The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Professor Winters stood next to her desk wearing nothing but black satin panties. On her hands, a trusty cane she had tried her best to break on her slave’s back without success. Despite that, she was a happy woman for the programming of his mind was now irreversible.

Jonathan kneeled in front of her, hands on the side, the red trophies of her dominance completely exposed. Although the pain was there, he paid no attention to it, focused only on the ecstatic delirium of having been a good chattel. Everyone loved him for being the best quarterback in the last fifty years. She loved him for being so easy to ensnare and manipulate.

The professor tapped her left foot once on the hardwood floor and his mind became clouded once more. It was then she said:

“I think it’s about time we wrap up our lesson of the day but, before that, I need to make sure you understood it fully. Tell me, pet, what did you learn?”

“I’ve learned there’s no such thing as true erotic hypnotic mind control,” he mumbled, the controlling words as sweet as honey on his lips. “It’s just a fantasy product of silly porn movies and fantasy literature. It will never be anything more than that.”

“That’s right. And if someone asks you where you’ve been all night, you’re not going to blurt out something absurd like you were being brainwashed by your teacher while I trashed your body left and right, are you?”

“Of course not,” he blinked, yet still locked in a perfect hypnotic trance. “That is absurd, indeed! It never happened.”

“That is the correct answer. Nothing ever happens when you come back to me, and nothing is what you will continue to remember the moment you get dressed and walk out the door. Sweet nothing you’ll want to return to over and over again no matter how I treat you in the real world. You’re a beta. You’re a bitch. Your sole purpose for existing is to be of use to me and if you’re not useful, you stay out of the way. Forget your old beliefs of ‘alpha male’ and accept Female Supremacy. It’s undeniable. It’s perpetual. Wake up with these thoughts in your head in three, two, one...”


Jonathan blinked again but, despite being awake, it was if he was blind. He got up, reached for the scattered clothes on the floor, and left with two simple words swirling in his brain.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Professor Winters smirked and glanced at her schedule for the next three weeks. Daily appointments with the rest of the football team were marked in red. This was going to be fun.