The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Greg’s smartphone rang unexpectedly, awakening him from the stupor of a Saturday afternoon.


“Greg? Is that you?”

“Hey, Clark. Of course, it’s me. How are you doing? It’s been ages since the last time we spoke, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. Are you?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I heard you had a fight with your Mistress. Have you apologized to her, yet?”

“How did you hear that?”

“You know, people talk... Being mad at your owner is a waste of time, my friend. You should really call her, say you’re sorry for everything you did, and hope she’ll take you back.”

“Clark, you may be my best friend and all, but you have no idea what you’re talking about. She betrayed my trust! She should be the one apologizing to me, not the other way around.”

“Why would a Domme apologize? She’s superior to you, and above all that. You don’t ask a Goddess to act like a mere mortal. No, you accept her authority and surrender yourself fully. You fucked up big time with her. Apologize now before it’s too late.”

“I don’t have to listen to this. Fuck you, Clark!”

Greg hung up the phone and screamed to the empty house. The nerve of that guy! How dared he try to interfere in something that had nothing to do with him? Then again, he had always been a nosy asshole, so why was he surprised? He would not apologize! “Mistress” Gina could rot in hell for all he cared.

The phone rang again, temporarily subduing his inner rage. It was his mother, and she hated when he raised his voice.

“Hey, Mom! What’s up?”

“Don’t ‘hey, mom’ me, young man. You know exactly what is going on! Why haven’t you apologized to your Mistress, yet? I didn’t raise you to be an ungrateful slave so get to it, a.s.a.p.”

“Wait... how did you know about that? Did Clark call you? Oh, I’m going to kill that fucking weasel if that’s the case!”

“Mind your language, Greg! It’s not important how I know, but what you’re going to do about it. You have given complete control of your life to her. You can’t get it back unless she wills it, and she clearly doesn’t want that otherwise she would have released you. You’re hers to command. Act like it and apologize. Do it now!”

“No! What she did...”

“... is irrelevant. You’ve never been skilled at understanding women’s minds anyway, so why would you be capable of understanding hers? Everything she does and says is for your own good. She’s always right. Submit like the good little bitch you are.”

“I already said ‘No!’ for fuck’s sake. I’m hanging up, Mom. Don’t call me again.”

Greg laid down the phone on the sofa’s arm and tried to get some shut-eye again. The beeping sound of an incoming text immediately interrupted him. It was his sister’s and it read:

“Hey, big brother. Don’t forget to apologize to your Mistress. You shouldn’t confront dominant women like her. Be an obedient servant, will you?”

Greg sighed as the messages kept on coming, all reminding him of the failure he was as a man and and a mindfucked pet. It was going to be an excruciating weekend.