The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Slave Canvas

Oh, hello. Come closer. Closer... closer... okay, that’s close enough. I know why you’re here. You’ve come to me, hoping to have your thoughts turned upside down, your mind rewritten, reality altered to suit my every whim, isn’t that right?

No? Are you sure? Well, that’s interesting... usually I find my life, time, and inbox flooded with desperate pleas of wanting to be hypnotized by me. Men are such babies. They’re all so eager to go down, drop deeper, and obey my every command... at least until their cocks explode and they suddenly forget they love me and worship the ground I walk on forever and ever. It would be nice if they admitted from the start they’re just horny fucktards eager to shoot their load instead of wannabe slaves... God, I can’t stand them!

Still there? Sorry for the rant, but you have no idea what it’s like to deal with such idiots. So, what do you want, huh? To serve, and nothing else? You yearn to be useful to me because it’s in your very nature to submit? Hmmm, yes... I can see that now. You have the eyes of a truly devoted, staring at a Goddess on Earth, completely blind to everything that isn’t me. I like that. I like that a lot.

Okay, you have my attention, something which is incredibly hard to get and even harder to maintain, so how are you planning on doing that? Are you just going to keep on staring, latching on to my every word or are you indeed going to sink into them, find the hidden meanings each one conveys, until you’re completely absorbed by them that you don’t see a way out? Tell me, wouldn’t that be the most wonderful feeling in the world?

I think it would. I think you think the same. I think you think the things I want you to think even when you’re not sure you’re thinking at all because thinking is hard. It’s almost as hard as that thing you have between your legs. The funniest thing of it all is that you still believe it’s yours, that you can do whatever you want with it after I stop talking but, if that were true, you would already be helplessly stroking like all the others instead of forgetting to do so. Human hands were designed for many things, most of them useful and noble. Pushing yourself to the brink of ecstasy is not one of them... unless I say it is.

So, devoted one... how will this play out? You say you don’t want me to hypnotize you, yet you long to obey me without question. And I love my obedient pets even more when they’re completely hypnotized and brainwashed. If you truly wish to please me, then you need to be open to the possibility of change, you need me inside your soul. There’s no future for us unless you give me a room to stay within your innermost desires. I don’t care how submissive you already are to me. Let me have it or leave. You have five seconds to give me the answer I wish to hear. Five, four, three, two...

giggles Easy, boy! Did I say you could kneel and kiss my feet? Did I tell you to take the heels of my leather boots into your mouth? Did I tell you that I adore that sort of worship and that is something I will train you for? No, and yet you’re already triggered, dependent on the scenery I choose to paint in your slave canvas, locked inside the imaginary future that will forever paint itself as true. It’s amazing what a couple of carefully constructed sentences can do...

Okay, I’ve had my fun, and It’s obvious you can’t wait for more of me. You can’t, but you will. Patience will be your virtue, and my pleasure will never fade. Drop by tomorrow, boy. You’re in for a treat.