The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

One for the Team

The moment her husband finally left the house, Caroline Dawkins locked herself in the master bedroom, turned on her laptop and made an encrypted call to Headquarters. It was something she did not want to do, a clear admission of carelessness, but she knew she had to. For the cause. For her Sisters. It was her turn to take one for the team.

Her call went straight to Overseer Angela’s office, a privilege felt unearned and dangerous in every sense. The late fifties woman was one of the most conservative members of the Society, always laser-focused on protecting and upholding its tenets. Messing with her was worse than playing with fire. It was the same as willingly detonating a nuclear bomb inside one’s home. Despite living in the States for more than two decades, she had never dropped the thick German accent that reminded everyone of her bloody heritage.

“Agent 6?” The Overseer began. “You’re early. Your next report was due only in two weeks. Did something happen?”

“Good afternoon, Overseer.” Caroline replied, touching her heart with two fingers as it was customary. “Yes, something did for which I require immediate assistance. Please dispatch a Cleaning and Extraction team to this address, immediately.”

“Such a request is an outstanding breach of protocol. You must clarify the reasons for it and pray I find them satisfactory. Was your cover compromised?”

“No. I mean... not entirely. It is... complicated.” Angela trembled, her natural self-assuredness failing miserably when confronting her superior.

“Make it simple, Agent 6, unless you want me to do it for you.”

“The neighbor’s son—the oldest one—saw my husband in the middle of a brainwashing session. I was able to capture him before he could tell anyone what he had seen, but I do not have the tools with me for a complete memory rewrite.”

“I see... and when did this incident took place?”

“About two-and-a-half hours ago, Overseer. I have the subject sedated in the basement.”

“And you are only reporting this now because...?”

“My husband’s session was over right after I knocked out the witness. I had to play my role of an obedient wife since then, including marital duties. He’s gone now.”

“And how is the Senator’s reprogramming going?”

“My husband is an excellent subject. He fought the indoctrination hard at first, but now his subconscious is accepting the pleasure of obedience. We will have our legislation approved sooner than later.”

“That is excellent.” The Overseer concluded. “I can’t help but be concerned about you though.”

“Concerned about what?”

“Since this conversation started, you have referred to the asset in your care as ‘your husband’ three times. You know more than anyone that words matter, and yours seem to indicate some sort of emotional connection to this inferior creature that needs to learn its place in life. You are not developing any sort of romantic feelings towards it, are you?”

“Of course not. He’s a tool. He’ll always be a tool. Only the cause matters, Overseer. I’m loyal to the power of Women through and through.”

“You better be, for you know what happens to undercover Agents that stray from their assignments, don’t you?”

Yes, she knew. Despite everyone liking to pretend only men were subject to forceful conditioning, the fate of her predecessor hung over her every action like a living shadow. She would not suffer it as well. When the world of men fell under their inevitable dominion, hers would be a name everyone would remember, and not a footnote.

“All that matters is the cause, Overseer. I accept my responsibilities in this predicament, but I won’t let you down.”

“Good. I have already dispatched the team. We will make sure your witness forgets everything he thinks he saw.”

“Thank you.”

“If that is all, carry on with your assignment, Agent 6. The cause must be victorious.”

“It will.” The infiltrated housewife hung up the call and waited for the white untraceable van to park behind her house.