The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Simple Game

Let’s play a game. A simple game. One so easy and interesting you’ll want to play it multiple times instead of just one. Are you up for it? Good. Let’s begin.

In this game, I want you to imagine some things. Effortless things. Things you probably conjured in your mind a thousand times before, but with a twist. This time, you’re doing it for me and that changes everything. I’ve been told that even the hardest of challenges become more manageable when you focus on something other than yourself so direct your attention to me, to what I’m asking you to do. Imagining things, especially those you already like, is no trouble at all so... take a deep breath, relax, and follow my lead.

The first thing I would like you to imagine is that you’re sitting comfortably in your favorite chair, or perhaps on a sofa and that a beautiful woman just invited you to play a game with her. Sounds familiar? If so, things just got even easier, didn’t they? Imagining something you’re already experiencing makes everything that comes after feel even more real in your mind, and when fantasy and reality dance together, that’s when the real magic happens. Trust me, I know.

Now, as you sit there, arms going loose, all the tension of an exhausting workday escaping your lips, imagining this imagined game that is so vivid in your mind, I would like you to picture yourself closing your eyes for what you can see when you need not rely on your senses is much more powerful than the impressions of light your eyelids filter. Imagine not having to see a thing, and just listen... to my voice... to my words... all easy to follow, like fireflies glowing in the night whose light you can’t help yourself be drawn to... It feels good, it feels right... this is something you’ve done before, you’re certain of it but, even if that weren’t true, you would still find it utterly irresistible to do so now, letting your imagination take charge as it listens to me...

Feeling calmer now, even more relaxed? Wonderful. Keep your eyes closed and, as you do, imagine that going along with everything I say is, in fact, the only thing you’ve ever imagined and the only thing you’ll imagine doing from now on. This way, if something you hear doesn’t feel appropriate, you’ll soon realize it was true all along and the truth has no barriers. Imagining what you’re told to do is real. This is where you belong. Imagine yourself falling deeper into this realization as if you’re being sucked into a giant black hole. In theory, this should scare you but because you’re so peacefully adrift right now, the only thing that actually frightens you is not letting go so you fall, fall, fall... and keep on falling for me.

Imagine you’re mine. Imagine this is it. The beginning of everything you’ve ever wanted. Come. Drop.

Let’s play a game. A simple game. A game where I command, and you obey. Good boy.