The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Pet’s Reward

Francine turned on the basement lights and approached the small cage. Stretching a booted foot, she demanded the compliance of the animal locked within. The dog formerly known as Kyle pushed its tongue through the bars and eagerly licked the tip of her footwear ever so grateful for the divine treat.

“Did you sleep well last night?” She asked. “No more nightmares, I hope.”

Although it still understood her words, Dog-Kyle could no longer articulate them in response. Instead, it let out a small whimper of approval. The strange visions where it had two legs to walk upright instead of four beautiful furry paws had indeed faded and if they should ever return, its Owner would take care of them once more. She always did for she was powerful enough to fend off ill thoughts. Dog-Kyle loved her very much. Dog-Kyle was completely loyal and subservient to her.

“Can you believe it’s been a year already?” She offered him the other leather boot. “That Valentine’s when we met was the best of my life. This one will be the best of yours.”

Oh, God! Yes! Yes! Yes! It was getting out! Owner was giving it a chance to crawl at her feet again. Dog-Kyle let out a joyful howl as she laughed but the best news were yet to come.

The second cage arrived during the afternoon, its new companion a couple of hours later. Its smell was familiar somehow, but any traces of recognition were wiped clean from its mind the moment their eyes crossed. Dog-Kyle would never be allowed to remember his older brother again.