The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Going Down

“That rat bastard!” Kate mumbled as she entered her office and found Mary Anne sitting on a comfy leather chair, waiting for her. They were supposed to have lunch that day, but the tension in the air made it clear that eating was the last thing going on in her friend’s mind.

“Want to tell me what happened this time?” She asked in a nonchalant tone even though that was just a mask she had learned to use in order to survive the constant onslaught of the business world.

“That no-good dictator called me in and demanded I do overtime for the rest of the month because my productivity levels aren’t as good as expected, that’s what happened! And it was his ‘way or the highway’ as she so eloquently put it before shoving me out the door like I was an animal or something!” Kate shouted as she slammed the mahogany desk, something she clearly repented the moment the throbbing pain started to sink in. “God, I wish I could teach that jerk a lesson once and for all!”

Mary Anne raised both her eyebrows and gave her a funny look. It was an expression of subtle malice and a quite intriguing one.

“Well, if you really want to give him a well-deserved punishment for his rudeness towards you, maybe I can be of assistance....” she said, mellifluously.

“Care to elaborate on that?” Kate asked whilst rubbing her hands on each other hoping for the pain to subside.

“Only if you can keep a secret!”

“Of course, you know you can trust me!”

“Good. Then, listen up...”

Kate heard it all with a mix of surprise and dark satisfaction outlining her lips. Oh, it was such a devious plan and yet she wanted to execute it so badly!

“Do we have an agreement, then?” Mary Anne inquired, dark blue eyes sparkling.

“You bet we do!” Kate replied. The time had come for that idiot boss of hers to get his comeuppance!

* * *

Later that day, when pretty much everyone in the building had left, Kate found herself following her employer soundlessly to the underground parking lot. In her right hand, she held a cloth bathed in chloroform which she used the moment he was about to reach his Maserati. Caught completely off-guard, the businessman didn’t even have a chance to struggle and, next thing he knew, everything went black.

Stage One had been completed with flying colors.

* * *

Two hours later, the arrogant man woke up, tied to a chair, in a dungeon-like setting. He had no recollection of being brought there in the trunk of his own car and certainly didn’t understand why on earth he was completely naked.

Looking around, he saw lots of BDSM equipment from a St. Andrew’s Cross to a shiny, silvery table filled with medical instruments and a series of ball gags, cuffs, whips, and canes all carefully aligned. Two women sat in a corner of the room, one hidden behind a veil of shadows and the other with her face lit up by two golden candles. She was dressed in a slinky fitted black latex halter dress with matching thigh-high boots and smiled wickedly while playing with a fiberglass cattle prod between her fingers.

“Who the fuck are you and where am I?” The angry man shouted despite the fact he was getting an erection just by looking at that dazzling brunette in her sexy outfit.

Mary Anne rose from her chair and glided towards him, a jolt of electricity occasionally seen sparkling from the tip of the prod.

“My name is Mistress Mary Anne and you’re in my dungeon, filthy maggot! You’ve been a very bad boy lately, one that likes to treat its employees like cattle and that’s something I don’t appreciate... not one bit!” She said as she circled him.

Looking at her more closely, a flash of remembrance suddenly hit him.

“Wait a minute... I know you! You’re that friend of Kate’s that keeps showing up in the office! And that means...” his eyes darted to the woman hiding in the shadows. “... What in God’s name do you think you’re doing, Kate?”

Seeing no need to keep out of sight, Kate marched his way, her high heels clicking furiously as she drew closer and closer. Her instrument of choice was a syringe with a strange, green fluid inside.

“I’m having a little fun, of course! I honestly don’t feel like working for you anymore. I’m tired of you being my boss and treating everyone like dirt just because you have the money on your side and the power to decide who gets sacked or not! That’s why we’re having a different kind of overtime today and, when we’re done, you’re going to give me your position in the company!”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, you worthless skank! Now, get me out of this chair before I...”

A shock in his genitalia hushed him instantly.

“No, no, no!” Mary Anne exclaimed. “In here, you don’t get to make any demands because you’re nothing but a toy to be used and abused whenever we see fit! See that syringe there? It contains a powerful hypnotic drug to make your mind and body more pliable to our desires and I’ve got more than enough vials of it to ensure that you’ll become as meek and submissive as needed. Ready when you are, Kate!” She signaled her friend.

Kate shared an accomplice smile with her and touched the tip of the hypodermic needle ever so gently before stabbing it in one of the helpless man’s neck veins.

Stage Two was about to commence.

* * *

Three weeks later, Kate was looking out the window of her new office, the warm Spring sunbathing her face with its delicate light beams. She was still learning the ropes of her new role in the company, but it sure felt good to have the power in her hands, at least for once in her life.

Mary Anne walked in unannounced shortly after, she too feeling quite content about herself, and playing with the curls in her hair.

“Ready for lunch?” She asked.

“As ready as one can one be.”

“Good. Let’s be on our way, then!”

“You look awfully cheerful, today!” Kate couldn’t help but notice. “Did you finally get what you wanted?”

“Oh, yes!” She cooed. “Though I had to use the cattle prod more times than I can think of, I finally got him for good. When he signed the papers handing over the control of the company to you he was only half-broken, but not anymore. The new slave identity we’ve given him suits him like a charm and boy, the things he can do with that tongue are unbelievable!”

“Hmmm, now you’re making me both horny and jealous!”

“I figured as much and that’s why we’re going to my place today instead of the restaurant. You will love the dessert I planned....” Mary Anne winked as they approached the elevator.

A tall man wearing a striped suit kept the door from closing so that they could walk inside and asked:

“Going down?”

“Oh, definitely!” The two women smirked in unison.

Stage Three was over, and life was on the right track again.