The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Lovely Day

It was a lovely day at Barnes & Bastion. Karen walked by Brad’s cubicle and winked.

“I love you!” he exclaimed.

“I know...” the six-feet tall blue-eyed redhead grinned, continuing down the hallway.

A few meters ahead, she saw Avery taking copies of heart-shaped postcards. His tie got stuck in the copying machine the moment he saw her heavenly face.

“I love you!” he chirped.

“Of course you do...” she patted him in the head before strolling away.

When she reached the coffee room to get her morning latte, twelve kneeling executives had twelve identical offerings in their shaky, grateful hands.

“We love you!” they said in unison.

“And you always will...” she smirked, choosing one of the cups at random and ignoring all the others.

It was a lovely day at Barnes & Bastion, soon to be renamed Karen Rules. She had always dreamed of having her own law firm. The army of lovesick worker drones was just a bonus she would never get tired of. The drugged chocolates she had offered everyone the day before had proven to be a sound investment, one she would repeat in weeks to come. For now, all she wanted was to ditch the stilettos and get a good foot massage.

The moment she reached her new executive office, she buzzed the intercom and asked:

“Which one of you is eager to worship your Goddess?”

The human stampede made the building shake.