The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Last House

Kimberly and Angela disagreed on many things, but not on this one. Their real estate agent was on fire. The last house of the Friday afternoon tour had everything they were looking for and more... so much more.

“I love those smiles, but I saved the best for last,” Mitch announced. A surprisingly good business year had saved his career in the agency when everyone else was about ready to show him the front door and he would stop at nothing to continue his streak.

“Oh? What is it?” Kimberly asked. Standing at almost six feet two, she was the dominant force in the relationship, a dirty blonde who had long exchanged fancy jewelry for ink impressions adorning her wrists.

“You girls said you were into alternative lifestyles so... right this way.” He showed her the basement door.

“This is exciting!” Angela clapped. The late-twenties bank cashier had spent far too much time of her adult life pretending she was into boys, but never again. She was the first to cross the threshold, descending into the wonderful world of kink below. “Oh my God!”

Underneath the fully renovated four-bedroom house was a sex dungeon painted in shades of dark purple and black, and neither one of them could contain their bewilderment. “How did you...?”

“The current owner of this place shares the same tastes, but since she’s wanting to downsize, everything you see in here is part of the list price, too,” Mitch said, proudly. “What do you think?”

“I think you really outdid yourself, Mr. Fancy Pants,” Kimberly said. “If I were into men, I would kiss you right now.”

“Don’t let that stop you.” He adjusted his striped tie and gave her the right cheek, but the lesbian beauty promptly ignored him to check the center of the room.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Damn straight.” Angela agreed. “Wow, I hadn’t seen one of those in ages.”

The item they were drooling about was a metal chair with a protruding helmet and fashionable silver chains all around. For Mitch, it was just another piece of kinky decor, but for them...

“We have to try it,” Kimberly exclaimed. “Honey, we have to try it right now.”

“Yes, we do.” Angela nodded, eyes sparkling.

“Try everything you want, girls. I’ll just stand here and film the whole thing if you don’t mind.” Mitch grinned, cell phone ready to play.

“You don’t know what this is, right?” Kimberly glided towards him like a modern siren that was sure to look good in latex, leather, PVC, and any other tight material.

“No.” He muttered, her deviant smile suddenly making him feel uncomfortable.

“It’s a brainwashing chair,” Angela noted. “Great for breaking newbies and experienced players alike.”

“Not sure what that means, but please... have your fun.”

“Oh, we will...” The two of them said in unison.

Kimberly and Angela disagreed on many things, but not on this one. Their real estate agent was an excellent candidate for a good old mind fuck.