincing him to do the dumbest things imaginable. Depleting the fridge of all alcoholic beverages had been the first. Forcing the lock of the forbidden division, the second. He would pay dearly for both.

Two minutes went by and the dot was now the size of a tennis ball, or a crimson sun orbiting a galaxy of unintelligible code. Sometimes, he had the fleeting impression of white words in the empty spaces between the lines. He couldn’t actually read them but knew they were there, undulating between conscious and subconscious perception. It was all so... fascinating.

Another two minutes faded into oblivion and Emmett found himself discarding his pants so he could masturbate freely. His cock was already hard, the shaft pearled in sweat, responding to glorious infrasonic harmonies from the speakers above. He pumped, and pumped, and pumped, losing himself to everything that wasn’t the primal need to stroke until Time stopped for good.

He had no idea how long it had been since he had surrendered to the needs of the flesh when Marcia walked in the room, blonde hair glowing from the recent perm. The surprise had everything to be shocking, but she enjoyed seeing him there, mindlessly jerking his will away without understanding why. She kissed his perfectly immobile forehead and purred:

“Hello there, wanker boy. How are you doing? You just had to see for yourself what it is I work on while you spend all day on the couch, didn’t you? Well, what do you think? Oh, sorry...” She giggled. “I forget horny pets don’t think at all when they’re entranced. Why is it that you lot are so easy to ensnare? Well, whatever... best to let the program run its course now but you should know this: this is how addiction begins so you’re fucked. I’ll let you cum this time, but it will probably be the last in a very, very long time. You don’t mind, do you?”

Emmett mewled as the erection raged on, imminent cum explosion about to paint the room white. Marcia took a step back, grinned, and waited for the fallout. It was glorious, and the cell phone camera agreed.

“Now that you’ve had your fun, it’s time for me to have mine. Clean every drop and then meet me downstairs, pet. We have the matter of your punishment for breaking and entering to discuss...”

Glassy-eyed, Emmett got to work, loving every second of it.